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  1. John Terry

    He's had that his entire career. Goes hand in hand with being the best defender in the Premier League and one of the best in the world for nigh on a decade. Quite ridiculous that he plays for Aston Villa in the Championship to be honest, 36 or not.
  2. Steve Bruce

    I'm fairly confident he has made a profit as Villa manager so far?
  3. Steve Bruce

    On the same day as the Grealish comment he said he's confident of automatic promotion. It's just man management, no surprise too much is being read into it.
  4. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I think it's a natural progression for Jedinak. He looked good there last season, typical Jedinak. I'm not sure if you would have caught those games tbf.
  5. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I think people are underestimating the size of the leap from Westwood to Whelan, or Gardner being the first off the bench as opposed to Hourihane or Jedinak. We spent a lot of last season with one of the worst midfields I have ever seen. There was just... nothing there. Now I appreciate some of these players like Hourihane haven't kicked on yet and I'm taking a small leap of faith, but quite honestly if we don't have enough about us to finish in the top 2 this season it's down to one man and one man only. We've got frigging John Terry at centre half ffs. We will know fairly quickly. I suspect it will be good news.
  6. Pre-Match Thread

    Honestly first day out, performance is utterly irrelevant. Let's just get the points in the bag and go from there. Please and thanks.
  7. Sam Johnstone

    Wow, some of you really don't rate him eh? I thought he improved A LOT last season after the naff start. I'm pleased to have him back, he has genuine ability.
  8. André Green

    Green is a bit of a unit. There was a lot of talk last season about him being lightweight and whilst I didn't necessarily agree, he looks to have bulked up some and is now built like a young Matt Phillips. That's a player I would liken him to and I'm confident we can get the same level of performances out of him. 'Tried and tested' in every position is a bit of a unicorn. At some point we are going to produce players who are worth taking that gamble on, particularly as when I did a mock up 18 the other day I couldn't even fit Adomah into it. We have the cover, let him roll. I'll be surprised if he fails but above that I'll be shocked if he embarrasses himself. He might just become our brightest asset.
  9. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Not really. The first post was presumably a jokey one about selling the whole squad to buy Neymar. The next post suggested nobody would want Gabby. It proceeded from there. Genuinely not worth debating.
  10. Ahmed Elmohamady

    @bobzy we're not a million miles away really. Except to say I wasn't underwhelmed by Whelan, in fact he's probably the best signing since Kodjia. I was looking for reasons why I feel that way and others are underwhelmed and how that might also apply to Elmo. Who is 29 by the way.
  11. Scott Hogan

    No he hasn't. If he scores 15 I doubt anyone is going to pull him up on it. Ambition is good.
  12. Scott Hogan

    OK fine. If the manager starts saying that and the club don't back him we deal with that then.
  13. Scott Hogan

    Fair enough. Most of my opinion has been formed by watching him play, both for us and previous to that. Stats can be misleading, though some might have said the same about Benteke when he left us? I'm not sure it matters anyway if we don't create chances, which is the main point. If the alternative is to sign ANOTHER proven goalscorer then we're £15m in the hole, again.
  14. Scott Hogan

    I wouldn't kick up a fuss if it happened and I would back him, but I don't think it's necessary and would question the money being spent when we could use a creative player more considering we already have the players we need to score goals IMO. Not *really* complicated.
  15. Ahmed Elmohamady

    You say they're on downward trajectories, that's a subjective statement. Glenn Whelan played 30 games in the Premier League last season, similar for Jedinak before he joined. Same for Elmo. Chester is hardly on a downward trajectory either. Taylor? I think the standard of players at the top end of the Championship is rising. It is arguably the new top flight of 'English' football. That's why it is getting harder to get out of for clubs who drop, the standard at the bottom end might be proper shit but it's close enough that a good coach can expose weaknesses in any team. Maybe you're different, maybe fancy names don't impress you. However it was more of a general point than one aimed at you as an individual.