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  1. MrSmirch

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Preston

    Literally no amount of kebabs can fix this situation.
  2. MrSmirch

    Match Thread: Blackburn v Villa

    What a reaction this has been! We haven’t conceded yet
  3. MrSmirch

    Match Thread: Blackburn v Villa

    Jedinak, Taylor, Hutton, Elmo, Adomah. Dead **** weight
  4. MrSmirch

    Pre-Match Thread

    TV game, big defeat, “sacked in the morning.”
  5. MrSmirch

    Steve Bruce

    I’d rather a load of no names who fit a system then billy big wages like McCormack, Lansbury, Elmo, Jedinak, Hogan, Taylor. We’ll be paying their wages for years and won’t get anywhere near the fees we paid for them. **** retarded policy at the club, as per usual. Loaning out Elphick BEFORE we’ve got a replacement in?! Jesus wept that’s the sort of mistake you make in a video game, not real life.
  6. MrSmirch

    Match Thread: Sheff Utd v Villa

    Meatballs for dinner tonight, very excited.
  7. MrSmirch

    Yannick Bolasie

    Signing a name rather than ability, not surprised. Yannick is shit, if he proves me wrong then fantastic but I can’t see it
  8. MrSmirch

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    1 decent chance created in a half against Yeovil? The Murphy miss hit. Not good enough.
  9. MrSmirch

    Joe Bryan

    The alternative is Knudsen...
  10. MrSmirch

    Joe Bryan

    What a kick in the knackers. Maybe we should get a new medical dept who don’t need 2 **** days to work out if a players fit or not.
  11. MrSmirch

    Joe Bryan

    Avtransfers says medical done and Nixon this morning says wages and fee all sorted. He’s probably spent the day taking pictures in the shirt, I’m not worried about a gazumping or hijacking or 11th hour bidding.
  12. MrSmirch

    Jack Grealish

  13. MrSmirch

    Jack Grealish

    So going by the BBC article we want £32m for him... what with the new stadium it might well be a bridge too far for them.
  14. MrSmirch

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Nick Powell and McGinn look tasty, need to shift Lansbury and Jedinak