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  1. Yea but they are Preston and we are Aston Villa.
  2. The great promotion race is back on. 4 wins on the spin against teams above us. 11 goals scored & only 1 conceeded.
  3. Well O'Neill never had a Plan B when he was with us so it's hard to imagine he has one now!
  4. I bet O'Neill wishes he had Gareth Barry so he could drop him in at left back later in the game.
  5. One of our players should have accidently stamped on his face in the melee!
  6. The same team that destroyed Derby are quite capable of beating the scum.
  7. And Derby are supposed to be promotion contenders! Turned them over twice quite easily.
  8. What monumental f*** up has Smith made to turn us from the team that won 3-0 away at Derby & Boro and beat the Albion on their own patch (except for a cheating player and incompetent officials) into the absolute turd of a Steve Brucesque team we are now (and don't put it all on the absence of Grealish as it won't wash)?
  9. You have just contradicted yourself in the same sentence!

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