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  1. Ramsdale is having game of his life at the moment. Hopefully thats his saving quota used up.
  2. Ideally a massive brawl which will end up both clubs having 40 pts deducted. Or more realistically manure goes 5-0 up with 3 mins to play and Chelsea come back to draw 5-5, so you can see Ole smug face transformation
  3. I do like how they play although it doesn't help when the media keeps wanking over Leeds and Bielsa( a bit like the love in for Newcastle back in the late 90s but really just an entertaining team with not much substance) What i am not getting is their fans opinion on diving and us being a bunch of cheats. Have I been watching a different Villa than they have or do they not watch their own team with Bamford playing?
  4. If Dean Smith out squat the footballing god Bielsa then I call it a good win. Come on lads
  5. Is going to be a horrific weekend of football result isn't it
  6. I wonder how the monkeys association will explain this one. Mason didn't blow his whistle it was his fart?
  7. Lee Mason what a sorry excuse of a ref.not fit for league 2
  8. Yeh hats off to him, doing pretty well, may be he has a good footballing brain afterall
  9. Shame this sort of thing doesn't happen to the Ben Mee in this world
  10. They really need to start booking people for sniping dive like Salah. Just funking embrassing
  11. I'm sure Prickford will gift at least one back to Liverpool, he always does in big games
  12. Var monkey at it again, that was clear handball in area
  13. This is the place where a bunch of 80 year old Grannys would put up their entire savings and bet on shares that happens to have their lucky number - odd, but not surprise.
  14. A manager of Bielsa calibre will surely turn this around, surely. That's what Gary Nellie try to get us to believe in
  15. So we changed the rule on handball peno again?
  16. I agree, if we can only copy the Bielsa and Leeds way of playing Gung Ho Football every single game and constant running like having 11 Robbie Savage on the pitch, we can have the likes of Gary Neville creaming over us instead of just sitting in 8th place. Would look so much better too if we were to go all out and get 4-5 defeat last night. I totally agree with you.
  17. If anything, I think we are pretty shite at it if you compare to the standard achieved by the likes of Manure and Leeds. I have noticed lately Watkins is trying a few dives in the box but everytime was just so unconvincing. Is it cheating, yes. Do I like it? No. But if you don't dive like if you are being sniped at in the box you simply don't get any noticed from those monkeys with cards and whistles.
  18. 1 point gained. We needed to change shape rather just changing personal. Potter tactics was spot on. Martinez is the **** boss
  19. Is it just too cold tonight for just some decent first touch ?
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