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  1. Im just hoping we carry on the sequence in our games vs.Derby. 3-0, 4-0, 5-0. Might aswell, we already have the 6-0 from their last visit to the Prem. Icing on the cake will be later on Monday night Andrea Radrizzani being spotted with the Tony Pulis/Steve McClaren double act in a London restaurant after Bielsa tells him to poke his offer to stay on
  2. Will there even be VAR next season for the likes of Derby & Leeds in the championship or is it only being used in the Prem?
  3. Never stopped to think there are 2 games in the 2 days before being played before our game. Ridiculous really with whats at stake in our one. Should be first up on Saturday; not Monday on a cut up pitch.
  4. I am looking forward to it unfolding but I dont mind the wait. These next few days are my safety net where we still dont know and have a chance, whereas when its done and if something goes horribly wrong then its a long long summer of misery without even a world cup to take my mind off of it. So week/weekend..drag on all you like.
  5. Rumours Boro want him as their new manager
  6. I havent won a single bet in about 3 years
  7. Deano said we'll enjoy the next few days and celebrate. No issue here, only thing I can conclude from those pics is Jack cant handle his drink, and his dress sense is abysmal. He's performances on the pitch are exceptional and thats all I care about. These pics will be gold and doing the rounds on Twitter come Monday once we've gone up
  8. Probably running down the stairs to get to his hero Troy Deeney
  9. Apparently Everton showing an interest, but luckily a gear head has advised against the move
  10. It was Smith who said there was no option to buy but just an option to match any bid Bournemouth received (stupid option as surely you could do that anyway without an option, I suppose it just means Bournemouth would have to inform us and disclose any figures of bids recieved for Mings)
  11. Dont worry, it wont need to come to this when we hit that £170m jackpot on bank holiday Monday
  12. Dean Smith has Franks number. Experience hopefully will prevail in regard to tactics on the day. Just like Bielsa's had for 3 and a half games. Derby have some decent youngsters borrowed from other clubs, similar to us, that is what we need to keep tabs on. Im hopeful Mings & Tuanzebe will come out on top as they have many times before. Ill be quietly confident until that first whistle and the opening exchanges play out Its our time i reckon this year, Jack was born to lead us in the prem, Deano was born to manage us to the prem. Stars have aligned, record breaking winning run, semi going to pens and wba having no forwards on the pitch. Derby are on a good run of form but are generally just as inconsistant as us. This 10 day rest probably disrupts their form which is good whereas we could probably do with the regroup and ironing out our gameplan as the one we went into the semi with nearly cost us. If we dont perform on the day we'll only be able to blame ourselves but im looking forward to Jack and John returning to their best after a couple of mediocre displays. So happy we're here now after it looked impossible and that its Derby and not Leeds. We wont have a better chance than this.
  13. pleased its Derby despite them being on an ultimate high now and proving what happens in the league counts for nothing in these playoffs. We need to step it up after our semi, complacency will be our biggest enemy, but knowing Dean Smith and his attention to detail, I think the team will be watching plenty of videos and going through every drill to make sure we're bang at it on the 27th. Best possible outcome for us no doubt about it. The scenes will be a sight to behold if we do it. And unlike last year I will be lumping on 500 squid for Derby to be promoted, thats a fair price to pay to see my true love promoted.
  14. It will be so sweet to put Leeds in their place, which is a 49th season in the championship, with a wembley win just to see their whinging fanbase go into meltdown
  15. 70+ mins for Hernandez to get a second yellow
  16. Adomah looks about 50 snd shouldnt put the shirt on again. Been piss poor for over a year now. Buzzin we got it done but that performance was worrying. So sloppy at the start of that second half, lucky we were up against a crap team that couldnt take advantage. And they took off all their pen takers thankfully. Credit to Jed Steer, great story for him coming back to the club and making that spot his own. Time to regroup and iron out a lot of the rubbish from tonight. Those corners were infuriating. Has a side ever lost back to back play off finals? No? Good.
  17. We've been fkn lacksadaisical all game. So sloppy. 15 mins to do something
  18. Dont know how we're behind, they are there for the taking. Really though El Ghazi should have made something of that one on one in the opening minute. Since then I dont know what we're trying to do. Was a clear foul on Mings before their goal straight from the school of Pulis. Blatant stamp on McGinn, things not going our way. Its still there for us because Olbiyun are pony
  19. Just imagine, this could (wont though) be his last ever game in our colours. So try to enjoy it. Wow thats a realisation that just hit home a lot faster than I thought
  20. We've been really good at seeing games out last few months , game management under Smith and Captain Jack has been brilliant. We have the lead and 90 mins of game management to navigate. Its well within our grasp, really hope everyone keeps their head and we don't end up with any suspensions/injuries. Plus our away form has been pretty immaculate recently: Small heath 0-1 VILLA Forest 1-3 VILLA Cabbage's 1-3 VILLA Rovrum 1-2 VILLA Bolton 0-2 VILLA Cheating Leeds 1-1 VILLA We're going to do it lads dont worry, 11 wins a draw and nothing loss in last 13. No Gayle. Plenty of space for us to attack without 10 behind the ball. Its our night, we'll bury those cockroaches UTV

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