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  1. Biggest lesson you've learned?

    Look before you leap. If anything it's made me too cautious.
  2. Prematch Thread

    Is Jedi back? ----------------------SJ---------------------- Bacuna----Chester--Baker-------Amavi --------------------Jedi---------------------- --------Hourihane-----Lansbury--------- Adomah-----------------------------Green -------------------Kodjia--------------------- Thor, Hogan, Grealish, Hutton, Elphick, Taylor, Bunn
  3. Jack Grealish

    Never forget when we lost 6-0 to Liverpool and 2 hours later Jack was on the piss in Birmingham. A Villa fan called him out and asked how we can be so jovial after being embarrassed on the pitch like that, and as a Villa fan himself be able to go out as if nothing had happened. He got the guy kicked out the pub.
  4. WAHEY! It's a JOKE thread : Enter at your own risk.

    Once you get past the tender breasts and juicy thighs all that's left is a greasy bucket.
  5. New Manager : 2017

    Would be amazing to see him on the sideline shouting instructions to the players, flinging cheeseburgers into the crowd every now and again, squaring up to the 4th official..
  6. Clash of Clans

    @Nigel @bannedfromHandV It's all falling apart guys If you're both leaving I'll go where you go. Don't want to start in a fresh clan with no friends >_>
  7. All New Funny Pics Thread - Clean Edition

    'Slipt' ....
  8. What game you currently playing?

    FIFA17 The Journey. Quite enjoying it tbh. Just gone on loan to Villa.
  9. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    Tara Palmer-Tomkinson
  10. Super Bowl LI

    They weren't even running the clock down effectively, still snapping with 10 seconds left on the rundown. Deserved to lose if they can't even do that correctly.
  11. Super Bowl LI

    Falcons have no-one to blame but themselves. They had the game and threw it away. Ridiculous play calling by Shan when in field goal range, and the Falcons LT wants shooting for those 2 holding calls.
  12. Clash of Clans

    Got me as a friend haven't ya? Get to the clan through my profile.
  13. Clash of Clans

    Nige's clan. Jump on over. Seem a good bunch.
  14. Clash of Clans

    Can always ask @Nigel if there is room in his clan for a change of scenery?
  15. Clash of Clans

    @bannedfromHandV You leaving?