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  1. The Haiku Thread

    This is barbaric A world of syllable restraint There is no escape...
  2. Cats...

    Here's Honey trying to get attention before falling asleep. Hard life being a cat.
  3. Football Manager 2017

    Dayum! Most I've ever gotten was around 200m. I supposed player values are a lot more in 2029 though than 2019?
  4. All New Funny Pics Thread - Clean Edition

    Born and bred in Dudley, still here now. I live by Bumble Hole (Warrens Hall Nature Reserve) so it's quite nice this end. Some right shite places though. Kates Hill springs to mind...
  5. Red Dead Redemption 2

    I love Archer <3
  6. Red Dead Redemption 2

    And if they don't delay it they rush to meet the deadline then fix with patches.
  7. Football Manager 2017

    Lansbury for me was amazing as a box-to-box midfielder. Scored 15 in my first season with 9 assists (Had him on shoot from long range so some nice outside the box goals). Chester was solid at the back and averaged 7.35. Most disappointing from memory was Grealish. Just couldn't find him a place where he had good games. I tried and tried to fit him in as I wanted him to be my main stay in the side over my career there, but ended up selling him in season 2 transfer window as he averaged 6.6 with 2 goals and 2 assists in the first year and a half.
  8. Keith Wyness

    I'm glad Keith is sticking up for us, but I kinda wish he wouldn't get into this back and forth Twitter rubbish, even is Moxley is a tool
  9. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I think at 8-10m we'll sell.
  10. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Me too. If someone comes in for Grealish at a decent fee I can see him going.
  11. Clash of Clans

    @Nigel The update is finally here! Having a good time in the clan buddy. Everyone seems to be getting on. I'm nearly a max 9! Walls to level 10 to go but at 2m a piece I feel it will take a while. Heroes are both Lv 15 so will work on getting them to 20 while the walls are being done.
  12. Cats...

    This is Honey cat. Can't believe I've had her 4 years. She was a rescue, picked her up from the RSPCA in Cannock. She'd had 2 litters by the time she was 18months as her previous owners were farming her. She's so chilled. Loves a belly rub and attention. She's got the patience of a Saint too, our 3 year old isn't exactly gentle with her but she's only ever scratched him once, and that took a long time to come about.
  13. Finally...Diving and Faking an injury will be punished

    Any punishment after the match has concluded is welcomed, but surely by that point the damage has already been done (i.e. diving for a penalty late in the game giving your team the 3 points) I STILL don't see why it can't reviewed during the game. If the referee blows for a penalty, review it within 1 minute, if the penalty was gained via simulation then send the player off and the opposing team gets a free-kick instead.
  14. Football Manager 2017

    Well, here we go. Season 2 is about to be underway. The now professional club, Solihull Moors, take the step into League 2 waters with an away game against Stevenage. The team is set after a flurry of outgoings and incomings (free agents and loans - Lyden and Suliman from Villa) and I signed a new contract. 1 sale to Burnley of all people for my player of the year for 400k + 30% profit of his next fee. Bank balance is healthy, team is high on morale and the crowd is in full voice. Here. We. Go! EDIT: And the season starts with a 3-0 victory. *fist pump*
  15. Football Manager 2017

    Most I've gone is 3. Terrible, I know. I just prefer playing with current players for some reason and end up restarting. This Moors save though will be going on for many a year, I assure you.