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  1. My guess on this would be that he is 27 and only just starting to show he has something more in his locker, such as Champions League goals. We got Benteke when in a similar position. Danny Ings is banging them in for Southampton. That's what we need, not necessarily a world beater. If he can be even better, ideal!
  2. I've been smoking weed again for about 3 months now and I have never been happier. It has been a stabilising medicine for my mental health. I am generally more alert, confident and focused during the daytime then 3 or 4 times a week I'll light up, watch TV, surf the web, play guitar and create things. There is no legitimate reason for it to be illegal.
  3. 16 pages and nobody has mentioned that Steve Harrison was our head coach when Gareth Barry broke in.
  4. My last league cup semi* would have been Blackburn. It was immense. *
  5. Are we sure because I have heard different on twitter.
  6. If he stayed one more season after this and propelled us up the table, he would leave a legend. He's the type to come back later in his career too. There's not much left that needs to be said other than I am really happy for Jack Grealish too.. Jack may have had one too many a few times as a kid, but he has had the maturity to develop into a driven professional... who also enjoys his summer blow outs! Judging from the things he does for the football community he's also a good human. Oh, and he's fit and a proper likeable person. Jack Grealish is a superstar primed to burst out. Keep us up, smash the Euro's and drive us into the top half next season and he can choose any club in the world. He will always be one of our own.
  7. Epic celebration. He's a talented guy and a natural entertainer. I get why he isn't everybody's cup of tea yet and I appreciate why he isn't starting games right now. But I just love watching him play, he get's me off my arse.
  8. In every video I have seen he looks made for the Premier League. I can't wait to see what a difference he makes to our potent attacking potential.
  9. Cup semi-final and only 2 pages. I am absolutely buzzing for this.
  10. Sounds like he will get a start tonight. Impressive rise.
  11. It's not really about 'excitement', but watching a player and trusting your eyes. As others have pointed out, plenty of raw footage of him about, he has over 190 games for a (relatively) big club. His record is outstanding no matter what the level too, it seems. Africa, Belgium, International, Europa, Champions League. 1 in 2 across the board. You're right, we need to see him in a Villa shirt before we know, but for me personally I'd rather go in positive than the opposite. I feel it will help the player settle as much as anything.
  12. Or evidence we need to stick by him and find the right solution to keeping him and Grealish in the same team.
  13. There is literally hours and hours of footage. Worth a look.
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