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  1. Because he has never actually started as a striker under Smith. Love the guy but the gaffer obviously doesn't fancy him. That's that.
  2. The skill and blistering pace were always there, but his end product has improved too. He has a big chance tonight. Big boots to fill. Hope he goes and makes it stick.
  3. Yeah and our plan is always to break the lines, beat the press. Imagine if he finds Jack in that big green space in the example we are talking about here. A few touches and Grealish could take half the team out from there. Edit - I believe Deano would call it "settling traps". Sometimes our traps will bite back. In this case, conceding a corner.
  4. And giving away a corner isn't a terrible mistake really. It happens all the time.
  5. He's a grafter. What if we simply want a winger to help us see out games rather than bringing Elmo on? Is that worth £10m to a mega rich Premier League club? I think so.
  6. We almost always look to play it out of danger on that side. No matter who it is. Especially if Grealish is involved. They're doing what they've been asked to do, I'm sure. They will work hard to get better at it.
  7. Christ, all this over one small error.
  8. Things I like about him: He's big and strong, when he gets hold of the ball he has good balance and poise. He can pick a pass and he can make a run. He really battles his centre half too, keeps them busy. Great engine. Things I don't like about him: Tactically he is often playing his own game. Finishing from range is non existent. Aerially he is suspect for a big man. Things I really dislike about him : Stop falling over, they'll fear you even more if you hold your ground. And for **** sake sort that first touch out lad!
  9. You don't know that they didn't ask him to hold the ball and suck players in so we can launch a counter. This is the reality of it in a nutshell. It could be a tactic and on occasion he will fail to execute it.
  10. That doesn't change the fact that we need one. A slightly different one, one who will do the defensive side of the game too. £10m is chump change in the PL now so whatever, tbh. Get the player they want.
  11. I don't think Benrahma is the right fit. Obviously he's a supremely talented footballer but the 'without the ball' side of his game isn't there. It's miles off the standard IMO. Trezeguet is great on the ball and his end product has stepped up, but he is awful when we don't have it. Why sign another Trez when it's the opposite of what we actually need?
  12. Because it's our first year in the Premier League, we have a need and it's January. And £10m isn't "big money"
  13. I am absolutely not ready to write Davis off a few minutes and an injury into his Premier League career based on what I have seen. He's a big, mobile lad with good feet and a nice touch. Strong as an ox. Obviously he can't finish, but then neither can Wes. I'm interested to see how he does against Liverpool in the cup. Hope he makes it. There seems to be a disconnect with the fact Davis was playing non league 4 years ago and is 21 years old dipping his toe in the Premier League. Dean obviously rates him... And people *still* want to sell him? Seems strange to me but fair enough.
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