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  1. Not a good enough replacement for Watkins.
  2. We need to replace Hause and get back up for Watkins.
  3. We ought to offer Davis a new contract every week!
  4. Streamed on carabaocup.live. £10 for a match day pass.
  5. Sorry but I don't accept mediocrity, maybe you do. When we play well I will say so and when we play shit I will say so. Sheffield Utd are a workmanlike team but they have no class and will struggle this season. Not one of their players would walk into our team.
  6. Would mean something if all 3 wins were in the same season!
  7. That wasn't on 12 minutes and why do we need 4 at the back against 10 men? I couldn't agree more. The 'We've Got John McGinn' brigade are blind to the reality!
  8. The defence had nothing to do and when they did they gave away a penalty!
  9. Smith should have changed tactics after they went down to 10.
  10. I watched them against Wolves, they were shite. They were lucky last season, this season they will be found out. They work hard but they have no class. Not one of their players would get into our team.
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