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  1. Immense team there @villan-scott
  2. I’ll list a player for 200k but it now if you’ve got money to spare
  3. Damn. Bet that took ages! 1m coins, mental. I’m on 8000k haha. I did download the app, I’ve been relisting some cards over and over hoping to get a buyer. Brought them at what I thought was a cheap price and hoping to sell for 1-2k profit, no luck yet
  4. Can’t let complacency become and issue. In the past these are the kinds of games that cause us trouble. I expect a physical game from Bolton and they’ll try to stifle us from playing how we want to play. I expect a few yellows and a red card today.
  5. I just did the bronze, silver and gold player SBCs and can't sell the ones I checked on. I'm guessing those are untradeable reward packs then and it's only the packs I spend coins on?
  6. Annoying that you can't sell players you pull from packs. Just have to reinvest them in the Squad Build Challenges. I've made around 10k coins this morning selling some players though. Nacho I brought for 1200k coins the other day, sold him for 4.5k earlier. That's the kind of profit I like. It's hands on, but buying and selling has benefits.
  7. Auto 3-0 win. Give all the goals to Neil Taylor please.
  8. Is it an auto win if they have to cancel the match? Like a forfeit?
  9. Ended up getting an 82 rated Bailly (1700 coins) to replace Conti and Pickford (1600 coins) to replace Casillas. Sold both for a profit so that’s nice.
  10. Got Bellerin at RB after I found he cheap on the market. 80 rated gold, but better cohesion with surrounding players and bit faster. Just Conti and Casillas to replaced and my Base Premier League team will be complete. John Stones or Davinson Sanchez I think at CB (I like a turn of pace). Might look at a decent priced Alisson or Kasper for GK. Kepa if the price is right.
  11. Tammy will get goals, that's for certain. He'll mature as he gets older too, he'll become more confident no doubt his composure will improve. As he goes on he'll convert more and more of the chances, I'm sure of it.
  12. This is mine at the moment. Gonna replace Conte for a PL CB to get a bit more chemistry, then Sidebe, will replace Casillas last for the same. Will be happy with this set up for a while. Can slowly replace them for better as I go along.
  13. Bring on the rest of the season. Everything is now in place, let’s do it.
  14. How do you get so many good players? They cost a fortune and getting coins is a slog. do you bother with the team building stuff to unlock packs and get rid of your lower bronze silver players or just transfer list them for coins?
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