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  1. But this isn't like Kane who's made it his life's goal to win trophies, all Grealish’s ambition has been to play for Villa and England. Of all the places to go, that plastic toy box, deary me.
  2. I think he tried to do something similar to what Low did with Gotze by thrusting Saka into the spotlight. He was quite lucky to even be in that position. Greenwood, Bowen, Rashford, Sancho very hard done by.
  3. Roy Hodgson would have gone just as far with this squad.
  4. Another masterclass from Southgate, we’re so lucky to have him.
  5. I had zero expectation for him and was surprised we were having to pay £20 M. Wow wow wee wa, he is the Terminator, the genuine worry now is that one of the very, very top clubs in the world want him.
  6. No they're the same shit just marketed at the middle class.
  7. Poor performance but it still took a great Schmeichel to keep the score down.
  8. Provided gif material for Twitter rocket polishers
  9. This is classic England stuff. The reaction should be more toxic than Iceland
  10. Harry Winks is dreadful. 0% chance that happens.
  11. If he starts the Ukraine game and shows his quality then he’ll ascend into the mega stratosphere.
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