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Ratings & Reactions: Man City v Villa


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Sums up the refereeing. Played two minutes of the injury time and adds none on.

Played well for 75 minutes to contain them. Just fell to pieces. 

Sky commentary disgraceful but is anyone surprised?

Hope our lads made it off the field ok.

I’ll add to this. City have just won the league and their fans are singing about our manager.

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Good performance before their first goal. They were always going to go after us with what is at stake.

Some ridiculous over reactions, I wonder how many are peeved Jack got a trophy.

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the perfect game to highlight the weak minded bottle job jelly backbone of this team, its not Gerrard tbh, this is a problem we have had since we got promoted.

Hopefully, half this team will be replaced in the summer.

Great, battling performance for 75 mins, and then an absolutely mind boggling collapse, i thought we might capitulate eventually, but the manner in which we did it was absolutely shocking, really really shocking.

I hope we have a good summer, cus we have so many players who dont deserve to be in the first team next season

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Respectable performance, not sure anyone expected us to win. That said, we shouldn’t go into  next season with Watkins (or Ings) as our No.1 striker. His instincts and finishing simply aren’t good enough for where we want to be.

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Thank god this season is over it's been a shocker. In this game team and manager did well, but in the end we just are not good enough. A massive summer ahead starting with getting a new defence, this is simply not good enough. 

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25 seconds added onto the 4 despite two minutes of stoppages, numerous penalty shouts, Fernandinho should have gone.

Also, should it actually have been a corner for their second goal?

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