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  1. Dr_Pangloss

    Tunisia, Egypt, Libya... Arab Countries in Revolt

    She comes across as arrogant and unremorseful, hasn't been played well from her end at all, has been given the worst possible advise from her lawyer.
  2. Dr_Pangloss

    What is your experience of mental health?

    Tried both to no effect. CBD here at least is a total nonsense, not enough cannabinoids/THC and frankly there's no robust research on the right dosing for it anyway. Decent cannabis isn't easy to get here, it's too strong and I don't react to it well at all. I'd definitely welcome legalisation, that way low THC strains can be guaranteed and that's what I'd be after.
  3. Dr_Pangloss

    What is your experience of mental health?

    I've recently found that site, 'switching off' is absolutely my biggest problem and it's clear to me that I do not associate the bedroom with sleep, which is a massive problem. Have you tried sleep restriction therapy? It's something I'm going to give a go shortly.
  4. Dr_Pangloss

    What is your experience of mental health?

    The rationale given to me RE SSRI's was that it'd make me drowsy, I'd imagine that this shouldn't require any build up time, whilst the mood stabilising aspect certain does require that time. Perhaps another line of thinking is that it will correct the anxiety that the insomnia causes due to a lack of REM sleep, once this corrected sleep might be improved. But for me, it's not doing what was advertised, happy to try a higher dosage and see what happens in the interests of ruling things out. I've used benzodiazepines and non-benzo's (Zopiclone etc), generally not very effective for me with terrible side effects.
  5. Dr_Pangloss

    What is your experience of mental health?

    I've been prescribed an SSRI to treat my insomnia, a week in and it has been horrendous, a number of minor but uncomfortable side effects and my 'sleep' is even worse, which I didn't think was possible. There's a minor improvement in overall mood, which is I guess is the job of an SSRI. Generally I'm sceptical about the efficacy for treating insomnia though. SSRI's are known to increase wakefulness among many users and the medical evidence isn't really there in terms of robust RCT data. I'm at a point where insomnia is reaching a personal crisis, massive impacting my ability to do every day stuff. I will likely continue the SSRI experiment and request a higher dosage in order to give it a fair go (50mg of sertraline is doing nothing in terms of the 'drowsiness' it's supposed to yield). I'm also beginning CBT-I soon and that appears to have rave reviews.
  6. Dr_Pangloss

    Tyrone Mings

    Sign him up and make him captain.
  7. Dr_Pangloss

    Conor Hourihane

    Football isn't played in spreadsheets, those 'stats' do not give the full picture I'm afraid.
  8. Dr_Pangloss

    Dean Smith

    We need to back Smith on this one and not the player, they're not good enough.
  9. Dr_Pangloss

    Tunisia, Egypt, Libya... Arab Countries in Revolt

    She should be brought back and made an example of and her child taken off her and placed into the system. She is very much our problem.
  10. Jeremy "Broad Church" Corbyn at it again.
  11. Dr_Pangloss

    The Ex-Villa Player thread - Keeping tabs on old Villans

    Puts his bench time to good use then, probably spends it writing his 'lyrics'. Strikes me as someone who is going to be the Italian Stuart Taylor.
  12. Dr_Pangloss

    The Funny T Nebulous Independent Group Oxy Morons

    They're not a bad thing. Labour is led by a lunatic and has lunatics who would be on the front bench should they ever win an election. I personally could never vote Tory. Lib Dems are an irrelevance with a leader who is absolutely ancient. Might be a giant waste of time but as some have pointed out here, they are the problem.
  13. Dr_Pangloss

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    They're potentially the biggest, for a very long time HBO and Showtime were the only PPV players in town, with HBO completely cutting boxing from their schedule, it's not just Showtime and ESPN. ESPN is a bigger channel but has little experience with boxing PPV relative to showtime.
  14. Dr_Pangloss


    I know, I've used them in the past. Although they don't make you sleep, they sedate you and sleeping and sedation are different states, with sedation being far less beneficial than sleep. Bottom line with benzo's, use very sparingly, else you will get into a world of trouble.
  15. Dr_Pangloss


    I'd be inclined to reconsider that stuff if I were you, benzodiazepines are absolutely horrible for you, some very short-term use cases aside. They can be highly addictive, bad for your mentally/ physical, a lot of evidence suggests increased dementia risk as well. Also never mix with alcohol or recreational drugs, benzo's will increase the toxicity of them..