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  1. It's up to the leagues or UEFA or fifa to stop it but they are all corrupt and greedy so nothing will be done. Agents will get their greasy hands on money and backhanders and brown envelopes will be the order of the day
  2. Mine too. They looked the best team in europe by a distance.
  3. He looks like a player signed based on stats not on actually watching him play.
  4. It's the same for most sports. You need the fans and the atmosphere to give what you are watching a sense of importance. Even golf will struggle without spectators.
  5. It's easy to say that when you are already a multi millionaire. If he's scared to play football then he must be scared to go to the shops as there's more chance of catching the virus there than there is in a place where people are actually being tested for it. The virus isn't going anywhere and there won't be a vaccine for 12 months at least. We are going to have to accept that we can only manage the virus, not eliminate it.
  6. I don't think they will have any choice, either play or forfeit your wages. At the end of the day it's your job, postmen still have to work, builders still have to work and if the government deems it safe for footballers to work then they just have to get on with it.
  7. I wonder are they just pushing the date back and back until everyone can just accept the season won't be finished. I don't see how the season could restart on the 19th, play the games remaining and then a new season start in September. It's not feasible.
  8. The question would be how do they relegate three teams? Who would be the third team promoted from the Championship if there are no playoffs? If they just select the team currently in third or in third on PPG then they'll have the same legal trouble the premier league will have. As said by Genie above, I really think voiding the season is the only way forward. Especially when it looks likely that football could only restart in mid June at the earliest.
  9. For any academies it will be the same, they'll just start next season as normal, same for non-league. It's the money earning leagues that are the issue and that will be the focus.
  10. People keep suggesting this but the League cup money goes to the EFL (* i think), The FA cup money to the FA, and the European money to UEFA. They aren't going to accept cancelling their competitions and the resulting loss. With the passing of time I think the only logical solution would be to cancel the leagues this season and just start again with pre-season in mid July. However the financial impact would be enormous and would show just how unprepared football was for any changes to the norm.
  11. I think the TV Deals might be auto-extended by 1 year for free or at a discount as a way to not have to return any money. It will cost the premier league a lot of money but at least they can plan for the future.
  12. How would reaching the cup final impact whether we stay up or not? If it does go to PPG then it would be just the average PPG in the premier league games.
  13. But isn't the structure a bit different in England? The premier leagues clubs "own" their league so it's not really any bother to them if there's no promotion/relegation to the EFL as it's a separate entity.
  14. Seems to me like the clubs in danger of being relegated don't want the season to restart. They are trying to force a situation where there will be no relegation if the league restarts.
  15. villa89


    It's great! Really enjoying it so far.
  16. Spectator Very interesting article.
  17. Try the pogo, fresh and nebula versions. Delicious stuff and all from wild beer.
  18. It's more nonsense spouted by the UK government. Sky/BT are currently suspending sports subs while there's no live sport. They are going to want ratings and new subscribers when football comes back.
  19. Lots of people on here hate it when we don't play in white shorts with our home strip. Also West Ham copied our colours, due to receiving our jerseys as a transfer fee, that's why they are traditionally the same.
  20. I'd say it just came down to money. They probably couldn't afford to alter the contracts.
  21. We will be doing that next season when Jack's gone to united.
  22. One (hair brained) solution might be to finish this season starting next September and then for the 21/22 season just have a 19 game fixture list, everyone plays each other once home or away.
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