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  1. So should all be wrapped up by Monday. Gets a run out in Germany at least the following week, hopefully his fitness will be fine and he'll go straight into the XI for Tottenham and have a debut as good as Stiliyans
  2. Theres going to be an Arabic Clique in training. Elmo the ringleader.
  3. Woodwards asking and answering questions to himself again like he's got a co-commentator
  4. Its the only way you actually get to see him on screen. There isn't technology available in televisions to keep up with 3rd gear and above
  5. Being back in the Prem means we can finally afford such talent again
  6. Hogan should really go back to Rochdale, his level.
  7. Yeah, he's still very raw of course but always seems to get into dangerous areas and brings others into the game well. We have a lot of midfielders with an eye for a goal, could be a good weapon off the bench
  8. Think Keinan can be a real wildcard for us this season
  9. Hopefully the last time we'll have to see a blatant pen not given
  10. We'll wear it away to Burnley, West Ham, Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton, Chelsea id imagine.
  11. Im just glad he's no longer our problem

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