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  1. Great for McGinn but San Marino really shouldn't be allowed to play at this level anymore.
  2. The choruses of boos and 'Allahu Akbar' that could be heard during a 'minutes silence' held around the time of the Paris attacks was my final straw for anything Turkish football related, utter scum.
  3. Can't stand the England national team, the less our players are involved the better IMO.
  4. Get in. Pickford with a terrible kick, awful player.
  5. Corbyn has scored more own goals than Trevor Sinclair when it comes to the key issues. He's had the most incompetent Tory party in it's history in front of him and the best he can do is match their incompetence.
  6. Yeah but, but, 'sovereignty'... unelected bureaucrats ..... British Empire,....glory days...
  7. "Brexit Jihadists" is a brilliant term for these utter clowns.
  8. Yari Verschaeren looks a fabulous talent, realistic?
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