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  1. The Film Thread

    I think they're both similarly brilliant
  2. The Film Thread

    I assume you've seen:
  3. Next Aston Villa Manager

    That's actually a really good point. Getting Hogan scoring would be a huge boost. Dean Smith obviously knows how to use him. I think we missed out with Maradona.
  4. Actually, the point I was originally making was in response to your list of socialist countries gone bad. That the UK was always quite socialist and still is to an extent was my general point and that we've done OK out of it, and that the steady move to neoliberal capitalism from Thatcher onwards only seems to have changed things for the worse while Nordic socialism seems to have blossomed while we rejected it.
  5. Again? When was the last time? The UK is absolutely socialist. The state owns: The health service The road infrastructure The rail infrastructure Banks State broadcaster Postage service Weather forecast service There's plenty of previously state owned companies that have been privatised, so judging purely by infrastructure, we were more socialist than we currently are but still a mix. But socialism is basically a social concept. It's about cooperation and sharing, rather than individualism. With the social care we have in this country, benefits, state support, welfare, everything, we're absolutely, definitely socialist. I'm afraid I think you're mixing up your definitions, evidenced by your misunderstanding of conflating a political ideology with a type of government.
  6. Quite a leap. The polls skyrocketing and now Labour overtaking Tories suggests that Labour wouldn't have gotten anywhere near. You think any other leader would have caused the biggest increase of vote share since 1945 and a bigger swing than Blair?
  7. Steve Bruce

    This is pretty much it. Just **** attack. I remember Big Ron in a programme said 'I tell the players to have no fear, just attack and express themselves. I'll never tell them off for trying to score.'
  8. Steve Bruce

    With other managers and other teams you can see their ethos, or you can see a particular tactic which plays to their strengths. They set the team up so a centre-forward who is good at knocking on balls will be next to a fast player who runs on to them. Then they'll make sure the centre-backs and midfielders know where the tall player likes it played, while the speedy player will know where to run off. The team is set up around everyone's strengths, based on how effective the manager's choice of style is. It's all pretty basic stuff. I see none of that with Bruce. It seems to be dumbed down to the level of 'we need more goals, go buy a striker who has scored goals', rather than looking at how that player actually scores those goals and working out if they can be effective with the players we already have and the way we look to play football. If we go direct a lot then playing a single striker who is good at arriving late in the box and relies on a big guy next to him isn't going to do a lot. I don't think Bruce gets that, somehow. But the stuff that really outs him as being behind the times is the old-fashioned way of making subs at 70 mins no matter what, and bringing players on at 90 mins to protect a draw rather than go for a win. Really infuriating.
  9. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Netflix stuff, I quickly made this of the not-so-obvious things to watch for someone new to it at work
  10. What do you drive?

    If it's fairly new these are good. Sold my Auris through them https://www.tootle.co.uk/sell-my-car-online
  11. What do you drive?

    I've got the SEAT navi system plus with full link which seems very good all round. Bluetooth with the phone works well. The touch screen is capacitive and is responsive. It has a sensor so when you move your hand near, extra options come up. The Android auto stuff is excellent. Not strictly the stereo but the QI charging phone 'bin' is brilliant.
  12. I like to think I've helped her be honest with herself
  13. What do you drive?

    I'm surprised to see that ingenium powered JLRs aren't near the top of the EQUA list, with how much they've got invested in that engine. Better than lots of Japanese and Korean stuff though. It seems VAG have gotten their act together the most.