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  1. Following the club volunteering to hoist the Champions League final, and reports of it being rejected due to not having the infrastructure in place to accommodate the cameras/staff/commentators etc... Is this something the club will be looking at going forward with a view to being a neutral ground for other sporting events?
  2. Home grown youngsters always command more of a fee tbh.
  3. Never mind, just read that the Spectre gear unlocks after Virmire, so might just go ahead and do that next then continue by galaxy tour.
  4. I've still not gone to Virmire yet. I've done Feros and Noveria, then I've just been touring the galaxy surveying planets and landing on the ones I can. I'm using the Legendary levelling system and I'm already level 26. Think I should hit the cap well before end game. Might have a pop back to the Citadel and see if the Spectre gear is unlocked yet in C-Sec
  5. I’ve had no friends since 2013. only just really started talking to other chaps, and that’s Dads from school.
  6. Fecking hate this new 'battlepass' culture
  7. He probably won’t make the bench next match and will be one of the 3 sitting out
  8. I keep thinking I’ve missed something and it’s me that has the wrong opinion.
  9. Commentator just said what a marvellous afternoon Sterling has had. Mate he got lucky with one goal. That’s it.
  10. Sterling captain now so that tells me he’s gonna play every game
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