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  1. If you got 5+ kids and on benefits, everybody knows toys, Sky TV and mobile phones are far more important than food.
  2. Everyone says he is a word removed, but so is Hamilton. When you get to that level your going to be a little rockstar. I know I would.
  3. 3 goals and not one from our strikers. Is that a negative too?
  4. No ones saying that from what I've heard. They are still talking City or Chelsea and have said Ronaldo won't win Man U the Prem.
  5. Should take a leaf out of Lingard's book, his best pal.
  6. Can't believe people slagging Ronaldo on here. Is it cause his gone to Man U? It matters nowt, zero, zilch. He is arguably the best player in the world, that ain't gonna change.
  7. Fletchers was the place up in Brum. Used to be in there every other weekend in the 90s.
  8. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11688/12411698/nathan-thompson-two-birmingham-city-fans-arrested-on-suspicion-of-aiming-racist-abuse-at-peterborough-defender
  9. Couple of fans gonna be done for racist chanting now. They really had a bad day didn't they.
  10. Same as his overhead goal. you'd never hear the last of it, if it was Salah.
  11. Bailey is actually faster than him at 22.62 mph to Traore 22.12mph If your still reading, Mbappe is the fastest player at 23.62 mph and Kyle walker at 23.49mph, Gareth Bale 22.9 and for show Usain Bolt 27.92mph. So Bailey will take some catching. But with all sprinters, they can be injury prone.
  12. Needs Buendia too really if we're going for a win.
  13. I'm not a hater, but bloody hell Smith there's 30k in there knowing this ain't working. 80m being wasted on the bench, we ain't Man Shity?
  14. WHY TARGET ON THE WING! He can't cross for shit. He's basically being asked to play the Grealish role. You can here the groans, VP know its not working.
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