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  1. Bodymoor Heath is a circle of accountability.
  2. It’s a reach but Stavely reminds me of Mason Verger.
  3. Sterling, Bissouma, Ndidi, Lingard, Ricardo, Digne, Calvert Lewin, Raphina and Zaha I could all see heading there. Good premier league players. Even characters like Joe Gomez and Maddison who’s stock has fallen of late could be tempted. Mbappe and Haaland not so much.
  4. Of course the chair of their trust is called Gregg.
  5. United have failed massively though. Every player they buy is £50M+. Doesn’t matter if you can’t make it work. Just having billions to spend doesn’t guarantee anything. I don’t know anything about the Saudi culture but I’m guessing this is more a of toy than a PR vehicle. I reckon they’ll sack the manager every 8 months, spend £200M per window and not win anything as there’s zero direction other than the Prince of Oil saying “we need to win every game.” I’ll start worrying if they start taking staff from the likes of Benfica, Atalanta, the Red Bull teams or Lille. Brentford, Norwich, Brighton to a lesser extent.
  6. Not worried. They’ll hire a load of idiots to run things and chuck millions- sorry billions - down the drain.
  7. 8-0. They'll be wrestling our knuckles out of their orbital bone come 4 o clock. In a figurative sense of course.
  8. Aside from Leeds all the winless sides all remain winless as it stands.
  9. It would show he was telling the truth when talking about how players get into the England team.
  10. My respect for Southgate would rise above 0 if he drops Grealish and tells him he’s not getting enough goals and assists.
  11. They’re looking dreadful. We look pretty good. It’s a game for Watkins and Ings to show who should be starting for England.
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