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  1. Spoony

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I don’t know if this has been covered yet, but whoever the **** decided it was ok that a PIE only had to have a LID of pastry. I swear that is now the majority of bullshit pies (or lies, if you will) that one can get in London. Not happy.
  2. Spoony

    Jonathan Kodjia

    What’s very frustrating is that the run he did against Yeovil is something we have seen him do before but so is appearing disinterested and wandering around the pitch for the majority of the game. Granted he may still need to get over his injury but even then he does also need to kick it up a gear and get more involved IMO.
  3. Spoony

    Conor Hourihane

    Rubbish but he did win me my hourihane to score villa to win bet, so all is forgiven.
  4. Spoony

    Jonathan Kodjia

    He has turned to absolute crap since his injury. Cannot start. I would start every one of our other strikers above him. He got an assist today by doing a slow turn and getting a luck deflecting low cross into the box. That’s probably the bets thing he has done in 10 games.
  5. Spoony

    André Moreira

    I thought he was good. Just me?
  6. Spoony

    Ratings & Reactions: Yeovil v Villa

    Is there a way to delete football games from your eyeballs?
  7. Spoony

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Wigan

    The constant anti-Bruce stuff is exhausting. He’s staying. Enjoy the sodding win why do you.
  8. Spoony

    Jack Grealish

    Can you?? I couldn’t stand him at all. So ridiculously lazy and I couldn’t figure out what he was actually good at. Nowhere near Tottenham standard and I don’t think he ever will be. He will fizzle and go to Reading or something.
  9. Spoony

    Joe Bryan

    They are to like a ridiculous level. They’re talking about statues of him for doing this and it being their favourite part of the window (despite the fact their still losing a player they apparently rate so highly). So weird.
  10. Spoony

    Joe Bryan

    Sadly that isn’t quite true. Mic09 is pretty bang on with his “contracts mean nothing” comment. I deal in contracts all the time and generally until someone starts performing the contract it’s barely worth the paper it is written on. I’m unfamiliar with the terms of footballers’ contracts but I’d wager there are cooling off periods and get out clauses and effective dates all based on payment of fees and sign on bonuses and what have you.
  11. Spoony

    Joe Bryan

    Incidentally the Bristol City fans are loving this. Why do they hate us so much???
  12. Spoony

    Joe Bryan

    I’m a lawyer and I can tell you now that signing a contract so often means bugger all. I’ve seen contracts signed and then subsequently negotiated for 3 months thereafter... There’s bound to be some get-outs if we hadn’t yet transferred any money to the player or the club. Plus what loss can we really be said to have suffered? Whatever happens we aren’t going to be able to force him to play for us, we would just be seeking some sort of damages for a loss that’s pretty hard to quantify. As others have said, if he doesn’t want to be here and he is so desperate to play for Fulham that he literally made a getaway with his agent, sod him. It isn’t worth the effort. Move on.
  13. Spoony

    Joe Bryan

    Screw him if he doesn’t want to be here. Next!
  14. Spoony

    Joe Bryan

    There is literally no way anyone could know that. If twitter rumours were true there’s literally 3,000 people at every meeting medical and signing and they all tell all their friends within seconds and say “btw you can totally tell everyone on Twitter”