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  1. My shoulders are fine but the arms are tight
  2. Leeds last season had a normal fit kit and a tighter fit
  3. It will only be on the players training wear so who cares
  4. Only the player training kits will have the Unibet sponsors. The ones in the shop we buy won't
  5. Yet people think he cannot cross
  6. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DE9wCc8XsAIixw_.png Top rated RB in the PL for most categories 2014/15
  7. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DE9wCc8XsAIixw_.png From 2 years ago but this was a Premier League season
  8. My 2 ideas, sponsor added for reference
  9. It has got harder in recent years for teams to bounce back. Only 6 of the last 30 got promoted with half making the playoffs
  10. What happened in January to go from 2 defeats in 14 games, to 0 wins in 9 games. Then nack to 8 wins in 10 games.
  11. Take the middle 8 games out from Cardiff to Newcastle That leaves 27 games - 15 wins, 7 draws, 5 defeats, 52 points That is 1.92 points per game which is 89. Meaning we would go up easily. Losing Kodjia in Jan, Signing too many players and not addressing Gabby being the only fit striker for so long cost us massively. Bruce has to take some blame for it. But if we had Kodjia through that period we would have been alot closer
  12. Good start, Bad middle, Good end up until we had nothing to play for We would have had to match Newcastle 70 points from 35 games to make the playoffs after Di Matteo was sacked. We got 51
  13. Aston Villa FCVerified account ‏@AVFCOfficial 8m8 minutes ago Villa will host Broxbourne Borough in the fifth round of the #FAYouthCup. Venue, date and time TBC. #AVFC 9th tier of the ladder and there youth team beat the seniors 6-1
  14. We are not a bad team, it is just we are struggling and one moment will always happen whhere we concede
  15. We have dominated 5 of our 6 games, you would think something will go our way soon, We are due to hammer someone, considering last season to lose just 2 in 6 and to be unbeaten in 3 at home is on ok start considering the overhaul
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