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  1. Noticeable criticism: The board are concerned about Aston Villas 2-1 loss to Liverpool. STFU board, it's my first season back and they're top of the league!
  2. What dates go the regens come in around the world? Is there a list? Wanna try and get my scouting set up in prep
  3. What tactic are people having success with?
  4. Get a percentage of next sale added on too and you can't say no if you have decent cover.
  5. Bossed pre-season, can't buy a goal or a win in the league. Sitting 16th with 2 draws and 1 loss (Utd, West Ham and Liverpool.) Got Chelsea next.
  6. Suppose I need a BETA unlock code to get access. The one on one thing really is baffling and is pissing me off
  7. I haven't got a drop down menu on mine. Just says NONE: Opt out of all Betas and I can't change it.
  8. I'm OK with waiting a few more weeks for a more polished game.
  9. WhatSamatta you? HEY! Gotta no respect? What-a you t'ink you do, why you look-a so sad? It's-a not so bad, Aston's-a nice-a place. Ah shaddap-a you face!
  10. I'm baaaaaaaaack.Succumbed and took the plunge. Just had first pre-season. Lots of activity. Not a bad run of friendlies
  11. Am I imagining it or has Slim rejected a move to us before?
  12. Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, but with his goal return at the moment if Southampton stay up because of them then yes, he was a steal at 18m
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