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  1. The Film Thread

    I can't stand Johnny Depp and Kenneth Branagh did the worst impersonation of Sir Laurence Olivier in My week with Marilyn I have ever seen.
  2. Liverpool

    Bet Everton fans wish they were struggling like Liverpool.
  3. Everton

    We are thinking of the Benteke that played for us. He hasn't scored a goal this season. If he cant do it for Palace why would he do it at Everton
  4. Liverpool

    Spurs was their worse performance because the City one changed on the red card. Most games they have pretty much bossed without having the killer touch up front. United created nothing against them and they blew Arsenal away. 3 points off the top 4 and if all goes well they will be in the top 4 after the next three games.
  5. Many a world class player has never won a world cup. But generally they have done something great in the European cup/champions league. George Best, Puskas. Di Dtefano, Cruyff, Platini to name a few
  6. Liverpool

    They will finish at least 6th Chris. That isn't good enough!
  7. Liverpool

    Surely they wont get rid of Klopp yet.
  8. Not quite true about Messi as he has got Argentina to World Cup and Copa América finals but If Kane can do it champions league level at least then I will consider him world class.
  9. Liverpool

    Maybe one of their problems is their defence is just too exposed. A player like Keita cant come too soon!
  10. Liverpool

    Yes but they are still only 3 points outside it
  11. Spurs

    Quite true
  12. Spurs

    Where would they be without him! Man City are ok without Aguero somehow I don't think spurs would be without Kane
  13. Tottenhams defence not looking that good now
  14. They had a shit defence under Rodgers a well
  15. Liverpool

    Oh they have just scored Salah's pace.