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  1. Europa League qualification has to be the minimum next season especially if we spend another absolute fortune in the close season.
  2. Sentiment gets you nowhere in football. Too many fans giving him a free pass and an easy ride just because he's a Villa fan.
  3. That's why Smith needs to go sooner rather than later.
  4. Pretty much relegation form for the last third of the season. How can anyone be happy with that?
  5. He got everything wrong. Reminiscent of last season.
  6. He's just hoping for a reaction. He knows he has no valid argument.
  7. You raised it not me. If I did say it at the time of appointment it was likely because of his record of promotions out of that division. However, I wouldn't have continued to support him like the 'Blind Faith' wallers on here once I realised that he wasn't going to cut it in the job. I was pleased with Smith's appointment as I believed he could get us promoted but I am also smart enough to realise that at PL level he is naive and doesn't have what it takes to take us to the next level. It's called 'Being able to see the wood for the trees'! You should try it some time.
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