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  1. Haven’t got bt sports anymore but why were inter and Ajax such strong favourites tonight?
  2. PaulC


    Salah scored from the hardest of his chances. They were always going to qualify weren’t they !
  3. I will probably vote for Labour but never been less interested in a general election. Can’t connect with any of the party’s.
  4. Yes 4 away from 100 Premier League goals for Leicester now!
  5. Yes he’s improved his game but not lost any of his pace
  6. Need to match their intensity otherwise we will loose this. It’s not about who has the better players.
  7. PaulC


    Yes the two games over Christmas against Man City and Liverpool will decide whether they can sustain a challenge.
  8. Many thought he was a one season wonder, but he has got better with age. Best striker in the Premier League this season by a distance.
  9. PaulC


    Only Leicester can possible catch them from here. I don't see them bottling it. The squad is so good now.
  10. Yes yes hes good. Although probably not as good defensively but Trent Alex-Arnold is just different class. Never seen a fullback like him before.
  11. He did get us to the final of the playoffs to be fair. I don't like his style but hes got nouse.
  12. First time this season I felt were were outclassed. That Leicester midfield trio are brilliant. They are better than when they won the league. Worrying for Villa is that we have too many players who are not good enough for the premier league. Smith is too stubborn and continues to pick Wesley in hope rather than expectation. We have to get something at Sheffield or I fear the worst.
  13. Yes Villa in the winter, Warwickshire in the summer. My two loves, Willis and Ron were a big part of that.
  14. Without doubt the greatest we have had. Really built three teams At villa. The one that got promoted, the one that finished 4th in 76/77 and then the one that won the league and European Cup. The 5-1 at ht against the mighty Liverpool was my fav match ever Rip love you Ron
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