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  1. City are a predatory club as bad as Chelsea for hoarding young talent - then have the brass neck to complain the little game time they get.
  2. The EFL have a lot to answer for.
  3. Speaking of sports washing...
  4. The ESL, spending £100m on Jack despite claiming otherwise in a pandemic, growing awareness of their ownership, and the cringe stuff they do to bring in fans. I think it’s been growing for a time now. The height of plastic fan base at this point.
  5. Always had much respect for Everton. A grand old club like ourselves.
  6. This kid is the real deal. The way he glides on the ball is a joy, he carried himself with so much confidence, and that trajectory is upward.
  7. I honestly cannot understand how they’ve looked at that and ignored the obvious foul by Maupay.
  8. Caught the highlights on MOTD and watched some extended highlights. Quick thoughts: Much better set pieces - the appointments are already showing the difference. We are far less static and predictable - goal from a corner! What a delivery from Bailey. Cash took his goal so well We retain such dynamism and we aren't slowing the game down as much - another impressive showing from Ramsey Nakamba slotted in well Some great passing from Luiz today, so happy for his assist. Tremendous ball from Ings to Bailey for his goal - what a hit. Good game management, incredible energy and dynamism, this formation change and the above makes us a very different, improved team collectively compared to last season. And we still have Buendia to return. Really so very encouraging, especially when the bench can change the game. Solid game management. Everton are a good side so this was again a very encouraging performance after a cagey opening affair.
  9. That’s so so embarrassing. The most pointless comparison especially when Southampton’s stadium is much smaller so even a sellout looks small in comparison.
  10. I love those butthurt fans are probably the same who welcomes the ESL.
  11. They were offering student tickets for just £12.50 for yesterday’s game via UniDays. Still couldn’t sell out.
  12. Feel bad for Wycombe - the league has dragged their feet and allowed the club to stay up instead of imposing punishments earlier. Amazing how the league continues to allow such bad owners.
  13. Pep begging supporters to attend their next game in the post-match is hilarious
  14. At least he can play left back if they make the CL final this year and Pep bottles it again
  15. Great play and finish. Diabolical defending.
  16. Nobody thinks that though but nice try
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