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  1. Yes its crucial that if he does go we sign the right type of players and we can still keep moving forwards without Grealish. Of course I hope he stays!
  2. This one is a very one sided afair. Its good that we are getting cricket in free to air but the two games I have seen so far have been a bit dull. The Trent rockets look good especially their bowling attack. Malan looks class.
  3. I dont get why any top half Premier League team would want to sign Townsend. Its a bit like the Walcott signing except Walcott was better
  4. yes three days after and form his own party to replace the current political system . Sounds like Hitler.
  5. The over 80s and the visit to the queen were the two things that stood out . We may have know about the first one but to actually say it then its shocking.
  6. Its personal and out for revenge but some of the things he has said if true make me sick to my stomach.
  7. An Everton fan has told me who it is is but I not going to name him.
  8. Hes been double vaccinated. I 'd like to know the numbers that have been double vaccinated yet are still getting and spreading the virus. My feeling is its not offering much protection from contacting the virus but its doing a great job of stopping you getting severe symptoms. Its very high risk this allowing the virus to spread amongst us and relying on the vaccines to protect us and try and build up this herd immunity.
  9. Yes thats double the amount of cases reported two weeks ago. I underestimated the 100k a day figure. We'll be at that by the beginning of August. This govt is a joke.
  10. I imagine we will reach 100k a day in roughly 3 to 4 weeks
  11. Not saying that is the case but it would make sense as it would severely impact on people taking the vaccine. Maybe that guy was given false information because he was saying that 1500 people have died as a result of the AZ vaccine not the 70 that has been reported.
  12. Ok hope he makes a full recovery but there a definate link between the AstraZeneca vaccine and DVT. When I went for mine, two of the questions they asked were Have you ever had a blood clot? and are you on blood thinners?. Why is it under a certain age group given an alternative? I know the risk of dying from it is far less than dying covid so its worth the risk but nobody can say its just coincidence all the time
  13. I asked the question and then people responded with no, then I put the link to the the source. I am keeping an open mind.
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