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  1. January transfer window 2018

    Only because he has one mother of a beard!
  2. Pre match thread

    Whelan instead of Jedinak seriously!
  3. January transfer window 2018

    We already have him.
  4. Steve Bruce

    He had plenty enough games left last season to get us into a promotion situation. He did it with SHA with an inferior squad of players and less games to play.
  5. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    This season has to be third time lucky and sees them get relegated. They have survived by the skin of their teeth the last couple of seasons.
  6. Robert Snodgrass

    Can't understand the Snodgrass detractors. His goals and assists are much needed.
  7. John Terry

    We have just kept clean sheets against 2 of the better teams in this division. I think Elphick and Chester have done well together so Terry should not be a guaranteed starter.
  8. Match Thread: Villa v Bristol City

    Stay away for the rest of the season!
  9. Match Thread: Villa v Bristol City

    Why have we had to wait for over half a season to play like this?
  10. Match Thread: Villa v Bristol City

    Get in! Who was it that said Snodgrass was useless? 2 today and the winner against Boro!
  11. Match Thread: Villa v Bristol City

    Didn't someone say earlier that Snodgrass was useless or words to that effect!