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  1. He wasn't even on the bench. Though I appreciate having two full backs on the bench is extravagant. I'm not down with the Elmo is trash ting, he's an adequate lower premier league level right back. But this guy is clearly a step above, or at least has the skills to be. Dynamism in the full back position was something we desperately lacked last season. You can probably put the blank against West Brom down to it. We had to solve it this summer and it appears we have on the one side. I can understand going with one of Taylor or Elmo, but never both. Not again. Not through choice. I appreciate they're very different players, but we need *more*, even if we're taking a slight gamble on finding it.
  2. I'm delighted with that. It's a good test, a winnable game but one which we must take seriously. I think it's a great chance to progress myself. I don't know about the rest of you but I really want to win an f'ing trophy
  3. It's your debate fella. Own it.
  4. Have you ever played sports? At any level? For years we've moaned about how soft we are. Now we're moaning when a player of ours is annoyed at being blatantly kicked for absolutely no reason. Was it you who said Grealish isn't captain material because he's a hot head?
  5. Yeah we get it. He had a sour look on his face and he was annoyed at being kicked in the 93rd minute when 6-1 up.
  6. I don't think he played anything like Makelele. Makelele made a career out of hunting the ball down, winning it back and passing it two yards. Marvelous is clearly much more dynamic than that. Makelele wouldn't have allowed their goal to happen though so, swings and roundabouts. Agree on the level of opposition, hence trying to judge the player on what I've seen and what of that I think will be transferable at a higher level. It is entirely possible to scout a player and filter the performance to get an idea of what they might be like against better opposition.
  7. Is this news? He always has a look of angst on his face on the pitch.
  8. This was why we won the game so handsomely for me. It had a bit of a pre-season friendly vibe from our end, yet despite not looking at our sharpest for long periods of the game everyone knew their role, the muscle memory kicked in and we romped it. I almost felt sorry for Crewe. Because a well drilled side like this with a system which demands goals will batter much lesser opposition 99 times out of 100 even when not at their best. Crewe never really stood a chance.
  9. He's **** brilliant man. Got a proper hero vibe about him.
  10. I just wanted to pop by to say I really like him. He's raw, but he understands the role tactically. I expect we are barely scratching the surface yet, seems like one who will grow in confidence and results as he further tunes in with his team mates.
  11. I thought he was wonderful once he settled into his rhythm and started finding space. He's a genuine box to box combative midfielder, Milner-esq in ways. I've absolutely no issue with him going for a wander so long as Grealish or McGinn are prepared to cover in for him when necessary, he's got the necessary skillset. He could add a different dimension to Luiz, who seems like more of a traditional deep lying midfielder. Aside from the obvious outrageous nutmeg, the pass for our third was a sensational bit of vision and execution. He's knocking on the door I think.
  12. Aside form all of the above I was impressed by his strength. He looks ready for professional football.
  13. He did ok defensively, but they had clearly highlighted him as a weakness before the game and had joy at times early, only to be let down by their end product. He's not good enough at either end of the pitch, for me.
  14. Say hello to your new defensive midfielder.
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