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  1. Ramsey is good but he's not quite Buendia level yet.
  2. Martinez Cash. Konsa. Mings. Targett Douglas Buendia. McGinn Bailey. Ings. Watkins What a team
  3. I've showed the maths here before. Starmer said he would carry on Corbyn's policies while being more centrally acceptable. The Corbynites are slagging him off now for lying. The irony is, all he has to do is make a single positive comment about Corbyn and the highly excitable left will get back behind him.
  4. Absolutely he would The Corbynites elected Keir Starmer because he said he was the unity candidate.
  5. I'm nothing to do with the Labour Party now so I like to think I'm an outside observer. I joined in 2015 in my first foray into politics and by 2020 had done a 'yikes!' about turn after I saw how bonkers and brutal the internal war is. From my point of view there's one faction comprised of about 20 MPs who are genuinely not interested in anything for themselves. They represent about 50% of the membership. It used to be about 75% of the membership until recently. They're the ones who were in charge 2015-2019. The majority of the rest of the MPs and those now in charge are career politicians who didn't like their gravy train being taken away and being exposed as vacuous weathervanes without much in the way of a moral compass. A lot of those did everything they could to sabotage the party's chances of winning in 2017 and when they had a shock about how close it was they redoubled their efforts for 2019. It's all in the book Left Out (which I haven't read but want to) It's easy to do a "stop fighting you two I'll bang your heads together" but from my point of view one side was just trying to get on with fixing things and their major fault was they were too naive and didn't take the chance to solidify their power when they could. But I'm sure someone who doesn't like that faction will be along in a minute to see it from the opposite view. So that'll probably prove your point.
  6. I'm sorry mate but this is your standard 'they should have thought about that before they did it' response "That bloke who was moaning above about being thrown out - maybe he shouldn't have liked posts saying Starmer was a "tool of the Zionists" and so on?" no-one's defending the comment about Starmer being a 'tool of the Zionists' was right or wrong, I'm saying that you assuming he even knows what the 'thumbs up' button on Facebook does or means shows you appraising him through your own understanding of how things work. It pays not to do that because you just end up siloed with a closed mind.
  7. Yeah. While I'm not saying that's what happened in this case, you can't take social media 'likes' as evidence of anything. Because a lot of people just don't know what they mean. To a lot of non IT literate people, they mean 'I acknowledge receipt of someone talking to me'. To even IT literate people, they just press like on stuff out of habit. I thought the heart symbol on Twitter meant 'save this for future reading' so didn't ever press like on anything for 5 years because I didn't need to bookmark anything. If you don't mind me saying, assuming that you know how much understanding people of all stages of life or IT social media literacy have is a little bit bigoted. It's a bit ignorant refusing to acknowledge anything outside of your understanding. I learnt a long time ago in customer facing tech support that all kinds of people have all kinds of understanding and use things in different ways. Therefore 'likes' on Facebook might mean to you and me and most people 'I've read this and agree with it', to a lot of people it won't. Or perhaps I give people too much benefit of doubt.
  8. I'm going to hazard a guess that you two guys have never worked in IT support.
  9. And if we're talking about trashy but funny American comedies, I think these are great: Just Go With It Blended Along Came Polly Forgetting Sarah Marshall 50 First Dates The Wedding Singer
  10. Modern versions which I think are much better are We're The Millers and Vacation. Rat Race is still great though. I've also got a bit of a fondness for Eurotrip. Possibly because they nail British football culture.
  11. As is rightly completely up to you. But you either think he's lying and taking it as far as willing to lie in court, or you think that Starmer is as trustworthy as that firework and you might be doing McCluskey a disservice here. It's either of those really.
  12. Pretty explosive stuff from McCluskey. He's not happy with Starmer for breaking their deal about readmitting Corbyn. I know he's got a book to sell but he states that everything that he describes here will be what he says in Corbyn's court case so it's going to be the truth. If so, lying seems to be a pattern of behaviour for Starmer. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/sep/13/keir-starmer-jeremy-corbyn-suspension
  13. Meanwhile, a Stalinist purge has commenced. The hard left must be in charge.
  14. A few weeks back my local Morrisons was almost 100% mask free. Now it's roughly 80-85% of people wearing masks.
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