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  1. What we saying to 4 weetabix?
  2. I'm hearing Villa Talk don't want him, too injury prone.
  3. Villa sign a 1 in 2 Premier League striker. Villa Talk: Ooh I dunno, £30m, he's "pushing 30" and he's injury prone, lot of money for a backup, where will he fit in? Nah not for me. Absolutely brilliant. Probably our finest hour.
  4. Guys, Danny Ings is not coming here to sit on the bench in case Watkins finally breaks. So we need to wipe that from our thoughts. My guess is Watkins will be on the left defensively but with license to work the channels, push inside and drop deep whenever he fancies it. With his skillset, he can be trusted to get back into position and do the donkey work when required. He will still be on for 15+ goals as an inside forward. When it was mooted for Tammy, as much as I love him as a man I was less enthusiastic about his ability. Ings is the level of forward you make that 'compromise' for though. The pair of them can cover for one another too, as Ings is not shy when it comes to hard work. The pressing and movement laterally, between and beyond the defensive lines from the two of them combined with the blistering pace of Bailey will be very exciting indeed. Noted that Ings is no slouch either. Buendia is going to have a **** field day.
  5. Genuinely not that arsed anymore, glad we can move on. 100 million reasons to soften the blow. Perhaps we will become a more balanced team without him.
  6. I think they want to move him on, but aren't getting the offers for him they would like because 1) he has barely played football for two years and 2) he needs to show he can stay fit for longer than 5 minutes. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there was an option to buy in this, it would make sense for all parties.
  7. We’ll have him suggested as a left back before the season is out
  8. Chuckwemeka, Jacob Ramsey and JPB will all be part of that first match day squad. At least.
  9. Fair enough. You confused me with “big no thanks”
  10. And if he signs and doesn't play a single game for the club because Konsa and Ming play every minute, so what? Job done as far as we are concerned?
  11. I'm not sure I understand this. You don't want him because you think he's too good for our bench? What kinda logic?
  12. The same as last season. (assuming he comes in on loan ofc)
  13. An option to buy would be nice, but regardless it's a nice easy solve to a complicated problem. Namely how do you bring a quality defender in when your starting pairing are already international quality? He also gives us options to switch to 3 at the back or use Tuanzebe or Konsa at right back when required. He knows the city, the club, the gaffer, some of the squad and we know him. Simple, no fuss, get it done. Oh and... THEY SEE HIM PLAYING FOOTBALL WITH HIS HEAD AND WITH HIS FEET
  14. https://theathletic.com/news/axel-tuanzebe-manchester-united-transfer/wRbnlM7oWt8B
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