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  1. Yes Bamford played and hes so rubbish.
  2. I think the same. Robben has been a wonderful footballer. Star of the 2014 world cup for me not Messi. One of the best players to come out of the Netherlands.
  3. Francis at 16 was banging them in for blues. Mark Walters was another one that was great when a teenager. I agree Andre Green has two years to make his name but somehow I don't expect him to. Although Grealish hasn't really matured as a player under 22-23 we could all see the potential when Sherwood was manager.
  4. No way should we sell Villa Park unless we build a new stadium at another site.
  5. PaulC

    Alan Hutton

    No room for sentiment in the final.
  6. PaulC

    Leeds United

    Don Revie built Leeds to have the best side in the country in the late 60s to mid 70s and although they won the league under Wilkinson they have been living on that great era for many years, a bit like Wolves of the 50s and even Liverpool of the 70s/80s.
  7. No argument about the past but Man City have a far superior pool of players to Juve now.
  8. Why join an inferior club in an inferior league. He will win the league every year there but wont win the champions league
  9. I think Lampard will be a very good manager but the Chelsea job is too soon for him.
  10. PaulC

    Leeds United

    Yes third was the best they could expect and if they win the Europa league that's a good season
  11. Please lets not write Derby off too soon. Lampard would have learnt from those results and its going to be much tighter in the final.
  12. Ran out of steam. Thought Derby were brilliant last night. Showed if you have a go you have a chance. Think we'll beat them though. Lampard could go right to the top as a manager. Done a great job there and outsmarted Bielsa
  13. Clearly McGinn is not in the same class. Hope he stays if we go up. See no reason why he wouldn't. We can do what wolves have done with some shrewd purchases.
  14. Cant take it away 26 goals this season. I think the West brom games were a bit tough for him having just come-back from that shoulder injury. Hopefully he will be better in the final.

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