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  1. I don't think you can judge who's the best by stats alone. Even if Ronaldo finishes with more goals and more trophies I still think Messi is the better footballer.
  2. To be fair they had to beat Man City in the quarters last year. This year they had the toughest of all groups to qualify from and on paper a tough last 16 draw.
  3. So could be Liverpool v Barcelona in one semi and Man City v Juve in the other. Probably Man City v Barcelona final.
  4. PaulC

    John McGinn

    Me too, both were great though. Need to keep him and Grealish but I fear the only way to do is is to get promoted.
  5. For me Messi will always get the nod because he can do things with a football which I don't think anybody else has ever been able to doi
  6. Premier League far ahead of Bundesliga now. Liverpool didn't even play well but were still far too good for Bayern in their home yard.
  7. Agree, I also dont rate Mandžukić. he's average at best
  8. Its the longevity of both these greats that's is truly amazing. Phenomenal performance by Ronaldo last night, he is fantastic in the air.
  9. I think they might still make top 4 myself. However they are still in with a chance of winning the champions league. To me though they just haven't invested like the other top clubs have and the limitations of the squad is what is hurting them.
  10. He said himself unless hes fired he will see out his contract at City so unless hes lying and he wouldn't be the first to do so, he will be there for another two years.
  11. 1. Man City 2. Liverpool 3. Arsenal 4. Spurs 5. Man U 6. Chelsea Liverpool might still win it though!
  12. How many Italian clubs are left in the champions league? Anyway Pep is going nowhere not for another two years anyway.
  13. Yes disgusting behaviour by the fan. Ban for life, lengthy prison sentence will take that smile off his face and the club should get punished for this

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