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  1. I can actually see a little where Villalad is coming from for once. Ronaldo in the euros from open play did little v France and especially Belgium who low blocked him and he's obviously not the same player who last played in the prem who can dribble for fun and score 25 yarders. Also remember watching Juve play Inter right back at the end of last season and they subbed Ronaldo as soon as they went down to 10 men as he can't press that well at all now given his age (also took off with 15 minutes left in CL in similar situation) although the chances of us getting a 10 man Man. United is pretty remote (and we'd still probably lose). Last two months of last season the main reason Juve scraped into 4th in the end was how good Chiesa was (as he also showed in the euros) not what Ronaldo did especially. He's still very good in the air though so would be tempted to bring in Hause to deal with him from set pieces if we stick with back 3 although think we'll go back to 4-3-3.
  2. I remember that game...2 up with likes of Bannan and Hogg in midfield and we played them off the pitch and also hit the post a few times. Then they scored that goal out of nowhere and got it back to 2-2 a minute later. We were also 2 up v them at home in Lambert's first season and playing really well and Hernandez came on and scored a hat trick or something ridiculous. It just seeps into the mind really as we're always more confident playing likes of Chelsea and Liverpool even though both arguably have better all round teams than Man. United. In fairness we haven't played too badly v them at Old Trafford since we came back up, unlucky not to win there in our first season and we really pushed them last year aswell. Key for this weekend is basically ban Luiz from going within 10 yards of Pogba once he enters the box and hopefully Martinez dosen't spill a shot into six yard box for Ronaldo to tap in as that's basically been his goals so far. Do that and we may only concede two while I'd fancy us to bag at least one on the break as they're vulnerable to counter attacks so far this season.
  3. Really really frustrating if that's true. Was hoping given he knows his own body better than anyone him saying he didn't think things were too bad was an o.k sign. Would be good weapon on counter attack v Man. United and potential match winner v Spurs. Think how well we do this season relies on how often we get him on the pitch as I rate his quality way higher than Buendia in how he can impact in the bigger games we play this season. Edit: Hope it dosen't play out like Barkley. Pulled up v Brighton in middle of November and then wasn't seen again until late January even though DS said he'd be back for xmas fixtures. Bailey out for something like two months would slow our progress big time.
  4. Nah you long for the championship from what I remember last season. So was just an irony post about that. Would take one 3-0 win over Everton compared to ten 3-0 wins over Rotherham or Bolton as well that's what we've been doing for much of our history. We will finish much higher than 15th-17th anyway as already we've coped o.k with quite a difficult list of injuries and absent players. That's still to hit a few teams around us.
  5. Watford are doing o.k aren't they, beat us and Norwich so that's the results they need to get 17th or above. Bruce would be obvious but Ashley seems determined to keep him at all costs just to spite off the Geordies even more so that will probably be end of the season and he walks out instead. Wonder how many more games Norwich will lose before Farke comes under any sort of pressure. I know Norwich are happy to be a yo yo team nowadays but surely there's got to be some sort of attempt to stay up. He couldn't survive 10 straight losses this season surely?
  6. Wasn't it just they lost Pickford on morning of the game so had one less player travelling? Perhaps they were going to name two keepers on the bench which a few prem teams have done since they went to 9 subs so wasn't worth bothering bringing another keeper down the M6.
  7. Brighton are going to be that surprise team by looks of it. Very solid start to the season so scoring at times they didn't last year and making a big difference. Will be a good battle with them as soon goes on.
  8. You never know with @AVTuco....hopefully yesterday has convinced him we'd done enough to rise up to giddy heights of 16th in May which should be enough to finish above Spurs, Everton and Newcastle this season.
  9. Stop talking about you know who. Bailey is levels about someone like Trez or El Ghazi, that's how you improve the first 11 and we've done it. Just need to get him starting every week.
  10. I've always been surprised why over last two years we haven't played combo of Nakamba-Luiz-McGinn more. That's the closest we have to what Liverpool do e.g. three similar midfielders who can all press in three different midfield positions. Even in 2019-20 we only played it a couple of times and seemed to write it off after losing to Liverpool at home when all three played. Obviously more difficult to do now with all our good attacking options to fit in and also how good Ramsey has been so far and he can fill the 8 role aswell.
