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  1. Dante_Lockhart

    Dean Smith

    I think there's a few players in the squad who know they aren't in the long term plans of DS, hence the drop in form. Where-as when he first came in they were fighting tooth and nail to impress, I think a lot have just become complacent. How can you motivate someone who knows they're surplus to requirements and will be moved on in the summer?
  2. Dante_Lockhart

    Jacob Ramsey

    I'm not making comparisons or anything, but if you're good enough you're good enough, no matter the age. Theo Walcott, Wayne Rooney, Michael Owen, Aaron Lennon, Jack Wilshere.. all guys who debuted early. You either cope with the pressure or you don't. Making your debut at 21 will be just as nerve wrecking as at 17.
  3. Dante_Lockhart

    Dean Smith

    What’s happened to the team that played attacking football when he first came in, 3-0 Derby, 3-0 Forest, 4-2 Blues. Hell, even 5-5 Forest. You can’t tell me that losing 1 player (Jack) means we are a completely different team.
  4. Dante_Lockhart

    Dean Smith

    Can't polish a turd mate.
  5. Hi Broncos fans.
  6. Dante_Lockhart

    Callum O'Hare

    Descended from the Irish-American New York O'Hare family.
  7. Dante_Lockhart

    André Green

  8. Dante_Lockhart

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff Utd

    Mighty Glenn Whelan changed the game.
  9. Dante_Lockhart

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    Think someone is feeling a bit aggrieved
  10. Dante_Lockhart

    Pre-Match Thread

    Grealish can want to play all he likes, if the physios/doctors etc... say he's still healing and needs a few more weeks DS is hardly going to rush him back.
  11. Dante_Lockhart

    The 'Who Supports Who' topic

    Just a general topic really to see where alliances lie. I know a couple of peoples teams but it would be nice to get a list going or something. Baltimore Ravens Dante_Lockhart AVFCForever1991 conorn Buffalo Bills RJA1703 jt Carolina Panthers Milfner Chicago Bears usvilla Wavy77 GRA Cincinatti Bengals claretman Cleveland Browns rjw63 villa89 bully BerniesElbow Tubby HJ avfcgoodie Copey11 Goose19 Hornso rjenkins Dallas Cowboys Beastmix GREAT_BEARD_OF_ZEUS Banger75 Denver Broncos Tegis BOF rhyscartwright_avfc Green Bay Packers Peever Wainy316 Indianapolis Colts chrissmith921 Jacksonville Jaguars Brumerican Brumerican's missus Kansas City Chiefs NoelVilla Los Angeles Chargers villa4europe parisvilla BennettVilla chomer Los Angeles Rams Rugeley Villa Miami Dolphins RunRickyRun Gringo Baselayers SilkyAVFC Xela Minnesota Vikings pas5898 sne New England Patriots leviramsey rabbisson maqroll NibblyPig PandaMac olivevilla Cambridge-AVFC Morley_Crosses_To_Withe New Orleans Saints tonyh29 New York Giants kkr kurtsimonw VillaEire BackRowVilla adz.villa abdomlahor New York Jets YankeeinMadrid Shoody TrinityRoadSteps HalfTimePost ForeroGabe Villaphan04 Oakland Raiders ToreTorell Philadelphia Eagles packoman Phumfeinz Pittsburgh Squealers briggaman Villa4Life11 villafan306 irreverentad San Francisco 49ers PaulMcGrathsknees robitee Macca49 Ouchmefoot Tayls Seattle Seahawks StefanAVFC jadenb42 heid3ster Tampa Bay Buccaneers dodgyknees Tennessee Titans Raymond Washington Redskins Claret75 LancsVillan JoshVilla turnbull johnny from donny *More people than i expected!
  12. Dante_Lockhart

    Football Manager 2019

    I'll go one better. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/fa50lnbdh1yd5ah,lzv8ikhw4ol0yfa,s7a353x09iwnbix,4gjjlrypefohhcu,1i8oyao3qth5jxa,6hdwocaearljid3,yjabv7mtvk4slpz,22zqyr4mew6mnnx,yyd5a1r4sa19vgf,0012wxq407jr85x,84a7vaeu1lj8l7a,1zdjdqk2xled1ur,puxlcz57tc3tfrm/shared
  13. Dante_Lockhart

    Football Manager 2019

    ---------DLF---------------------- -------------------SS-------------- W------MEZ-----DLP------W
  14. Dante_Lockhart

    Football Manager 2019

    I play a 4-4-1-1 and it's immense.
  15. Dante_Lockhart

    Pre-Match Thread

    Get Carroll and Kodjia in, drop Whelan and Adomah.
  16. Dante_Lockhart

    Football Manager 2019

    Micah Richards?
  17. Dante_Lockhart

    Football Manager 2019

    @Skills Tried them yet?
  18. Dante_Lockhart

    Superbowl LIII

    If the Rams had Kupp the game would have been a lot better.
  19. Dante_Lockhart

    Superbowl LIII

    PEDleman going crazy
  20. Dante_Lockhart

    Superbowl LIII

    The NFL100 commercial was the best bit of football I’ve seen so far tonight
  21. Dante_Lockhart

    Tyrone Mings

    Well... he could have been
  22. Dante_Lockhart

    What game you currently playing?

    I went through something similar a few years ago. Took a break and eventually the love came back
  23. Dante_Lockhart

    Football Manager 2019

    He's been listed at 12m on mine for nearly 18 months now and no one wants him from Chelsea.
  24. Dante_Lockhart

    Football Manager 2019