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  1. This could be embarrassing.
  2. There’s not much this team can do to hurt opposition
  3. We need a Roy Keane player. Someone utterly ruthless who loves kicking a man who’s down and cannot bear losing. We don't have that currently. We’ll finish 12-17th
  4. MrSmirch

    Dean Smith

    It’s like that bit in Enemy at the Gates. Our boys just need to stop shitting their pants when it gets hairy. Some suggest shooting the general or deporting families while the answer really is that heroic examples are needed that the others will follow. Hourihane and Lansbury need to come off the bench much earlier too. And less El Ghazi. Also Grealish should stay closer to Wesley if we’re playing Marv and McGinn. Trezugeut and Guilbert will be a fine pairing.
  5. Pre match - expect us to be sloppy going forward and for mistakes to cost us any possible points. Still surprised we were that **** dreadful for periods. Opposition go down to 10 and WE shit the bed, unbelievable.
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