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  1. AV82

    Dean Smith

    We beat Fulham and they beat Liverpool so we should be crowned champions by your dumb logic.
  2. AV82

    Keinan Davis

    I certainly agree he deserved some minutes on Saturday. Hopefully Smith will give him a chance to put Dias on his arse.
  3. Irrespective of his injury he is not good enough to play for Villa. Of course I wish him a speedy recovery, that goes without saying really.
  4. AV82

    Keinan Davis

    We're not suited to playing 4-4-2 at that level. We're no Burnley. You really want to see McGinn & Douglas vs Milner, Fabinho and Thiago? Having said all that my point is purely that you can at least understand Smith's decision. People are acting like he's lost the plot and we would've won the game with Davis on the pitch. Ludicrous.
  5. AV82

    Ross Barkley

    I'd take an injured Micah Richards on 60k/week over this guy. At least he gave a shit.
  6. Sorry but when we have the ball we may as well be playing with 10 men. It's that bad. Seems like a cracking guy and defensively smart but not suited for how we want to play at all.
  7. AV82

    Keinan Davis

    People don't seem to be considering the other side of the coin. Bringing Davis on meant we would most likely switch to a 4-4-2 against champions Liverpool. You can understand why he chose to bring on Ramsey instead (and even Barkley given his Everton connections).
  8. AV82

    Dean Smith

    Dean still has my backing. Being 10th without Grealish whilst having to field the likes of Trez, Traore, AEG, Nakamba, Barkley, etc. is an accomplishment as far as I am concerned.
  9. AV82

    Ross Barkley

    Hate to say it but he should be finished here after that. I'd rather see Ramsey, Sanson, AEG and Davis subbed on over him.
  10. He's gash. Watkins out on the left and Davis up top please.
  11. I think after an explosive start to the season we've really found our level. We're a mid-table team at best.
  12. Traore not tracking Robertson will not end well for us.
  13. AV82

    The NSWE Board

    Could not be prouder of how this club is being run.
  14. The guy is injured and loves the club. Ignore all this other bollocks.
  15. Still not good enough but finds himself in the right place at the right time more often than not. Offers more than El Ghazi that’s for sure.
  16. Needs time. Let’s not forget it’s going to be hard to shine in a new team that is not playing well without their star player.
  17. Trez will get the headlines but Davis played great off the bench once again. It really helps having a big strong guy up front when your midfield is misfiring. Great subs from Smith and some good play from Ramsey too when the game was stretched.
  18. AV82

    Wesley Moraes

    Currently watching the game from the sidelines with ice on his knee so not too serious.
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