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  1. It would be a crim against football if we didn’t go up. We are the best team in the league and if we got to start the season with Smith we’d be running away with it at the top.
  2. See Grabban, Kodjia and Hogan. Championship goals don’t say too much. Look at Billy Sharpe and the like. We need a proven PL goalscorer if we go up. Abraham isn’t the answer IMO.
  3. Wayne Hennessey rang. He doesn’t know what a Grammar Nazi is.
  4. Spoony

    Dean Smith

    Agreed. Frankly there is not a better team than us in this league. They just needed all of their ability unlocked and I think that’s finally happened. If we don’t go up this season we need to convince the likes of Grealish that with them we will walk it next season and PL football awaits.
  5. Spoony

    Dean Smith

    It’s so annoying that we can’t just restart the season with him. We’d win the league easily
  6. Just seen the highlights. **** me how good was their keeper??? Also think it was unfair to blame Steer for their goal tbh
  7. Thanks. Also been seeing 2-0 so got my hopes up...
  8. What’s the score??? Getting conflicting messages from apps!
  9. I heard that the volcano eruption at Pompei is a myth and it was actually just John McGinn running through town.
  10. I don’t think Puma is much better for the “big boned”...
  11. I will never get why Bristol City hate us so much. For that reason I hope we completely destroy them.
  12. Spoony


    So I haven’t been through 84 pages and this has probably been covered, but if anyone can be bothered I’d be grateful for an explanation as to what actually happened at wolves and how it wasn’t dodgy??
  13. When it comes to the likes of Qatar setting out to “dominate” football, I find it hard to stay interested...
  14. Spoony

    Dean Smith

    Didn’t get the 3-1 that would have won me my bet. #SmithOut

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