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  1. Game still suspended. Cant see Marseille coming back out to finish this game.
  2. Part of me hopes he flops, but that's just me being bitter.
  3. hmm, no new transfer then?
  4. Hate football sometimes. Just when you get something good going the big dogs come and strip it away. Contracts don't mean nothing when he's already off just one year into a new contract.
  5. Jeez! Is she still involved in all these fake transfer ITK stuff?
  6. Daniel


    There is a website/addon that you can install on firefox and chrome that detects if amazon sellers and reviews are genuine https://www.fakespot.com/
  7. If this incident was between two other drivers there would be no mention of it.
  8. Is that the first direct free kick scored all tournament?
  9. Kane had 11 passes and Jack made 16. Harry Kane was totally anonymous.
  10. It's just sooo boring. Southgate is very lucky it's still 0-0
  11. Has Kane had a shot on target over the two games yet? Gonna struggle in games if we can't get our goalscorer having chances.
  12. Wow, those young lads coming on towards the end gave me something to be excited about.
  13. Wont be long before they score. They're all over us now.
  14. These missed chances are really going to hurt us.
  15. That's a few times where Davis has come on and changed a game this season.
  16. Tottenham right now
  17. Wonder if this is legit? If so, popcorn time
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