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  1. Good few games. Be nice if we could get a few more signed on and have some 4/5 v 4/5
  2. Difficult, but Barry was my guy and I was always Platt when playing over the field.
  3. This is hard. I was born in '84 but don't really remember much before the first CocaCola Cup winning season, so based on that... ----------------------Bosnich---------------------- Young----Laursen---McGrath---Wright Milner------Barry-------Platt--------Young --------------Carew--------Angel---------------
  4. Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Oldie but a goodie. Should tie me over until FF7R comes out in a few weeks
  5. Remembering now why it takes me so long to complete a season on this. Starting again with no transfer window to start with so I'm going in with my standard squad. 1 league (England), Large database (14k players) 1 star. Level of detail will prove highly demanding for your computer. ¬_¬ I've got 8GB ram but only a 1.8Ghz processor, so assume this is the problem. Any ways to speed up the 'inbetween' stuff like generating the other fixture results between games?
  6. I'll try and sneak on later. Got the missus working with the little man and doing some school work while I'm working in the dining room. Will have breaks here and there to keep sane. She's meant to be going to the allotment later to collect up seeds and stuff to plant at home so might make a break for it then.
  7. I've set up a FIFA20 Pro Club if anyone wants to join and have some games. VillaTalk FC. It's only open to Friends at the moment so send me a FR over and I'll invite you in (sly plan to get more friends)
  8. WiFi link booster and I’ve got something resembling a decent internet connection again upstairs.
  9. You need to be classed as furloughed by your company for them to be paying the wages during this period. We've been looking at it for our guys here. We'll gladly foot the 20% of the wage while they're off work and we're shut down, but if not for the Government picking up the remainder then we'd unfortunately be laying people off instead. Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Under the scheme, employers will need to: – Designate affected employees as “furloughed workers” and notify employees of this change; and – Submit information to HMRC about the employees that have been “furloughed” and their earnings through a new online portal (HMRC have said that they will set out further details of the information required here). However, there are a number of complex issues at play here, not least because the Government has made it clear that designating an employee as a “furloughed worker” remains subject to existing employment law and, depending on the wording of individual employment contracts, may be subject to negotiation. It would seem, therefore, that the scheme will not give employers the automatic right to lay off their employees and expect the Government to pick up the salary costs. In addition to this, whilst there are clear (but complicated) lay-off rules in the UK, the concept of “furlough” is a US term and is not specifically covered by UK law. Employers will need to consider the scheme carefully and should take legal advice on the specific impact for their business.
  10. A girl rode past us on her bike on one of the paths. She moved over and covered her mouth with one hand. Subsequently fell off her bike. I laughed.
  11. We went over on Saturday lunch time. Quiet and peaceful. Had a nice run around with the lad and a ball. Expect we'll be over there a fair bit until all social bans are implemented. Have to say hello if you're over again (from a safe distance >_>)
  12. We back on to Warrens Hall Nature Reserve, so we're going for regular walks along the canal.
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