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  1. You could probably say that about the whole (or most of) the team generally speaking. Some of whom went on to do pretty well towards the end of the season and the start of this season.
  2. hopefully Deano will learn from the master Steve Bruce and get around to playing the good old 10-0-0 with at least 4 right backs in the first 11. next level stuff.
  3. Wth is going on with reading? I saw one prediction at the start of the season that predicted them a 19th place finish lol. Although the league predictions are always way off anyways so meh.
  4. Urm......you mean exactly like last season then????
  5. More importantly. Is he good Looking????
  6. i wouldnt bet on that m8, last year with us staying up on 35 points, was the lowest 17th place points tally in the last 10 years! (amazing when you think about it). the 17th placed points tally from last year, going backwards for a decade was: 35, 36, 36, 40, 39, 38, 36, 39, 37, 40. (aka. any other season than last year in the last decade, we would have been down!) i find it highly unlikely that this year a team could stay up with 33 points. would be interesting to be proved wrong tho.
  7. @TRO where do you expect us to finish this season m8? (specifically, what is the lowest you would expect us to finish?, where do you think we will finish?, where would be a realistic excellent finish?, in your opinion)
  8. Southampton currently 2-0 up versus Everton (60 min).........this aint gonna be an easy game!
  9. the worst thing your parents could say to you......
  10. not gonna lie, i am disappointed with losing to Leeds, i thought this one could be a huge banana skin and it proved to be a banana skin and 50 bananas fired at us from all angles. However, if you had asked me what i would have considered a good start after 5 games, i would have said: Sheff Utd - draw or win, Fulham - win, Liverpool - loss, Leicester - loss, Leeds - draw or win, so in that sense i would have said anything between 5 and 9 points would have been anything from an ok start (5 points) to a very good start (9 points). we have 12 points, so as long as we continue to at
  11. Grealish is an amazing footballer, no doubt. But if he has one weakness its that sometimes he shoots when he should pass, and passes when he should shoot. Its a fairly minor thing for all his other brilliance, but its something that if he improved on, he would be an even better player than he already is.
  12. He is, to take what us effectively a bunch of average players (excluding phillips), and get them playing like that is a credit to bielsa. Smith saying we had to match their intensity was a mistake tbh, you can't match their intensity, you can only wear them down (or get as fit as them - but we aren't) As I have said before, I don't like the bielsa circle jerk, but you also can't deny what he has done with Leeds is super impressive. I don't think there are many coaches out there who on paper could keep that Leeds team up, but he will do that and more getting 100% out of the playe
  13. Well......we made a mistake there then didn't we?
  14. I didn't watch the game, how did we set up?
  15. Leeds's played Monday and Friday, so not sure we can use that as an excuse.
  16. we conceded 27 shots on goal and Bamford scored a hat trick? blimey.
  17. i wish i had your optimism!
  18. so basically Davis in on the bench in place of El Ghazi, other than that same 18.
  19. This is a huge banana skin, My head says we should be able to get a win. My heart says after 4 amazing games it would be so easy to get surprise butt sexed in this one.
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