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  1. Me too. Wonder if it's worth considering chucking this team out there and telling Nakamba to stay on Pukki all match. Neutralise Pukki and you neutralise a lot of their threat.
  2. Yeah. I think Grealish left the winger too open initially but **** me, Taylor what are you doing mate?!
  3. That VAR call killed me off. And other people I think judging by the flat atmosphere 1-0 up in the second half. I can't abide it. I didn't celebrate the second/first. If we go down I'm quite happy to be done with that shit.
  4. If Friend wasn't a bent word removed we'd be sitting pretty in 13th at the moment. Let's keep calm, it's early days and most of us were expecting a slow start with all the changes we've had. Plenty of time to pull it round. If we go down we go down. The championship is more fun than this bollocks league anyway.
  5. Yeah people keep talking about the Chelsea one which was bad, but it's the QPR one I remember. As you say, absolutely blatant match fixing. No question about it.
  6. Surely after not just this performance but his previous performances we can ask that he never referees us again. The evidence is there for a corruption case.
  7. Just seem it on twitter. Jack does go down but it's because a) he stretched to make the pass and b) he was fouled not once but twice. Referee had a great view but there's obviously a few quid sitting in a foreign bank for the corrupt, bent word removed. I hope a tree falls on his car on the way home.
  8. Friend is a crook. He always has been. A blatant bung taker and a criminal.
  9. Since we had him previously anyway. Club needs to complain about this guy, he's crooked. About the last five matches he's reffed for us he's been blatantly one sided.
  10. Look at this ref's previous refereeing our matches. He's always been a disgrace.
  11. I've said it before but Kevin Friend is as bent as they come. No question he takes bungs.
  12. Really? What happened next?
  13. Dunno who Trevor Morley is but he sounds like a complete clearing in the woods.
  14. I still think it's mad how much football shirts are. Fifty odd quid? That's half my clothes budget for a year. I ain't paying that to have some crappy Chinese gambling company plastered all over me.
  15. Ah right, I'm behind the goal. Shame that people are talking such shit so early into the season but it's sadly to be expected if we lost the first couple. We need to pick up a couple of points from the everton and palace games or it's just gonna get worse. I wish we'd be a little more patient and consider where we were half a season ago.
  16. I looked at the fixture list earlier for our tough runs, and every single month seems tough in one way or another, whether it's playing clubs that are ahead of us, or nervy six-pointers. There isn't an easy fixture in this league, so we might as well win this ****.
  17. Where are you sitting? Back of the lower Holte was relatively sane. Looks like the woman who shouts 'FORWARD' every time we have the ball hasn't renewed. The blokes who keep calling Wes 'emile' pissed me off but they've always been bellends.
  18. Played well. It's encouraging but we do need to get some points on the board soon. Ref was an absolute idiot, and Bournemouth are a horrible little scab of a club. Cheating whining diving pricks to a man.
  19. Many positives. We need to stay behalf of the players. Made two mistakes and paid a heavy price for each. Ref (is it Atkinson?) is a **** joke which isn't helping. Terrible mistakes from Heaton and Luoz, but other than that weve looked good. We can still get something here, and if we don't we need to stay behind the team.
  20. Huge game this. I'm relishing it, but seeing some reactions to yesterday I fear what a loss will do to the mood of the place. If we're sitting on a point or less after four games say, we'll soon turn.
  21. blunther

    Dean Smith

    Good news for you. We've already done that. Perhaps we should just sack them off though because they didn't start one. Single. ****. Game. **** sake.
  22. blunther

    Dean Smith

    What i like about Smith is in his post match interviews it sounds like he's actually watched the same match as me, rather than living in some fantasy land like a few previous managers. We'll be fine. Smith will learn from this. Let's not start getting tetchy after losing our first match against top opposition when were still trying to integrate about a billion new players please. Bournemouth at home next. I haven't looked forward to a match like this for decades.
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