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  1. Get a RB to come over to the left to take a short throw which gets f*cked up. Great tactics Smith!
  2. Nakamba is really going to turn the game around!
  3. And the Tuanzebe mistake and our inabilty to score!
  4. Pathetic. This team under Smith will finish nowhere near a European place.
  5. Because they were all so great weren't they! McNeil, Lambert, Bruce and all in between. I suppose you thought they were the bees knees! PS and I've been right about every single one of them. Prove me wrong!
  6. But Smith reckons we don't need any more players!
  7. 4 points from a possible 9 against 3 of the poorest teams in the division is a reflection on Smith's ability. The sooner the owners realise we are going nowhere with him in charge and sack him the better!
  8. I think we should be aiming higher than accepting a draw at home to what is effectively a Fizzy Pop team! We'll never get anywhere if fans like you accept mediocrity after spending £millions.
  9. Clearly the club's Covid management process is shit.
  10. What a shit starting line up. The owners want European qualification and Smith is trying to deliver relegation.
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