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  1. Tony Xia

    Goooo on Tone. Grass 'em up.
  2. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v SHA

    He throws a punch first then follows with a kick.
  3. James Chester

    Fair play to Chester for not retaliating after the goal when Paul Robinson punched him in the back of the head and kicked him to the floor.
  4. Anybody fancy doing a 1st round mock draft? Rotate picks. If we get even 3 people it'll work. 1. ME 2. 2nd Person 3. 3rd Person 4. ME 5. 2nd Person 6. 3rd Person etc..
  5. NFL 2017 Draft Topic

    1. Who do you realistically want to take? - Haason Reddick, although with Fosters off-field antics lately I think he might shoot up as peoples #1 LB on the board. 2. Who do you think you will ACTUALLY take? - Forest Lamp or Cam Robinson. We said we want to build the O-Line, so I expect another O-Line pick for the 2nd year in a row. 3. Who do you think might fall to your spot who you would take instead? - Derek Barnett, who I'd love us to take. Chance he falls if QBs go off the board. 4. Who do you want to completely avoid? - John Ross. He's quick, but we don't need speed. Plus we always whiff on 1st round receivers. Would much rather JuJu or Kupp in later rounds.
  6. NFL 2017 Draft Topic

    Nearly time guys! Always love draft week. I've done quite a few mocks already to build up the excitement Let's get some discussion going. 1. Who do you realistically want to take? 2. Who do you think you will ACTUALLY take? 3. Who do you think might fall to your spot who you would take instead? 4. Who do you want to completely avoid?
  7. What game you currently playing?

    Hardly anything at the moment as the boy has moved into the 'play room' so can't get my evening PS4 time in. Missus has veto'd moving it downstairs to the lounge TV
  8. Ross McCormack

    If it's mental issues then I agree that we need to put an arm around him and help him through it. Alienating him and treating him like a waster will only do further harm. He's a good player and he can play a part for us next season, but he needs help to get him back to that point. It's in OUR best interests to get him there.
  9. General Election 2017

    Green POWAH
  10. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    We signed two goal scoring and creative midfielders... what have we done to them?
  11. Final Fantasy

    Found him, finally, hidden away in a rock formation behind some tall grass. Would help if the voice you're meant to follow actually worked though! Purchased some repair kits too. Completed 5 hunts and am level 8 now. Gonna head down to the Quay to carry out the Pauper Prince quest now.
  12. Final Fantasy

    I sold some Debased coins, guess I should keep those then?
  13. Final Fantasy

    Okie dokie. Should I be selling all my items I get from battles? Monster claws etc... I sold everything I accumulated in the first few hours and have 8000gil now. Just wondered if they are useful for anything in case I sell a rare item that I need in the future for upgrades etc...
  14. Final Fantasy

    Quite enjoying it so far. Battle system is a bit messed up at times (Glads Tempest move glitching out resulting in him not moving) but fun. Only played about 3-4 hours, mainly exploring the first area. Got a side quest pop up just past Hammerhead where I heard a voice shouting for help, parked up and went to the blue circle but can't find anything now. It says follow voice to the person in need but there's nowt. Maybe it's a certain time of day?