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  1. You had the maximum wage of £20 a week in those days didn’t you until jimmy hill got it abolished? Refs let players get away with murder, pitches were mud-baths. Footballers weee just normal. I even had the West Brom keeper living next door to me when I was a child.
  2. PaulC

    John McGinn

    He will be desperate to play some part in the final. Looking at Gomez yesterday he looked really off the pace when he came on for Everton so it’s going to take Mginn a while to get up to speed
  3. I think they will too. More likely Bournemouth or Brighton go
  4. Spurs are not Liverpool though and it was so late on against spurs
  5. If they played with this attitude every week West Ham wouldn’t be in relegation trouble
  6. PaulC

    Pepe Reina

    It’s like he’s playing for himself not the team. It’s not about the saves you make as a keeper. A decision has to be made whether to continue picking him
  7. I cant call it myself. Brighton could easily get dragged into it.
  8. Not the whole league just the ones at the bottom
  9. Good job the teams around us are no better. Liverpool better win tomorrow. A lot of gloom and doom but its still in our hands.
  10. PaulC

    Dean Smith

    Three at the back effectively we have 5 defenders instead of 4 so we are taking out some of the creativity in the team
  11. PaulC

    Pepe Reina

    Ok he had a good game against spurs but two mares in away games. Causes chaos at the back
  12. PaulC

    Pepe Reina

    I'd rather Heaton was fit and playing
  13. I see 1 possibly 2 from those games so I think we need to win some away games.
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