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  1. Three first choice midfielders unavailable in Gomes, Snake and Gbamin too. They will pick up and be comfortable
  2. Well Everton get their win and bounce massive game tomorrow
  3. Need Tammy to score his 27th and 28th goals for Villa here
  4. Kovacic has looked incredible every game ive seen him this season. Great goal
  5. Very unpredictable this season. Only 6 points between 6th and 17th with everyone taking points off each other. Its a bit like the c’ship. Whenever i want a team to win to benefit us it always seems like the opposite happens. So Everton probably win this.
  6. Thinking Doucoure & Deulofeu more than that q-tip
  7. I want Everton to go down. Dont mind them as a club I just want another Premier League ever present to experience what we had to go through, be interesting to see how another big club handles it. Cant see it, its actually really difficult to get relegated if you think about it. You have to be really bad to go down. Anyway, hopefully Chelsea do a job on them this morning.
  8. It was very easy for Chelsea who are clearly drilled to snuff us out and win the ball back quickly. We had no time on the ball at any point the other night. Whereas we stood off them and allowed them all the time in the world. They always had someone on their right with acres. Then for their second Willian has 10 seconds to pick out Abraham with Conor and Targett just standing there scared to press him. We should be more aggressive.
  9. After making Newcastle look like relegation fodder at VP theyve done remarkably well to come away with 4pts from Man City at home and Sheff Yoo away. Who’d have thought fistface is actually making a fist of it
  10. Always looked to this one as the most likely win of the last 3. They cant win 8 in a row. They need reminding we’re the biggest club in the whole of the Midlands. 1-0 McGinn
  11. Kodjia can be very frustrating, because you know he has brilliance in his locker, granted its been missing for a while but Wesley isnt even frustrating because you expect him to do nothing anyway.
  12. Kinds disappointed we break our transfer record on a dud. Had enough games now to show what he's all about and to be frank its nowhere near enough at this level. Was excited when we announced him, huge anticlimax right now. Whoever scouted him has either been incompetent or just straight hustled
  13. All the paper talk will be of Mount upstaging Jack who hasnt had his best game tbh
  14. Willian been best player on pitch. Caused problems all night
  15. Get the old codger on Deano. Theyve had so many chances we have 9 lives here
  16. Need to make changes before they get the 3rd and kill the game. Douglas please
  17. 3 in last 4 for Trez and unlucky not get that one at Old Trafford too.
  18. We're due a win when not playing well. 1-2 win here will be massive
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