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  1. Hello strangers, I for one am excited and nervous as this will no doubt be some of the most important few months we've had in a very long time. We need to hit the ground running there's no doubt about that. I've noticed that if we want to stay up we need to make Villa Park a fortress. We have a lot of winnable home games. Let's try be positive. He's done fairly well with a good team at Tottenham and he looks like a very passionate manager. He also looks like a very good coach so I'm hoping he will be able to motivate our off-form players. IMO and I might get slated for this - we have o
  2. Yeah so the time has come for me to hang up my VT boots. After extending my loan from after the man city game it is now time. Firstly would like to say thanks to everyone so far thats given Jack support on VT. Secondly is that I just beg people give Jack time. It took a while for him to get into the swing of things from u18,u21 and even being at notts it took him a while. The first team will be the same. People are right, including PL about putting too much pressure on young talented players as it can of course make or break them sometimes. And just finally I think Jacks doing brilliant
  3. Credit where due... You think about how much stoke are spending on wages and fees in comparison to ours. And we comfortably outplayed them at their place. The enthusiasm on the touchline alongside Keane was pleasing to see aswell. Ofc im going to be biused based on how the game went today but I dont think people realise that PL made a massive risk playing an 18 year old lad (who has 6 minutes premier league gametime to his name) when your 1-0 up away from home. But did it work ? Of course it did. Cissokho played incredible. Looks a bargain. Senderos looked solid and richardson
  4. Everyone keeps bringing up pace and shot power. Why does no one understand the guy cant use either of them despite having both. Hopefully he does well and good luck to him.
  5. Whats going on here ? Is this just completely off topic...
  6. Possibly the best comment ive ever seen on VT.
  7. Don't know if you're being serious mate but I hope you are because we'd have more chance of keeping the lad if he is one of us! Jacks always been a villa fan. More than me and villas a massive part of my life. Im surprised you've never heard that he's villa mad.
  8. Kevan, just tell him to shoot on sight son. He doesn't need to do all the hard work work and then lay it off to someone else who'll mess it up. Just tell him to do what he did then smash it into into the net ala Messi. The lad's got the talent to do it, he just needs to trust in himself. Mate. We've all told him. Me, dad, mom, friends even football coaches but I dont know he just seems to want to pass it. When he was younger he never used to. But ever since it got serious he just plays it instead of taking the glory himself. I just hope he realises soon that he will get more recognition by try
  9. Buzzing after that. Oozed class when he came on especially given how boring the game was before...Looks so calm and composed.
  10. Haha remmebered this from last time and just nicked this off you for my twitter... class.
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