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  1. That's fine but then you are essentially saying that how we discuss formations, prioritising the attacking phase, is nonsense, which is debatable to a degree, and average position doesn't matter. On Saturday we set up with a back 3, with a centre half and two wide backs, and the 'wing-backs' pushed further up the pitch to create a midfield line of 5. Yes, in the defensive phase they would often drop deeper to form a back 5, but you wouldn't call a 4-4-2 a 6-2-2 just because the wingers drop in the defensive phase to mark the space around the touchline. It was a 3-5-2.
  2. I agree with most of this right up to the point where you are seemingly blaming Buendia. It's odd, because otherwise you seem to understand that the situation was ridiculous and the lad himself had no real say or choice if he wants to be considered for his country in the future.
  3. I am using 'fine' in the loosest sense of the word. Fine with the compromise itself rather than the actual facts of the matter. Aston Villa have virtually no control over when FIFA schedule international football matches and they absolutely must understand their players desire to represent their country. If they don't, then what signal does that send? So fine is not the optimum word for it, but use your imagination.
  4. It was 100% a 3-5-2. Cash and Targett were playing as wingers, in the more traditional sense. They were definitely not full backs.
  5. I'm not sure why we're still arguing about the Argentina thing. The club, players and Argentine FA reached a compromise that everybody (on the outside) seemed fine with. That's the end of it I am sure. Buendia isn't being punished. Martinez walked straight back into the team, for one.
  6. Gary Weaver and Daniel Mann are the same bloke I’m sure of it. Both very good at what they do, but Gary is a little more poetic. This has to be his work.
  7. Mugged me right off he has. There are still clear kinks to his game that need ironing out, I feel like he gets in and around the box and melts into a puddle of disappointment and rejection. Possibly just needs to relax a little, because he can handle a ball. Hopefully it will come, otherwise he will find it a struggle to push on in any meaningful way, but his talent is obvious now as is my stupidity.
  8. To some. To me it was more surprising that a player who could look so utterly dominant over a sustained period, albeit only 20 games or so, could eventually and deservedly so lose his place in the starting XI to Marvelous Nakamba. This will continue to be a worry until he has done it over a much longer period of time. But I think, possibly because of where he came from and the pedigree he came with, and that this is his third season in the shirt, we forget that he’s still only 23 and will be all season long. Yes, some players are brilliant from day dot, but for others consistency in particular comes with time. Especially in such a challenging position.
  9. The formation yesterday choked Everton half to death, and created the conditions for a player like Bailey to come in and strike the fatal blow. So whilst the attacking guile may have been missing for much of the first half in particular, the old adage that games are 90 minutes long has rarely been more clear.
  10. With two hard working, combative midfielders in front of him, who require constant attention in their own right, he has that extra half a second of time to see the pitch open up in front of him. The more options he has available to him the better player he will be, because his issue has never been ability on the ball.
  11. Nope, none at all. Which is why it feels important that he doesn’t allow somebody else to speak for him. We all know how fickle football supporters can be.
  12. Does anyone know the actual quote here before I start laying in to the guy? Regardless, I wish he would let Leon speak for himself. And I hope Leon appreciates that no one player of bigger than the club.
  13. He must have presented fine after the first knock. Concussion isn’t like breaking a leg, it can take some time to show itself. Labelling the medical staff as a disgrace when you’ve absolutely no idea what the circumstances were is ludicrous. This desire to remove all risk from contact sport is also completely unrealistic.
  14. And that is exactly what I meant when I said that on balance what he brings to the team, and the club, far outweighs the errors.
  15. Have you ever tried kicking a football before?
  16. Tyrone Mings is a fantastic defender, good enough to play centre half for his tier 1 country in a tournament. He makes the occasional mistake, enough that his has been highlighted as an obvious weakness. Something he absolutely should be, and probably is, working on every single day. But on balance, what he brings to the club far outweighs those errors. For where we are, and for where we want to be. If you don't believe me, David Luiz has 102 appearances in Europe with four different clubs under a multitude of managers. To go with 57 caps for Brazil, a Premier League title, two Ligue 1 titles, a Champions League medal and a couple of Europa League medals. He is also laughed at for his silly hair and his occasional lapses in concentration, but just like Tyrone, his other strengths far outweighed those moments to the point he was still wanted by Real Madrid this summer. At 34 years old.
  17. They can say that, but it's absolute bollocks isn't it?
  18. Trying to predict where we will be in 7 years is a fools errand. Obviously I would be delighted with a left sided Kaine Kesler to compliment and force the issue, but Targett is absolutely "for the long term" back in the real world.
  19. He was voted players player of the year last season. Do you think he won that award through his inconsistency? He has come on leaps and bounds since he joined the club. An injury, a non-existent pre-season and a shit 45 minutes don't change that for me.
  20. Interesting signing this. I think people have, understandably, expected that he's coming in to keep his bro happy. But having already made his first team debut and with a bit of seasoning at League One level behind him, he can't be here to **** around. He kinda has to hit the ground running, or his stay will be a short one. Mission accomplished so far.
  21. Good to see trans men playing mens football at a high level.
  22. He was laughing at the ridiculous press coverage.
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