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  1. So once you've taken your fine/points deduction does a new 3-year cycle begin where you can presumably spend what you like again or are accounts checked every year taking into account the previous 2 years each time? I really hope we dont get deducted points, and we have been seen to been making attempts to get things in order.
  2. We all knew we had to put a massive winning run together and with each game we played and inevitably lost or drew without Gresford it was looking so unlikely. 4 games back and I cant see how we wont make this 5 in a row. The mentality and determination has been spot on in this run, we look brilliant. Hopefully everyone stays fit and its another comfortable home win.
  3. He's been back for 4 games; made quite an impression- Southgate will be well aware of his form. Wouldnt be surprised if he's already had words with Jack and Dean to say he will be in his plans. Dean, like us, more than likely doesnt want him going away right now with his shins still being monitored closely, and the importance of needing him fit for the run in. Jack will get his call up sooner rather than later, that is obvious to me!
  4. Yeah, seems the type to take the toys out of his kids happy meal we have to win really, draws no good at this stage with games running out and our competition having games in hand. Keep the pressure on, continue the momentum. Always fancy us when we have Jack & SJM starting.
  5. Last 5 vs. Boro 0-3 0-0 0-1 0-1 0-0 thats 5 games and they didnt score once. We had a weakened team in the cup inbetween then when we lost 2-0 but they have a mental block against us. Would explain them always signing our cast offs.
  6. Good all this winning/playing well/seeing out games/looking good at the back/rotating players/team spirit/fans on side/looking forward to games stuff isnt it
  7. Happy birthday Tyrone We've got McGinn Happy times are back for now, UTV now time to catch some Zzzzzs
  8. Fair enough brotha. I had him on back of the navy AST computers one. Was my favourite too, despite the stick him and Yorkie were a decent pairing
  9. Boro Preston Derby all drawing. Scumbuckets losing. Stars aligning. Certainly closed that gap quickly didn't we
  10. Id happily sign him up because he's a shit hot footballer who loves the Villa
  11. Imagine the scenes when McGinn duplicates his Wednesday goal for the hatty
  12. Controlled the game nicely from the off just need to keep on top of super joe lolley
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