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  1. Yeah, people always moan about the amount MPs are paid. I don't think it's enough. Many IT consultants in London get paid more than MPs and they don't have to suffer the pressure, potential for targetted abuse, concerns for safety and unsociable hours that MPs do.
  2. Chuffing hope so, I need to get some work done this week.
  3. But without the C of E split there wouldn't be any Protestants and Catholics to be fighting over the border? And all of Ireland would be Irish?
  4. He's not available for selection apparently Interestingly though, Werder seem to be pioneering a technique of constructing players. Assume using 3d printing or something similar.
  5. I wrote an 'algorithm' to automatically mark scores in a quiz. You could market this as an AI
  6. Henry VIII caused all this with his randyness. Follow the line back and it all goes to him wanting to give Anne Boleyn one.
  7. In 2018 I was trying to explain to work colleagues why the border issue was unsolveable so I drew this on a whiteboard. I'm pretty sure it's still the same problem. (At the time it was Arlene and Theresa)
  8. Fair enough. However, what I need to know is what Dean Smith was doing helping the Russians try to hack the OPCW?
  9. The implication that if the Tories are going to use Russia as a bogeyman then they need to fess up their own close and wide ranging links? Or the implication that no-one knew for sure what had happened at that time and that escalating tensions with a nuclear superpower without going through the proper channels of the OPCW was probably a bad idea? Or another implication?
  10. TBH I'd probably believe the Spectator or Daily Mail over Cadwalladr. She means well but sees conspiracy in everything. I really can't see anything in that thread that's anything more than a nudge and a wink. I'll take your word for there being more linking Milne to Putin.
  11. Hmm I'm not sure. Yeah Milne is said to be a bit of a Russophile but that would be more around the revolution, communism and Lenin. The classical Russian stuff. Modern highly capitalist, highly corrupt Russia and Putin would be the antithesis of everything the left stands for. Whereas the Tories are very well linked with Russian oligarchs because corruption and money laundering is natural to them both. Yes the Skripal affair was before Russian tennis coach Johnson and holiday for 2 years in Russia Cummings. I'm just saying the left really has nothing to do with modern Russia.
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