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  1. Interesting that Fergy said his four world class players were Ronaldo, Cantona, Giggs and Scholes.
  2. They are a big strong team.
  3. Its been a high quality first half.
  4. Yes weather the storm first half and they tire second.
  5. PaulC


    Football is like that though. Teams go through bad runs and just when you think they could be in trouble they start picking up points again.
  6. They will still go down. One swallow doesn't make a summer.
  7. Nice start to his new career
  8. Don't think we will get anything from this. Really bad time for us to play them.
  9. PaulC


    First time Nuno has had to deal with adversity at Wolves. All managers go through it.
  10. Kane is far from finished though. Hes got many years ahead of him to rectify that and help England win a major trophy with Jack being part of it. Hes already helped England to the semi-final of a world cup which Rooney never did.
  11. I never called Kane a great just yet and in another post I said Rooney had more talent than Kane. You just can not discount the poor performances in major competitions.
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