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  1. Has anyone ever had strange bids like this one? £101M for a random youth player. I can't see anything about him that says hes going to be special.
  2. Was just about to post the same I thought it was being messed with when i first seen it.
  3. Final day and i secured a champions league spot while also saving Villa and relegating the scum.
  4. This is the best player that has came out of my academy and my save is in 2031. The rest are championship players at best.
  5. Got him from Middlesborough, cost around £20m. He was 17 years old at the time, but worth it.
  6. Oh i hear that. Just check out the physicals on this guy. I love him.
  7. Our asda had crowd control staff working in there today. Must have been utter madness for them to bring in crowd control staff. I spoke to a mate today and he said he was at the zoo...Some people still don't take it seriously.
  8. I don't understand the new Tesco rules. Max 3 of any item? So 3 single bananas? What if i buy those bananas in the plastic bags, so 3 of those bags is like 15-18 bananas.
  9. Tbh, the cashier in Aldi did tell us today that they had plenty of stock, but everyone they put it out people keep clearing the shelf.
  10. Fair few people in Aldi today getting told to put things like toilet paper and kids nappies back as they were trying to buy too many. Woman in the queue was rummaging through her purse, she takes a £5 note out and puts it in her mouth while she counts the rest of her money. Some people just won't change their bad/poor hygiene habits.
  11. I think as you get a better team together the mentality of the other teams change. I noticed when i started with Villa, teams would attack me to hell. Now when i play Liverpool or City, they sit back abit more. Teams lower down seem to be super defensive.
  12. I have gotten pretty lucky with free transfers. I got chiesa and Havertz on free transfers. I sold Havertz for £200m and Chiesa for £150m. I just keep picking up any half decent players on free's and sell them off after a season or two. If any players are transfer listed for cheap, ill snap them up, either loan them out for a season and sell them or just rotate them with my squad and sell them off.
  13. Haaland wanted out on my save. Was complaining about me selling a player and wouldn't sign a new contract. He was on his last year so i cashed in and bought it this guy on a free. He's not the best, but decent back up and free. Also just hit £1b bank balance.
  14. I'm thinking about cashing in on Haaland. He's my club top scorer, but the regens are so much better
  15. 2030, that is a new stadium with an upgrade just completed. At max capacity I think I can make it biggest in the league.
  16. Second biggest stadium in the league now. Think i can upgrade it once more before its at max.
  17. Budget was tight in my first season. So didn't have much room to let players go without leaving the squad pretty short. Second season is where i started to really change the squad.
  18. I've fallen into my old habit of buying too many good young players. I have 3 right backs, all could walk into any team. Two I've been trying to rotate and the other has been out on loan at juve for a few seasons.
  19. I was in my second season. Lucky for me he was still at Salzburg
  20. Did you see the angle on the second goal? Crazy.
  21. Also check this offer i got from Barcelona. £2m under his value. Roles reversed and id get quoted near 200m
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