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  1. Spoony

    John Terry

    I agree. It’s also that ‘winner’ factor we lacked and in my opinion lacked since initial Sherwood (for all his faults he came in and instilled a feeling of “we can win this” until it all went to shit (although I maintain he was a better manager and influence in a tough era than we give him credit for))
  2. You know how some personalities just seem to match what someone looks like? A friend of mine looks almost exactly like Barkley and I swear his head is filled with mostly really dense spam. He’s got that same dead ‘post-nam’ look but an emotion every now and then comes through simply because they were told by their home planet that ‘this is how humans react sometimes’. I reckon you could hit him with a brick and he wouldn’t notice.
  3. Absolutely thrilled with this signing
  4. Why??? I’d be thrilled to bits if we got Barkley. He really ought to be starting for Chelsea let alone joining lowly ol Villa!
  5. Costa is 31 and has a shite goal record in La Liga. Also zero sell on value. Also massive wages. Completely outside of the new model. I suspect these are just journalists piggy backing on the Twitter exchange.
  6. First two, bullshit from bullshitters. Last one, odds from SkyBet.
  7. We absolutely have to get them down when this COVID shite is over. I’m sure the club could stump up the cash for a few flights and visas. It’d be immense.
  8. Spoony

    Dean Smith

    8 unbeaten, 6 of which are wins. Anyone being negative can just **** off right now. If you can’t enjoy a good streak and just pick holes and find negatives in everything then why even bother supporting the club. Everyone knows we aren’t the perfect team, but we just won 3-0 away from home so just enjoy that?? Also, the gulf between Fulham and Villa is clearly huge. That in itself says a lot about how far we’ve come. Last season ‘the worst team in the PL’ was very much our level. Today we swept a relegation rival aside, which makes me think we won’t actually be a relegation rival this
  9. I don’t think so actually. It’s a big country with a lot of passionate football fans who previously just followed X premier league or La Liga team. Everyone who is a football fan from Tanzania suddenly has a chance to support their own player and so will follow his team to support their own. It makes sense and I respect it despite how downright annoying it is to have every post dominated by chat about Samatta. It annoyed me to have our social media completely taken over, but equally I’ll kind of miss it. You have to respect that level of support for one of your own I guess. It kind of tra
  10. Just things like “SAMAGOOOONE” and hope he learns to play football and “good he’s shit” and whatever. Why bother? Just wish him luck. Having said that, it’s nothing compared to the abuse we are getting from the Tanzanians . Got to love their passion for their man but I’m not going to miss the spamming of EVERY Aston Villa post.
  11. Sickens me some of the shit villa fans say on social media. The guy is an absolute gent. Sure it didn’t work out, and sure he probably isn’t good enough, but he worked hard and fought for the club during a shite period. I wish him all the best and hope he smashes in Turkey.
  12. Sounds like that was a piece of piss. Last year I’d have been nervy playing Bristol City. Now we finally seem to be putting distance between ourselves and our former championship friends.
  13. It could be any number of things really. He may have to go back on equal terms on what he’s on at villa, or it may just be the clubs have agreed the buy back fee but nothing with the player. I don’t think it’d be difficult for a club like City to have the player, his agent and the club all by the bollocks.
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