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  1. The player gained an advantage by coming from an offside position when City played the ball forward. If the player had been in front of Mings he would have seen the challenge coming. Anyone that argues orherwise is stupid as if that goal is legitimate then every striker in the league can lawfully stand in an offside position when the ball is played forward and attack the defence from behind to gain an advantage!
  2. We need to give these northern Representatives for Wellingborough a good hiding and send Mr Potato Head home with a flea in his ear. They got beat by Sheffield Utd ffs!
  3. Cheated again. Manure & Citeh are buying success with these bent refs and VAR monitors!
  4. Stitched up twice by a bent referee and a VAR system that favours the top 6!
  5. This evening's 4v0 win over Palace seems to blow your comment.
  6. They will never win the league. They are only capable of winning by cheating.
  7. How the **** did a Villa free kick just outside their box result in them being on the edge of our box!!! Come on keep up with play cameraman!
  8. If we actually bothered to put some effort in we could get a draw from this.
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