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  1. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Think my winning streak might come to an end this week.
  2. Micah Richards

    Anybody else dreading a return with Terry being out?
  3. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    I'm top baby! 7 game win streak.
  4. NFL Fantasy League 2017

  5. Week 10 - Birdie num num

    I think Wilson is probably my favourite QB. Consistently under pressure but boy just makes plays. Plus he's a nice guy.
  6. Josh Onomah

    We'll buy him if we get promoted.
  7. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Yeah I'd say Rhys comes out on top of that trade. Not so much so as it's classed unfair, but its one of those trades where you can see who the winner is, BUT it's a trade that's going through for team needs so I'll let it pass
  8. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Mighty Theo Riddick and Evan Engram say hello.
  9. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I've decided to get the Dawnguard questline done first. Cut out the random Vamp attacks in the towns.
  10. NFL Fantasy League 2017

  11. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    It's a shame really. In an ideal world everyone would stay healthy and competitive - Unfortunately it doesn't work out that way.
  12. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Comes to something when I'm starting Robby Anderson (NYJ) and Marquise Lee (JAX) over Jordy Nelson.
  13. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    @rhyscartwright_avfc still leading the pack and quietly going about his business. I had a great win this week against a rival.
  14. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Sword and Board Heavy Armour. Called him Tormund Giantsbane. >_> Big bearded ginger Nord. Level 10 with a full set of smithed (Superior) Dwarven Armour and War Axe. Force to be reckoned with. Got my house in Whiterun, got my first Daedric Artifact, got my first shout. Awwwwwww here it goes!
  15. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I'm back baby!!! It's like riding a bike.