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  1. Time to lose the small club mentality. Spurs can be up for it all they want but on current form they are an inferior team, and aside from Kane (who is unmotivated) and Son lack any real standout players. We have nothing to fear.
  2. Yes I knew he was a great finisher but he's a much better footballer than I'd appreciated too. Got very unlucky with his injuries at Liverpool, he could have been a big player there for years. Very astute.
  3. Yes thought Luiz was great again. Vindicating our call not to go back into the market, will make a huge difference to our season if he can maintain this form.
  4. I loved Jack but I think it's fair to say the three signings we've made will massively overdeliver on the numbers he had. Grealish was brilliant for game control and threat but Ings numbers so far in terms of goals and assists is way above Jack and with Buendia and Bailey to boot we have a far stronger squad.
  5. I can't watch Dean's pre match press conference. 'Exclusive content' apparently. It wasn't last week and I'm a Claret member. Is this right?
  6. I'm happy for him. We're a long way off giving him the platform his talent deserves. I hope we get there, but even if he'd stayed it would have been a long shot within his peak years. £100m will do us nicely, and he could light up the Champions League this year and be rightly recognised as one of Europe's most exciting players.
  7. Sounds like Calvert Lewin will be out. They are beatable and we could do with a win.
  8. Could do with beating Everton really, will give us a big lift. United will be tough but the three afterwards are all winnable. I'd be very happy with 7 points.
  9. Well in Danny. He's made a great start. I'm really excited about our attacking line up once everyone is properly fit and firing.
  10. It won't be a fight for survival. We have a top 8 squad. But we may not get top 8 due to the circumstances. We could be bottom 6 at Christmas and people need to act like adults and not shit themselves if we are.
  11. You'd advise him to win more games? How much do you charge for that?
  12. I'm enjoying supporting Grealish again. Doesn't quite feel the same but he's so lovely to watch.
  13. Agree, there's something in this. We have a crop coming through that could set us up very nicely for the long term. It's in our interests to support their development, even if it costs us a few points this term. I don't think Europe is out of the question this season but it's probably unlikely. If we can keep most of the squad together next summer, which I expect we will, we should only need a small handful of signings and can focus on real quality to help us take the next step, which will hopefully include giving some of this current crop of young players the platform to play in Europe over the next few years.
  14. We need a big season from him given lack of midfield reinforcements. Last couple of game he's been decent, hopefully can keep it up.
  15. Is Ireogbunam someone who could play first team this season do we think? Given our need for a DM...
  16. I guess our willingness to sell might depend on Konsa's injury. If he's out for a few months that leaves us a lot shorter at the back given Axel is one of the cover options at RB.
  17. Another one here v impressed with Dougie today. I'm not always a fan but if he can keep this up we might not miss that DM a lot of us have been calling for so much.
  18. Deano is an absolute legend who has stepped up to every challenge he has been set so far. Promotion - done Survival - done Progress - done He has proven himself adaptable, intelligent and forward thinking. This off season and early season has been a mess for reasons outside his control. Every manager would struggle with the hand he's been dealt. I couldn't be more confident that he will overcome these challenges, as he has all those before, but clearly patience is going to be needed this term for what should be obvious reasons.
  19. I would have loved the win today but given the team we had to put out it's not a terrible result. People need to be patient with us this season. I don't expect us to really kick into gear for a few months still. Not the managers fault one bit - circumstance has not been our friend these last few months.
  20. Yeah Tuanzebe was good. Got forward a lot as well oddly.
  21. Let's see whether he actually goes before we turn on him. Personally I'll be very unimpressed with him and Buendia if they go. You should respect your primary employer first and foremost.
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