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  1. HasanHuttl. His PL record this calendar year is played 22, won 5 (Fulham, Sheffield United, Crystal Palace, Burnley and, surprisingly, Liverpool ). Without Ings, I foresee more struggle.
  2. 3rd PL goal. 50th appearance. 100 pages on Villatalk. The milestones keep coming for Kortney
  3. Naivety from McLaren. Ruined Lando's race by not forcing him in. Gutted for him
  4. Was heavily involved in the highlight of the game. No, not the goal. No, not the penalty. It was late in the game where, as the central defender in the back 3, he was in and around the ManUre penalty box and pushing passes around. Awesome.
  5. It's 0-0 away to ManUre with 15 minutes to go. We haven't beaten them since 2009. Perhaps our press is dropping off as fatigue sets in. A draw would be a good result. What do you do? If you are Dean, you keep the pressure on by subbing fresh legs in the front line and go for the win. How many managers would do that? Brilliant. Never took the foot off the throat.
  6. Aye. His workrate was Watkins-like. I think he pulled up after one of his runs. I suspect that was the reason for being subbed.
  7. Wait... you can't take your drink back to your seat? Really?
  8. I have a good feeling about this one. Totally unjustified. But still.
  9. Finally got to see the penalty miss. That was hardly a horrible strike - it was well guessed and a good save by their keeper. Hardly something he should apologise for.
  10. The word to sum all this up is "considerate". In the context of other people with differing views, it's been best described to me like this: "Being considerate is the difference between knowing your mind and having your mind made up". If you come with the latter attitude, the end result is an argument. With the former, you listen with respect but agree to disagree.
  11. Similar from the commentators (Martin Tyler?) in my live stream. IIRC, the comment was "I just turned down the sound of the crowd in my ear and realised it's already at zero - the crowd is just that loud". Great stuff.
  12. Smith mentioned after the game that Targett was playing advanced, but was also strapped up and starting to struggle. He's not really a wing back, but he's also not back to his best yet.
  13. Clearly mistaken identity. It will be rescinded
  14. Id suggest we have exactly the same problem in midfield if Sanson can get past fitness problems and play at his best.
  15. we took 8 points from those 5 games last season with a settled squad
  16. The youtube highlights of Tonev made him look decent. This is a highlight reel in reverse. I could make Christiano Ronaldo look bad with one of those.
  17. Looks can be deceiving. He's just come out of the right hander into this chicane going the long way around. He has no road to turn left into and can reasonably assume he will be given racing room He's also just hit or about to hit the sausage kerb. This all literally happens inside a second. Both played hard ball here - and both paid the price. Racing incident for mine.
  18. Booyah! Danny Ric is back!
  19. Might make more sense next season where passing is meant to be easier
  20. I think your last line is your undoing here, Trent. If that performance against Chelsea was "the sort of performance we see from him far more often" then he's not only got the fanbase fooled. He's managed to fool Southgate. He's managed to fool Dean Smith. Heck, he's even managed to fool the stats from last season that show we allegedly* lose far more than we win when he's not in the team *I can't find stats to back this up, but believe it's 2 wins from 12 games without Mings
  21. 4 shots on goal. 3 goals conceded. (To be honest, I can't remember the "save", so I'll assume that was a shot straight into his arms). I feel Emi would have done better in all 3. Steer needs a run of games for confidence and needs to be further off his line - but I wouldn't put him in goal in the cup against Chelsea.
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