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  1. pacbuddies

    Steve Bruce

    Your last sentence basically answered your question because we should be.
  2. pacbuddies

    18/19 Promotion Charge

    In before da lock.
  3. pacbuddies

    Tony Xia

    I guess that your twitter account will be getting a much needed rest now. So, after two disastrous managerial appointments and a load of money wasted who is next?
  4. pacbuddies

    New Manager Speculation

    I don't hold with this 'who can we get that is better' attitude of some blinkered fans. Wolves did it and they weren't the first and won't be the last. We need to find our 'Nuno'.
  5. pacbuddies

    Steve Bruce

    I take no pleasure in being right as it has resulted in my team failing. Perhaps your snidy comments should be directed at those fans that sung Bruce's praises all season (he's been promoted from this league 4 times!) and derided those that could see the wood for the trees.
  6. pacbuddies

    Steve Bruce

    Time to go now Bruce. I never rated you, never wanted you and for nearly 2 years have had to suffer your brand of football and the comments of the 'Bruce In' brigade!
  7. pacbuddies

    Ratings & Reactions: Play Off Final v Fulham

    Beaten by Bruce anti football tactics in the first half. So typical throughout this season. I have not changed my mind from the day he was appointed. I never wanted him and today has proved me and many others right. 2 seasons and a load of cash and we are still where we were 2 years ago.
  8. pacbuddies

    Steve Bruce

    And don't forget the Warnock/Cardiff model. No way could anyone legislate for that!
  9. pacbuddies

    Pre-match chat

    We can outplay Fulham. We outplayed Wolves and ripped them a new a***hole and they are a better team than Fulham (SHA beat them ffs!). Our manager and players just need to believe.
  10. pacbuddies

    Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    This is just 1st half part 2!
  11. pacbuddies

    Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    No way was Adomah offside.
  12. pacbuddies

    Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    A fluke. Bruce bollocked them afterwards and told them never to play football ever again.
  13. pacbuddies

    Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    This performance just underpins why, whether we get promoted or not, Bruce has to go.
  14. pacbuddies

    Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    Terrible performance. Don't deserve promotion based on that shit show.
  15. pacbuddies

    Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    Referee what a Representative for Wellingborough!