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  1. 2 years older but starting games and playing very well, Cahill’s started 1 premier league this year and after playing most of the europa league games didn’t get picked in either of the quarter final games. He played in the third place playoff at the World Cup, a game England lost. He was only there because he’s an old head in a very young squad. Whelan is still playing and starting for Ireland. I’m not saying Whelan should be playing 38 games if we go up but I think he’d stay for a year at little cost, do a job against lesser sides when needed, is apparently a great figure for the group and considering the money spunked on the lazy sacks of shit at this club a year extension is the least he deserves considering his input. Cahill is at the end of his career and will want lots of money over several years. Richards and Lescott won infinitely more trophies than Whelan too, that didn’t really count for much did it?
  2. No thanks Cahill, he’s finished in the premier league. We shouldn’t be signing anyone over 30, exception being whelan who’s good for another year.
  3. Leeds are the first team who won’t go up automatically after being top at Christmas. Shows how competitive it’s been at the very top and an incredible effort from Sheffield United to keep chasing. We can do any of Leeds/Baggies/Derby etc they're spent.
  4. Hope our french scout has looked at Ibrahim Sangaré from Toulouse. He looks fantastic.
  5. No way NSWE sell after a year, they’re already seriously minted. Unlike Mike Ashley and that ilk I think they’re in this for some glory and to enjoy their mid life to the max.
  6. Unbelievably good. Ive got a feeling he’ll score in the play offs, he’s that sort of player. If we go up we need him tied down to a contract till he’s 40.
  7. MrSmirch

    Dean Smith

    I think my favourite thing Smith has implemented is giving the players the confidence to play the ball comfortably in he opposition half. Apart from that we don’t give the ball away on throw ins 9/10 like we have for the past 5 years, we’re able to knock the ball around the oppositions box and wait for the opportunity, Hutton is no longer the only player with the desire to break into space, switching the play looks automatic and gets better by the game. The amount of times Bristol were cut apart was unbelievable. They looked bang average. Competition for places is absolutely fierce at the moment as well! How weird is that? Every player looks worth about triple what they were under Bruce too. I like that he’s happy to leave the transfers to the scouting department too and just focus on coaching players to play how he wants, that’s where the game is heading.
  8. MrSmirch

    Dean Smith

    Christ, i’d completely forgotten Samba. Sums up Bruce really.
  9. The championship will know when we peak... they’ll feel it.
  10. Think Davies should start the next few, Tammy needs a rest, playoffs all but secured.
  11. KD for Abraham and Ramsey for Hourihane at some point me hopes.
  12. Grealish -> Elmo -> Grealish = Golazo. Was like watching Messi and Dani Alves for a minute there
  13. @madleyref on Twitter if you’d like to tell him he’s a rage wanking hob goblin.
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