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  1. We're a Championship club, whereas West Ham are not. That alone makes comparing those two fees pretty pointless. West Ham wouldn't have got anywhere near £10m in our situation.
  2. Not really relevant to the point, is it?
  3. His form was very good under Lambert? I must have missed that part. He played exactly the same as he does now.
  4. I'll never forgive the club if they don't accept that bid on the spot.
  5. Oh, don't get me wrong, I meant 'primitive' irrespective of whether the style is offensive or defensive, possession or non-possession etc. I don't think even Pulis would build around this guy.
  6. Gestede had a poor record at literally every club (including Cardiff in the Championship) other than Blackburn, who represent an anomaly in his career. That's likely down to them being the only team to set up in a sufficiently primitive manner to utilise the few strengths he does possess. So we'd have to attempt similar, to the detriment of everything else and in any case, you simply don't base your entire system on accomodating a clogger like him. If he sticks around, he can be a Plan B battering ram, nothing more.
  7. If we're still left with Gestede up front, it will have been a desperately bad window. I'm confident we won't be.
  8. He will be complete poison even if we don't play him. If no buyers have been found upon closure of the window, then the club must bite the bullet and pay off the remainder of his contract.
  9. Loaning him out only holds value without an option to buy included.
  10. Speak for yourself. I have more time for Alex McLeish than I do for that cretin of a manager.
  11. He was one of Sunderland's better performers before dipping towards the end. Also competent when filling in at City. Not sure why it's being so negatively received.
  12. 'Champions League'-gate with Bacuna didn't really bother me much anyway. As for the others, possibly Richards. Lescott, nah. Gabby absolutely in no uncertain terms must kindly piss off. I've never detested a Villa player more. Edit: Forgot about Guzan...aaaand nope.
  13. Isa

    Paddy Riley

    Clearly not a popular opinion but I'd retain Riley in a more basic scouting position. To me he seems like a decent scout who can make good recommendations.
  14. The question marks over Guzan and the debate over whether we needed a new number one had begun months before his dropping by Sherwood.
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