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  1. I do this!. I call it Schrödinger's Lottery Ticket
  2. I'd been waiting for this for ages but was a wee bit underwhelmed by it in the end. I think I just find Boldsworths attitude and delivery as a little too smug and condescending to be enjoyable now. Still, impressed with what they produced as independent film makers and such an unlikely concept - I genuinely though the y were joking when they talking in the podcast about turning it into a movie so fair play. On an unrelated note, I watched Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle at the weekend with my kid and it was brilliant. Couple more penis jokes than I would have expected for a family film however !
  3. sign up to the Spark Design Academy and one day you will be able to
  4. that spurs forum someone mentioned above is very eye opening. Didnt realise it was quite so gloomy there. They want Nuno and most of the players gone and half of them reckon they should drop Kane for this game. After watching the champs league last night it is crazy to see how the trajectories of Pochetino and Spurs has gone since they parted ways. From what I was reading an early goal could create a very toxic atmosphere. We should totally do that! I would go with the same formation and line up as at old trafford. Maybe Emi in for JJ depending on how much of his injury was knee and how much of it was pride
  5. Ings has just said that he reckons he is faster over the first 10 yards but Watkins would pip him in a 100 m race
  6. Doesn't look out if place does he?. Fair play to him
  7. Hopefully he can be this year's Matty Targett and show real improvement as as player, consistently. I'll admit I was ready to write him off in the early days but he has been fab recently. Just wish he would release the ball a second earlier when being pressed - that bit still makes me nervous!
  8. Also. How absolutely resplendent did villa look in that away kit .
  9. Ole was part of a man utd team who made the surrounding of the ref to intimidate him into a decision an art form whilst playing under the master of mind games. For him to winge about villa players trash talking the utd players is pathetic
  10. Tuchel obviously doesn't understand the subtle unspoken very English and proper sporting agreement that we don't play the big boys in these games! Thought it was very poor form to bring on mount and lukaku. The sod
  11. never seen a player enjoy a goal as much. At first I couldn't figure out why Martinez was first to hug him until I realised that Matty had sprinted the entire length of the field and Emi was the closest player!
  12. and you definitely run towards a man with a bazooka. and give him a big hug ( according to Eddie Izzard)
  13. Feel kinda bad saying it but he is kind of an annoying wee twunt to watch when he isn't playing for your team (I'm not English). Moans alot doesn't he Sort of understand why other fans used to hate him
  14. Kinda gross how obvious and transparent the big 6 bias is
  15. jeez. 10 days of isolated quarantining with a colleague - i'd be getting done for murder by the end of that
  16. nothing like ordering a villa kappa kit to make you re-evaluate your lifestyle choices.
  17. The BBC have put both series of 15 Storeys High on iplayer after Sean Lock's sad passing. I would highly recommend it. It is dark, strange, maudlin and very funny. Lots of familiar faces in little cameo roles. Written by and starring Lock who is very funny in an understated way
  18. We are talking about a player just getting a start in his national team and one who only just bagged the no. 1 jersey for himself on the back of some awesome performances. I fully support them going out there - to not do so would have put them back down the pecking order they have worked hard to rise up. Not joining up with this squad could have impacted on their international career going forward. Unlike England where players show little joy in playing for their international team, some players from other countries actually enjoy it
  19. Thank goodness we signed tuanzebe. No harm to hause and no questioning his attitude, but that first touch of his I also hold the referee complete responsible for Ing's yellow card. Can't believe he missed the blatant foul that got him riled up
  20. Be a pal for Youngy. Same age bracket. Axel Fogey
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