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  1. Relegation form going into the last part of the season. Not a good omen for next season. Smith out.
  2. The set up and overall performance is what cost us the game, not the incidents you mention.
  3. The same people that mocked anyone that criticised McNeil, Lamert & Bruce. Don't worry, they know nothing.
  4. If only we were as good as those magnificent teams Fulham, Brighton & Burnley that won at Anfield. Why do so many Villa fans like you accept mediocrity!
  5. Barkley is the biggest waste of space to pull on a Villa shirt in many years but Smith can't see it!
  6. 9 home games without a win and 6 home defeats on the trot but don't worry Smith's Villa will gift you a win!
  7. Smith's game management is pathetic. All the relegation fodder have won at Anfield. Villa are wank under Smith!
  8. Smith needs to make changes. Everyone could see that coming!
  9. Carragher doesn't understand the rules. He thought just because Cash made an attempt to play the ball it was ok.
  10. Showing them far too much respect. They have just lost their last 6 home games 3 of them to relegation fodder like Fulham, Burnley & Brighton. Something needs to change!
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