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  1. At a minimum we need to rest McGinn, he looked pretty flat our there today by his high standards, I think he needs a rest, I'd also be tempted to give Grealish a bit of a rest as well to ensure he's 100% for the playoffs.
  2. Another assist, very good at this level, I tipped him to become one of the very best in the league at the start of the season and whilst he has certainly not lived up to my hype he has never the less become one our best players. Please sign him up!
  3. He's going slip down the leagues, I can imagine he'll be in league 2 before long. He's very fortunate that were able to make him a millionaire, absolutely shocking player.
  4. We lack balance when Kodjia plays wide, I think the current line up is just about right, quite clear to me that regardless of what division we're in next season we need to sign a winger or two (hopefully one of them is El Ghazi).
  5. He was OK, at the end of the day he's a very good back up option to have up top
  6. De Gea ws pretty shocking yesterday, an 'elite' keeper ought to be saving their second and third goals. I do wonder about him, he has been a 'great' keeper for the past few years but every now and then top keepers turn the wrong sort of corner and never recover. He had an awful world cup, barely making a save, and has had a pretty poor season, shipping the sorts of goals you wouldn't expect him to. I wonder if he's on a permanent downward trajectory.
  7. Dr_Pangloss

    Jed Steer

    I always said he'd be 'fine' for this level and he's proving to be just that. It was absolute madness to sign Nyland, the worst keeper I've ever seen, when Steer was much better. I still have hopes for Kalinic mind, I think he'll be our number one next season.
  8. Better than any one's opinion on here, people acting like he's out for the season but have absolutely no **** clue.
  9. Yes seems a lot younger than that based on the fact that he acts like a total, unmitigated piss flip. He really is a garbage player who seldom delivers, the fact he's in that squad shows you how far they've fallen.
  10. I guess they had to quickly draw up a list of 'useless yanks' and out came Hunter. Incidentally he did quite well in the Usyk fight but he certainly has no business at heavyweight, dead man walking.
  11. His "I am going to be successful here and there are players who won’t be part of that" comments reminded me of when Sherwood called our players "losers". Let's be honest, OGS is the very definition of a 'nothing manager' based on his career, totally out of his depth at this level. He got a great response from them initially but as that wears off you're left with someone who is absolutely clueless tactically and unable to find other motivational strategies outside of the one he deployed when he first joined the club. If United want to challenge for anything again they need a proper manager, someone like Pochetitno.
  12. But but, it was Barca they said. Yep, definitely on for 'the next Sherwood', he's absolutely clueless, a glorified cheerleader.
  13. Ultimately I think he's right, however it goes to show how fickle he is. I personally find him among the very worst. A classic example of a pretty average ex premier league player who has undergone a bit of media training with the end result being a completely bland non thinker for a pundit.
  14. Khan looked shot from the first bell, I guess the Sammy Vargas fight was a true barometer as to where he is. Khan looked old and his hands a lot slower, he was definitely about to get knocked out and decided to quit rather than go out on a stretcher, definitely needs to retire, he's a shot fighter.
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