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  1. pacbuddies

    Dean Smith

    Of course it's true. Which bit is false? What's going on to better things got to do with how he was treated at AVFC?
  2. pacbuddies

    Dean Smith

    Remi Garde was probably the most shafted manager in our modern history. Left with a shit squad and no money for transfers he never stood a chance. Dean Smith has won the lottery by comparison.
  3. pacbuddies

    Dean Smith

    Whenever you feel like that just think of McLeish, Lambert & Bruce and the future will appear a whole light brighter.
  4. pacbuddies

    Dean Smith

    'Ephemeral'. Can you imagine the scum using such a word on any of the SHA forums! VT is such a hotbed of cultured debate.
  5. pacbuddies

    Dean Smith

    Well even the clueless dinosaur Bruce has managed 1.25 pts per game so it's not beyond the realms of possibility.
  6. pacbuddies

    Dean Smith

    I reckon 90 points should secure us the title so an average of a little over 2.2 points per game for the rest of the season will do it. No pressure Dean!
  7. pacbuddies

    Dean Smith

    Just lumped £10 on @ 25/1 for the title!
  8. pacbuddies

    Dean Smith

    The closest fans ever get to managing their club to glory is on a Playstation or X Box. This guy is going to be living the dream so I wish him all the very best.
  9. pacbuddies

    New Manager Speculation

    If Terry is the good cop Faria must be stark raving bonkers!
  10. pacbuddies

    New Manager Speculation

    What a crock of shit.
  11. pacbuddies

    Ratings & Reactions: Millwall v Villa

    Let's face it guys, we ain't going up this season are we. Our new owners should have sacked Bruce immediately and their dithering has cost us. Now we have wasted a quarter of a season and given other clubs a massive head start.
  12. pacbuddies

    The Cabbage

    The cabbage is defintely the hero of the hour not the guy that threw it. That cabbage sacrificed itself on the alter of despair and the thrower was merely an accomplice in a cleverly thought out cunning plan. Never, in the field of human conflict, was so much owed by so many to so few.
  13. pacbuddies

    Pre-Match New Dawn Patience

    Surely Chester will be available after an undoubted successful appeal!
  14. pacbuddies

    New Manager Speculation

    We're going to end up with Mick McCarthy or Sam Allardyce aren't we! Someone please promise me it ain't so. I'm feeling sick.
  15. pacbuddies

    New Manager Speculation

    Were Wolves any more of a proposition for a top manager after Lambert had Lambertised them?