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  1. Cant believe numch of leeds word removed including Cheating Bamford would contest against this red
  2. Tackle from behind and breaking his ankle surelybthats red
  3. Defence is absolutely awful so easy to run at their left back Should be 0-3
  4. Get in Almost an hour for a set. You don't get that often in the women single final
  5. Hats off to Fernández, so quick, great defensive and clever player. Reminds me a bit of Justine Henin
  6. Amazing start to this match, come on Emma!
  7. Fighting between a fence, bloody hard they are.
  8. But then shouldn't they have been stopped at the border rather? Brazil knew this was going to happen. Not that I'm defending the argies as indont really care about them
  9. If any of the media outlet has the balls to question GS , "why the **** you need 3 right backs at home to Andorra ?" Not going to happen
  10. If Jack played for man city last year England might have won the euros
  11. Seen it all before from Jack but somehow Lee clearing in the woods made it like this is something new
  12. Still remembered when OGS signed James and the media was properly hyping it up as some sort of masterstroke signing. How his stock has fallen
  13. So this Arteta guy suppose to be a football coach
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