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  1. Using this logic is unsound. If we go by every freak result to have ever happened, managers would be frozen by fear. That's just not how you should approach the game.
  2. I think you're underestimating the psychological importance of those 5-10 minutes. Conor Hourihane hasn't been trusted with a single minute since Fulham, when he scored a goal and added an assist. This isn't just about last night to be honest, I think he needs to show some level of faith is these players now, because we are bound to have to call on them at some stage. Even if it is only 5-10 minutes when you're 3-0 up against a team who don't even look like they could kick their way out of a wet paper bag, never mind score 3 goals.
  3. I thought it was a poor decision to not make a couple more changes last night, to get minutes for Conor and Davis at the very least. These are players we could well find ourselves relying on in the near future, and more than for match fitness I think it is important to show some level of faith in them to perform when called upon ahead of time. What better moment than when you are 3-0 up?
  4. He may have stubbed his toe on the back on Saka's calf
  5. If they took back the international rights and integrated them in house they would easily surpass the kind of numbers you're both talking about. Plus, they can quaite obviously charge more than £20 a month for licenced venues. The potential audience must be in the billions, no?
  6. I like that everyone has assumed he didn't want to move, when the manager has stated the complete opposite. It's classic Villa Talk.
  7. You don't have to be one of the best performers with the ball at your feet to be one of the most integral to how your team perform overall. Trezeguet is the real deal.
  8. I dislike this attitude. Telling a fellow supporter that if they had doubts about the mangers ability to push us forward, at any point, they have relinquished all right to enjoy his and our upturn in fortunes is a really shitty way to react to the current situation.
  9. Edit - ignore me. Looks viable, thanks dude. But you'd think they might want to make this as clear as possible for people. What a bizarre situation.
  10. Anyone know how the hell I'm supposed to watch this (legally) without a sky box?
  11. I don't really count Arsenal as an automatic 'top 6 side' anymore either, but I suspect they do for the purposes of this stat.
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