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  1. Zatman

    The Film Thread

    US is entertaining and original enough but definite doesnt deserve the hype it has received. Some pretty good acting in it
  2. Colwyn Bay have quite the English leagues to return to Wales or would probably go bust
  3. They are saying Sala didn't have the right contract regarding his signing on fee
  4. That doesnt make sense, would mean they are on an average of about 80k a week
  5. Southgate has always been a rocket polisher
  6. Dean Saunders thinks Hudson Odoi should reject Bayern and move on loan to a League 1 team. Moron
  7. But Van Dijk was playing, the greatest defender ever according to the media
  8. I do respect his opinions but James McLean is such a horrible footballer
  9. I am happy for Southgate to never discover Jack. I have said many times England have never had a player in recent times like him. He is that unique
  10. Zatman

    Scott Hogan

    He was injured and not in the squad
  11. He is 28 this year so should be in his prime but for me hasnt got the final product if he was English he would be Stuart Downing
  12. Was a one off season. 2 years ago. Offered little after especially for Sweden
  13. Yeah ive seen Forsberg for 30/40 games. He is just hype Poor mans Ashley Young
  14. In fairness Forsberg is pretty shit when it comes to it Lindelof has a proper reason not to play at least
  15. Zatman

    Jed Steer

    Most Croatians know would have good enough English so I imagine it could be about getting to know the players and shouting instructions in a language he isnt so comfortable with
  16. Hutton goal not even mentioned is shocking For a full back to that in a derby
  17. Jon Walters has retired through injury. Not the most talented or greatest player but a proper warrior. Would run through brick walls for the team. One of last hardmen in football No shock Stoke collapsed when lost characters like him and Whelan
  18. McLeish tried to loan him and Iniesta for Rangers. What could have been Them 2 and Hutton could have tore through Europe
  19. The SKY article makes it sound more bizarre. Snoddy wasn't even tested or scheduled to be tested that day he was just in the room so it would probably back up his claim that he knew the tester
  20. Isnt that why its a random drugs test
  21. Zatman

    Lovre Kalinić

    shitty angle but looks like it nipped a deflection from the defender
  22. not a winning return to international football for either party tonight
  23. If Spurs had any sense they would sign Rice to replace Dier too. He is certainly a player stealing a living not to mention being one of the worst football hardmen ever

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