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  1. I'm trying to figure out which account has been hacked by Alex Bruce.
  2. When you see posters recommending McGinn or even Engels up front you just know that they are full of shit and know absolutely **** all about football. Sure, Wesley deserves criticism, it's more than valid to point out his weaknesses, but to propose that one of our best centre halves replaces him up front, well that's just about the thickest opinion I've ever read on this forum.
  3. Is Targett a very good player for us? Absolutely. If he a top 6 left back? No. But top 6 is not something that will be on our radar for many, many years.
  4. At this point I was expecting her to tear her face off and reveal she's actually Chris Morris in disguise.
  5. It's kind of like whenever we lose and some people just blame the ref rather than our actual performance.
  6. Yeah well a belt is technically assisting your lifts, it's supposed increase intra abdominal pressure which helps with stabilising your spine during the lifts, so you would absolutely expect to see good increases in certain lifts such as squats and deadlifts. It's less clear that it's beneficial for the bench press, although some very big benchers swear by it. I just think it looks stupid when bench pressing. Finally you don't want to be one of those jerk offs who wears a belt throughout their entire session, not only will you look stupid but you're going to weaken your core. Personally I'd recommend it on your bigger/ heavier lifts. I typically only wear it on my actual working sets when squatting.
  7. I feel like he played through the centre at times for Ajax, unless I'm imagining it. I wouldn't be against experimenting with it but he is our best right winger so we will be losing a lot out wide.
  8. Pedro is a quality player and would be a fantastic signing.
  9. Surrounded by garbage and became sloppy in possession by his standards. Very difficult to expect him to carry us week in week out, others have to step up. Can't help but think this will be a massive break through season for him and will also be his last season for us. Loads of clubs will want him by the end of the season and he'd thrive with quality around him.
  10. He's been largely shite since the Brighton game, with one or two average to decent displays. Definitely doubting his actual quality at this level.
  11. Started bright, down hill after that miss, had to score. There's a good player in there though.
  12. Always wanted him, was raving about him in the summer, one of the few from the Championship I'd have signed. He's not only a good finisher but he gets into good positions, has pace, very aggressive and stretches his opposing centre halves with good runs and front foot pressure and he's clever. He's everything Wesley isn't. 25 goals in the Championship vs 11 in the Belgian league, and a cheaper fee, no contest.
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