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  1. And, well, Aston Villa circa now.
  2. Don’t worry, not something you’ll have to worry about for much longer
  3. I don't think anybody is suggesting that we necessarily want more Burnley and less Man United, although personally I would much rather see a more even distribution of fixtures regardless, for integrity of the game reasons. Ultimately, the big clubs can want what they like. The broadcasters hold most of the cards here, they simply choose not to play them.
  4. Selling Douglas Luiz would have been, and remains, a horrible decision and one we would undoubtedly come to regret. Unless of course contract talks do breakdown, in which case it is the only sensible option left. I'm not saying this to blow my own beans all over the gaff, but there was a reason why I tipped him to have a breakout season and I feel like we are now seeing that form again. The fear still remains that a knock to his confidence or an injury or two could derail him once again, but if he can retain his current mindset and perhaps even kick on to another level we have a potential star on our hands. I do wonder though whether he actually wants to be here, or whether he feels appreciated at all by our supporters. The guy needs a song I think, you can tell from his social media output that he's the kinda player who needs to feel loved.
  5. I don't think anybody said we haven't literally had injuries. Just that it isn't that unusual and most teams go through it at some point during a season. Chucking in two lads with Covid for example is hardly something to beat our medical staff with. Carney and JBP missed 1 game, both picked up in international duty. I don't recall Tuanzebe being injured?
  6. If his finishing is on point and he buries one of those chances, the tone of this thread is completely different.
  7. What about you though? Do you think he deserves praise for the progress made under his leadership?
  8. Expectations are subjective. They’re meaningless, really. Do you think Dean Smith deserves recognition for his achievements here?
  9. I hadn’t noticed Brighton finishing 6th or 7th to be fair, good shout. It was a personal question to you regardless, do YOU think he deserves recognition for his achievements here so far?
  10. Hey @villalad21 I am still interested to know at what point you think Dean Smith deserves recognition for his achievements? How many wins does he need under his belt? Eagerly awaiting your response.
  11. Titles are all made up. We could call him Lord Chancellor of the Galactic Covenant of Fish Men for all it matters. He will still be the bloke who puts the cones out.
  12. Taking momentum out of the equation (which is clearly against them) there’s nothing statistically giving this weight. Teams lose 4 in a row all the time, even good ones. All that matters is that Aston Villa are playing Spurs on the weekend. The idea that Spurs get a boost because they’ve lost 3 in a row is counter intuitive and you should trust your intuition.
  13. This doesn't really negate the point that Brighton have spent £282m building their squad? That's not a dig on their progress and their ambition, but the facts are what they are.
  14. For how long? I'm interested as to what your personal cut off point is for recognising his ability.
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