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Stan Petrov


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This is absolutely the right decision. He still needs to be very careful. I've seen it happen with people I know after remission. It is very easy to do too much too soon because understandably the person doesn't know their limits while recovering. Recovery of stamina takes a long time and as Trent says, Stan will be back, but it could be a while before his physical limits allow him to take on a role as demanding as the one he took.

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I go to Puerto Rico (Grand Canaria) for my holiday every year and have become quite friendly with some of the locals who never say goodbye when i leave. They say 'see you later' and the same will hopefully apply to Stan Petrov as he would make a terrific ambassador for the club.

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Stan's team for his charity match against a Celtic XI
Brad Friedel
Radostin Kishishev
Freddie Bouma
Marian Hristov
Richard Dunne
Chris Kamara
Nicky Byrne
Robert Pires
Dimitar Berbatov
Jamie Redknapp
Gabriel Agbonlahor
Hristo Yovov
Paul Lambert
Patrik Berger
Roy Keane
Martin Petrov
Gareth Barry
Stiliyan Petrov
John Bishop
Habib Beye
Carlos Cuellar
John Terry
Shay Given
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John Terry :o

Habib Beye i can put up with but even for charity I will have my hatred towards Terry

Obviously, as I am a rational person, I hate everything about cheating, nasty,horrible John terry. However I recall that when I visited the justgiving page for stans charity cycle ride, john terry and Darren bent were the most generous donators. And by generous I mean veeeerrrryy generous.

Seems that, for whatever reason, our stan brings out the best in mr terry, whatever his other, numerous, flaws!

As an aside, in relative terms, ends Stevens was also a name that stood out for his generosity amongst the other villa players

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