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  1. re the interview, the question was that Dean Smith had said Jack has an encyclopaedic knowledge of football. Jack didn't know what that phrase meant. I have no doubt he knows what an encyclopaedia is, he just hadn't heard of it in that context before. Playing tonight, if he starts it's at the expense of Foden who wasn't great last match despite hitting the post early on. Otherwise he probably comes on at 60 mins and then starts the next game.
  2. Yep and it's likely Tyrone starts. And when Southgate is sacked, England will probably come calling for Dean
  3. I really hope Jack starts so we get to see the two 7s battling it out. It'll be absolutely fascinating and it'll give the coverage a big narrative 'battle of the Aston Villa attacking midfield'
  4. Yeah those were the local issues I was alluding to. I'm not aware of the extent but apparently a lot is about local planning nimbyism and anti-HS2 sentiment.
  5. I keep seeing the reason given as tactical voting. Wrong thread for Labour but where's the evidence for that? Why isn't it simply that Labour have been squeezed out in a Tory/Lib Dem seat? You don't have 10,500 people out of 11,000 who voted Labour in 2017 deciding to tactically vote.
  6. Astounding figures. Apparently some local issues. Nationally, Labour should be seriously worried because the Tories have got plenty to fall back on.
  7. I'm not sure what's happening with the virus at the moment. If you look at things like this it's all doom and gloom. Apparently we're definitely in a 3rd wave: And you look at the new cases, it looks similar to the beginning of September According to the previous trends, you will then see hospital admissions rising a week or so later, and then deaths rising 2 to 3 weeks later. Hospitals yes, a bit: Deaths, not yet at least: So the data would seem to support the expectation that we'll get the unvaccinated passing it around and getting infected, some
  8. You can ask the club but I'm pretty sure they'd want it themselves to buy other players and stuff
  9. Apples and Oranges I think The >95% I was referring to was deaths. And even hospital admissions are in the 90s. The 60% figure is just for infection (I assume to mean any kind of symptoms whatsoever). (same article as above):
  10. Yep. AZ is an attenuated chimp derived Adenovirus vector delivered vaccine. It's the older more established way of delivering spike proteins via a limping half dead virus that your body doesn't have a problem dealing with. A bit like IVF or Jurassic Park using elephant eggs to grow dinosaur embryos. Your body sees the spike protein and mounts an immune response: turn up the heating to cook it, call the cavalry etc. The body creates the mRNA and antibodies from the immune response. mRNA skips the immune response and simply produces antibodies from the mRNA delivered.
  11. I can't see anyone on this page referring to him as anything but that?
  12. I never really watch football outside of the premier League or even villa for that matter so I've never seen Mbappe before but whoah is he a player. It could well be England v France in the final and it could be an amazing match.
  13. I dunno, I saw a few things where it looked like they had no consideration for the safety of the opponent. Like a load of Ben Mees. They keep going like that and somebody is going to get hurt.
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