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  1. Yeah definitely down a lot, but it just needs a bit of caution when comparing Monday's new figures of anything compared to the previous day.
  2. Reminds me of a Tom O'Connor joke On a building site where English and German builders are working together. German builder says "You know, in Germany we have to be correct with our measurements to within a tenth of a millimetre" English builder says "In England we have to be spot on"
  3. Just had a read to see if there's any concrete proposals in there. Seems to be: * Outlaw fire and rehire - solid * Right to work flexibly - could mean anything * Strengthen trade unions - interesting, given that the trade unions are moving away from Labour * Fair and level playing field on tax between multinational giants and local businesses on our streets - Uh? * Jobs promise - how? * Living wage of £10 / hour - a bit underwhelming but that means you'll make £10 the minimum wage for anyone employed? So 2 semi defined policies. Make fire and rehire illegal and perhaps make the minimum wage £10 / hour.
  4. That's what I instantly thought about when Christian Eriksen had a cardiac arrest despite having been already screened for heart defects previously. Cardiomyopathy from training through a virus is a thing.
  5. He can't compute that he doesn't have a solution for it because there is no solution for it.
  6. Got to be kids not doing LF tests at school hasn't it? Do their results count?
  7. You're quite correct. He believes in throwing decent people under the bus. He believes in lying to people to get elected before sticking 2 fingers up at them and laughing. He believes in deceit and dishonesty.
  8. Alison Brie in spandex is certainly in the 'worse things you could be watching' category.
  9. Much fewer tests done though. Who knows, it could be that some level of herd immunity has been reached sharper than expected. Or it could be that half of all pupils being off school from 2 weeks ago had the effect of closing schools early and breaking the link.
  10. Binge watched all 4 episodes of The Movies That Made Us series 2 this afternoon. Back To The Future, Pretty Woman, Jurassic Park, Forrest Gimp. Superb
  11. Oh and Norwegian makes such perfect logical sense. Every verb ends in 'er' Husk - remember Husker - verb of remembering Du - you Du husker - you are remembering Husker du? - do you remember?
  12. Nynorsk eller bokmål? As an English speaker learning Norwegian I'm always surprised at the amount of crossover between Norwegian and English. It's a north germanic language while English is a mix of Latin and north germanic. The accent of saying the ø and words like tur sounds just like someone from Yorkshire, unsurprisingly, given the Viking roots. You have so many Norwegian words that sound like an English word but not a direct translation e.g. kjopper for buy (Shopper). Butikken - the shop (boutique). Bland - mix (blend). Må - must/should (must). Ting - thing. At - that. Hund - dog (hound). Gris - pig (fat, grease?). Almost every word you can make a link to English or Latin or germanic in some way. I find it fascinating and love learning it. Jeg elsker å lære det.
  13. Out of interest, who is that?
  14. I think you'd see Jack and Buendia swapped there.
  15. He didn't say any of it. I know they have their own vaccine certs over there now which has driven massive vaccination bookings but the quote is made up. He doesn't have any kids for a start.
  16. Macron didn't say that, it's fake.
  17. One of my veggie friends (who eats fish so is a pesky tarian and said the other day fancied a bit of chicken so now eats chicken sometimes too) said I had to try oysters when out at a meal. I said I couldn't because I'm veggie and don't eat fish. She said they're not living and are fine for veggies to eat. I didn't believe this but it does seem that bi-valves are basically a plant. No brain, no CNS, no pain receptors, just a collection of cells that filter water: from https://www.theguardian.com/food/2019/sep/27/are-oysters-vegan-kitchen-aide I didn't eat any though because they look **** rank. You're basically eating an arsehole.
  18. I think it depends on the ability to feel emotional pain. Things without a central nervous system like insects don't really count. So fish, no. Mosquitoes, kill with fire.
  19. I'm worse than vegan. I'm a hypocrite because I eat cheese.
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