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  1. Tbf we could start by invading countries like Palau who couldn’t really fight back. We’d have an empire of sorts if we just invade people who have no means to defend themselves. Just like in the good old days.
  2. Spoony

    John McGinn

    Prepare to rage because it has now been included in the Oxford dictionary to mean “Used for emphasis while not being literally true”. It is literally the correct use of the term these days.
  3. Spoony

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    I didn’t know the answer for this so I looked at the rules and it turns out this actually falls under unsporting behaviour so it should have been an indirect freekick and a booking: uses a deliberate trick to pass the ball (including from a free kick) to the goalkeeper with the head, chest, knee etc. to circumvent the Law, whether or not the goalkeeper touches the ball with the hands
  4. Spoony

    Yannick Bolasie

    I’m a bit concerned that we are just paying a fortune to rehabilitate an Everton player. Hopefully he will be capable of playing more than 20 minutes in the near future.
  5. Spoony

    Yannick Bolasie

    Is this Charles N’Zogbia?
  6. Spoony

    John McGinn

    Easy to forget he’s only 23! Still has time to develop even more.
  7. Spoony

    John McGinn

    I’m telling you now, unless Villa becomes a tour de force, this man is going to Man City and then Liverpool and then being one of the best central midfielders the world has ever seen.
  8. Spoony

    Match Thread: Villa v Swansea

    Sadly I’m on the bus to the arse end of nowhere in London. This is all I have.
  9. Spoony

    Match Thread: Villa v Swansea

    Right boys now sit back and defend the lead. Whelan on for Abraham.
  10. Spoony

    Match Thread: Villa v Swansea

    I hate it when all of you Birmingham based people go to the game because it means these threads don’t get updated quick enough for us outsiders!!!
  11. Spoony

    John Terry

    “Man likes Holly’s Willoughbys” is just not news.
  12. Spoony

    Micah Richards

    Charles N’Zogbia and Ross McCormack both say hi.
  13. Spoony

    Micah Richards

    The fact that this thread hasn’t found its way to “Other Football” is a real testament to his agent’s negotiating skills. He should be in charge of Brexit.
  14. Spoony

    Scott Hogan

    Just a shout out to Roque Santa Cruz as a name I haven’t heard in TIME!