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  1. Dante_Lockhart

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    Sounds like he’ll be a busy man
  2. Dante_Lockhart

    Christian Purslow

    Listened to the audio of the presser and legit thought we’d signed
  3. Dante_Lockhart

    Dean Smith

    Will there be an empty seat?
  4. Dante_Lockhart

    What game you currently playing?

    I’m still ploughing through Andromeda. Can’t grumble for under a tenner. The more I’ve played the more I’ve got into it. Pain in the arse completing everything on each huge planet map, but I can’t leave them open. Completionist in me. some great characters, game play is pretty good, reckon I’m about 70% through and I’ve sunk about 60hours in it.
  5. Dante_Lockhart

    Scott Hogan

    He scored 21 goals in 36 appearances for Brentford, so if he had a good spell of 30 games that's only 6 shit ones. I can accept that.
  6. Dante_Lockhart

    New Manager Speculation

    We said the same about Lambert.
  7. Dante_Lockhart

    The NSWE Board

    This one was being used for a while
  8. Dante_Lockhart

    New Manager Speculation

    According to The Sun (spits) we've contacted Mad Mick but not brought him in for an interview XD
  9. Dante_Lockhart

    FIFA 19

    Ultimate team in Madden is so much better. They've got rid of contracts and there is a host of solo challenges for you to complete and get cards, upgrades etc...
  10. Dante_Lockhart

    New Manager Speculation

    Purslow was brought in for this very reason, so I don't know why there would be a rift.
  11. Dante_Lockhart

    Thierry Henry

    Terry Henry master class imminent
  12. Dante_Lockhart

    New Manager Speculation

    Good times
  13. Dante_Lockhart

    New Manager Speculation

    I don't expect any announcement before Saturdays game.
  14. Dante_Lockhart

    New Manager Speculation

    Savoy Milosevic.
  15. Dante_Lockhart

    New Manager Speculation

    Henry as manager, Terry as assistant, Wenger as DoF