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  1. Spoony

    Dean Smith

    Lambert got the most out of a crap squad at Norwich and did amazingly well. Smith built an incredible team at Brentford out of virtually nothing. Bruce (notwithstanding the fact everyone seems to quite unfairly hate him) has done great things at clubs with virtually no resources. There’s just something about the Villa model that doesn’t work. We have too much money and too high expectations for managers like them to have success here. The only option I think for us is to hire a world class manager and throw cash at everything. Problem with that is what world class manager would want to be at Villa? Until that person is available and wants to join the Villa shitshow, stick with Smith
  2. Spoony

    Tyrone Mings

    I’m so glad people are waking up to the “public profile” point. We have given him a platform to get back into the limelight and pursue his personal interests. Great for him - it’s gotten him into the England squad and everyone has now heard of him. Job done in that respect really. Not what Villa need, however. Get rid.
  3. Spoony

    The Boring Thread

    Didn’t realise that not all obd2 engine diagnostic scanners can read ABS codes. But now I do know that.
  4. This I don’t really believe sadly. I’ve been supporting Villa 18 years. Still waiting for those good times. Success will only really come with oil money from nations with spurious human rights records. Not sure that’s “the good times” either tbh.
  5. It has all been going horribly downhill post-MON. I have absolutely no reason to support Villa. I’m not from Birmingham. But I can’t just give up as it’s in my blood now and I hate it. I’d give anything to support a decent team. Villa are awful and as a football club cause me nothing but misery. The ONLY redeeming features are the fans and the stadium. But I never go to the stadium, and by fans I really just mean people who post on here in this little family. I say I’ve stopped caring, but I never really have. I “didn’t care” about the game, but still tracked the score and it still pissed me off because it’s impossible not to. The best feeling I’ve ever had as a Villa fan was promotion last year where I really felt elated seeing it happen before my eyes. That says a lot. Maybe that’s why I’m looking forward to the championship. We can actually revel in some relative (in the literal sense) success again.
  6. Spoony

    Tyrone Mings

    He doesn’t give a toss about Villa
  7. See you PL. What a load of shite it really is. By the time we are back up they’d better have fixed this shit.
  8. Same story as every week. Start alright, miss chances, limp into feeble nothingness.
  9. they haven’t lost in 14 or something right? Doubt they’ll start with Villa...
  10. I can’t believe anyone is even contemplating drawing with Man Utd. They will totally steamroller us.
  11. Ah sod it. Bring on the Championship. I liked it more anyway and I don’t think there’s a single player at Villa that might leave that’d I’d actually miss, other than McGinn.
  12. I think this is probably the final or penultimate nail in the coffin today
  13. We could sneak survival by virtue of just not being quite AS shit as Watford and Bournemouth. What’s the lowest amount of points a team has survived in the PL with?
  14. I think today is a good example of exactly where the problem lies (the squad). We played perfectly well for period but we simply can’t score as we haven’t signed a single effective striker.
  15. So baffling what has happened with him this season. Out of the side for ages with no explanation, plenty of rumours and now “injured” and still not playing. Think he will be quietly taken out the back and shot at the end of the season.
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