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  1. I think regardless of league with his style of play that Hourihane will get goals and assists
  2. Rome is most disappointing place I have been, the food wasnt spectacular and all the sites are ruined by people just harassing you
  3. avoid this burger place https://metro.co.uk/2019/05/18/restaurant-rome-charges-tourists-70-two-burgers-three-coffees-9595645/
  4. I think the problem with handball is that if you ask 10 different referees you more than likely get a 50-50 split on the decision. FIFA need to overhaul the rules
  5. I think the guy who was managing England before was getting linked to some Championship clubs before the scandal erupted
  6. Hurley sitting on the Iron Throne
  7. according to some absolute terrifying reports, his wages will go up to 70k if we go up
  8. Or the opposite, some coaches might start working in the womens game if they feel they can get a chance at a big job which could improve standards and not feel its a step down
  9. City signed Kompany and Zabaleta that summer for the price we paid for Cuellar and Luke Young
  10. Birtles was such a good forward he went an entire season at United without scoring. Playing as a striker
  11. Interesting where he goes, United is probably the only top 6 team he could join and have a guaranteed starting spot. Cant see many other top European clubs interested
  12. Kenny Miller quit as manager this season to continue playing and I imagine Livingston less time consuming than Anderlecht
  13. player-manager, they seemed to be big in 90s but sort of gone now. Managing takes a lot of time that I am not sure will work out he might just retire after few months
  14. Barca players are ready to veto Griezmann transfer as he showed lack of respect by not signing when players publicly tapped him up last summer
  15. I dont think thats true Bobby Robson and Roy Hodgson played direct football they aren't called shit
  16. The greatest thing Jenas did in his career was getting injured by a sprinkler. He had so much hype before that but was so average as a player
  17. Yeah they selll Bournemouth 40 million worth of "talent". Got 8 million for somebody called Kevin Stewart, no idea who he is
  18. The Liverpool/Bournemouth deals should be really investigated. 40.million or so on crap
  19. Pulis plays crap ball and I would hate if he ever managed us but harsh to say he is a failure
  20. Nah Jenas always a dick, no idea why works for BBC he is that bad. Wasn't even a good player
  21. Bullshit, Liverpool are best team ever when comes to net spend
  22. Sure he should have got a red card 25 minutes before he did. A good ref would have followed the official rules and gave 2nd yellow for obstruction
  23. Not really that much of an achievement considering money spent. Didnt even challenge champions league
  24. Of course but in Fairness tney have not been a disgrace either
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