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  1. Joe Root showing great character. 3 down at the close is good. Just one wicket In the first session tomorrow and it’ really is on
  2. Makes it more interesting though doesn't it. I think we just need to carry on as we are and play each ball on merit.
  3. Well we have got to tea 2 down. Only 3 seamers a spinner and a part time spinner. Just stick around wear them down. As I said yesterday no reason why we cant still win.
  4. No demons in the pitch, sun out, come on Root and Denly prove the doubters wrong
  5. Being as it’s only a third day pitch. Bowl them out, bat properly second innings 1-1
  6. Yes can’t be faulted for his first innings dismissal. It was a brilliant ball. Did well to get some bat on it.
  7. Yes he has don’t know where though. Moeen did the business tonight
  8. Pope was the replacement for Roy wasn't he so I don't think Sibley will get his chance. Cant see wholesale changes. Our top order hasn't been good in ages has it, apart from Foot. They used to get bailed out by Bairstow, Buttler and Moeen time and time again. But those three have no form because of lack of red ball cricket going into this series.
  9. Tom is out for the season isn’t he. I like Foakes. A proper keeeper not a manufactured one
  10. This is the day we lost the ashes, woeful should have made changes to the top order we didn’t because archer made us look better than we are,
  11. It’s really pathetic 6 down. Come on Chris show the rest how to bat
  12. Good bowling poor batting. Got the best of the conditions too. Roy has to go and Root should bat at 4. All the top batsman Kohli, smith bat at 4. Why move up to 3 to because of the shortcomings of the top order.
  13. Compared to Dale Steyn by Warner. Huge compliment. He’s special.
  14. Normally August is the hottest month of the year anyway. Still the game is moving along. 5 wickets down now.

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