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  1. Hard to get too excited about a Celtic Striker. He does look good in highlights but Celtic is a special club in that league, they should be favourites to win every game they play. Even Scott Sinclair was tearing it up at one point for them. Although moussa Dembele has gone to Lyon and has a 1 in 2 record which is very impressive...
  2. Scottish Tom Cairney. **** off. That Rodak is a right word removed as well.
  3. Because he starts very, very few games for Liverpool. Thats why i think he’d make that decision.
  4. Zinchenko would come. Keita no.
  5. Cheeky bid for Naby Keita. Or that de bruyne lookalike at City, he looks good for Ukraine at cdm
  6. Big Mike Cashleys probably been sick in a few fireplaces this evening. A nice long excruciating battle with relegation now please Hawkeye.
  7. You better pray to God we don’t get GAZUMPED. I’d rather share a candlelit meal with Robbie Savage than get gazumped.
  8. Rashica looks fantastic. Not too sure why Hendrick is being discussed, or Digne. The way Fraser has acted this season puts me off him, might well be talented but what an absolutely disgraceful character.
  9. Nixon says it’s an auction for Eze.
  10. Malinovsky and Gosens would be nice
  11. Bacuna and Joe Bennett full backs for Cardiff, lovely to see
  12. Happy to write him off completely now, he’s absolutely no threat to any opposition at this level.
  13. interesting as i wouldn't touch tammy in this league. Such a confidence player and not a great finisher.
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