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  1. I think there's a lot of crossover now anyway so what I might be referring to as a hybrid is closer to a flat bar gravel bike anyway. I just remember my Specialized Sirrus as being poor at everything but I think modern hybrids will come with wider tyres as standard and more gravel/adventure geometry.
  2. Yeah it's why the Oxford one being confirmed as 'it works' is a major breakthrough because it's just the same as the flu vaccine which they administer to old and vulnerable every winter anyway.
  3. Hybrids are awful. The worst of both worlds. They have skinny tyres like a road bike so you can only go on roads and good surfaces and flat bars so it's not a quick bike when you're on the roads. Gravel/cyclocross/adventure bikes are the opposite. Drop bars with hydraulic/disc brakes, big fat tyres and wide gear sets. They're the best of all worlds and what I most recently bought to use for anything my road bike can't do. This will be perfect: https://www.halfords.com/bikes/adventure-bikes/boardman-adv-8.9-mens-adventure-bike-2021---s-m-l-xl-frames-389606.html?utm_medium=affiliate&am
  4. I was dubious about VAR at the start because it was always obvious that even after hours of watching slow motion replays of an incident, people still can't agree. So I'm not sure what problem VAR was supposed to be solving, because it certainly can't be used to decide tight or subjective calls. In fact, the best decisions seem to be the ones made in real time speed at the time. Once you slow things down they start to look different. The only justification I can see for VAR is an off the ball incident which the ref or assistant refs didn't see. Or perhaps if the ref has got something
  5. I love that show. Made even better being narrated by Dwight K Schrute.
  6. Yes and I agree with everything you've said. Right up until the point where you're blaming the left who it's now being shown from various sources (Buzzfeed, Labour leaks) were the ones trying to sort it out against a hostile party machine. The EHRC report acknowledges this. Corbyn pushed for Livingstone to be suspended: (from the EHRC report) As I've previously said, the support for mural was apologised for. The irony comments were directed at 2 specific individuals, Millett and Hoffman, who had been arrested banned from parliament. The wreath laying was for a bus full of Palest
  7. This is an absolute statement "Darren, your post doesn't really say anything. You might think it does but it doesn't"
  8. Well that's a great start. Telling me you're right and I'm wrong no matter what I think. I think that level of condescension is beneath you. You're welcome to rephrase it. As for the rest of your reply, the initial complaint was received by the Labour Party on 4th November 2016. It's in the timeline on that page. We don't know how much of it was done before Formby took over but a suspension is an instant process (see Corbyn) and doesn't need 18 months to plan and stage. Therefore the only logical conclusion is that the previous GS did nothing and Formby took instant action. I fail to see
  9. Here's the anatomy of a particularly nasty case of antisemitism in the Labour Party https://www.lileftalliance.org/2020/07/28/the-petition/ You'll notice that the responsibility here (as it always is) was with the Head of Disputes and the General Secretary. They ignored that case for 2 years. I'm not sure why you're focusing on the people who were prevented from cleaning it up rather than the people who actually sat on sickening stuff like this and ignored it. 2 years of nothing and then as soon as Jennie Formby (part of the "little rag tag band") becomes the GS, this happens:
  10. Next summer will be crazy with a lot of things but I think there will be a huge economic boost from all of the people out doing stuff.
  11. As @HanoiVillan says, it's the report that Starmer commissioned to get the facts about the leaked dossier. The original dossier was to be presented to the EHRC for inclusion in their investigation to give context and hopefully change it from a 'lets blame the left' to 'you need your heads banging together' and (I'm projecting a little) move the narrative from 'the left are raving antisemites' to 'the Labour party are structurally unable to deal with racism'. I've read that Martin Forde QC is highly respected and won't pull any punches so it could be quite damaging to both factions.
  12. It sounds like the sparks will be flying in a few weeks when the Forde inquiry is published https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/nov/22/labour-infighting-inquiry-damaging-starmers-position
  13. Assuming you're referring to me, can you explain what you mean here?
  14. Not really my point though. I hesitate to go over this too much in the wrong thread but the point I was making was if the previous leader was the problem then surely the party would have more potential voters now i.e the polls would be higher. But they're still not higher than Labour were polling under the previous leader. https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2018/07/18/voting-intention-conservatives-36-labour-41-16-17-
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