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  1. 15/6/21: Lange considers bid for Bailey. 20/6/21: Lange dusts off the scales to weigh up a bid. 25/6/21: Bid weighed. Time to enter the race to sign Bailey. 28/6/21: Lange finds table to put bid on.
  2. Nonsense. He’s an absolute star and gave us another year when we were nearly relegated!!!! A lot has changed in a year and he has progressed a lot. He is now an international star. Everyone just stop with this hyperbole. We should be grateful he gave us another year when he didn’t have to. Of COURSE he wasn’t going to stay for another 5 years. The contract length is meaningless (I mean ffs if he stays he will be getting ANOTHER new contract). ”We are Aston Villa”. remember this means we are often relegation candidates and cannon fodder. Sure that seems to be progressively improving but a ‘middle-aged’ footballer can’t hang about waiting for us to become CL candidates again.
  3. It is a bit typical Villa fan that we’ve spent most of Jack’s time at Villa worrying he would leave. Modern football is transactional for everyone involved. Just enjoy players whilst we have them, move on when they leave. I mean Christ even Man Utd can’t always hold onto their stars.
  4. Yes of course. Sure he posts his own stuff but some of it comes from the club and his agent.
  5. Wow there’s a lot of hyperbole in here. Is he meant to come out every time there’s a rumour and deny it? Do you think he’s the architect of this “my club” kind of rhetoric? Of course not! He’s our star. He’s a marketing tool. He just signs off on whatever shit they want to say about him to drum up support. I won’t begrudge him leaving at all. He could go off and win trophies. He could actually become an England starter. He could make a bloody fortune. He could play in the champions league. The world of football is bigger than just Villa. I don’t think anyone could fairly say leaving Villa doesn’t make him a Villa lad through and through. He clearly is. But he has one shot at a career and he can go off and fill his trophy cabinet. I’d like to think in his position I’d prefer to stay and become a club legend and get myself a statue, but he might have different goals. If he leaves, that’s just how football is now and smaller teams aren’t allowed to do well. But good luck to him and let’s go spend some cash. If he stays, well of course that’d be amazing.
  6. I live in the Caribbean and so I’m super excited to support a team with some Caribbean representation! Hopefully it’ll draw some people over to support one of their own rather than shite like Arsenal and Chelsea.
  7. Spoony

    Finn Azaz

    Well this is all kinds of weird. It’s like we’ve somehow brokered his transfer to Newport. Wonder if we’ve someone take a few pounds as a favour and this is somehow the only way to get him over to Newport. Who knows…
  8. Spoony

    John Terry

    The responses on Twitter are ridiculous. Football fans are **** idiots. All the best JT and thanks for being a big part of a project that gave us our club back!
  9. It isn’t just this stupid red that has people riled. His attitude has been awful since he arrived. He doesn’t even look like he wants to play football, dives all the time, complains all the time and he’s just painful to watch. Add that to the fact that he has never looked comfortable on the ball, never really performed except the Norwich game, an unfortunate injury and now looking like he can’t get up to the pace (then ruining his opportunity to do so sooner rather than later), I just think we are wasting our time. We want to push on as a club and this season we have an amazing opportunity to do that especially if we can keep Jack for one more year. Sell, loan out or drop and then replace. No other option for me.
  10. Spoony

    Tammy Abraham

    Take it all back. Pay whatever. Bring him in. We can’t have a season with just Watkins and zero backup.
  11. Spoony

    Keinan Davis

    If we are shipping out anyone, it should be Wesley not Davis. I have far more faith in Davis to contribute to a game of football.
  12. Remembering why I didn’t like him when he was playing. Attitude stinks. Just get rid.
  13. Interesting. I remember most people losing their shit at paying £9.65m or whatever weird figure it was for Young at the time.
  14. They have a Twitter feed for days since Villa won a major trophy. They update it every day. The obsession runs deep. I’m not just saying this to points score or anything but I genuinely don’t care about SHA. I did for a bit when they were humiliating us in the PL but since then the games against them have been easy and they’re just so irrelevant to us. I don’t think or care about them anymore than say Barnsley. I dislike WBA more, and that’s just a compliment to WBA because I think they have a legit football set up. SHA is just any old lower league team.
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