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  1. sure was people complaining in the Grealish thread that he only signed a new contract last season. I bet they would have had the same negative reaction if he saw out his contract and left on a free
  2. Is that really a criticism though? People complain that players dont see out contracts, yet when they do its not a sign of loyalty
  3. Zatman

    Dean Smith

    Sheffield United were above us when Smith took over, they finished 2nd that season and had just smashed us 4-1
  4. Zatman

    Austin MacPhee

    Do other teams have them? Its a genuine question, but if we went ahead of the curve then its genius from somebody
  5. Zatman

    Austin MacPhee

    Meh we want to hear the real Danny, Mr Murphy opinions
  6. Tall defensive midfielder. Doesnt hve to be good but fits that criteria
  7. For what we paid and the value he has given us he has been a bargain. Doesn't complain and does a solid job Still waiting for his Villa goal
  8. They really liked him at Liverpool, a lot of fans still appreciate him
  9. Zatman

    Dean Smith

    I know its a cliche at this stage but if he had an exotic name he would be linked with the top jobs. Dean Smith its not really a sexy name but he is the best English manager at the moment
  10. 5 games into the season and the new signings have 4 goals and 4 assists so far. Not bad
  11. He has a bit of a Frank Lampard about him, genuinely think the first goal will become an explosion for him
  12. Even if he leaves we will make at least 3 times the money we spent on him
  13. Not for me, I seen us play Richards, Lescott, Bacuna etc and definitely got me out of my seat
  14. Zatman


    Think Klopp has already indicated he will leave in 18 months or so. I think the injuries last season were a blessing as usually his teams run out of steam after a certain time so the break might have helped them
  15. Mugged themselves by not selling Kane, wont get near 100 million next summer. Kanes ego wont help himself either. Somebody needs to tell him to stay up front
  16. The Premier League is full of shit commentators, something as random as Lee Dixon thinking he is Nicolas Cage is awesome Rather that than listening to Gary Neville
  17. Im sorry, that sounds brilliant
  18. Wasnt yesterday his first loss? Bit petty from the fans, Rafa isnt cheap so they wont sack him so quickly
  19. The Watford guy, not even sure his name. Brendan Rodgers as a dark horse
  20. He is on for 3rd relegation now. Incredible he isn't even 30 yet
  21. Sterling channeling his inner Paul Lambert. Ake I understand because he is talking about his father passing away
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