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  1. For the last decade we have had a succession of naive owners that don't know when to pull the plug on a manager and a whole raft of incompetent managers. Things will not improve until both of the above failings are eradicated.
  2. And the master tactician Smith brings on a couple of subs when we are 3v0 down. What a great manager he is!
  3. So you think us being second from bottom is because of that penalty decision? Have you been under a rock since last August?
  4. Not sure if a draw in the Watford v Norwich game is the best result for us or a Norwich win at the risk of them gaining ground on us!
  5. The only saving grace is that Norwich have virtually gone and Bournemouth and Watford have actually managed to be worse than us!
  6. 0 wins in 9 games. Smith is great isn't he!
  7. Had we failed to score more often we would have more points!
  8. Normal service is resumed. Shit strikers = no goals!
  9. Switch El Ghazi to the left and get Elmo down the right.
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