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  1. Does this statement from the Government effectively end the 2019/2020 season? The government will also no longer support mass gatherings with emergency workers.
  2. Even if somehow we manage a fluke win at Wembley I'm struggling to see how I could even celebrate knowing that barring a miracle we are going down again. Villa have yet again managed to kill my passion for the game.
  3. The orchestra is playing bum notes in every performance, the conductor needs changing.
  4. Our owners must be ok with relegation or they would have sacked Smith before Christmas.
  5. What game you watching? We have had more possession, more corners, more shots and more touches in the opposition box. How the hell can spuds possibly be classed as the better team!!!
  6. What a crock of shit. Our defence is going to get us relegated.
  7. And you are so charismatic with your childish responses.
  8. Absolutely disgraceful. How is Smith still in a job? We shouldn't be losing to shit like Bournemouth after all the money we have spent!
  9. I wouldn't have Drinkwater anywhere near the starting eleven. There's a reason why he couldn't get into the Burnley team. Answers on a postcard!
  10. Sturridge would be the next Micah Richards. We should not go anywhere near him!
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