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  1. I don't think I have a strong accent but then I hear myself when talking to someone from out of the area and realise I'm quite broad Black Country.
  2. I've got work vans that need diesel so we can go to breakdowns, but all the local ones have closed due to no fuel. **** ridiculous.
  3. Because the stadium game clock was correct and the one shown on TV was wrong. That’s why no one contested it on the field from the lions sideline.
  4. Buttons man... kills me
  5. In that case I have no known phobias. Just stuff that I'll try to avoid but not too fussed about if I don't.
  6. How does one differentiate between a phobia, and just not liking something/understanding the risks with something?
  7. This is why every year I begin to hate fantasy football. Wrong decisions, bench players balling, will they/won't they play, injury bug etc..
  8. That was a great through ball, he just needed a bit more pace on it. Hardly giving the ball away
  9. Cash certainly seems to be preferring the Wing Back role to the Right Back role.
  10. I remember when Toner was coming through he was going to be immense.
  11. Always good to see. Really happy with the way we're bleeding in the youth at the moment.
  12. I bet he did it on purpose just to spite you.
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