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  1. we as in the general sense. this probably could have been worded a little bit better by me . let me try: "As you alluded to though people see things differently and that's ok."
  2. Yes and one could also make the argument that our journey picking up the same amount of places is a much more difficult one too. We have spent heavily this is undeniable, but we also know that throwing money at something doesn't guarantee success either. Could we have done better under a different manager? This is hypothetical. My point is that we HAVE been immensely successful with DS at the helm and are still showing signs of improving. I think that is pretty much the best place we can be at as a football club and see no reason to not be absolutely stoked. We can either look at what has transpired or put more tax on what ifs. I personally prefer the former. As you said though we see things differently and that's ok.
  3. but that's the thing, Crewe and us have progressed more than ALL other clubs in England. I suppose we could seal that nr 1 spot with an even bigger margin but I mean, is it not good enough? I think it's a little bit absurd that some of us are having such a difficult time being content with the current ways of Villa. Especially since we're not exactly showing signs of slowing down either. This is not aimed at you btw
  4. To be fair to Tro "incremental progress" is still a correct way of viewing it as it doesn't consider the rate of progress. But I agree that in DS' case the progress made has been absolutely phenomenal and I cannot fathom how some of us don't see this.
  5. I'm fairly confident Emi thought that he would at least get a shot. He probably thinks he needed to go to have a shot at being selected for the World Cup which is around the corner. I really can't begrudge him that as I'm sure it would mean the world to him to represent his country at an international tournament.
  6. osmark86

    Ezri Konsa

    yes you are correct. yesterday I thought it was a nr 4 on the back and Konsa that played it on, but it's Luiz.
  7. Would have been an odd way of designing the rule. A concussion just happens and isn't related to the number of subs having been made prior.
  8. Never makes me nervous when we play him these days. Think he has progressed well as a player. Great performance yesterday!
  9. This. We've done well under the circumstances imo.
  10. Hahaha yeah. What a shot that was too.
  11. Indeed. We were simply being gents.
  12. osmark86

    Ezri Konsa

    got lucky today that the ref didn't award that freekick when he grabbed their player. that pass to Cash was briliant for the first goal.
  13. osmark86

    Matty Cash

    excellent goal today! so chuffed for him!
  14. had a great game imo. that assist for Bailey's goal was absolutely phenomenal.
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