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  1. Dante_Lockhart

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Quite enjoying the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
  2. Dante_Lockhart

    Ratings & Reactions: West Brom v Villa

    Ref bottled it. Tammy snatching at chances. Nyland has gone backwards again. Still, undefeated in 6 now is it?
  3. Dante_Lockhart

    Final Fantasy

    Weapons DOWN. Now the grind to Lv99 before whooping Sephie
  4. Dante_Lockhart

    FIFA 19

    My missus says I never listen. Maybe it's true? >_>
  5. Dante_Lockhart

    FIFA 19

    What did I miss? Who is AVFC-POB's real life persona?
  6. Dante_Lockhart

    Final Fantasy

    Knocked off the Gold Chocobo (raced to S class), Battle Arena (inc Special Battle for Final Attack) and picked up the world map materias with the Choco. Gonna head into the Sunken and have a while morphing sources before trying Ruby Weapon with the materia I've got. Final Attack - Phoenix / Elemental - Hades / KOTR & Mime HP and Speed Plus materias etc..
  7. Dante_Lockhart

    Final Fantasy

    I like to think part of the reason it was too easy is that I knew exactly what I was doing throughout. Enemy steals, enemy skills, leveling spots etc...
  8. Dante_Lockhart

    Final Fantasy

    Got my Black Chocobo in about an hour (God bless x3 speed). Gonna catch me a Wonderful chocobo later. Easier than I remembered.
  9. Dante_Lockhart

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Has your opinion changed over these past few games?
  10. Dante_Lockhart

    Final Fantasy

    I know I can Mime-Counter Emerald with Omnislash 7 times. Easy peasy. Ruby though, I think I'll need KOTR to get through it. I suppose the 3x speed will help with the racing and breeding.
  11. Dante_Lockhart

    Final Fantasy

    Everyones T4 limits sorted. Just going round mopping up some side quests and stuff before descending into the North Crater. Can I be arsed with Chocobo Breeding or shall I just power through Ruby and Emerald with what I've got and get the Gold Chocobo that way? @hogso
  12. Dante_Lockhart

    Final Fantasy

    Up to Rocket Town now. Nearly got a full team. Got bored going back to Fort Condor for the battles so missed the last 2. Red has his T4 limit, first of the bunch.
  13. Dante_Lockhart

    Neil Taylor

    We're winning games with him at LB. If it ain't broke etc...
  14. Dante_Lockhart

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    REAL social circle? This is real dammit!
  15. Dante_Lockhart

    Contracts (Squad list)

    I reckon Deano will be getting a few of these tied down. I hope Lyden can stay injury free and get some games under his belt. Was a cracking talent before his injuries.