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  1. Steve Bruce

    Asian brides or Asian babes?
  2. Tony Xia

    £60! We don't want any SHA cast offs.
  3. Tony Xia

    The new Randy Lerner maybe! Gets a new toy and spends a lot of pocket money trying to polish it then when he realises it's still a turd because the bloke he hired to do the polishing is a chimney sweep and not a valet he loses interest.
  4. Steve Bruce

    Believe me it can take a man quite a while to do a big job. Sometimes I can be stuck on the bog for half hour!
  5. Steve Bruce

    Yea but don't let little facts like that get in the way of blind faith. He has 4 promotions from this division don't you know!
  6. Steve Bruce

    Not sure what your point is other than to concur that Bruce had a lot more experience (at mostly better clubs) than Ferguson did before joining Villa & Manure respectively.
  7. Steve Bruce

    Maybe a bit like Manure sticking with Fergie despite his crap start because they saw his potential. Bruce however has been knocking around for 20+ years as a football manager so if he had any potential it would surely have manifested itself by now.
  8. British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) 2017

    They still do it but I have been informed it is manic with a massive queue for ages and a mad surge once the gates are open.
  9. British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) 2017

    Only 9 circuits on the calendar now (Brands gets used for season opener and close).
  10. British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) 2017

    I only got into BTCC last season and had no idea who was who so decided to follow WSR (and Rob Collard in particular) for no other reason than I drive a BMW myself. Looks like I made a good choice though! My partner bought me tickets to Oulton Park as part of my xmas pressie so off to my first live event on 20th & 21st May and can't wait.
  11. Anyone else within the VT community a fan of BTCC?
  12. Scott Hogan

    Hogan is a liability. The new 'sick note'.
  13. Steve Bruce

    Oh well another crap season over. At least we get 3 months break before the next screw up.
  14. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Come on Bristol. A nice equaliser to panic the scum then Gardener gets sent off and relegation looms!
  15. Promotion 2017/18: What does it require?

    1. A lot more points. 2. A lot more goals scored. 3. A lot less goals conceded. 4. A lot more wins. 5. A lot less defeats. That should do it.