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  1. Spoony

    Ezri Konsa

    Soooooo I clicked on this thread out of intrigue for where this fella might be and didn’t expect to walk into this. BUT ANYWAY, what about this fella? Must say I know nothing about him at all and obviously still don’t. Maybe he will get a run in against Crewe? Maybe with Nakamba and Targett?
  2. I think we agreed before the CB pairing is “Mingels”
  3. Sir if you think being up at 7am on a Saturday is a good thing then you worry me.
  4. Shout out to how much I hate a Friday game btw. I’m in cayman and it kicked off at 2pm my time whilst I was very much chained to my desk
  5. Tbf we spent a fair amount of the Spuds game throwing ourselves on the floor. It’s just part of the modern game.
  6. We are sure to get promoted this season.
  7. Or he’s twice the player Bale is on the wing and we’ve wasted the worlds best player all this time. Joking aside I think Taylor comes in for some harsh criticism on here. He’s been decent ever since Smith arrived.
  8. Spoony

    Wesley Moraes

    Someone made the point before (I can’t remember who sorry) that are crosses are just too far from the 6 yard box and too high for anyone to get any real purchase on a header if they get there. It’s all well and good getting the crosses in but unless they’re closer to the 6 yard box and a bit lower then they’re not going to result in much more than a tame header over or floating into the keeper’s hands.
  9. Spoony

    Tom Heaton

    Agree with this. I wonder if it’s just new team nerves but if he can nip that in the bud then he’s basically flawless as a keeper.
  10. Spoony

    Set Pieces

    It does seem to be a weakness in our team unless we fields Hourihane. I recall McGinn passing it directly to a Bournemouth player. I don’t know if it was just a kind of panic situation but it also does my head in when a professional footballer can’t even beat the first man on a set piece.
  11. He seems a bit nervy to me and not quite with it (although the same could be said for most of our players). It’s up to him to lead by example and I think he needs to calm down a bit.
  12. Oh also I’m probably one of his biggest critics but I would probably bring Hourihane back in as our set pieces are truly horrible without him. I’d also consider dropping Grealish. He hasn’t been good enough at all and he seems to be all over the place.
  13. Very pessimistic for this one. Everton have a lot of quality about them. Think we might get spanked 3-0.
  14. Spoony

    Tom Heaton

    He undoubtedly cost us the game. Equally, he is undoubtedly a great keeper and I bet he is very upset he cocked up his home debut so monumentally. It’s his desire to come out for no reason that he has done a couple of times now that worries me. If the coaches can knock that on the head then we have a quality keeper for a good few years who will no doubt make the odd cock-up like flapping at the ball but not something as stupid as coming out for no reason and flooring a defender in the midst of a non-threatening attack.

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