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  1. I ended up making a THPS soundtrack playlist on my phone. Some classics on there. Pin The Tail On The Donkey is boss.
  2. Can't imagine so, no. I'll have a chat with him tomorrow anyway when I go and pay my deposit.
  3. Don't know why I forgot about him until now. I was a regular for ages. "Digital or Disc?" - "Whichever one you have when I get there"
  4. I've just phoned my mate Neil. Pre-ordered. £50 deposit. BOSH!
  5. Wants to play in Europe. Is iffy about Villa. I know, I'll join recently promoted Leeds who haven't been in the top flight for at least 16 years.
  6. It's why I liked FFXV when they did the Gladius DLC with Titan. Real sense of 'WOW, these summons really are awesome'
  7. On one had, YAY a new FF. On the other hand, doesn't seem to be anything new or different.
  8. I like the fact that this came from out of nowhere. Makes me wonder who else might be close to moving on.
  9. 3 Targett. 2 Cash. 1 Martinez
  10. "Well first off I'd like to congratulate Mason Mount on signing his contract extension in 2019. He's worked hard and shown the quality we expect of him. It's well deserved."
  11. I just assumed the 2 INTs he had thrown would have had more of an affect on the scoring I think. It is what it is. Not a good start lol
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