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  1. Yeah I just meant for the sake of argument, if someone debated that Konsa was better I’m not going to tell them they’re wrong (but I’ll happily argue Mings is still currently better). There are some areas where Mings is better and vice versa but statistically speaking, it’s impossible to say either one is “vastly superior” to the other. https://fbref.com/en/players/0313a347/scout/365_euro/Ezri-Konsa-Scouting-Report https://fbref.com/en/players/8397a50c/scout/365_euro/Tyrone-Mings-Scouting-Report
  2. I’m not saying that his comment means Mings is terrible. Not in the slightest. I’m the criticizing the words he chose. I have no issue with someone saying Konsa is a better technically sound defender. But vastly superior? Come on now. That’s just hyperbole.
  3. Plenty of good ones to go around. Here are some of the best CBs in the PL.
  4. Such a beautiful move. Can't wait to see full games of him humiliating defenses.
  5. It's so funny reading some of these ridiculous posts. It's almost like a healing circle jerk in here. People beating off their frustrations that some fans just choose not to define Mings by his mistakes. Any objective fan sees he's a solid CB but will never be one of the top CBs in this league with the amount of awful mistakes he makes. And to @TrentVillafor thinking Konsa is "far superior" at this point... Thanks for the laugh, good buddy.
  6. Lol, yep. He does this every game…
  7. As frustrating as it can be at times, it’s because I enjoy watching them. Win or lose.
  8. Considering the state of our team it was a really good game. 3-0 definitely flatters them. Shocking refereeing. A few free kicks and a corner we didn't get plus a couple of yellow cards may have changed the dynamic of how Chelsea played so you can't say it didn't have an impact on the game. Also, Silva shouldn't have been playing and yet he was miraculously allowed to and had a major impact on their defense. Other than that, some not so great finishing plus a few defensive errors shows the difference between a Euro league team and a mid-table team. I'll also be the one who defends Mings and says it wasn't that bad of a mistake from him. Poor pass from Tuanzebe, Poor pass from Mings and a lazy Steer contributed to that goal. and Mings shouldn't be blamed for the third at all. Hell, Tuanzebe and Konsa just stood in the middle of the box as Lukaku was lining that up. Overall, pretty pleased with what I saw from a team that barely has had a chance to gel and playing without Martinez, Buendia, a fully fit Bailey and Traore.
  9. You know it’s bad when even the commentators are criticizing the refs decisions.
  10. Shocking would be a good word for it. Even McGinn had to laugh at that ridiculous call.
  11. Some sort of BS agreement the clubs reached with FIFA. I haven’t looked more into it so I don’t know anything beyond that.
  12. Finally! Someone else says it. Arguably their most important player tonight has been someone who should never have been allowed to play.
  13. Couldn’t even make it through the rest of the game before the irrational slating began.
  14. You should watch some McGuire highlights then if you think Mings is that bad.
  15. Pretty dreadful effort all around if we’re objective. Poor pass form Tuanzebe, poor pass from Mings and lazy from Steer.
  16. Outside of one error we owned that first half. Looked fantastic but started to tire out at the end. Lets see what Dean does at half to keep that intensity going.
  17. Bailed out by the man who shouldn’t be playing. Lulz.
  18. The shoulder part is not good. Otherwise I don't mind it.
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