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  1. Butland Mings Phillips Grealish Wesley What a spine to build around. Imagine if we started the season with the below line-up
  2. Hutton paving the way for future Brazilians at Villa Park.
  3. First home game is against Bournemouth. Let's hope we get him in!
  4. Now Madrid have signed left back Mendy we can pursue our acquisition of Reguilón. Finally!
  5. Round badge with 'Aston Villa' arched around the top, 'Prepared' arched underneath. Angry Lion in the middle.
  6. You can't tie a Stallion down. He needs to run free.
  7. Ooooooooooooooo!!!! Just need 13 trilogy on PS4 now.
  8. I don’t believe anything VillaReport says. They’re not ITK. Load of rubbish.
  9. Was. Past tense. You know nothing.

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