  11. Good weekend for us anyway. We have 0% chance of finishing above Man. United or Chelsea. However Everton, West Ham and Spurs good starts to the season are fading so hopefully will continue next few weeks and we can go above both. Leicester have lost three games already aswell so they don't seem as strong as last few years either. Think the top 4 will be miles ahead of everyone and below that it will be some scrap for 5th-8th positions, will be very open imo.
  12. Chelsea strolled this second half. Kane properly handed in his notice aswell, funny to watch in a way.
  13. Been same at likes of Walsall. I know it's a lower level but he obviously puts the time in really looking at characters of players we want to sign and seen in last decade it's not an easy thing to do. What I love about someone like Bailey coming in is he has the mentality and swagger of wanting to really win, look at how he was demanding the ball as soon as he came on yesterday. Key is always having a good squad of people and 2-3 players who really lift standards and drive players on so Bailey, Mings and Martinez are three of those and would be good to sign a couple more in next few windows. Not just content to finish 8th-9th but want to play in europe and win trophies. That will finally be how we push on as a club to the mythical next level.
  14. Think we'll be above Spurs in two weeks time. Get the first goal v them and they're pretty clueless what to do.
  15. Think it's more the hype train from the press since he signed. He's obviously still a great player but this idea he's just going to stroll Man. United to league title is a bit OTT I think as there are simply better all round teams in prem. Said it above but Ronaldo top scorer and Man. United finshing 3rd or 4th and potentially winning nothing would be hilarious and I don't think it's too far fetched so that's the pros and cons of signing him.
  16. What a great CB Silva is. Strolled through it today and probably scored the winner. He starts 30 games this season, Chelsea win the league.
  17. Depends who's interested. Guess a few europa league clubs will think he's a decent pick up, Roma were sort of rumoured so that's the type who'd probably look at him. 1 year left on his deal next summer so we would have to sell otherwise his value really would drop. Guess that's why we were looking at Ward Prowse as that type is similar although I really think Luiz has so much potential it's untrue. Hopefully we keep him and he keeps on kicking on as he's been very sharp since returning this season which is pleasing.
  18. 7 points from 5 with our issues is fine, small sample but on course for another 50 + point season which has to be the target and would surely get us in the top half. We are slowly improving and I'm looking forward to next 5-6 games now as think we can get points out of all of them bar Man. United away for obvious reasons.
  19. Chelsea could actually play Ross Barkley v us which would be amusing. I thought they hadn't registered him in prem squad but he was on the bench last weekend. Probably will start likes of Chilwell and Hudson-Odoi who haven't played much this season. Saul Niguez starting again would be good for us.
  20. I would be surprised if he started. He hasn't played since early April and you've seen how cautious we've been with Bailey so far. Sanson will be more of 20 minute sub cameos when he finally returns. Think we'll just continue with usual midfield options or even place Buendia in there.
  21. Stupid from West Ham. They had no one on the pitch who couldn't take that?! De Gea with first penalty save since 2016!
  22. Good strike by Lingard. Why didn't West Ham just sign him? Probably could've got him for 25m and they signed Zouma instead.
  23. Indeed. Man. United are really very average in central midfield. I mean the two they started with today aren't better than McGinn and Luiz. Rice been running through them so easily in second half. What will happen is Ronaldo will be prem top scorer and they'll finish 10 points off Chelsea.
  24. Above took the words out of my mouth. They simply don't look like keeping a clean sheet anytime soon, was same story two years back when they were o.k scoring goals up to March. Guess it dosen't fit their transfer model but they could really do with a Gary Cahill type experienced calming head there as they're too easily dragged out of position out of possession. Compare it to Brentford who signed Ajer and are doing fine at the back so far.
  25. Buendia, Traore, Watkins, El Ghazi all start for me. Shows the difference in depth to this time last year when we'd put Kienan out. Would rather Bailey gets a full week's training so on the bench here. Would imagine Axel will play given he won't next league match. Should go strong as think we've got the squad depth now to seriously challenge in two competitions and this is obviously easier to reach final of than FA cup. No way Chelsea will be full strength so good chance of us to turn them over and given us more confidence for the season.
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