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  1. Hard to blame them, they are obviously told to officiate the playoffs differently to the regular season. It's the same every year, hardly any PI calls in playoff games. It's a joke.
  2. villa89

    Martin O'Neill

    I'm really going to savour him failing yet again but sadly due to his propensity to take legal action and his myriad of friends in the media his ineptitude won't be exposed. Much like Steve Bruce it will some one else's fault.
  3. Johnny hekker is a better qb than blake bortles.
  4. villa89

    Alan Hutton

    His abysmal final ball should be enough for him to think it's not really worth bombing forward anymore (If it ever was). It's not like he contributes anything to our attacks
  5. villa89

    Henry Watch

    I was willing to give him a chance but then you see him giving a washed up fabregas a three year deal and you realise he's a clown. He'll be sacked in the summer.
  6. villa89


    Buying jorginho when kante was already there didnt make sense. Kante is a brilliant player, play him in his correct position and don't ask him to do something he's not good at.
  7. villa89

    Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    He's shite all the time, not just today.
  8. villa89

    Pre-match thread

  9. villa89

    André Green

    I'd have him in the team to be honest or as smith said to give some impact off the bench.
  10. villa89

    André Green

    Sounds like BS. If it was the case how did we meet the quota in the first half of the season?
  11. Can you not use the Visa Waiver program?
  12. Chiefs are my "shoe in" of the week. The other game is a toss up.
  13. I don't see how you could finalise the wording for that referendum, it's too vague. Better off set a deadline to conclude an all-party agreed deal with the EU, publish it and then have a referendum on that deal.
  14. His problem is that he wants to be prime minister so to get votes he should really be supporting the remain campaign and piling pressure on the government. However his own personal view (I suspect) is that he is happy with a No Deal brexit and wants a total separation of the UK and EU. As an aside I heard a good point from an economist yesterday, no matter what way you look at Brexit the british economy will be worse off. So essentially the UK are passing laws that will make the country poorer and make their own people's standard of living worse. Odd.
  15. villa89

    Pre-match thread

    I think we'll see a reaction from our players after the shame of the last few non-performances. Except from Taylor, sadly like with a old mangy dog with arthritis he'll have to be brought to the vet and put down.
  16. villa89

    Pre-match thread

    It could be over for our playoff ambitions if we don't show some "bouncebackability" after the recent turgid performances. Smith will be under a huge amount of pressure if we lose this at home and the temptation will be to write off this season (and remaining days of the transfer window) and try to start building for next season.
  17. villa89

    Jacob Ramsey

    Just one quick question, have you ever seen any underage player playing for Villa who wasn't a very good footballer? Maybe you watch an underage game and can see straight away that a few of the lads playing aren't going to make it, which is what happens to 99% of them.
  18. villa89

    Martin O'Neill

    Poor @TrentVilla. Between us and forest he's going to be watching horrific stuff.
  19. villa89

    The Manager thread

    He was shite long before then.
  20. villa89

    Aaron Tshibola

    And while he was there he would walk around the pitch doing sweet FA just like he did when he was here.
  21. villa89

    Jonathan Kodjia

  22. villa89

    Manchester United

    United did well but with comically bad back four of Lindelof, Jones, Young and Shaw they were always going to give up chances. They need 5 new defenders in the summer and need to throw the chequebook at De Gea to keep him.
  23. It's all the roids he takes.
  24. villa89

    Conor Hourihane

    Charlatan. Offers nothing in general play. Just lives off his stats.