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  1. What do you drive?

    I went through a broker with my Ateca and it came with a BVRLA booklet and the paperwork said just use that. Anecdotally, the Ateca is one of the best reviewed compact SUVs available and has all the latest VAG tech but still isn't as good as the Auris hybrid I swapped for it. I should have listened to myself and not paid any attention to reviews.
  2. What do you drive?

    Reasonable wear and tear so quite a few scratches are allowed etc. Fair enough.
  3. Running

    5 hours? That's pretty fast!
  4. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Actually really good.
  5. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Watching S2 of the grand tour now just in case it's gone not shit
  6. I doubt all this posturing is going to go down too well with Barnier, Tusk and Junckers.
  7. Yep. And it looks like the EU won't give any concessions to the government.
  8. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Just starting S2 and the strange feeling again of being highly attracted to the Queen.
  9. OK I've read it with a clearer head. So basically unless the EU (so Ireland) agree to things like ANPR and other technological solutions to a soft border, the whole of the UK will remain in the SM & CU (or regulatory alignment which is the same thing). So brexit isn't happening and it's due to the unsolvable border issue. If only someone had pointed this out. This is the softest brexit possible and either 1. won't happen at all because it's now obvious it's pointless even to leavers. Or 2. is tantamount to not leaving if we're still in the SM & CU.
  10. I'll have a better read in a bit. It was bleary eyed this morning so I've obviously missed something. I didn't see anything about east-west.
  11. Running

    All swimming helps. It's a bit different in open water with sighting and leg buoyancy but you should definitely spend as much time in the pool as you e.g. 2k without stopping before you go open water.
  12. Yep, agreed. Absolutely a fudge. I honestly didn't think the DUP were going to cave in but I suppose Arlene was pragmatic enough to realise that if they didn't allow disparity between NI and UK then May would be out and the whole gov could come crashing down. The way I read the doc is that the only border referenced is the IE/NI border, not NI/UK. So while it looks like the leavers in the Tories have compromised, I think it's the DUP.
  13. I know a few Tories. They think that in general it's unfortunate that there are homeless people and disabled people not able to get by on pips or wrongly declared fit for work, but it's worth it not to have IRA fan no.1 and Venezuela fan Corbyn in or can't count Abbott or Marxist McDonnell, and that Labour just lie about tuition fees. These people don't know what Marxism is. They weren't anything to do with NI during the violence. They had no clue what type of government was in Venezuela or the actual reasons for the economic crash, or the truth behind any of it. That's because they get it all from papers or people who read papers and talk, and the TV media who don't challenge the misconceptions. The newspaper media is set up to sell to people who buy newspapers - over 45s. So they keep it all very right wing and the baby boomers happily lap it all up. The light at the end of the tunnel is that as older people die off, newspaper readership is falling. This should be the Tories swansong. And after that they'll be in the wilderness for a long, long time.