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  1. I don’t know why it occurred to me today but I suddenly remembered the time only 5 years ago that we ironically celebrated winning a corner: In the words of the iconic Richard Keys, it was just banter and it was hilarious but oh man what a bleak, bleak period that was. I also vaguely remember the classic “let’s pretend we scored a goal” against (I think) Derby. Fast forward a few years and we finished 11th in the PL, sold a player for £100m, got some real class to sign for us with that money and then have a goalkeeper trolling Man Utd fans as we win at Old Trafford. It’s just an incredible transformation when you stop to think about it. So I thought it might be a good idea to start this thread to focus minds on how far we’ve come, particularly if a bad result brings on the (frankly insane) #SmithOut itch or whatever it might be. So maybe it would be good, to offer some perspective, if you post some of your bleakest memories of our very recent past and reflect on how far we’ve come?
  2. We should basically know by now we don’t talk about injuries unless it’s an ACL
  3. Thanks for this. Really shocking stuff. I consider myself to have a relatively addictive personality with an element of control if that makes some sense. I’m well aware that I could spiral out of control with drink and gambling (and have occasionally come close) if I let it happen and I can definitely understand how it does happen. I’m just fortunate that there’s a bigger voice stopping me but I do wonder if something bad happened in my life if it could happen to me. I’ve seen it happen to others. My job has been horrific enough at times to make drinking feel like the only escape As to gambling, you could say I’ve dabbled and then I’ve noticed it spiral and grow and grow before I was lucky enough to put a stop to it. The UK doesn’t do anything close to enough to control gambling and bookies. It’s just far too easy, far too available and targets those who have the least. How does anybody but the bookies benefit? Considering how much it must cost the government the only answer can be politicians lining their pockets with bungs from gambling companies.
  4. I totally get the anti Southgate narrative. It just hurts to see such negative defensive football when we have the best attacking players we have possibly ever had. And let’s be real, the WC and Euro runs WERE easy. We still come undone every time we play someone half decent. Germany was a decent result but that Germany team is the worst I’ve ever seen.
  5. Just got his first England goal. He is annoyingly good.
  6. Did I just see Austin McPhee??
  7. His delivery from corners has been excellent.
  8. This breaks my heart. Wtf is wrong with people. I would love for the club to get involved, encourage the reporting and outing of these people and ban them/report them to the police or do whatever it takes to punish them. Whoever they are I hope our Ghana lions realise they do not represent humanity or Villa.
  9. Hoping he starts the next game. Think we need his creativity and willingness to do something special.
  10. I’m not sure he is. If we revert to one striker I’d drop him in a heartbeat. Ings is outplaying him and that’s why we have strength in positions. If he wants to play he has to do better (and I’m sure he will but he does have to fight for his position now).
  11. Just screams of: he was awful. City just didn’t need him. Sterling came on and looked better within seconds. Doesn’t work in their system and right now looks little more than a PR signing. But whatever I’m not petty and vindictive you’re petty and vindictive
  12. Compare his cameo to Bailey’s. absolutely anonymous.
  13. Repeating this here. There is way too much overreaction here. We’ve been fine. They are a better team that’s just a fact and the likes of Son make a difference. He’s a £100m+ player. Pretty happy with this but we need creativity and I’m really worried that Buendia is absolutely not the answer…
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