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  1. Christian Benteke

    yes maybe Lukaku will never be a big club player either.
  2. Steve Bruce

    We will have serious problems with FFP. Cant see many signings unless we get rid of a number of players on our books.
  3. Gabby Agbonlahor

    I am yet to be convinced that the Gabby will ever be a 10/12 goal a season man ever again which is why we should let him go. If MCormack can get his head sorted he's a 20 goal a season man but that wont be under Bruce's management.
  4. Christian Benteke

    ok I didn't know that. Fact is though unless you play to his strengths he's not as effective which means he'll never be a big club player.
  5. That's true but its not the best of services.
  6. Gabby Agbonlahor

    That's about 7 goals a season then. One of our greats!
  7. having to wait for a train with all those blue-noses at Bescot station afterwards.
  8. The Tim Sherwood Thread

    I understand that but we had our moment in the semi against Liverpool. You cant take that away from him just because we were crap in the final. in the semi of the FA Cup under MON we were blown away by Chelsea.
  9. Gabby Agbonlahor

    One swallow doesn't make a summer. We have to do whats best for us!
  10. Manchester United

    100% agree but when has Jose given a ****
  11. Christian Benteke

    it wasn't a case of treating him like dirt more that Benteke didnt fit into Klopps style of football and was never going to change that to suit Benteke.
  12. The Spanish Football/la Liga Thread

    Nah its still Reals to loose. Barcelona blew it against the smaller sides.,