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  1. It’s amazing he’s so unfit. Most of his social media pics are him with his top off and he’s in the shape of his life. Shows the difference between fitness and match fitness I guess
  2. Christ Arsenal are worse than I realised...
  3. He kind of already is. I think he will be a success here. I feel it in my fingers. I feel it in my toes.
  4. Spoony

    Wesley Moraes

    I can’t stand Wes for many reasons, but to suggest Che Adams is better, when he quite obviously isn’t, is a bit mad. I haven’t written Wes off yet, but I do really hate watching him. But he isn’t exactly the worst flop ever and indeed he has at least scored a few goals.
  5. Grealish. Or...are you Tanzanian?
  6. I really struggle to enjoy our history in the same way other villa fans do. The whole time I’ve supported them we’ve won the peace cup and the weird trophy John Terry picked up.
  7. Only if you can live without seeing this product that EVERYBODY is talking about right now.
  8. I used to live in Dubai. You’d always get footballers knocking about, mostly (weirdly) ex West Ham players + John Terry. I saw Joe Cole, Bobby Zamora, Rio Ferdinand and Jamie Redknapp during my time out there. The retired ones do a lot of football camps for kids and stuff like that. As you identify it is essentially the hot weather, clubs and hotels. Plus no one really bothers anyone in Dubai because seeing celebs out there is no big deal and everyone is busy having their own fun for the most part. As you can imagine it’s very much a don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t interfere culture. Pissing someone important off will come down on you pretty swiftly.
  9. Hang on a sec, I don’t therefore condone the shite other Villa fans post like the announce Mings nonsense before you essentially brand me as a racist. I don’t discriminate who gets on my tits. This is just the current iteration of what is getting on my tits. Comments on any villa social media post at this moment are all nonsense posts about Samatta or slagging of Grealish. Yes, before it was announce Mings - either way it’s incredibly tiresome. Perhaps the answer is to just ignore social media entirely.
  10. I’m getting tired of our Tanzanian “fans”. It was fun at first but I’m sick of every post being dominated by criticism of Grealish or just nonsense about Samatta. I get supporting the player and that’s fine but is it really necessary to slag off the captain and post shit like “SAMAGOOOOL “ on a post about Eni Aluko or ticket sales????
  11. I’ll take a draw. It’s Bournemouth having three more points that scares me.
  12. I like Samatta’s movement and energy. That’s what we’ve been missing but he’s getting zero service
  13. What an awful game! We are no worse then them, it’s just dire to watch
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