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  1. Agreed. What did people expect him to do? He needs to get money in (The money from Netflix went towards security I think he said) - at the end of the day he's still Harry, Prince of the Realm, title or not. He's got star power and would be a fool to not use it to earn an income now he's been cut off.
  2. I think this is all a bit much for them to 'make up' to be honest. And it's not the first time that the Royals have come into the papers for 'questionable behaviour'
  3. I said the same about Sheff U. And Brighton. And Leeds (early in the season). And Burnley (twice).
  4. So back into this now and it’s a fun game to play. Well presented, plenty of SW feel to it. Just got to the Wookies so IIRC I’m not far from where I got to last time (the Tree)
  5. So the last few weeks I've finished up Marvels Avengers, Borderlands 3 DLC and Plat Astro. Starting my new save on Fallen Order now and will drop into Jurassic World LEGO for a change of pace. On track for a clean slate ready for Mass Effect!
  6. Awesome. Free upgrade to PS5 means I can play it from scratch all over again and trophy hunt. Yuffie DLC is something I didn't expect at all so that's a pleasant surprise.
  7. Early season Sansa was more annoying than Joffrey. He was just a prick.
  8. Had one of those when I went away a few years back. Pain in the arse filling the glass up though.
  9. I've definitely noticed more frequent higher winds the last few years.
  10. 1 thing I'll say about the Switch, it's overly complicated the whole user/account thing. Might just be Minecraft though and needing to link to a Microsoft account.
  11. Stole my lads Switch last night when he went to bed and started my own Pokemon Sword game. >_> I only know a handful of the Pokemon I've come across so far but it's still got the charms of the original. If anything there's too many to choose from in the first few areas now. I reckon I'd happily use my 6 Pokemon caught before the first gym throughout the game.
  12. I dunno, 2 of my mates have been ranting nonstop since Xmas on there. It's GLORIOUS
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