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  1. I remember the days of having hot women as screensavers on things. From memory I had Maria Sharapova, Keira Knightley (who I know is controversial but I was in love with her in my teenage years when she was in Pirates of the Caribbean and I have since met her through work and she is lovely, so **** you) and Christina Aguilera. I’m a man of refined taste I’m sure you’ll agree. Edit: because you asked, these days it’d be Shakira. Gerard Pique if you’re reading this, **** you too. Edit edit: Pique if you’re reading this, then just join Villa already if you’re that much of a fan. I’m sure you could learn a lot from Kortney Hause.
  2. Strongly agree. It’s the lack of respect for anyone or anything but himself that really **** me off, smashing up people’s cars and ultimately disrespecting the sacrifice everyone is currently having to make. Especially one sodding day after telling people to stay at home. Overreaction or not, the circumstances make this so much worse than any of his past misdemeanours. I’ve lost all respect for him.
  3. I’m surprised anyone is backing him. He isn’t young. If I were to drink drive, crash into cars and walk away from the scene of a crime I would be fired from my job (and prevented from ever working in my profession again) and would never be allowed to live it down. He doesn’t deserve protection or support because he’s a good footballer. He’s a grown man, with previous, and he clearly isn’t growing up and he clearly doesn’t respect those around him or what the country is going through to act like such a muppet. At the very least he needs to be stripped of the captaincy. He doesn’t deserve it and he’s not a good role model.
  4. Even if the alcohol or whatever does “leave his system” by the time he is found that’s the least of his worries now. He’s fled the scene of a crime. Could be looking at prison time... *subject to any of this being true.
  5. Spoony

    Coffee or Tea

    The things the Americans do to their coffee alarms me. I bought some creamer as I never get through milk quick enough before it goes off and omg it’s just pure sugar. Was in Miami recently as well and if you’re not going Cuban it’s just a pint of brown water with whatever sweet shit you want to pump into it from the counter.
  6. Salifou Salifou Salifou Salifou Salifou Salifou Salifou Salifou Salifou Salifou Subs: Salifou, Salifou, Salifou, Salifou, Salifou, Salifou, Salifou Manager: Salifou
  7. Two of my friends have it. One got it at work, and then passed it onto their partner. One of them is pretty ok, the other is sweaty and tired and getting progressively worse.
  8. draw fixtures from a hat, first goal wins the league.
  9. I wouldn’t. This would be unprecedented levels of banter.
  10. We’ve totally regressed to Remi Garde’s Villa.
  11. Spoony

    Tyrone Mings

    Sadly this kind of sums up how I feel about him now. Just another Billy Big Bollocks like Richards and Lescott.
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