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  1. He did ok defensively, but they had clearly highlighted him as a weakness before the game and had joy at times early, only to be let down by their end product. He's not good enough at either end of the pitch, for me.
  2. Say hello to your new defensive midfielder.
  3. He definitely has developed a turn of pace over the last 18 months that was missing from his game before. It was noticeable as far back as the Bristol 5-0 game however it appears to have cranked up another gear since the shin injury. This might well be down to the upper body strength he has added. Physically he looks to be the perfect number 8 right now. Strong, quick, balanced, without losing the fleet of foot that sets him apart. Assuming health, which can never be assumed with Jack, he's going to have a brilliant season. He was fantastic by Premier League standards in the first half against Spurs, but I feel we've become so accustomed to it that anything but a perfect 90 minutes and we're disappointed. God help Bournemouth.
  4. In retrospect him being 5'2 is likely why he didn't start against Spurs.
  5. He can be a target man who prefers the ball to feet. I see what you mean. However in his time with Aston Villa he has predominantly started with his back to goal, receiving the ball and spinning to direct passes into the final third. He does drop into midfield but he drops to the ball, rather than as a rule. Definitely something to keep an eye on.
  6. To be honest so do I! My mouth will not accept that second T, I gave up trying years ago.
  7. Less than 24 hours to find out whether my clock situation has been sorted. I am on tenterhooks.
  8. Annoyed he didn't sing "Alan Hutton" at the end there. Wasted opportunity.
  9. That's not me saying this, nor is it a personal jibe. I don't know the guy. I'm recanting a story, you can take it however you want. I'm not even saying there is anything wrong with how he approached the situation, it is OK to be 'mentally fragile' if that is your takeaway (I merely asked the question). I am saying though that it doesn't seem to fit with our strategy so far.
  10. No because he plays on the line. A false 9 drops even deeper into central midfield to escape the line whenever possible, facing the defence. He's a target man. Simple as that really.
  11. I have to say though, if Suso and Dean were to meet with Sturridge and they like him, then sure why not. There's no doubting his ability on the pitch. It's a gamble, but we have left ourselves short so a short term deal might do the trick. Sometimes they work (Berger) sometimes they don't (Pires)
  12. There has been a lot of things said about him publicly and not publicly. Without knowing the lad intimately it's hard to tell, but for example on his 'recent' loan spell at West Brom he did absolutely nothing to ingratiate himself with the squad. Travelled on his own, trained on his own wherever viable, ate on his own, basically acted if he wasn't remotely arsed. Of course Albion were a bit of a shit show at the time and he was injured after about a week, but that's my story anyway. I think he's maybe a bit mentally fragile? I have no personal dislike of him, I'm just not sure he fits.

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