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  1. Calvert Lewin, another in a long line of strikers who 'don't score goals'. Utterly pointless.
  2. I wouldn't start him, I feel at this stage coming off the bench is the best way to use him.
  3. He wasn't on the ball as much as last week but it was a pretty mature tactical display from him against a good midfield that is packed and routinely sees the wide players drifting in, so very crowded and compressed. I like the fact that he gets the 'dark arts' of the game as well, we've lacked this for a while.
  4. He did well, great assist too but still don't think he's showing for the ball enough, so I expect him to get (even) better at this level.
  5. I thought he played pretty well, had a role in both goals, was often behind a lot of our better attacking play and put in a good shift. There were a couple of times where he either took the wrong option or just played a flat out poor ball. There is an element of him not demanding the ball enough, especially earlier on in games, this was especially the case against Bournemouth. For me he's just settling in and adapting to a much harder league. I seriously doubt we will ever see the Grealish of 'last season' at this level consistently, he's against significantly smarter and more athletic players. However I do think he will grow in confidence and become more effective and dominant.
  6. Kean might change things for them up top but I genuinely believe that Silva is a con artist. They've had a lot of money spend and it's as though the side has been put together with no real plan.
  7. Anyone who said this genuinely has no clue about football.
  8. Love him, over delivered massively last season and has brought the feel good factor back. Doing an excellent job.
  9. He had a decent game and made an important block in the run up to our second goal, although did have some poor moments going forward. Still stand by what I said, we'll be better with Targett coming in, just as we saw today with Guilbert. Taylor is playing well but is a limiting factor going forward, we saw the difference Guilbert made, including with his run in the build up for the first goal, Targett will offer something similar.
  10. How he's best deployed, his pace and aggression off the bench is an asset, excellent attitude when he came on and was exceptional for the goal.
  11. Looks a high quality centre half to me, lots of clubs will be after him.
  12. Some loose passes but brilliant defensively as per.
  13. I got questioned why I'd want him in over Elmo, well today showed why. Obviously has areas for improvement but has terrific pace and gives a great option going forward, playing a superb role in the first goal with an excellent run. All the qualities of a modern fullback, will only get better.
  14. Very bright last week in his cameo, exceptional today, he's a proper footballer and it's been a while since we've had someone who an play a proper through ball. Wonderful display, not just his passing but his dribbling, invention and intelligence on the ball.
  15. Serious performance, an absolute monster out there, quick, powerful, strong, fantastic touch, hold up play, vision, movement, brilliant performance.

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