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  1. Why is it Seria a clubs sign has-beens from the Premier League? Doesn't that suggest there is a gulf between the two divisions
  2. I dont rate Iheanacho. He's not the answer.
  3. Must tougher opposition that the windies
  4. About time they picked a proper keeper. Buttler is rubbish
  5. Lol, Root bringing himself on after lunch was a shocking decision. Took all the pressure off Pakistan
  6. Not sure about him really but clearly up front is where we are sadly lacking . 6 goals from our strikers all season is pitiful
  7. We should sign Glenn Murray he could still do a job for us
  8. Benrahma is a huge step up from the forward players we signed last summer and January
  9. Strange that the last stand built is the one that has to come down. Never really understood why we chose that design in the first place.
  10. No wonder he didn't pick him then.
  11. I thought he refuses to sign an extension on his contract until the season ended because he was afraid of getting injured. How that is Howe's fault I dont know, unless Trentvilla has some inside information.
  12. Too many bad injuries have ruined him.
  13. Dunno hes made them harder to beat and the first priority when you come up is to be able to defend
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