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  1. 100% this. "I'd pay £15m but not £20m for him" isn't really an understandable position anymore. They're basically the same number for all intents and purposes now.
  2. 20-30%? That's a decent figure for the population as a whole, I've no reason to expect it to be less in a football ground. Whether he has more/less right to be a dick is besides the point. If I was black I would probably feel very similar to Rose. In fact I already do as a straight cis white man, I'm **** sick of hearing and seeing prejudice down the football. I have considered whether I want to be a part of it any more on several occasions. The reason I carry on is as I have come to understand it simply reflects society as a whole, so if I give up football for that reason I may as well give up living.
  3. Solid response. It's a very difficult situation. I support Danny Rose fully in his anger, but as you rightly point out he has gone on record saying that he can't wait to get out of football and I'm not sure how tally's with what we are looking for in a player. As painful and abhorrent the situation is and as much as I agree with his stance, we need players who are fully committed and driven. This season more than ever. I really want to help the fight against racism in football, that includes supporting Danny Rose in his decision making process. I just don't think he's a good fit for us. I actually don't think he's that good a player either.
  4. Can you tell me what his reply was without me having to click the bait?
  5. I have serious doubts. Don't get me wrong, it's far from impossible, but players that you know for a fact are going to do a good job for you, can play the way you want to play, will leave it all out on the pitch and have the mentality to match aren't that easy to find for less. I mean I'm sure you can pick them up for pennies if you nail the scouting and get a bit of luck along the way, but it's worth a small overpay for that sure thing. Especially as we need two of him.
  6. I think it's the opposite. We have agreed to terms with Mings but Bournemouth have shifted the goalposts and are holding out.
  7. Back in the day TeamTalk were literally the 0906 number you would find to call on Teletext for transfer rumours. Tbf I heard about Gilles De Bilde by calling one of those numbers. It cost me (my mom) £8.60 that transfer.
  8. TeamTalk you say? Damn, just as I was getting my hopes up... (I think he probably will unless they absolutely need to sell him. Aka like Jack)
  9. I have been converted by this kind of reasoning. You can only start one goalkeeper every week, so if you are presented with an opportunity and can afford to sign one of genuine quality who is clearly an upgrade no matter how much we appreciate the current guy, with his best years ahead of him then you absolutely should do so. It doesn't matter if you messed up the last one you signed, or the one before that, you have to keep going until you get it right. If/when we get it right, we might not need to look for another for at least half a decade. Wouldn't that be nice?
  10. Unless it's a loan with an option, it won't happen.
  11. I trust my own sources tbh. I trust them because I know who their sources are, which is s far more important factor. Two say 'done' and one echoes what @TrentVilla is saying above. The word 'done' should be contextualised. If it was all signed, sealed and delivered then it would have been announced. So my deduction is that they're waiting on a medical, or haggling over the last few bits and pieces, but for all intents and purposes it is, at this current moment, an inevitability. Barring disaster of course, which does happen as we know. I wouldn't bother looking towards the press. They are absolutely clueless for the most part.
  12. Heaton > Pickford > Butland. Pickford had a dreadful season, but he's probably the best with the ball at his feet. At least I think so, I admit to have not seen much of Butland as a footballer. Because Stoke.
  13. Yeah I don't think he's being remotely subtle. Would I be annoyed if it was our player? Nah probably not, I don't even care about Gardner's antics. Whatever, these are adults and we don't literally own them. I can imagine some might, but I find that attitude a bit silly. If a player so clearly wants to go, let him go. Bournemouth ofc have a duty of care to get a good price for him, but there's no point bleeding the stone here. From either side.
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