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  1. Family reasons but why would he even consider moving to Glasgow then. Maybe Chris is right then and he is waiting for the Southampton job, but although they have been on a bad run. They are still in the FA Cup and in all honesty Southampton are a selling club and they are where they should be.
  2. No about being homesick. Don't think he will end up there but hes held in high regard by Burnley fans
  3. Yes I get the feeling hes just going through the motions
  4. They have a lot of affection for him there and not sure they want the same type of maanger. also think the board are a bit pissed off that Dyche doesnt like his players diving. Its a reason bamford didnt fit in there.
  5. He was at Burnley before, rumours that Dyche is leaving so could end up there
  6. I don't think he has. also hes very negative.
  7. True the only easy games are the ones with nothing to play for.
  8. Don't see them pulling the Real Madrid tie around so its got to be the league if they want to qualify for that. Does anybody really want to be in the europa league.
  9. cant see it they have an easy run in compared to other teams.
  10. There was no great appeals from our players. Sad news anyway, just as he was showing good form as well.
  11. That many, no calvert-lewin. looks like a very defensive 5-4-1. they might grind out a 1-0
  12. Funny I am backing Everton as they have a good away record and a crap home record.
  13. Leicester is the FA Cup semi-final so if they win that and get to the final I doubt if he will be under any pressure. West Brom are looking more likely than Fulham now to pull off an escape. Burnley fans around here dont feel they are safe yet.
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