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  1. United dont get away with buying their direct oppositions best players anymore, thankfully. Bayern still do. But your comparison is apt.
  2. They mentioned yesterday that Brentford had McPhee there when Deano was there and I assume Dean brought him over to us then. Best signing we've made since Fernando Nelson.
  3. We scored. From a corner. A corner. Give him an 8 year deal and a statue!
  4. Good to see the 4th official doesn't know the rules, our first sub was a concussion so we've two left.
  5. Me too. It doesn't work, that's why very few teams use it. You need two amazing wing backs to make it work.
  6. Tough game, this will be a good test to see where we are.
  7. What are they upset about, pep is right. There'll be thousands of empty seats on Saturday and zero atmosphere.
  8. They can't afford him. He'll be 100m+.
  9. Not really. There's a myth out there that the champions league is the highest level. It's not. Far from it. The last 4 of the champions league is the highest level. It's much harder to win the PL
  10. It's not just us. They run nfl Europe shop and it's the same there, order cancelled without notice, deliveries all over the place, website not updated, etc.
  11. He wont ever play for us again. It just depends how well he does in Belgium to see how much money we get back for him. £4m is my guess.
  12. villa89


    Me too. They will have got their money's worth out of him and then let some other team over pay him when he's past it.
  13. Burnley are stoke without the long throws.
  14. villa89

    Jed Steer

    He's a sub keeper. He'll do.
  15. I'm far from sold on the idea of playing 5 3 2. Dont know many teams that succeed with that formation. I suspect it will soon switch back to a back 4 which I think is better for us.
  16. villa89

    Ezri Konsa

    I think he's our best player. He's f**king ace. Maybe emi could also be up there as our best player.
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