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  1. Hit level 50 last week after exploiting the Mayhem 3 offline bugs that the hotfix sorted out. Got some decent weapons and stuff now, gonna go round mopping up side quests and the maps before heading into TVHM.
  2. Man, that Skins/LOLphins game was a train wreck.
  3. Probably still won't be backwards compatible.
  4. Borderlands 3. Just completed the story with my first character, now for levelling to 50 and looting!
  5. You can only swap position for position by the looks, so no trading a defender for a striker. Speaking of, anyone got a decent option striker available for trade? I've only got Firmino worth anything at the moment as Lacazette is out and Origi is a bench option.
  6. --------------------Heaton------------------- Guilbert--Engels--Mings--Targett -------Luiz-----Nakamba-----SJM---- Trez-------------------------------------Jack ---------------------Wes-----------------------
  7. Wouldn’t have changed anything but how was that challenge by Rodriquez NOT a red card? Did VAR even look at it? Off the floor, studs up, no control. Blatant!
  8. I understand he has a never say die attitude, but Mings needs to calm down a bit there
  9. Commentator having a go at Trez “Let the referee do his job!” mate when they start doing it properly players will stop moaning at them
  10. How a professional footballer cannot hit the target from that position baffles me. Finesse man!
  11. "We could make loads more money if we release it in 3 stages!" "You know how we could make even MORE money? 8 stages" ".... Do it"
  12. Maybe they'll surprise everyone and it'll be a multidisc full game?
  13. I really have no interest in this game at all.
  14. Enjoying playing as Fl4K at the moment. Great having a Horned Skag running around with me radiating mofos after Gamma Blast.
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