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  1. Kodjia has a goal every 206 minutes for the club. Bents strike rate for Aston Villa? A goal every 197 minutes. I don't recall him having to work his way back from a double leg fracture either. Kodjia has been a key difference in at least two of the games in this winning streak. Arguably a third with the impact he had against Sheffield Wednesday. I'm aware he has his faults, but his impact may well be felt for decades should we go up at the end of this. If there's one player I could choose the score the winner at Wembley it would be Jimmy.
  2. Completely irrelevant. He's a footballer, in that moment his touch let him down, the amount of money he is being paid had no bearing on the situation.
  3. I watched Leeds on Monday and I thought they were rank. They looked flat, ponderous. I know Brentford can give anyone a game when they fancy it, but Leeds seem to have lost that other gear. A few pages ago I wanted to avoid them at all costs, but watching them fall apart like this gives me pause for thought. They're certainly no Fulham.
  4. Tuanzebe is good enough for Manchester United now. I thought that in October too, so no wooing going on. I think he's a better footballer than Mings personally.
  5. It depends what you mean by compete? I'd also be cautious of being wooed by Premier League money and thinking you can build an entire squad overnight and survive. Of those here on loan, who is it you don't think would be good enough for that level? Hause I'll give you, but he would possibly be a capable squad player in the short term with room to grow. Tammy is the only other that gives me pause for thought, but then so would <insert random dutch striker>. Mings, Tuanzebe and El Ghazi are Premier League, no doubt in my mind about it. No, this squad isn't going to win titles, but it would stand a chance of surviving. Add 4/5 quality pieces to it and who knows, we might have a bit more fun than mere survival. Too much churn and we do a Fulham. We should be looking at Wolves and taking note. Ultimately I think some have and are still underestimating the ability in our squad and the tune our Head Coach is getting from them, I don't think what's happening right now is a fluke.
  6. They might as well be friendlies. I mean it's plausible that Lockwood Brothers are a team consisting entirely of siblings.
  7. I'd say he's not very far off right now. His first touch is, unff. The rest ain't too bad either. I think there's more in him too. Everything he does lately turns into gold. Even if it doesn't it gets bums out of seats. I feel like I've been waiting 20 years for a winger like him.
  8. For balance (i.e. reality) his game management yesterday was spot on. Rather than disrupt, the changes gave us renewed impetus at a time we appeared to be flatlining a touch. Green was excellent, hungry and direct. I thought he did enough to win the shirt back and Davis gave them something entirely different to think about. Again only a FM style super keeper performance kept the score down. He's one hell of a coach. The football we play is truly remarkable at times. Whether we can keep up the pace against better sides remains to be seen, but I'm salivating at the thought of us giving it a go. I hope we don't take our foot off the gas, but I accept that the playoffs are now far more important than anything that happens over the next fortnight so leeway will be granted where needed. I've said this before but it's worth repeating - no matter what happens from here on out we will go into next season with a spring in our step, because whilst the names are important no doubt, the system is god here now and I absolutely love it.
  9. On his finishing - he strikes the ball relatively well. He is technically very good. I remember a few occasions last season where he would hit the bar, or flash one just wide, or right at the keeper. His chance against Bolton was well struck. So I feel that there's not only perhaps an element of bad luck involved which may level itself out, but it's all about angles and composure for him. Repetition, repetition, repetition. He will either get there or he won't. If he doesn't he's a handy player for the bench regardless given how much of a nuisance he is. If he can learn to finish, the sky is the limit.
  10. Nah. Sods law isn't really a thing in sports. We're just as likely or unlikely to underperform against Albion or Leeds as we are Boro or Derby, except we can say for certainty the first two are better teams than the latter. And they have already shown they are capable of working us out. Give me the weaker side any day of the week, especially over two legs and especially as we have already proven our dominance over them.
  11. There were a couple of moments yesterday when he left his wing position and floated inside, linking up play and creating an overload, he is starting to look more and more tactically adept. He shines in those tight spaces, showing off his close control. Then when he gets a bit of air around him again you can see that confidence ooze in majestic fashion. I love watching him gallop with the ball as much as do watching him trot. I genuinely believe that anyone who can't see his potential isn't even trying to understand how football works. Obviously he's not on the same level but the Ronaldo comps are real and he's going to play for a 'top' club before all is said and done. Hopefully that's us.
  12. He broke his metatarsal? Hardly a sign of being prone to injury. Yesterday he just rolled his ankle and we are told he should be fine for Monday.
  13. It'll be on AVTV then. Use a VPN.

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