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  1. Spoony

    Matty Cash

    That’s fair enough. But personally if I found out I were 1/50th Tanzanian and that was enough to play for Tanzania and they wanted me, I’d be there. Representing any country must be amazing. Plus who wouldn’t want Tanzanian Instagram in their lives…
  2. Spoony

    Dean Smith

    It’s actually hard to come up with a more boring name. It’s the kind of name you’d use as an offhand example. ”Say there was this guy…I dunno, let’s call him Dean Smith…”
  3. Spoony

    Dean Smith

    It’s so nice seeing the same manager all the time. I have so much faith in him that we could be smacked 8-0 and him not being the one wouldn’t cross my mind. Usually we’d have been through 3-4 by now during his tenure but he just is the Villa manager. Hope he can Fergie it and end up with a statue.
  4. I obviously detest Liverpool as I’m human, but that isn’t fair. I’ve been watching their games recently because they’re ALWAYS entertaining and tbf the atmosphere always sounds louder and more electric at Anfield than other grounds. Those two things are quite possibly interconnected though - crazy and entertaining games = electric atmosphere.
  5. Wow Villa fans can bicker about literally anything. Good to have him back. Will take some time for him to get back up to speed and in a new system and once he does he will obviously smash it because he is class.
  6. Spoony

    Norwich City

    Norwich should be banned from the premier league. No offence to them but it always seems a waste of a space. If they win the championship they should just get a free £10 bet on SkyBet and that trophy of that guy climbing out of a ball.
  7. Hardly surprising is it. Our ex dumped us and we still fancy her. Her new boyfriend is an absolute hunk. Luckily today this really fit bird came onto us strong and we got our first rebound. I expect we will soon fall in love with this new bird and move on, but it’ll take some time for the wounds to heal and we will still take an interest in the ex as the wounds are still there and they’re raw. But eventually you’ll realise you hadn’t even thought about them in months. Then years. Then you might one day just wonder what happened to them. Didn’t her new boyfriend end up moving back to Abu Dhabi or something?
  8. I think he’s very clearly better than Sancho tbh and way less than half the price. We got a bargain here.
  9. I don’t get how they can be anything other than Anal Chaos?
  10. Living in the Caribbean it’s so comforting to hear a Jamaican accent on a Villa player! Need to use him to build our profile here and get the region on board!
  11. Spoony

    Matty Cash

    He’d be mental not to accept Poland’s approach. He’s never playing above TAA, Walker, Trippier, et al.
  12. What an assist. Guy worked hard today. I like.
  13. Can someone explain why that corner wasn’t Bailey’s goal? Was going in anyway?
  14. Shout out to the ref. No dramas. Let the game flow. How anyone votes the ref as poor shows some football fans are impossible to please and just like to hate officials. Can’t stand that.
  15. that corner should be awarded to Bailey. That was going in anyway.
  16. Could easily just be a tactic to switch it to this later on and take Everton by surprise . Mix it up. In Deano we must trust.
  17. Want to see Bert grab a goal. Need all those attacking players vying for those spots.
  18. He played 30 League games last season. Sure he’ll be alright but certainly needs some conditioning or time for full fitness.
  19. Christ Ings was in so much space. They seem to hate passing to him.
  20. Man alive I hope he’s alright. 10 mins and a motm performance
  21. Get him off regardless. Protect this man. Is Traore not around??
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