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  1. Yep, constant mistakes costing us wins and points, how **** dare we! probably because it's blindingly obvious that his changes are at fault. There have been far more negative impacts as a result of his changes than there have been positive.Its not inconceivable that a manager of an organisation genuinely doesn't have a clue. Ive worked under a number of them. I believe our football team has one. There's just a few. Reactionary rubbish at it's best.This guy is breath of fresh air for Villa. He saved us last season. He's bought a whole new squad and before the season started people were
  2. He's a idiot. We was clearly getting over run and Instead of bringing veretout pm to shore things up and calm everything down he opts for ayew. He cost us this game and it's not acceptable.. Furious!!
  3. Her was on the bench last night. Might not be that bad afterall.
  4. Big Baggies fan isn't he? Seemed to love it when the first half of the Delph saga kicked off in Portugal. What he churns out isn't worth the recycled paper it's written on. I can confirm he is a baggies fan
  5. Be Richard or GTFO Well as iv said welcome maybe most people will believe I know something I clearly don't.
  6. It's looking likely isn't it? So I'm gonna say welcome, just so you all think I know something I don't.
  7. The De Bruyne who doesn't play centre mid?
  8. The blokes as good as dead to me. word removed word removed word removed word removed word removed word removed word removed **** word removed!!!!
  9. word removed. word removed...... word removed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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