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  1. And has said he is willing to pay for any fees necessary regarding quarantine himself apparently. I hope the club understands that now they’ve made this statement of allowing players to go abroad despite the league itself saying no, it’s going to cause problems if it’s only select players being allowed to go. Bit of a stupid thing to do IMO.
  2. Will do this whole bunch of talent a world of good being around the likes of Ashley Young also. Shakespeare has already made comments on how Young has come in and taken them under his wing a bit, has set rules and stays onto the younger players to stay tidy etc. in the dressing room. Young has done it all pretty much, you have to respect him and his career which I am sure the younger lads will do of course. Not just Carney of course, but I can't help but think we have a really good bunch of young players and they're in a great environment for us to get the best out of them and for them to get the best out of themselves. Love the culture of our club now and you can see why younger players are attracted to us with the pathway to the first team being very obviously there.
  3. He got dispossessed once, he also only missed one tackle. He only tried to take on his man twice and he succeeded both times, the second time leading to a booking for them. He had to do a lot less, he tried to do lot less, and I’m sure the senior players expected less of him in comparison to the cup game, however he did fine and he held his own for 70+ minutes in his first PL start at the age of 17. It’s remarkable that he has all the attributes to compete at the very pinnacle of English football at his age and you’re right, he will definitely be a star, just hope it’s for us.
  4. Somebody take note of the time I said it previously but I’ll state it again - Carney is our best midfielder. I’m really not surprised he is starting already, he’s ready for it.
  5. He was Chelsea’s joint top scorer last season. If we bought Tammy people would have been over the moon, he has all the right attributes technically, physically and mentally. I’m actually glad for him that he has got to link up with Jose again and I’d be happy if we were in a position to be linked to him again in the future.
  6. Lol “if anybody says it’s racially driven you’re wrong.” He isn’t being abused solely because he is Muslim, but 110% he will get it worse because of his religious views and his ethnicity. Welcome to England. Yes he has had public death threats and abuse on social media, he even came off social media completely at one point. I dread to imagine what his DMs look like. Players that aren’t white will receive racist abuse, it’s a fact, it isn’t a myth and it isn’t an overreaction. Without getting overly political, despite us living in a multicultural society I think it is too often forgotten that this country is literally built off the back of racism, racial prejudice and colonialism. Yes white players get abuse, but players from different backgrounds and religions get the abuse in much different forms and that is by default and that is a fact.
  7. Lars Kornetka coming in as assistant? Used to be PSV Eindhoven assistant, and also coached under Pep at Bayern. Great if true
  8. samjp26

    Jed Steer

    I thought his distribution was really good last night, most balls sent out to our left flank landed straight on El Ghazi. I’d never begrudge Jed if he wanted to leave for more football but I don’t see us getting any better backup keeper. Top pro, good keeper, cheers Paul Lambert.
  9. Chuk is one of our best midfielders and everybody will hopefully see that this season
  10. Mings just threw that guy about 20 yards down the pitch
  11. Where is Young? I genuinely don't think he has had a touch of the ball
  12. Right now it looks like we just spent the Grealish money and I'm sure we want to keep other clubs thinking that too. If teams think you've got £100m to spend they're going to shaft you, if they think you've already spent that £100m it may be better for us.
  13. Just think, it really wasn't too long ago that we were praying Tonev would be good even though he cost about £1m. Now we have £30m+ Leon Bailey. As much as I hate this game sometimes, I do love it, so so much.
  14. And also note that we got him for £15m as a cut price deal, easily a £30m+ player if Marseille were able to command the fee at the time. Look forward to seeing him back fit and healthy
  15. There was that Bulgarian lad too who played for Aston Villa based on the opinions of a fellow Bulgarian ex-player + 5 minutes worth of video footage.
  16. Even if he isn't broken per se, he has time to rest without us stressing over who can play instead of him. Rushing back he who shall not be named last season ended up in him getting injured more. Look forward to seeing Ollie with Ings eventually though, reckon that could be a great duo.
  17. Digbeth to be precise
  18. Saw Deeney a few weeks ago (literally 2 weeks ago) off his face in town on the table next to mine
  19. Genuine question, what is everybody's problem with El Ghazi?
  20. I thought that was weird too, it looked pretty clear to be an offside if we're going to be "precise" via technology.
  21. I don't wanna hear any "lazy" "bad attitude" blah blah blah comments about Pogba any more, what an incredibly talented **** player he is. 3 perfectly made assists, WOW
  22. In the last year of his deal however I feel we're probably in a good position with him, if we can get £8m-£10m from West Ham and invest that into another CB (which looks like may be happening anyway) it is great business since we got him so cheap from Wolves. That said, he is also a good player and I'd be happy to see him sign an extension, absolute unit in the air.
  23. Nobody is the perfect player, but in regards to leadership nobody is better than Mings at our club. He will literally fight for his teammates, for the badge, for the club. He has an incredible amount of passion for the sport and beyond that he is clearly very intelligent, I'm glad he can get back to wearing that armband with pride now.
  24. People are quick to forget Traore’s goals and assists last season, his input was vital to our season. He’s just came back from an operation, let’s allow him time to get back up to speed. Chuk is perfectly suited to our first team and I can’t wait to see him play more often.
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