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  1. He will be complete poison even if we don't play him. If no buyers have been found upon closure of the window, then the club must bite the bullet and pay off the remainder of his contract.
  2. Loaning him out only holds value without an option to buy included.
  3. A £100m transfer budget, reportedly.
  4. I wouldn't have even minded this appointment if we were still a Premier League club and I highly doubt Di Matteo would have joined without the takeover. Tempting Clarke to return to a number two role adds to a sense of ambition behind this project. A truly huge challenge and literally no time to spare. I do hope we can begin making some moves in the market before Xia's takeover is ratified - if we are still a couple of weeks away from that as suggested.
  5. Don't care. Piss off in the summer mate.
  6. Isa

    Jordan Ayew

    I'd assume so. Particularly the players who were considered 'coups' and had interest from other clubs. They were joining a club that finished 17th last season so the agents would have to be pretty poor at what they do not to have installed an easy get-out in the event of relegation.
  7. He seems to have forgotten how he was playing before Garde's arrival. Thick little gobshite.
  8. Gana is probably our best player and I'm sure there will be no shortage of interest in the summer. However, articles like the one above attempting to place his performances on par with Kante's are nothing short of laughable.
  9. I said he wasn't proven as a centre-back. Recall a few others who went further and categorically said he wasn't a centre-back, based on what they had seen at Fiorentina or wherever.
  10. In theory, I'm open to him remaining. Next season would represent a new situation where he'd have a preseason and a rebuild of the squad. But I do fear he may be broken from this season and if so, perhaps in everybody's interests to go into next season with a clean slate.
  11. I think Sunderland were a few points adrift themselves, there was huge pressure on them for that game. It was calculated at the time that we'd have needed something like top-six form until the season's end to have reached 38 points. We weren't conceivably going to go on that sort of run even with a few signings. So yeah, we were effectively relegated by January which is why I don't make it about the window. The damage was already done.
  12. Garde forfeited his right to significant January funds when he failed to win any games leading up to January. Everyone said when he joined that he needed to keep us in contention first, then we could strengthen in the window and give ourselves a chance. He didn't. Instead we were seven points adrift of 19th (let alone 17th) on New Years' Day. The window became superfluous at that point. Edit: It's not like the board didn't try for anyone either. We were shafted with the Kalinic decision and did try for Garde's major target in Doumbia. Again, if he had won a couple of games, the lat
  13. Isa

    Jordan Ayew

    I'll hold my hands up, I prematurely judged him based on what I remembered of him at Marseille but he is actually decent. I'd prefer him to play wide as he isn't best suited to leading the line but given the situation with our forwards, we don't really have a choice.
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