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  1. To denounce the papers from all the City love
  2. Thought we’d had a bid accepted for him as well then
  3. He can just as easily play on the right and cut inside.
  4. Well, he's not, because he's still under contract. If we reject the offer that's the end of it unless he wants to sign a new deal.
  5. TBH I think we're just holding back until the Grealish saga is done one way or another. If he signs a new deal we've got our targets lined up. If City offer enough and we accept we have our targets lined up. We'll be ready to progress either way.
  6. Slight improvement on 3m and Onomah
  7. When was the last post in this thread talking about something other than "Is he or isn't he staying?"
  8. We'll pay you the £30m, and the extra 5m when he's played 50 games for the club, 20 international appearances, 50 league goals and 20 international goals. Then sell him when he's 1 goal / appearance off completing. Sorted.
  9. If he does go then I'll look forward to McGinn going through him when we play City at VP
  10. Preece’s autobiography title
  11. I'm not on Insta. Why is everyone up in arms?
  12. I'm happy with 12. In my history my average finish with a 12 team league is 3rd. In a 16-20 team league my average finish is 13th >_<
  13. You're doing something wrong then, because you most definitely get a guaranteed A rating simming if you already got an A rating from manually playing it in the career mode. There are many different shooting training sessions, make sure it's the one you've A rated already. EDIT: Sorry, just read that FIFA18 was the most recent one you've played. Thought you were talking about 21.
  14. I await next weeks episode when he called him ChumbaWumba
  15. I play a handful of training games, get the A rating, then just set them over and over and simulate to get the max benefit from it.
  16. Nixon just confirmed theres something in it.
  17. I'll remain calm. Theres only Talkshite and DailyFail who've run it so far.
  18. Well he's not come here as a starter, rotation if anything.
  19. True, think I'd mentally stored him as LB cover rather than further upfield.
  20. This is the kind of link I can get behind. Jack - Emi - Bailey with Traore, ELG and a Trez to come back is frightening.
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