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  1. The Run In

    That makes bad reading, BOF.
  2. Football Manager 2017

    Yeah a lot of the interactions are a pain in the ass.
  3. The push for the Play offs ?

    Is it possible? Yes. Will it happen? Probably not. Will the ride to the end of the season be fun? Definitely. All we can do is win our games. If we can do that we stand a chance, but our fate will be in the hands of the footballing Gods.
  4. FIFA17

    So... Be a Pro drop in matches are fun. Out of about 10 games yesterday 4 of them had people who were goalkeepers who insisted on taking on the entire team trying to score. Lost 5-0 because he lost the ball and there was an open net to aim at. Tool. Also most of the people don't pass the ball either. I had 2 decent games where everyone played as a team and keep the formation, we won 3-1 and 4-0. Anyone play in a BAP league that I can join?
  5. Football Manager 2017

    I've never had the patience to do a lower league save. I tried one a while back with Kidderminster, but just got frustrated. Might try again and take it slow.
  6. Football Manager 2017

    I've not been able to choose my own affiliate yet, never mind new stadium.
  7. Football Manager 2017

    I tried to buy Ings in the second season as transfer listed, but wants upwards of 100k a week. Told him to do one. He's now rotting away in Liverpools under 23s and he's not scored in 10 games. Shortly after he broke his leg. karma innit
  8. The push for the Play offs ?

    As long as we do our bit and win the games I can't ask for more than that. If we finish the season strong and we've done our best then it bodes well for next season.
  9. Ratings & Reactions: Wigan v Villa

    Good subs by Brucie today
  10. Football Manager 2017

    Gaston was always a favourite too, if a little injury prone. Always ended up buying Gaya at some point to as my left attacking full back. Funny how there are always a select few players you always end up buying, making every save the same >_< More expensive options, but I've always liked Gimenez and Saul from Madrid.
  11. Mass Effect: Andromeda

    It's good to see that even though they're in space, botox is still prominent.
  12. Football Manager 2017

    Lucas Romero
  13. Football Manager 2017

    Carlos Soler is a good buy too. And Cesar Montes.
  14. Football Manager 2017

    Also, Thiago Maia is qualityyyyyyyyyyy
  15. Football Manager 2017

    My fullbacks are Weiser (RB) and Henrichs (LB). Quality. German too, so I put a load of bonuses in the purchase and also contract for internation appearances to get the deals done. Hehehehehehe.