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  1. Exactly. There are no guarantees in Fantasy Football.
  2. Bit late to the party. Physical and digital? Does one not have a disc drive or something?
  3. It'll go ahead. Just behind closed doors like the Premier League and stuff is.
  4. Don't think I've ever played a ND game before.
  5. Never played the first, so just installed the remaster that i got during one of the psplus months am I in for a treat?
  6. I never fully understood the SBCs. It seemed really hard to get the required players to do them. I only really played squad battles though as I suck against online players so rivals never got touched.
  7. Oooooo Dragon Age. Hope it goes back to Origins style rather than Inquisition.
  8. Yeah... you haven’t seen me DIY.
  9. Just phoned Neil down Sega Supplies, I can send mine in for £20.00 for a clean and thermal paste change. If it comes back like new and quiet (which 9 out of 10 do) I pay an extra £30.00 - so £50.00 total. If its still like a jet engine I've just lost out on £20.00 Might give it a whirl soon. COD sounds like it's going to break it.
  10. I’ve redownloaded this now to give it another go. 139GB Ridiculous. Had to delete a load of games off as I’ve only got the 500GB launch model.
  11. As an employer this whole thing sucks balls. I've had more anxiety over this than anything previous I think. Something so stupid that common sense (on the most part) will deal with has turned into a huge load of paperwork and stress.
  12. This gardening lark never ends
  13. It’s windows 7 so no erase button or owt. Might take the hdd out like you said. Cheers
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