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  1. We've not heard the phrase "enemy of the people" for a while, but that appears to fit the bill. I've never heard of Evolve Politics, do they have a track record?
  2. You'll be alright, SoLR terms prohibit them from putting you on a tariff with exit fees.
  3. I'd let as many as possible go bust and nationalise the lot, tbh. And I'd be shooting myself in the foot because I started work at an energy tech services company a couple of weeks ago (timing, eh? two of our customers have just gone bust!). They don't **** do anything. They don't make or distribute the gas or electric. We've created an entire industry of duplicate work, "competing" companies that at best all just create their own website and customer service infrastructure, pointless busy work that benefits nobody, and at worse, as you say, speculate recklessly in such a way that undercuts responsible businesses until the inevitable happens. The supply of energy is a natural monopoly, what's the point of having this entire industry of customer service on top of it? Are we really meant to believe that the competition which requires this entire extra layer of investment and labour is actually bringing the prices down? It's nonsense. They're companies and jobs that shouldn't exist.
  4. Those certainly are some interesting red lines. Are we also getting a free unicorn with every tariff? As I understand it, either: Prices go up significantly - which seems to be precluded by "price cap is staying", but... "the price cap is still there, it's just trebled" The government bails out the energy companies which they've ruled out - but perhaps they'll spin it as "they're not bailed out we've just given them billions in loans" We let them go bust - but this enables them oligopoly. They magic up a solution which drops energy prices overnight. This sounds like a job for Failing Grayling. Without significant intervention, we're likely to see see literally all but the big 5 go under within the next 6 months, so it'll be interesting to see which flavour of weasel words the government delivers.
  5. Never listened to Carcass before, but I just played through the whole album, enjoyed that and I'll be checking out their earlier stuff
  6. As an aside, most of that gas storage was taken offline and not replaced over the last decade. Don't need it, mate. For every budget cut to frontline services that generate headlines, assume there's been another couple to boring topics in the background. Infrastructure investments have been kicked down the road or cut entirely, aided by it being boring, and nobody caring. This is a decade of tory rule coming home to roost.
  7. Well, frankly, this explains everything.If only those skinny kids would stop arsing about on TikTok and pull themselves up by their bootstraps.
  8. Certainly big factors (plus our nuclear sites undergoing maintenance). I believe half of the capacity at that interconnector will be back up in the next week or two, but it won't be back up and running fully until March.
  9. That game is a few years before my time, so I was watching along recognising all of these players I've heard things about but never saw in the flesh. Saunders, Atkinson, Spink...Then all of a sudden, David **** James? That caught me off guard
  10. If they'd told me a vote for brexit was a vote for vegetarianism, they'd have got my vote
  11. yeah mate, I've had it with these seagull bastards and their super league.
  12. You're a grown bloke, right? Jesus christ.
  13. I'm not a fan of clubs, or other corporate bodies, joining in on "the bants". Just a bit casual and embarrassing, IMO.
  14. For those who care about that sort of thing. Not a great game from him, but atrocious is just not true
  15. Thought Lukaku had a good game. Could have had a couple of assists if Werner could finish his dinner. Bullied and harrassed the Spurs backline, and did everything but score. Wasn't exceptional, but he did alright.
  16. Same scoreline as us vs Chelsea, but one side went out played football and couldn't get the breaks, and one rolled over and couldn't be ****.
  17. Nobody is giving him more than Spurs do if he has a season playing like he can't be ****.
  18. Same reason I don't ask Everton fans about how good Ross Barkley is.
  19. Absolute nonsense, you've invented a narrative and refuse to justify it. Spurs a big game, but Arsenal isn't? Had a quick glance at his last year, scored in all 3 milan derbies, scored against Juve, scored against Italy in the Euros QF. He'll score plenty against their rivals at the top this season
  20. Is a comfortable away win to Spurs a "big game" but the game he scored in against Arsenal not one? Weird.
  21. Is anyone expecting Spurs to be in the top 4 this season? It'll be their third season out of it, now Man United remember how to play football and Chelsea are back up to speed, I don't see Spurs threaning for a top 4 spot in the next couple of seasons
  22. Think it's because he's a dislikable prick.
  23. It looks like one of the key ways they've offset carbon emissions of this match is making it so boring people want to switch off.
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