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  1. dont_do_it_doug.

    John Terry

    Took over the team... and won them a European Cup?
  2. dont_do_it_doug.

    Jack Grealish

    The manager explained why to I *think* BBC WM, for what it's worth. He said that their defensive mid was running the game so he decided to put Jack on him to try and stymie the waves of attack emanating from that position. He quickly decided that Jack wasn't the ideal player for this task so he bought Conor on to do the job instead. He feels it worked, that's the end of that.
  3. dont_do_it_doug.

    Dean Smith

    When I don't understand a word or a somewhat technical phrase I'll put a bit of research in, ask questions of those I feel might be more knowledgeable than me in the chosen subject. There's a fantastic book by James Wilson called 'Inverting the Pyramid' which details the evolution of tactics over the last century and beyond. I'd recommend it to you but I am 110% certain you wouldn't read it. I'm confident Ron Saunders had a tactical philosophy. So did Steve Bruce, it was just a decade out of date. Dean Smith isn't reinventing the wheel here, he's simply choosing to clue the fans in on what we are trying to do rather than treating them like idiots who won't be able to understand complicated words like 'overload', or put the effort in to find out what they mean in a football context. Maybe he has overestimated us.
  4. dont_do_it_doug.

    Dean Smith

    We're a Championship club. They are all of a high calibre relative to our position, which is the entire point. Maybe Doyle-Hayes, Mitch Clark and O'Hare aren't 'top level' players, but there's little evidence they can't be at least good enough, or better than, our current position.
  5. dont_do_it_doug.

    Jack Grealish

    He didn't mention potential. He said he's a serious player now. I agree. This will be his first full season starting games, injury permitting.
  6. dont_do_it_doug.

    Dean Smith

    Is that Mellberg the right back? Cahill was binned off for Zat Knight.
  7. dont_do_it_doug.

    Jack Grealish

    First of all, what abuse are you referring to? Secondly, the people who sit around you in the lower trinity are talking bollocks too then. In my opinion. Other opinions are available. He isn't a winger, he doesn't look comfortable there. Exhibit A - he had a torrid evening against Bristol. The one time he came inside he beat two players and pinged a lovely ball out to Kodjia, who proceeded to mis-control it. After we pulled one back against Sheffield Wednesday he came central and ran the show for 10 minutes, until being pushed back out wide again. He can't play the position, he needs space to drop into, turn his man and options all around him to thrive. He needs to see the entire pitch in front of him. That's just who he is, we should accept that and utilise it rather than trying to change him into something he isn't. Those judging him on a hard few games playing out of position over a ton of evidence that he has matured as a player, as a man and is ready to excel as a footballer are, as previously stated, living in an alternative reality.
  8. dont_do_it_doug.

    Dean Smith

    Considering both Wallsall and Brentford played in Smith's style before Frank arrived I wouldn't concern yourself with thoughts that he was the key man. Obviously he played a role over the last 2 seasons however, he was one of the coaches.
  9. dont_do_it_doug.

    Sir Doug Ellis

    Fair enough. True or not (he is David Cameron's uncle) it doesn't much change the general gist of what I'm trying to say. I don't expect everyone will agree and completely understand if they don't. I guess part of it is having helped to lead the charge against an actual narcissist in Lerner and having now grown up in a world seemingly full of them, my views on Ellis the person and the owner have softened quite a bit. This has come into sharp focus for me at the time of his passing.
  10. dont_do_it_doug.

    Sir Doug Ellis

    You won't find many people under the age of 40, who up until fairly recently, disliked Ellis as much as me. I went on all the marches as a teenager, I rallied against his every move, against the revisionist history of his reign. I thought he was a penny pincher and a narcissist who put his own interests above those of the club, above those of it's fans. In my older age I have come to think he wasn't such a bad football club owner, certainly not as bad a human being as I once thought after all. Maybe it is whimsical notions like actually challenging for league titles, cup finals and putting trophies in the cabinet that have changed my mind. Or perhaps it was seeing his roller at away games in the depths of winter, knowing I could barely stand to watch the bilge on display in the driving snow never mind what a trudge it must be for a 90 year old man. Maybe I have become the revisionist. He wasn't necessarily a bad bloke, he was a bloke who made bad decisions at often the most inappropriate times and he outstayed his welcome by quite a few years all told, but in the end that isn't enough for me to sit here and disparage the man personally. A man who gave so much to charity, decades of his life to the club (good and bad) and as painfully misguided as he was at times genuinely thought he was doing what was required to make Aston Villa successful. Even if I have no doubt that personal success, financial or otherwise, was never too far from his mind. One thing he could do was spot a football manager. Ron Saunders, Ron Atkinson, Brian Little, John Gregory. Even Jozef Venglos can be looked on as an innovative move by a man determined to squeeze every ounce out of our resources. I would go as far as to say Dean Smith feels very much like an Ellis appointment. Ultimately he leaves behind a wife, a family, and my condolences go out to them. I hope they take solace from the fact he had a bloody good innings and more importantly he lived his dream, even if those dreams didn't always tally with my own.
  11. dont_do_it_doug.

    Henri Lansbury

    Hot take incoming... I like Lansbury, I think he has exceptional technical ability and players like that if coached correctly always have a chance. I don't buy the idea that he can't run, I think he lacks natural spacial awareness and discipline and his confidence is through the floor. Can that be coached into him? I don't know. If I was a betting man I would say no, but I think he has a shot at playing a more prominent role under Smith. He has that ability to pass through the lines.
  12. dont_do_it_doug.

    Jack Grealish

    This is frankly mostly bollocks. This 'good movement into dangerous areas' you speak of was virtually none existent. That was our entire problem, in a nutshell. Then he was farmed out on the wing and shock horror, he isn't a winger. It's almost like we have been there before and not learned our lesson.
  13. dont_do_it_doug.

    Dean Smith

    Form is temporary, class is permanent. He has clearly been struggling this season, whether it be for confidence or something going on in his personal life. It's fixable though I'm sure.
  14. dont_do_it_doug.

    Dean Smith

    That's ok HolteMan. As long as we've all learned something.
  15. dont_do_it_doug.

    Christian Purslow

    Is it just me or does he look like a lizard pretending to be a human in a suit? Like something off of Men in Black.