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  1. Hause can really look a liability with the ball at his feet at times. Very nervy start from him.
  2. Not a great start and Bournmouth are really up for it. If we concede in the first 20 minutes I can't see us doing much, just need to dig in and ride the storm a bit.
  3. Probably going to miss the boat due to poor decision making in the summer, he was there for us to sign but we didn't allocate resources properly to ensure we signed him. If he keeps this up he could end up being either out of our league or commanding an obscene fee.
  4. Playing three at the back and only having one centre half on reserve strikes me as pretty damn stupid to be honest.
  5. Well not exactly. Either he meets the expectations but at least we can get rid of him easily and the entire thing wouldn't have cost us much or we can be pleasantly surprised.
  6. You're basically asking people to not debate players and the club on a forum. This place would be very boring if it was mindless support. There's a serious difference between debating things online and, for instance, going to a match and supporting the lads.
  7. Errm yeah really not much of a comparison.
  8. I pretty much have zero expectations because his record for the past 4-5 years has been extremely poor. As I've said before, he's very similar to Joselu who had stints at Newcastle and Stoke. At his 'best' Joselu could come off the bench and be a bit of a nuisance. Baston like Joselu is tall, can do the target man stuff and is pretty good in the air, especially in the opposition box attacking crosses. I don't think Baston's hold up play is better than Davis, but I do think he'll be that bit more of a goal threat. Ultimately he's here for backup, my preference would have been a forward to
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