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    30 is no age these days. Look at Vardy still banging them in at nearly 35. Sign him up!
  2. If Newcastle would be willing to pay £15 million for him I'd snap their hands off. Its his third season here and hes never secured a place even though DM is a problem area for us.
  3. I'm sorry but I don't get excited about another London club doing well when theres just 3 clubs from the midlands in the Premier League
  4. PaulC

    Dean Smith

    Not interested in talking about other managers while Smith is our manager. I'm more interested in how is he going to turn it. I think he should Go back to a formation which best suits our players 4-3-3 Pick a more solid midfield maybe Luiz, McGinn and either Ramsey or Sanson Break up the Ings and Watkins Partnership and go with Bailey, Watkins and Buendia Some might say he should pick Ings but Watkins was brilliant in that lone central role last season and I don't think it suits him playing with Ings and Buendia who we have yet to see the best of can play the wide role as well.
  5. Fair enough and its all down to opinions and Ive seen them all but you can't underestimate the impact Grealish had on our team.
  6. Yes difference is Mcgrath was finished as a footballer when he left us so there was nothing left to watch. Yorke went onto win the player of the year award at Man U and win leagues and European cup. Grealish has the chance to do the same.
  7. Yes Ive always taken an interest in former Villa greats that join other clubs like Platt and Yorke not so much Benteke or Delph who Ive never considered to be greats although Benteke did have a great first season.
  8. They are 2 points ahead of us and we have been crap so its a bit early to compare them to Bournemouth yet. Lets wait a bit longer.
  9. Yes its too small a sample size in which to judge a player. If he had walked into a settled team it would have been easier to settle but theres so much wrong at the moment its not easy for him.
  10. PaulC

    Dean Smith

    I think theres been a lot of constructive criticism on here myself. I don't think many are anti-smith but its plain to see what is wrong and Smith doesnt put it right then his job has to be in question.
  11. Scholes called it before the Liverpool game after the performance against Atalanta. I am not sure how he can keep his job after that performance. They are a team of individuals and Ronaldo hasnt helped.
  12. No some people may have had issues with it at the time but not now. The one thing I didn't like was the chewing of gum while the national anthem was being played before England games while everybody else was proudly singing.
  13. I would have chosen McGinn over him as captain
  14. It might be why England are lacking in that department.
  15. I think they will hit a ceiling and eventually struggle. They played well today but still lost.
  16. I was thinking in England but forget about Dalglish
  17. The one that stands out is Howard Kendall at Everton! League and cup winner as a player and double league and cup winner as a manager
  18. Yes Man City played Chelsea off the park at Stamford Bridge as well. Anyone of the three could win it
  19. Would make no difference but dont get why Pogba isnt starting in a big game like this. Bruno Fernandez is a shadow of the player he was last season as well
  20. Got to give them a chance with 10 men they might concede double figures
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