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Kieran Richardson


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Like many I sighed when I heard the news.

Having said that again like many have said, that its an improvement to what we've got. It's not a nice position to be in but it's about as good as it gets until Lerner sells. I'll take any improvement to the squad at the moment, it could be worse.

Why did you sigh? Bad as they were, Fulham fans are gutted at the news. He's a good player.

What's upset you? Im completely baffled by the reaction to this one.

That was a positive post compared to a hell of a lot of this topic/forum. I'd say that the majority of Villa fans first thoughts weren't that positive to the transfer but then may have changed a little when they think about it more.

Its a positive transfer in the circumstances but come on we all want to be back competing for good players that the top half of the table are looking at rather than the bottom. Hopefully it will happen again, maybe not but we are where we are and it is an improvement.

Fair point. The second part of my post want necessarily aimed entirely at yourself. I guess I don't understand the general mood around here. Almost as though people are making snap judgements on potential signings based on their overall perception of the club rather than the actual ability of said player. That doesn't sit right with me. It frustrates me.

Football should be enjoyed I think, regardless of the form it takes. I think I'd enjoy it better if I didn't engage the generally depressed villa fan base in debate and that makes me sad too.

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Don't actually think Richardson is that bad, at low cost I'm o.k with it.


It's a similar sort of signing to Stoke getting Bardsley on a free and there's no chance of Stoke going down.


Edit: Thought he was out of contract but apparently not....so appears we're actually paying a fee for someone this pre season which I didn't think would happen!

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As I said above, what would've been the reaction on here if we'd signed Bardsley and Sidwell on frees? Probably meltdown but that's what Stoke have done and they're looking to have a pretty solid mid table squad now under Hughes.


To me this is a better signing than the other two. O.k it's not earth shattering but in our current situation the only realistic target is survival.


I think we'll be seeing Luna heading back to Spain on loan shortly. Can't see anyone taking Bennett so he'll stay as backup, just play him v Chelsea as they're the only team he seems to play well against.

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