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  1. Assuming they both make it (i know....), i think Chrisene as a left wing back, and kesler as a right wing back, would be seriously dangerous (if they reach their potential). if we ever wanted to move to a 343/3421/3412 they would be ready made for those wing back positions, or.....as two very attacking full backs in a back 4.
  2. you didnt ask me.....but! in the 25+ years i have supported Villa, i have never seen such a talented group of youth players at Villa. Yes we have had some great individual talents like Barry & Grealish, and some that got away like Cahill, but i can confidently say i have never seen such a talented group, we have numerous really talented youth players, will be interesting to see which of them make it. On that note, 3 of them have already made it to the first team (Bidace, Carney, J.Ramsey).
  3. 3-1, Caleb Chuka x 2, Ramsey x 1. it should prob be 5-3 or something tbh.....
  4. Swinkels is not a left back lol.....even at left back he drifts in to act like a CB.....
  5. wonderful work by Ireogbooneumb!?.....and lovely composure from Chuka.
  6. what i like about our youth setup now, is just how professional it all looks, lovely pitch, nice little stadium/seating area, the club/owners/ceo/deano etc just be really proud of how they have developed our youth setup over the last 3 years or so.
  7. yeah im not worried, im just saying as he develops he will learn the fine line between when to offload and when to keep going. (just as he scores...)
  8. Yeah Swinkels is a CB. Also with regard to Caleb, i cant decide if he is Faustino Asprilla or bambi and not knowing what his legs are doing half the time lol, almost mesmerising to watch as you dont know what he is gonna do....not sure he does either!
  9. Not comparing Ronaldo to Ramsey, but.....Ramsey needs to learn the same lesson Ronaldo learnt when he first went to Manure, that all the trickery in the world is worthless if it doesnt have an end product, as in he needs to know when to release the ball rather than keep running. Not knocking him, very talented lad, very skilful and capable of the sublime, i have no doubt he will develop his decision making, just making a point.
  10. Frith trying a playstation move and ending up looking a bit of a dimbo....
  11. well thats just great......i missed the goal due to my missus saying "just come and dig up a shrub for me it wont take 2 minutes i pwomise". One missed goal later......
  12. in the words of Roy Keane...... "he didnt have the baby, unless he's breast feeding, he should be alright".
  13. Haller has scored 4 for Ajax in the champ league.... He might be worth a 40m bid!!!
  14. ye fair point. i dunno, i think we can play all of the players you mentioned in a 4411 or 433 quite easily. Will be interesting to see how we fit all this talent in!!
  15. i thought Ings pressed very well versus Chealsea (along with others), he didnt really get a sniff shots wise, but we got chances elsewhere so its no biggie. I thought Ings and Watkins played really well together and led from the front in terms of closing down and pressing, granted Watkins is the more energetic and mobile player, but Ings was pressing and harrying. I dont get the negativity towards him, he works hard off the ball (although without the flashy pace and energy of Watkins), but regardless he still works hard, he has scored 2 and assisted 1 in 4 games.....i dont see the problem.
  16. MaVilla

    Louie Barry

    Yeah it looks like something not good at all is going on at Ipswich. You mention their squad which is a good point, on Transfermarkt they have the second most valuable squad in League 1, they signed Bersant Celina from Dijon who was a regular there (although granted he is currently injured), they also have our old mate Tom Carroll who should be capable of tearing up League 1!, as well as a few other very good players for League level. Something bad is going on there to be failing so bad with that squad, i would consider recalling Barry asap and sending him to a club where he will get some game time.
  17. Im pretty sure i read somewhere that he wasnt keen on playing the left wing back/left midfield position like show above! Although im sure he would play it if needed.
  18. i dunno, yes Forest are in a mess now, and have been for quite a long time, but even with all that, they are still the 10th most successful English club in terms of trophies with 13. For info, Manure - 66, Liverpool - 65, Arsenal - 48, Chelsea - 33, Man City - 28, Spurs - 26, Villa - 25, Everton - 24, Newcastle - 14, Forest - 13. I wouldnt call them a "big" club, but they are definitely one of the clubs who you would say are a huge part of the fabric of our footballing history, and "on paper" deserve to be in the PL (although obviously their results dont deserve that). They are also only one of 5 English clubs to win the Champions League (or its equivalent), and twice, once more than us!, in terms of your comments about Clough, yes he did raise them to a level that they never really achieved, but by that note if you took away George Ramsey (12 Villa trophies between 1884 and 1926), and Tony Barton / Ron Saunders,who jointly got us 5 trophies, including the European Cup, thats 17 trophies, roughly half of our haul of trophies since 1884, my point is you can equate that to any club, like Manure without Fergie, Liverpool without Paisley & Shankley, etc etc. Although granted, Clough was responsible for i think all but one of Forest's trophies (i think?), but still.......i remember Forest as a big(ish) club back in the day, i also remember when Sheff Wed were a good team.....lol! Clubs that in terms of historic success, arent anywhere near a position matching their "historic success" (even if that was to be a first division team), you can also add Blackburn, Sunderland & Sheffield Wednesday to that list, obviously they dont deserve to be in the PL any more than we did when we fell off the cliff, but there are a few clubs that have rich histories that many would like to see regain some of their old stature. Lok at Italy, teams like Parma, i remember them in my youth with players like Faustino Asprilla, i used to love Italian football as a kid, another club that its sad to see their demise, you can add Torino to that list also, although not so much recently.
  19. he could fit np. in a 343 he could play left or right forward, in a 3412 he could play the roaming semi CAM position behind the strikers (which he did against Chelsea, popping up here and there), or in a roaming CAM position in a 3421, as well as obviously in a 442 (winger), or 433 (left or right forward). He can fit in perfectly well wherever needed tbh, but granted, his best position on paper seems to be LW or RW (or L/R inside forward). Dont sweat it tbh, the fact we are debating where Watkins, Ings, Buendia, Bailey and Traore might fit in to the forward line, is a healthy problem to have.
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