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  1. Yes and my perception is that most don’t or didn’t expect them to raise and that there is an unrealistic expectation amongst fans that the owners will continue to spend, the team improve, demand increase but that cost doesn’t. The ticket price of £50 isn’t the most expensive I believe those are £55 in the DE, I’m not sure they are the “posh seats”.
  2. So its £50 a ticket for Wolves… I did say they would be looking to increase ticket revenue from the existing capacity before they would expand. I was almost universally told I was wrong, well looks like its starting.
  3. Staggering how much he has improved since last season.
  4. No, it isn’t it is totally accurate. Southgate has a limited number of CB’s to pick from even less that are left footed. He is one of England’s best left footed CB’s. I don’t think Smith or Southgate are fooled, I think they see his strengths and his weaknesses. If he has people fooled its a section of Villa fans who don’t.
  5. Laugh all you want, you are still wrong.
  6. That is your view, obviously I don't agree. I think he is treated very differently to other players. I don't think he does get stick when he doesn't deserve it, I think a lot of fans simply refuse to acknowledge the mistakes or the regularity of them for the reasons I've already given.
  7. Clubs will be lining up for him next summer if they get a wiff he is available.
  8. You are free to think whatever you want obviously, obviously I don't agree. He is nowhere near a "top" defender. He was outstanding in the Championship, an utter cut above players at that level in every element of his game. The irony is your last line pretty much illustrates the point I was making. He is very good a lot of the time but he makes a lot of mistakes but because people love him (and I can understand why) they either overlook them or deny they happen. I'm not saying he is a bad defender, clearly he isn't but he is I think often over rated by a large section of the fanbase and not treated in the same way as many other players.
  9. Three occasions in the space of a few minutes late in the first half, other than that I thought he was very good.
  10. Yes. I think Konsa is a far superior player.
  11. Fair point re the yellow. I don't think it is a mistake because he has to go to the ball, I think he over committed himself though.
  12. Konsa is superior player now, never mind developing into one. Yes Mings is a leader and a great athlete but he is far from a great CB and I stand by every word in my previous post.
  13. Has to work on his first touch, it is the weakest part of his game but great to have him back.
  14. Steer is an okay keeper, does the basics okay but not a great deal more. He isn't the sort of keeper that gains his team points, Martinez is.
  15. Maturing nicely and more of an athlete than I realised, very promising so far this season.
  16. I've said this before and I'll say it again because I honestly believe it is the case, had Mings not had that half a season with us in the Championship where he was immense he would be viewed very differently by our fan base. I think that spell and to an extent how he has conducted himself as a Villa player papers over the cracks in his game. At times, particularly when the ball is in front of him to win he is immense. At other times he makes utterly needless mistakes. Today he cost us the second goal with a lapse of concentration followed by a woefully short back pass when totally off balance, those trying to shift focus or a portion of the blame onto Steer are kidding themselves. On the third Mings had no choice but to go out and press the ball but if you commit yourself as fully as he did you either need to get the ball or stop the man. Being beat so easily was to me as big a mistake as the second goal. Had Mings joined us in the Premier League I honestly think he would be viewed very differently, he is miles off the level of Konsa but gets picked for England ahead of him because he plays on the left. The defeat today isn't all on him, far from it but it was the sort of performance we see from him far more often than a very big chunk of our fanbase are willing to accept.
  17. Tried numerous times, can never get through.
  18. Still no sign of my kids packs. I have though had numerous e-mails telling me to activate one of my memberships even though I've already bought tickets on each of them. Oh and I've had an e-mail trying to sell me a membership. So I decided to ring them and select option 2 as the e-mail said, only option 2 no longer goes to anyone about membership not that they ever answered anyway. Absolutely incompetent.
  19. I know you weren’t asking me but…. I don’t know you so don’t know where you are from, your age or if you go to games and I think all these things are relevant on this. If you are local as opposed to from further afield then the games are unquestionably different. When I lived in Brum and had to work with noses, the prospect of a defeat to them and at times the reality of one was always far worse than a win was pleasurable. They are no win games for us really. If you haven’t been a local and felt what it is to lose one then it is hard to explain how bad it is. Then there is the games themselves, horrible, violent, hate filled, nasty experiences where people get hurt. It isn’t what football should be about. Personally I’d be perfectly happy if we never play them again.
  20. I'm rarely lost for words but watching this my jaw hung open and I couldn't stop watching, the guys wing doesn't move an inch.
  21. I suspect they can’t segment their data or whoever is running this hasn’t thought of doing it. First they kept marketing membership to those who already had it now they are telling people to activate membership’s that they’ve already activated. Omni shambles.
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