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  1. Everyone I know who went to the game said the atmosphere was fantastic. Sky Sports on the other hand truly botched their production and totally **** up the sound, creating the impression that the atmosphere inside VP was pretty shit.
  2. But we're on track to finish outside of the relegation zone and of course go to a cup final so what exactly are you going on about?
  3. I think this is simplistic and sanctimonious since by extension you're basically suggesting that anyone who voted e.g. for Lib Dems or Greens are 'part of the problem' insofar as a vote for those parties over Labour would pretty much realistically land the Tories in government. This isn't how democracy should work, it's perfectly acceptable to hate the Tories but retain ones principles. If a Labour government doesn't match those principles and preference then it's not a bad thing to refuse to vote them.
  4. Not really bothered reading up on this but if Nantes did arrange the transport then Cardiff shouldn't have to pay.
  5. Seen quite a few Leicester fans talking about how they need to go out and get Grealish. Now I know they're doing very well this season but he's surely at a level such that he could do a lot better than Leicester. I seriously doubt Leicester are going to become a consistent top 3 side.
  6. Sturridge would probably manage to get injured on the journey here.
  7. The club isn't stupid enough to sign Sturridge
  8. He can be atrocious at times but you cannot deny his effort and ability to make a difference at unexpected times.
  9. Got everything spot on today, effort and intensity was exceptional, brilliant subs as well, terrific performance by the manager.
  10. Outrageous quality at times, some incredible passes and touches. If he meant to tee the ball up like he did for the first goal then that was absolutely genius.
  11. Reina needs to go back in but what a display, deserves a statue next to Glen Whelan outside VP for that.
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