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  1. Winning the cup seems best really, but provisionally we don't have much to fear outside the top 4. Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool look a class apart so far in terms of strength in squad. But, we can be encouraged by how we played against Chelsea. Leicester will be up there, but they've had a slow start too with injuries, but after that, there's not much of a difference between spurs, west ham ( still looking good ) everton, ourselves etc. I think Leeds will drop off this season, and I would say finishing ahead of everton and arsenal are very realistic goals, and competing with spurs and west ham for 6th is within range. Brighton won't fall away either really, they may have a very good season too, now they appear to have worked out how to score goals, but I would expect us to finish above them. It's exciting and we're definitely in the mix, but as I say a cup win would be easier On early season form I'd say 6th ( or 5th if you want to bring Leicester into it ) is between west ham spurs and ourselves. With everton, arsenal ( i just assume they won't be shit forever ), brighton leeds in the next bracket below, not miles away but all other things being equal in terms of injuries sustained, just below us. 6-8th is where we should definitely shoot for and can do if Bailey stays fit, and Watkins and Ings work together well. It's exciting.
  2. Just feels like that the window for him to make his mark in this side has passed. The kids are stepping up.
  3. Yeah I thought he looked very tidy, intelligent runs trying to use the ball well, and whilst.he could have passed for that shot effort I won't blame him.
  4. Start Nakamba, El Ghazi Young Hause and Buendia but otherwise keep it strong.
  5. nah that was definitely an own goal, the deflection was pretty noticeable. It might have been going in, but equally could have been saved by the keeper as well. Either way, did the job though!
  6. Terrific second half. Bailey was a game changer, he's going to be a superstar for us assuming he stays fit. And to think we still have Buendia to come back into the side... the wank crossing was well observed by all of us in the match thread, so maybe ditch that approach or learn how to cross!
  7. should have been 3, should pass but I'm not blaming ramsey from there myself
  8. great goal. first useful thing he's done in the attacking third and what a lovely contribution it was too
  9. Copshop - I mean if you've seen the trailer there are no surprises. it's dumb, but fun in the *approaching cliche warning* switching your brain off way. A couple of pieces of dialogue and character choices are particularly risible and stupid, but with a generous spirit it's enjoyable enough. For me shows the benefit of the unlimited card as I wouldn't have bothered with it otherwise.
  10. we need the win really, and I think that hunger might give us the edge, but if everton score first we'll be very twitchy
  11. When I had to pay back about £900 in tax ( I was working two jobs and hadn't sorted it properly so my fault ) they let me repay it over 3 years, so at the very least that should be any option if you can't get it cancelled.
  12. Medvedev close to 2 sets up in the men's final. He's a bit of a dick but he's not Novak so that's fine by me. Really.hope he doesn't blow it.
  13. Max with a stupid heads gone moment. Should have pulled out. Lewis did on lap 1 that's what someone who isn't petulant does. Was obviously still fuming after the pit stop. Not sure what Lewis was supposed to do there. A McLaren 1-2 would be awesome
  14. She's mostly gutted and not as 'polished' as Emma is. ER has clearly had a team around her for ages. If LF is still like that over the subsequent tournaments as she grows up then fair enough, but I'd be prepared to put this one just down to not thinking straight. The photos of the two of them holding their trophies, they look so damn young
  15. I'll forgive Leylah. Frustration and still a teenager. Older and supposedly more experienced heads have had bigger tantrums in a final. She was otherwise really good tbf
  16. How can Fernandez complain?
  17. This is such good tennis. Flying now.
  18. Huge set i think. Apologies for the mockers but I feel this will be straight sets now
  19. Emma feels a bit more tense than Leylah so far but she's staying ahead so far.
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