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  1. It will come back. He was showing signs of it for England tuesday
  2. Yes point is though his death didn't make him more highly regarded, as he already was even if he had his lost his way as a solo artist.
  3. Oasis I agree but no not Bolan. T-Rex were great!
  4. More interested in whats in the Biscuits container?
  5. Wish you were here was a classic, didn't rate the stuff with Syd
  6. He did say such as Haseeb Hameed won't win you ashes and he was a Lancashire lad. I met him once and he was very jovial man.
  7. I thought for England last night he was playing more like he did for Villa. Wanting the ball a lot and trying to do something with it rather than just play a simple pass. Who knows he might have scored if he had stayed on. Shaw looks for him, Kane is totally selfish and doesnt, Sterling never passes to him or when he does he deliberately under-hits or overhits the pass.
  8. A baffling substitution. probably the only England player that was really on it tonight. Grealish didnt look happy at all.
  9. Kane is a big problem because its difficult to drop him but he rarely plays well.
  10. Only really had one opportunity where he could have shot with his left foot.
  11. Grealish has been good the rest have been average
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