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  1. Good point. If ronaldo goals had dried up by 20% he would be not even in the convo where as messi would be the best number 10
  2. He was mom but was not up to much in 4 other finals. Messi overshadowed him in 1 & bale overshadowed him in another wheresas messi has been the best player on the pitch in each cl final he has played in
  3. Champions league isn't a direct comparison. La liga is the only comparison that is fair ronaldo has never been the best player in a cl final. Was anonymous for 1 for Utd and 2 for madrid. If you watch Madrid games you will know he is usually the match winner but not the best player
  4. Ronaldo currently is the number 1 goalscorer messi is number 2 goalscorer. Number 1 assists,playmaker,vision,passing,dribbling & 1v1 ronaldo doing it at the biggest club in each league he's played in does not give him extra credit the real comparison is their records in la liga when they were in direct competition. In this comparison it's not even close
  5. The two projects above would £250 each be a good start?
  6. In your humble opinion would £500 each in Bitcoin, ark & eretheum be a sound long term investment?
  7. If I buy 1 etherium coin do I store it in my myetherwallet account or is it safe in my coin base account? cheers
  8. Cheers has anyone to the plunge on ark yet?
  9. How/where do you buy ark coins?
  10. dakid007

    Negril, Jamaica

    Dunns river falls
  11. dakid007

    Negril, Jamaica

    Ricks cafe is fun
  12. dakid007


    Arsenal squad is poor. Arsene is trying to recreate his era of buying unknowns and turning them into the invicibles. Arsenal need a LB,CB,RW & ST of the highest quality. they have way too many average players who I couldn't even picture getting another deal at top 10 prem clubs
  13. Not a single team is scared to come to villa park. We have over rated over paid player who come from smaller teams and come to villa park / bodymoor Heath and think they've hit the jackpot. ive seen a lot of these stadiums/ training grounds as my son plays for a academy and villa is in the top 10 in England
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