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  1. Too many white people won Emmy awards according to Twitter.
  2. He is really accomplished and skilled but makes the theory stuff seem not too daunting for the layperson, IMO. He also doesn't talk down to his viewers which I appreciate. And although he's a rock guy, he's also really versed in jazz and pop and makes no apologies.
  3. I think Dean will be tempted to line up the same way as last week but with the Argies.
  4. Everton couldn't keep up with our relentless work rate. Swashbuckling second half. Reminded of just how majestic Villa Park sounds in full voice. Deafening. Huge 3 points heading into a busy week. Hopefully this just kick started a run of good results.
  5. Juicy first half. So close from Mings. Would have been great for him. We need Bailey and Buendia on to go and win this.
  6. Ings was a "appease the restless natives" signing.
  7. Second straight division game for us, we need a win, badly.
  8. Can't see the Soxies pulling this off.
  9. Bunny Colvin is the one hero to rule them all. But he's too humble to do it.
  10. If Buendia is fit, there's no way he's not starting. Club record signing and all that. I think Ings sits because he was a little off vs Chelsea.
  11. I'd be happy if he remained at Villa until he retires, as long as he doesn't mind riding the bench as a depth player. He's got useful tools in his toolbox and intangible leadership/ambassador qualities. He's good to have around and might even make a good coach at some point.
  12. Would love to see Tyrone bag a couple of goals soon and get a few cleans sheets too.
  13. maqroll


    Looks like a psycho
  14. A sports psychologist, or a regular one?
  15. Seeing as we have a specialist coach for throw ins, I'm wondering if we have a specialist for the mind. A sports psychologist. Could help Tyrone's penchant for losing his mind as he did yesterday. The errors he makes seem to come down to a lack of focus. His brain goes missing. A sports shrink could do the trick.
  16. Notable piece from David Simon today- https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/12/opinion/michael-k-williams-david-simon-the-wire.html
  17. We are scoring kickers by total combined distance? I like it.
  18. can't wait until he's firing on all cylinders as a regular starter. Will add a cutting edge to us. He's like Traore but deadlier.
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