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  1. Grealish and Maddison are going to be the new Lampard and Gerrard of the England Team. Brilliant for their own clubs but not able to replicate together at National level.
  2. If we win out we get the #1 seed for the first time ever. WOOP
  3. Got to be a goalscorer. Peak Fowler would be immense playing off Wes and getting behind the D. Jack would be slipping balls through to him for days.
  4. Peters was proper laying into him Monday night. It was delicious.
  5. If you're talking non-QBs I'd argue CMC is the guy.
  6. If we had Flacco under centre you seriously believe we'd still be a good team? Lamar IS our offence. Lamar made the Patriots look silly, yeah he had a good game against the Bengals and the Dolphins, but he's been consistently good against the better defences too. Don't forget, we have 2 rookie WRs and Snead, 2 second year TEs and Boyle. Ingram is obviously balling, but Hill is a rookie and Gus is in his second year. This is a young, inexperienced offence, and we're balling.
  7. He's surely got to be the front runner after that. I know other QBs are having good seasons (Cousins is surprisingly having a quiet run for it) but come on... no one touches what Lamar is bringing to the table. 9th on the rushing charts with 876 yards and 6 TDs (7.1 average) Top of the QB chart with 81.9QBR. Joint first with passing TDs (24). You just can't plan for him. Donald boasted that they had a plan to keep him caged. How'd that work out?
  8. Thought they called it 'The City' (Eddie Izzard. Dressed to Kill)
  9. I think that 2nd Ingram TD is my favourite one of the season.
  10. Finished FF8, platinum trophy - Easy peasy. Picked up the All-in-One Kingdom Hearts bundle for £28.00. Bargain. Started Final Mix tonight. A lot of nostalgia lately.
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