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  1. Rory was the least odious of the lot but nevertheless, still odious.
  2. Largely excellent last season but not the finished article, seems to have some lapses of concentration and his glaring weakness is in the air, just doesn't seem to time the ball well at all. I think there's a hell of a lot to work with cos there's loads of talent there, love how good he is on the ball as well but he has a way to go to be really effective in the premier league. I wouldn't be spending loads on him, £8m-£12m absolutely, but not much more than that.
  3. Brazil are just a horrible team. Quite depressing to see how they've fallen over the past 15 years or so.
  4. 1 goal in 27 games for Liverpool, 0 goals in 7 games for Bournemouth, one hell of a striker.
  5. Five enormous piss flaps on BBC 1 right now. BBC continuing to pioneer engaging with idiots in the public to drive their programming.
  6. Nothing worse than going out for a drink with a mate and he brings his mrs along, bore off.
  7. Lingaard, utter shithouse, 27/28 years old acting like 16 year old, no wonder people still confuse this juvenile motherf***er for being a 'young player'
  8. Can't remember if I've posted this before but it's nevertheless an absolutely amazing watch, the channel is amazing but this is one of the best made boxing documentaries I've ever seen.
  9. Has anyone seen Oz (HBO), it's on my list, supposed to be excellent?
  10. Haha was ruining through my mind as I was writing the above post, legendary.
  11. Bizarre to match them tbh, Undertaker is ancient and needs a really good 'worker' to make him look remotely decent these days. Goldberg could never really wrestle in the first place and has never, ever made someone look good, always was highly limited in what he could do so why would that be any different at 50 odd years old.
  12. Since all we've know for the past few seasons is the championship I feel fans (and press a like) have a narrow view on signings. The Wesley signing should show that we're looking well beyond Championship level, little to no chance we spend £15m-£20m on Phillips IMO.
  13. Poor Glowachk was ruined by the elbow to the chin, wiped him out, only a point for that?

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