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  1. Whatever you do, do not click on the VT Rashica thread.
  2. To be honest, I think it's a really poor effort to respond to objective facts in this way. Isn't it better form to take those facts into account, rather than dismiss them off hand? I don't think Wesley is better than Abraham, because my eyes tell me a different story. But I do think there's a player in Wesley, and the numbers seem to suggest potential, if nothing else. From what I could tell, the poster never said they believe stats are the only answer, anyway. But que sera.
  3. Yeah I doubt they would do that, for the reasons you say and his own development. Unless they have a massive injury crisis and think it a quick and easy fix. The new contract is aimed primarily at warding off other potential suitors, I think.
  4. It rattles my cage when I see somebody using statistics to construct an argument, which by their very nature are objective, then somebody else returns with aggression. I don't know why I let it get to me, maybe it's the pointlessness of it. Statistics literally don't care about your feelings. Yes, there's more to the game than can be captured on paper, but simply put - there's just no need to be a dick about it.
  5. Persuaded is the correct phrase, actually. Although you say it as if goals don't matter. Which is very odd.
  6. Would Rashica be a 'shock signing'? It doesn't seem like anybody else is actually that interested in him, although maybe that has something to do with the finances.
  7. It has nothing to do with Danny Rose the person, Danny Rose the player isn't good enough. Next.
  8. On what sorry? Oh, Rashica, right... I've always thought it was a load of codswallop myself.
  9. I know there's a mad rush to bin Trez off, but he will be starting on Monday and it will be his shirt to lose. I have a soft spot for him. I realise he's not the most technically gifted footballer in the world, but his work rate is phenomenal and his tactical understanding grew tenfold following restart. That and he seems to know where the net is, which is always a bonus. Good luck to him.
  10. Yeah there's a rocket in it called Ajax. I thought she said "dispatch Warlock and Ajax", Warlock and Ajax being assassins or something. Hahahaha what an idiot.
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