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  1. Do you mean in terms of quantity or ability level? Because the former I agree with, the latter is bollocks?
  2. Shearer did win a PL title.
  3. I have the same info as you. As in talk of long covid etc is all pure speculation.
  4. I mean, who actually cares about that stuff? You, obviously, but I really don't see a player being upset at being substituted as a reason to write them off. As for the rest, what more can I say? I can only speak from experience of a nasty virus. Smith did, eventually, pull him out of the starting lineup. As I said initially though, we really have no idea what has gone on, only that something hasn't been right with him. On the information I have, I wouldn't go near him.
  5. He switched the right back in the second half.
  6. I'm not speculating that he has felt the after effects of something like covid, I have absolutely no idea. But the bit in bold puzzled me, how do you know this? I had a nasty virus a few year back which knocked me out cold for a few months. The lethargy I felt was both physically and mentally draining. I wasn't myself for half a year basically and I am generally a fit and healthy fella.
  7. For me this is all relatively simple. We've seen how effective Smithball can be when given the right personnel in the final 3rd. Yes, this is exaggerated when Grealish is in the side. He's one of the best players in the world and as a result, Smith has (rightly IMO) built the side around that talent. However, we saw on Saturday that even having a player a level below that in any kind of form, just somebody to receive the ball in the final 3rd, put their foot on it and pick a pass or two to spread the play as Barkley did, can have such a positive effect on the system overall. He hasn
  8. Very impressed watching him for the U18's. It's rare you see a player capable of pulling the strings from the right back position.
  9. Watched the U18 performance, and he's some player alright. I was confused by his languid style, at times he looked completely nonplussed by the whole experience. Then he would appear from nowhere, nick the ball away with a deft touch or effortlessly muscle his opposition off it and stride away. Once he's on the ball he's electric, unpredictable. He can do a bit of everything. He gave the ball away a few times, which would be exaggerated at Premier League level right now and perhaps that is what they are working on, but he's always *trying* to make things happen. And he's clearly capable o
  10. The idea that supporters would be harsher on El Ghazi if he wasn't brown is an unexpected twist
  11. Might Liverpool look to move on from Wijnaldum? Presumably bigger clubs would be in for him, but we 'got money' as Nixon has pointed out.
  12. We have been told by both Everton and Chelsea fans that he is very inconsistent. Why that is and what stops him from becoming that next level of player, I couldn't tell you. Without specifically knowing what those mitigating factors are, I cannot tell you how relevant they are. For me, even if he does keep up *this* level of performance, it still won't be enough. Because this would be the absolute minimum I would expect from a number 10 in a team pushing for European places. Every week, more or less. We should be able to find better, if not then we aren't looking hard enough imo. I
  13. Yeah I'm not buying this narrative that the whole team was shite so why should we have expected any more from Ross. We were shite because we lacked creativity and guile in the forward positions, as a result we lost possession far too easily putting undue pressure on the defensive phase, our confidence as a team wavered and results slipped. Winnable games passed us by, and a large part of the reason for that is that Barkley, by far the worst of them for me, failed to step up when we needed him, more than anyone else, to do just that.
  14. He was decent vs Arsenal in the return game and the last 2. So he's probably more like 50/50 good vs absolute shite. The trouble for me is, when he's off form he's so bad that he's unplayable. He will hold the team back. Even if he finishes the season on fire, he just hasn't done enough to dispel the premise that's he's just not good enough for where we want to be.
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