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  1. Dante_Lockhart

    Jack Grealish

    It'll be £25m, the bid we rejected.
  2. Dante_Lockhart

    André Moreira

    I nearly had a heart attack with that one on one. He just didn't look confident coming out at all. Luckily Zebe was there to mop up.
  3. Dante_Lockhart

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Or Iain Dowie
  4. Dante_Lockhart

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Not bad so far. Feels a little clunky but I'm getting used to fire fights and stuff. Spent about 8 hours on it so far, just stepped foot on the Tempest.
  5. Dante_Lockhart

    Steve Bruce

  6. Dante_Lockhart

    Steve Bruce

    Give Bruce a new 5 year deal based on that Nursey burn.
  7. Dante_Lockhart

    Gary Gardner

    He’s probably thinking he’ll look like Lampard in that team and get himself a decent contract at the end of the season because of it.
  8. Dante_Lockhart

    Football Manager 2019

    I don’t hold high hopes after the dross that was 18.
  9. Dante_Lockhart

    FIFA 19

    Yeah it’s in the game now. No beta code for me.
  10. Dante_Lockhart

    Jack Grealish

    RDL-------Tuan------Chester--------Hutton ---Hourihane---Whelan----McGinn------- --------Grealish-------------Green-------------- ----------------------Kodjia-------------------------
  11. Dante_Lockhart

    Jack Grealish

    It'll be £25m
  12. Dante_Lockhart

    Steve Bruce

    How long before the Bruce Excuse comes rambling out? "Hands were tied, couldn't compete with Premier League Teams going after our targets, FFP meant we couldn't improve the squad as much as we need to" etc...
  13. Dante_Lockhart

    Football Manager 2017

    I'll always try to add a bigger sign on fee / agent fee and crank up the min release clause if it seems obvious they won't sign without one. Maybe offer in some incentives too, like wages after international games, or a bonus if you reach the FA Cup Semi. Spread it around. @Skills You managed to try the tactic yet?
  14. Dante_Lockhart

    FIFA 19

    3 day early release
  15. Dante_Lockhart

    Jack Grealish

    Can’t wait for the window to shut and for Jack to come out and say ‘This is MY club, given the choice it’s no contest. My first option is to always stay here’ *wink*