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  1. At this moment in time yes... personally I think he should have resigned but It’s gone too far so unless this police investigation digs up something then he’s staying
  2. But it’s diverting away from all the things that really matter. I know there’s a lot of theories why Johnson is supporting him but we all know Cummings was the brains behind the Brexit referendum and I don’t think Johnson can do without him
  3. Yes I agree I’m sick of hearing about it really. Just apologise and move on. More important things to talk about
  4. I can understand how you feel then about football restarting looking after your mom. Mine died two years ago but if I was still looking after her I'd be the same.
  5. I know I wouldn't myself and I was shocked when I saw Cummings coming out of his house and being surrounded by a load of reporters all blatently ignoring social distancing and nobody has even mentioned it. I don't get this country. Theres so many people who just ignore the guidelines and do what they want.
  6. I think they were expecting more than 0.2% positive cases.
  7. Not sure, if you think about it the only times Labour have won elections in the last 50 years is when they had a Tory as leader. Politics has gone more right wing in this country.
  8. If you know about these places then why not report them.
  9. I saw Pearson interviewed, probably isn’t happy given all the players not training but he seemed to accept its restarting and got to get on with it
  10. Cummings has to go but amazed nobody has said anything about all those reporters outside his house grouped together not respecting social distancing. It’s a joke the hypocrisy of it all
  11. Very true and we have spent over 100 mil
  12. We were outclassed by Arsenal, we had a great chance of beating Chelsea and I know hes a good keeper but calamity James cost us the game.
  13. I thought you saw him as a manager of the year contender. I just think his positivity is very refreshing. Theres better manager around like Klopp
  14. Yes it’s the performances against the likes of Leicester and Southampton that worried me. Hopefully they are well behind us now
  15. Not saying we cant beat them I just think they will be at it more than most clubs and I don't believe hes just saying it.
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