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  1. A quite literal gigantic red flag. (communism banter)
  2. It sounds like to get to an accurate decision with the current rules the refs all have to sit down after a goal and sift through 2 pages of law and have an 11 page debate on a forum before they can make a call. The law really needs to be simplified
  3. Unbelievable that he’s still only 25 given his moves. I really think this guy can be a real hit. He’s already doing so well.
  4. Liked this and now quoting this and saying “this” for emphasis.
  5. Thought he was excellent and really don’t want to take away from his performance BUT he needs some practice on timing his runs. You can’t have this many goals ruled out for offside.
  6. I’m sure it has been covered but Watkins looked offside to me...surprised it wasn’t looked at
  7. Another one that has improved through excellent coaching and clearly has the raw talent. Starting to think Suso was harshly treated... what do we know really
  8. That looked offside to me. About time we got some luck...
  9. Spoony

    Dean Smith

    Ah balls. He should have known better really but heat of the moment stuff and Moss must be an infuriating ref to have to deal with.
  10. The whole thing is just bollocks. The funny thing is that pre var the lino would no doubt have had his flag up and the correct decision (assuming that is correct, I barely know anymore) would have been given. I swear there’s more controversy now than ever before.
  11. But: A player in an offside position receiving the ball from an opponent who deliberately plays the ball, including by deliberate handball, is not considered to have gained an advantage, unless it was a deliberate save by any opponent.
  12. It’s worth reading the law as now drafted (as convoluted as it is). I actually think it might have been onside...
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