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  1. I hope we don't regret allowing Maupey to slip through our fingers and end up at little Brighton.
  2. With Mings, Chester, Engels, Konsa & Hause we don't need Tuanzebe especially on loan where Manure would expect him to play if fit. It will only lead to disharmony amongst those totally left out.
  3. All the talk of Kalvin Phillips, Jack Butland, Joe Lolley and Neil Maupey etc. etc. and the one that I want to see walk through the door at VP next is Mings. The guy is a beast and passionate about the Villa. JFDI!
  4. Done. Well done for doing this.
  5. Probably not the right thread for this but not sure where else to mention what I have just witnessed on ITV Central News. A bus carrying Derby fans (including women and young children) had several windows smashed by projectiles from a group of Villa fans causing £thousands in damage and scaring the life out of little kids. If anyone has info on who these knuckle dragging scum are then please notify the police. Decent Villa fans will not tolerate this sort of neanderthal behaviour. If these mindless thugs want violence then let them be brave enough to bring it on with people that can fight back and not innocent travellers that include women & kids!
  6. The next million trillion squillion years!
  7. Thank you Dean. You delivered in 7 months what some fans favourite failed to do in in a season and half!
  8. Maybe Adomah or Kodjia on for Green who looks totally out of his depth this evening!
  9. I have a Tescos home delivery this evening. I made sure to tick the box 'deliver with no bags'!
  10. For those of you fortunate enough to get a ticket for the Hawthorns 10s of thousands of Villa fans are relying on you to make as much noise as possible for 90 minutes and out sing the Tesco bags to bring our boys through it. May your God be with you.

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