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  1. Steve Bruce

    So you want Bruce to get the sack for your failure!
  2. Ahmed Elmohamady

    Have they won the European Cup, the European Cup, the European Cup?
  3. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I expected as an absolute minimum play offs last season with all the money we spent and the number of new (and supposedly better) players coming in. With the addition of Terry (and hopefully a few others) and the benefit of a season of experience in the Championship I would now expect automatic promotion as a minimum.
  4. John Terry

    We're not fickle. We just don't like SHA.
  5. John Terry

    Don't forget De Laet & Bree.
  6. John Terry

    Just saw the John Terry press conference on Central News. Mr Potato Head has put on loads of weight. Obviously spends too much time in that kebab shop!
  7. John Terry

    Two years ago Andrea Pirlo was 36. I think a lot of us would have had him in our Premier League midfield in 2015.
  8. John Terry

    Gabby is on similar wages and has been a complete waste of space since O'Neil left.
  9. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Well hopefully they have all gone out and deliberately weakened their sides!
  10. John Terry

    Me too. I can't see any scenario in which AVFC would employ a complete cockwomble as manager. Oh wait.................
  11. John Terry

    Neither could Paul McGrath. Positional sense is the key.
  12. Championship Fixtures 17/18

    Really!!! Try just over 4 months
  13. League Cup Draw 1st Round

    Cus ìt's grim up north.
  14. Steve Bruce

    Asian brides or Asian babes?
  15. Tony Xia

    £60! We don't want any SHA cast offs.