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  1. Great-I can only advise you not to give up the day job then-A comedian you are not. I'm sorry but really, what is remotely funny about stating that Villa will ruin a player if you don't mean it? it makes no sense at all.
  2. I assume this is your idea of a "well thought out" post? Can you please explain, on what grounds you expect Villa to "ruin" Kodjia?
  3. It doesn't matter where the goals come from. having Kodjia in there will help create for others as well. defenders can mark Gestede and read the paper at the same time. having someone with presence and movement will create space for others.
  4. Well thought out? The only well thought out thing about the posts is that every time he gives Kodjia a bit of credit, there is a sting in the tail. Whatever possessed you to think they were well thought out anyway? All I see is a desperation to quote people saying that they'd have accepted less than £11 million for him. That is not well thought out, it is petty.
  5. I have read your posts. I have interpreted them as stinking of bitterness. You have begrudgingly accepted that he's half decent and then by the same token suggested that he's limited, has baron spells, needs a high ratio of chances and then you suggested that we've grossly overpaid and that you are laughing all the way to the bank. Go and enjoy your £11 million being spent "behind the scenes" if that's what matters to you. I'm more than happy paying £11 million for an international striker who got 19 goals last season for a side that finished 18th.
  6. He got 19 goals. One less than the divisions top scorer. If he gets 19 again this season, he can miss as many as he wants. it is very rare for strikers not to miss chances, hence 19 or 20 goals being considered an excellent tally. You also failed to mention that he scored goals out of nothing that no one else in your side would have scored. the one balances out the other. If strikers convert all their chances, they'll be on 40 or 50 goals a season. That is why 20 is always considered an excellent return.
  7. How many 20 goal a season players need "a whole host of chances"? How many chances do you think that lowly Bristol City made? Bristol wanted more than £10mil for him, he had 3 years on a contract remaining. For me the £11mil was about right in todays market for a player whose club didn't want to sell and who was tied in for 3 years. Every signing is a gamble, regardless of the fee involved. Kodjia is better than what we have so has improved the side. Our options were limited in who we could bring in, with us being a championship side. For me, it was critical that we bought in a
  8. I personally prefer the team to be right before worrying about other issues. We lost Benteke for £32 mil last season and ended up relegated. Look at Spurs and the money spent with the Bale money Spurs didn't replace Bale, we didn't replace Benteke and you won't replace Kodjia. If you need to sell to survive then the deal was good for someone who was only with you for 12 months. 12 months time though, look at your team and see how it has benefited from the sale
  9. Great-If they find another one, we can buy him as well and then they'll have some more money in the bank
  10. Bristol fans don't seem able to comprehend that money in the bank doesn't benefit them, be it £7mil, £11mil or £15mil.
  11. The goalie is a worry-Incredibly young for a first teamer. His mistakes could have affected his confidence, even in this early stage. it wasn't only away that we folded-Huddersfield also took control of the game second half. being the eternal optimist, I put it down to the team getting used to each other still. The two latest signings will help immensely and I'd venture to suggest that had Kodjia played against Huddersfield, the game would have been out of sight at half time-Derby also, possibly.
  12. Why? The two sides are incompatible. Last season has no bearing on anything-We have a completely new team, new manager and even new owner. There is a feelgood factor about the place. Are you saying there are 10 better sides than Villa? Or that because a team playing in Villa colours last season has any influence on what a completely different side this time around will do? We have 2 of the top 3 strikers from last season and a side littered with Premier League players. Why should they finish 10th?
  13. On paper it would be top 4. We're slightly disadvantaged due to the team being thrown together so quickly. What I really like about the division is that there are some really good managers who are able to motivate sides. Chris Hughton at Brighton being the obvious stand out one but there are several others. I'm really enjoying the division so far. It reminds me of what football used to be like before TV and the middle classes ruined it
  14. Our bench is looking quite strong D Baker/Hutton/Bacuna DM Westwood AM Grealish/Aywe/Bacuna A Gestede
  15. Well he needs to knuckle down now and start playing. If he carries on like he has done in August, I don't see him being in the starting line up come January personally. He is not going to start in the front two unless there's an injury or suspension so he is in direct competition with Grealish and Adomah for the two wide positions. He may get the nod ahead of Adomah on Sunday but once Adomah gets his chance, it could mean a stright choice between Grealish and Ayew on the left side.
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