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  1. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Maybe you're right in terms of outcome but this is fairly silly break down LOL.
  2. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    His chin is not good, has been knocked out three times (two of those down to him gassing - Purity and Brewster once early to the late Cory Sanders) and dropped 3 times in the first Sam Peter fight (two of those arguably illegal though) and once by DaVarryl Williamson. This was all over 10 years ago, totally different fighter since the late Emmanual Steward took him under his wing. But AJ has to get off on Wlad and it's not easy, Wlad's jab is vastly superior and has incredible power himself, very few can hold much punishment from him. Wlad is legit a top 10 all time heavyweight the real question is whether father time has caught up with him. If this was a prime Wlad I'd pick him to beat AJ with almost 100% certainty. But he's out of his prime, just not sure by how much, I don't think the Fury fight has any baring on this due to differences in styles.
  3. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Wlad has a tremendous chance if he gets his jab working early. AJ has never thought someone his quality, with his dominating jab before and I have a strong inkling AJ has a weak chin, having been hurt by a fairly light punching Whyte and rocked badly and downed a decent amount of time in the amateurs, yes only amateurs but there's something about the way he responded to these shots that looked highly suspect. The red flag around Wlad is his age, so I think the early rounds will be telling, if AJ is in a situation where he can't deal with the Klitschko jab early it could be a long night for him. But it's certainly possible that the speed and power of AJ will be too much, but he'd be utterly stupid to try and bum rush Wlad. TBH I'd be surprised if the fight goes the distance, AJ is probably just about rightly the favourite, although the odds on Wlad offer a shit load of potential value.
  4. Villa fans harassing two people on a train

    It's obviously very poor behaviour, however it's hardly the crime of the century and I'm personally struggling to give a flying ****. 'Collective shame' is a total nonsense, football attracts idiots and thugs, they are at every single club in the country, I'm not about to feel one iota of shame about morons like this.
  5. Sunderland

    Another victory for social justice warriors.
  6. Manchester United

    These foreigners are soft as shite.
  7. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Harry's not getting paid but his dog is.
  8. Steve Bruce

    The improvements under Bruce haven't really been enough. When he came in it was widely expected that we'd make some sort of playoff push, but we haven't done this at all. IMO he has fallen short of pretty realistic expectations. The only, and I mean only reason I wouldn't mind him being here next season is purely for continuity. I'm fed up of the endless cycle of new managers.
  9. Adama Traore

    He skipped Football 101 and it's perhaps too late for him to catch up. Seems destined for China or MLS.
  10. Scott Hogan

    Perhaps because we have invariably had tactically negative British managers?
  11. Jordan Amavi

    I hope he starts against Blackburn
  12. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Agreed, that suggestion is just wrong.
  13. Media and punditry

    Stelling is a total word removed
  14. 2017 European general elections

    Not sure that's entirely accurate, fairly sure that was pushed through before Macron became Economics minister in 2014. In fact the phasing out of the 75% tax seems to coincide with Macron's appointment to that position. As a former investment banker he is will known to have put forward a number of business friendly policies. Admittedly he's not an easy one to pin down, a lot of his policies strike me as slightly right of centre (i.e. Tory) but he is partial to the old left wing dog whistle.
  15. 2017 European general elections

    It's utterly hilarious how Macron is being portrayed as a lefty, very much a centre-right candidate.