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  1. Gets injured more than I like for a keeper. Not 100% in love with this IF it happens.
  2. MrSmirch

    Wesley Moraes

    Never heard of him but he’s Brazilian so I’m fully erect.
  3. I like Jota, he’s not gonna set the world on fire but he’ll be effective and is very good on the ball
  4. How much do Bristol want for that half human/ half cat they had in goal against us?
  5. I like the look of Marriott. Sergio Ramos wants a move Sander Berge or Ibrahim Sangare for DM Haven’t watched a premier league game in months so I’ve no idea if there’s any players from the bottom 10 worth looking at. Back in for Dennis Praet maybe?
  6. Complete faith in Suso et al to bring in some proper quality and Dean Pep Smith to get them playing
  7. Please God deliver us a good performance tomorrow without any referee bullshit, cheating, leg breaking or general shithousery just a good natured game of football with the best team winning. So pleased we’re not playing those dirty words removed leeds, what a disgrace that could've ended up being.
  8. I hope we bring the good Dr Xia back for one of those inspirational team talks... NOT.
  9. We’re potentially 90 minutes away from being back in the Premier League. Hadn’t really sunk in till now.
  10. I’m pretty confident of us being the better team on the day. Derby’s keeper looked alright, much better than Carson. Will Curtis Davies be back in for the fella who got the red? Don’t know anything about their centre backs. Bogle their full back looked good. A couple of quick passes around their box and Leeds were able to get shots away though, I’d love to see a couple of Kodjia goals.
  11. ---------------Steer Elmo Mings Tuanzebe Hause ---------McGinn Whelan --------------Hourihane El Ghazi Tammy Grealish Green had moments where he looked good yesterday and could've made it 3 but i think coming off the bench against their ancient back line he'll be effective again, especially if they're still chasing a result at that point. Slightly harsh on Taylor to put Hause in there but he's much better in the air. Hourihane looks very, very up for it and him and Tammy work very well together. McGinn should be kicking himself for letting the game pass him by, if he plays like we know he can we'll win the game. 0-4 (1-6)
  12. Didn’t think they were as stunning as some posters are making them out to be. They play lots of 1-2’s around the box, shoot from 25 yards and as for the pressing, I thought we handled it very well. We can do them if we play them again.
  13. Klich, Roberts, Bamford, Jansson, the ref and that **** linesman. what a bunch of rocket polishers. yes they should play to the whistle, obviously. The fact that roberts prentended to stop play is the issue.
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