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  1. Hopefully. All the noises sound good.
  2. I knew it would then out that Jezza caused all this. He turned them into Britain haters.
  3. Law of averages and the fact that wealthy people have more free time to get bored and look at football sites. Plus he seems a *big* fan so would definitely be looking for opinions, reactions etc. Or he might might feel that dropping a palace IP into the access logs might be a bit too risky. I was joking about Hanks. I'm sure he's just as much of an Aston Hamilla fan as Cameron.
  4. Actually only 12 yesterday and 0 today because they can't yet count today The 65 is historically added deaths to the total. Yesterday it was 124,501 and today the total is 124,566. Those 65 could have been from any time so it doesn't mean much to the situation right now. But.. it's probably about right. I'm having to do a polynomial trend now because the rate of decrease has slowed down slightly. I've removed data for the last 3 days because it's incomplete and very low (https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/deaths click the data tab). Then again, it may not actually be incomplet
  5. You still won't admit you don't understand it
  6. Everyone apart from Cash and Wesley looks to be back for this one. They have Wilson, Saint-Maximin and Almiron out. Their only 3 half decent players. We really should be smashing these.
  7. Yep. May or may not be a coincidence. Similar to the coincidence in not making the list. Which is a shame because I'm convinced he's an active user on here along with Tom Hanks.
  8. Apparently not. There's a huge omission in this list
  9. They're both probably pretty (no longer) royally pissed off with the firm. I think we all would be. They're out of the way of the British press though. Who cares if they have a frenzy. It might and probably will backfire on the press. I doubt I'd take it lying down either. I'm quite surprised by who it is who is likely to have questioned what colour the baby would be. I always thought they were pretty modern and progressive.
  10. Just for the final scene I'm bumping it up to 6.5/10 If they could get Dan Aykroyd to do it, I reckon Trading Places would've been better to do a return to.
  11. Ramsey hasn't yet had a good game. He's tidy in possession but can't really compete with Barkley for almost any part of his game.
  12. It'll be a bit more open and expansive than Sheffield United, which will suit us. We can't break teams down but we can get in behind them at speed. Martinez Elmo Konsa Mings Targett Luiz McGinn Barkley Traore Watkins El Ghazi Is probably what I would go with. I've never seen Kesler(?) play so have no idea if he'd be any good. I'd be tempted to put Trezeguet on the right and put Traore on the left for some left foot crossing but not sure. If we're going to be breaking we need Mc
  13. Definitely earned a start against Wolves. Looked closer to fitness against Sheffield United and proved that he is still the best technical player behind Grealish. He was the reason we kept possession so effectively to pen them in but no-one can force a goal against a team so desperate to defend a 1 goal lead.
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