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  1. Has anyone got a junior (u18) fan id I can use? I haven't been for ages and it wont let me book for my son. Cheers.
  2. darrenm

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    Yes, that's why I was distracted.
  3. darrenm

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    I now know Paddywhack's true identity and I'll sell it to the highest bidder. Top bloke, great to meet you. Sorry if I was a bit distracted, I'm an ignorant fkr when flapping.
  4. Yeah whatever. It was plainly obvious that I'm being colloquial. I didn't even think I needed to qualify it but did, and still got the same people piling in. I thought perhaps some people had changed from their previous disrespectful tone so I unignored to check but, alas, no.
  5. One day I'm gonna quote everything I said on here and it'll look like the return of John Titor :-)
  6. Who'da thunk it eh? Anna Soubry kingmaker. Thing is she's painted herself into a corner here. She hates Corbyn. Constantly attacking him. Yet she'll make him PM. Her only other option is to remove her name from the amendment, which will make her look very silly indeed and make her last 12 months of campaigning against brexit count for nothing. The NI border was always going to be the thing that stopped any idea of a hard brexit in its tracks. And the ERG Tories won't take kindly to that at all. The point at which a hard brexit was always going to be impossible was when Tories were denied a majority in the election. Once May was left relying on the DUP, the border became very difficult. For May, calling the election at that time will be remembered as one of the most stupid things any PM has ever done. Anyway, the fantastically ironic May elections will put pressure on her because Tories will likely lose lots of London councils, then she's pushed the customs union vote until after those. Lose badly in both, which seems very likely, and all hell breaks loose. So June will see the end of May. It's preordained. All in my opinion of course.
  7. 26/02/18 - The beginning of the end for Theresa May. The customs union shot fired directly into the centre of the Tory party
  8. I wish Frank Field and Kate Hoey would join another party. They're really bad for Labour.
  9. Season 9 where Ned comes back is where it really hots up
  10. Yes. Ideally EV if you can get away with it, if not phev, hybrid. Or if you really have to, the smallest, cleanest petrol engine you can in the smallest car you can get away with. From the point of view of a Toyota HSD (e.g. Prius) against a manual turbo diesel TD has a starter motor, hybrid doesn't TD has a clutch, hybrid doesn't TD has a dual mass flywheel (lasts about 100k if you're lucky on a diesel as they're sensitive to vibration), hybrid doesn't. TD has a gearbox, hybrid uses a simple 3 way differential (hybrid synergy drive) TD uses brakes all the time to stop, hybrid almost never uses the brakes so pads and discs last the lifetime of the car and no carbon dust/particulates TD has a turbo, hybrid doesn't. TD has the DPF. The hybrid uses a very simple 4 cylinder Atkinson cycle petrol coupled with 2 electric motors all connected together in a 3 way differential. The motors continually vary the speed while the engine drops in and out when most efficient. Braking and coasting simply feeds back into the battery. Really simple. Batteries massively overengineered, they do a million miles as taxis. I used to get 75 mpg from my estate. So wish I hadn't swapped it now.
  11. Osborne wanting to kill Corbyn is the result of the hard right media drive to weaponise fear and division, which the Tories have been latching onto in small amounts previously and are now, as shown above, using with much more vigour. Jo Cox was a previous victim (of the media radicalising people), if they keep it up, there will be more. The Czechs have said he was indentified as a person of interest and the spy concealed his identity posing as a diplomat but that the file in the archives never moved from interest to recruit. But no doubt the revisionists are going to tell us that they would say that wouldn't they.
  12. So Ben Bradley hasn't had the requisite dog whistle training and blows a full on loud whistle by saying Corbyn has sold secrets to communist spies. No hint of suggestion, just tweets it. Thing is, shit like that can't go unchallenged. You expect newspapers to make things up but MPs should have a bit of decorum. This latest stuff coordinated by Cleverly isn't cricket and has consequences https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/jan/30/finsbury-park-attack-darren-osborne-kill-jeremy-corbyn "Asked by the prosecutor, Jonathan Rees, whether he had planned to kill the Labour leader, Osborne told the jury: “Oh yeah, it would be one less terrorist [on] our streets.” He added: “And if Sadiq Khan [the London mayor] had been there it would have been even better. It would have been like winning the lottery.”" So Corbyn threatens to sue for libel if he doesn't delete it. About 5 mins later it was gone. Tories are playing a dangerous game recently, it seems they didn't watch what happened to Nasty Nick.
  13. Unless you go really old and really toxic on the diesel it wouldn't. But you'd be a public health hazard with anything before euro 5. There's half as many moving parts in a hybrid. Nothing ever goes wrong with them. Diesels are notorious for DPF troubles, dual mass flywheel, fuel pump.
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