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  1. Whomever you are Adam Maddock, I'm coming for you bitch
  2. Surely he can't ignore him now? In fairness to Southgate, since the last time Jack was actually fit enough to play for England he has stepped it up another level. People, non-Villa fans, pundits, anyone who 'knows' football is talking about him as one of the best players England possess. Honestly not picking him in the next squad would be like ignoring a potential heir to Gazza. This is Jack's Italia '90.
  3. He wasn't in good form the last few weeks, but he didn't look burned out to me. I think it's a bit of a myth. He covered every blade of grass, every week. For Villa and Scotland. He will undoubtedly come back and score a worldy within 15 minutes. Assist the winner in the 89th. It's written in the stars.
  4. I'm pretty sure the plan isn't to play 3 at the back forever. Or even the rest of this season. We will see what happens when we lose a couple on the bounce, or when McGinniesta is back.
  5. Why are people talking about Sarkic leaving? Sounds made up to me.
  6. Sounds like what you'd expect to hear from a Spanish forward - "please do not hoof the ball at me all the bastard time". He sounds more like Samagoal than Davis or Wesley. It's an interesting deadline day signing, even if it's not one to blow you away.
  7. He got sacked from his last job for spending too much time in da club.
  8. We can play 2 up front you know? It might be in the plan.
  9. Nah Samagoal is a striker. Let's not move him already IMO.
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