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  1. Surely modern Premier League footballers stay in hotels the night before?
  2. Nope, it’s staying red.
  3. New car arrived an hour ago. I'm very pleased with it indeed. It's very quick (gave it a quick blast down the A47) and the interior is really nice. The infotainment system is a huge improvement on the last JLR one from 3 years ago in my old car. Well chuffed, and no more (expensive) trips to the petrol station.
  4. Thanks mate! I hope so. It'll be good because I'm moving from a Range Rover, and the interior is virtually identical, so at least it will feel familiar. The sound is going to be very different though, from the feral roar of an SVR to the deafening silence of the i-PACE.
  5. Doing a Bob Dylan and going electric today. Jaguar I-PACE incoming. Not wildly exciting but to be honest now that I work from home, I'm just looking forward to plugging it in when I get home instead of spending £140 a week on petrol.
  6. Risso


    I bought my first Grand Seiko a few months ago, a limited run from the USA “Seasons” winter edition with snowstorm dial. It’s beautiful.
  7. Risso


    Yes they’re getting close to and in some cases overtaking the prices of the Silver Snoopy Award Omega from a years ago (which I have). That’s now valued at ten times the retail price I paid for it.
  8. Yes I think you're right. Due to FFP rules, I think NSWE HAD to inject capital via share issues. Now that the sale of Greasy has eased the FFP burden, they can use some debt finance again, so why not. Every other club does.
  9. Nope, secured against PL reward money.
  10. It doesn't make sense that they'd want to sell so soon into the Premier League journey. Sawiris celebrates like an absolute madman when we score/win a game at VP.
  11. The actual document says it's an overdraft facility of £45m' secured against the PL reward money.
  12. From reading through the document on Companies House, looks like it's a £45m overdraft.
  13. Not sure Spurs have really got much of a leg to stand on regarding fining the players to be honest.
  14. Risso


    Sweltering in London today.
  15. Mings, a ball-playing centre half? Eh? Long punts up the channels is mostly what he does, isn’t it.
  16. It's been confirmed that they'll arrive in Madrid then Croatia tomorrow, which means they can't leave Croatia until the Saturday of the Everton game. In my opinion there's no chance of either of them starting the game in those circumstances.
  17. It's going to be a big ask for them to be ready for Everton. If they arrive in Croatia tomorrow (flight time plus 5 hours time difference) they won't be allowed back into the UK until the actual day of the Everton game. Having not trained with the rest of the squad for the best part of a month. Extremely unlikely to say the very least.
  18. It's not Peru, Pete. Argentina are at home to them.
  19. Has anybody actually checked what the rules are in Croatia for people coming from Brazil or Argentina? You'd have hoped that they'd checked, but the way this has gone it's a probably a year in prison.
  20. Even thoiugh we can't stop them, I suspect they won't go. The next two Argentina games are away to Paraguay on 7 October, and home to Peru on the 12th. Assuming that both Paraguay and Argentina are still on the red list then, and the players do the Croatia stopover thing once more, then Martinez and Buendia would miss the games against Wolves (H) and Arsenal (A). If ths situation is the same in November they'd miss games against Palace and Brighton.
  21. Indeed, it has been quite the spectacular f*** up. At least it should give the two Emis pausefor thought next time this happens.
  22. Croatia is on the "green watch list" at the moment. If it moves to amber, if they're not fully vaccinated then they'll need to self isolate at home for 10 days after getting home...
  23. Brazil is in South America last time I checked.
  24. Too right. The ban wasn't done to hurt their feelings, or to ruin their international ambitions. There's a global pandemic, the pair of twunts.
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