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  1. Yep. In order to get a proper feel for him we would have to see him in a game where we are expected to take the game to the opposition. Perhaps there is a reason he isn't starting these games, yet?
  2. Lots of effort and endeavour, with flashes of quality. But I have yet to see enough of him on the ball to be convinced he is cut out for the big show. That's not to say the potential isn't there, however I do think some of the proclamations regarding his current ability are a little over the top.
  3. I have no idea who those people are. Am I supposed to?
  4. He doesn't look hurried on the ball like a lot of players coming over to the Premier League from France as he already plays the game at 100mph, but with a delicate touch to go with it. It'll stand him in good stead. Lazy comparison perhaps but he actually looks like the player I thought Veretout was going to be.
  5. We wouldn't sell him to a rival. Especially one without any money.
  6. Big mistake in dropping Nakamba in all honesty. He should rectify that asap.
  7. Who cares what people on the internet think. You do you.
  8. This. I didn't feel remotely concerned he was going to concede. Absolute snooze fest.
  9. Which of our midfielders is scoring goals right now?
  10. This is bold tbh. He was absolutely dreadful today and fully deserves to be dropped. But lets be honest, he wasn't alone.
  11. Contractual agreement? I'm not sure how this works vs human rights, but if it didn't work then these agreements would have no legal standing in the first place. In fact, football contracts themselves wouldn't be worth the paper they're printed on? Again though, this is just as I understand it. I don't claim to actually know anything.
  12. It's not as step-by-step as you're making out here, surely? They wouldn't activate the clause THEN begin negotiations with Villa? They'd pick up the phone beforehand. Sure, if they want to activate the clause and keep him, or try and sell him at a profit elsewhere then that is entirely up to Manchester City. We've already agreed to the clause, there's no screwing over involved. Absolutely, you can remain professional and resolute. The argument isn't that we roll over and let them tickle our tinkle to their hearts content.
  13. I wouldn't mind seeing Luiz and Nakamba again. Luiz didn't really pop when they played together vs Newcastle, but this was more down to him having an off day on the ball rather than the combination being an issue. Luiz and Nakamba feels more balanced, on paper.
  14. As far as I understand it Luiz doesn't have a choice. If Man City want him and pay the required fee his registration is automatically transferred. Us paying him more money won't negate that. It *might* be the case that if we put him on £120k a week, Man City would have to pay him that wage in order to take over his registration and they would be reluctant to pay that for a squad player no doubt. That could be one loophole, as it were.
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