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  1. Can’t believe I missed it. Looking first to it all week. Had the ambulance out cos I had an allergic reaction to penicillin.
  2. Hopefully adding in some clauses might help (goals scored, international appearances etc...)
  3. That's for the ITK to know. Can't be too specific with these things.
  4. I expect him to be a PERManent feature in our first team.
  5. I see it a lot a Turkish Barbers.
  6. Pure sex. Premier League ain't ready.
  7. Barca agree a loan deal with option to buy for Coutinho. With a premier league club. Dare to dream?
  8. Every fan base has their arrogant supporters though. I don't hate Wolves, but I hate a lot of the supporters I know as they're arrogant and talk shite.
  9. Wesley, but he has to do that Steptoe run up for every single one.
  10. Never realised how long her neck was.
  11. Makes you wonder, if he is going for the fee reported, why Jack doesn't get the same offer from other clubs.
  12. That year looks to have took it's toll on him.

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