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  1. Eagles play-calling is atrocious too. Running game needs to be relied on more (and not just Hurts running)
  2. That overturned INT was a bit dodgy
  3. 3 hours it was there lol. One of my mates got back to me first.
  4. I've had a VIP code come through from Currys that allows you to order one in store if anyone wants it. *Code has gone.
  5. I fondly remember an older FIFA where free-kicks were awesome. You'd have a picture of the ball at the bottom right and you could effectively pick the point you connect with, put how much spin you want and then power with the shot button (effectively like a snooker game). You could get some proper spin on the kick and I was regularly scoring from 40yards out with League 2 players Cor even hit the target in these new ones.
  6. All this is just a cover up following the WFT investigation. I reckon there's something a lot worse that's gone on that implicates the league and Gruden has just been thrown under the bus as a distraction.
  7. He was citing Dragon Age and Mass Effect romances as the main 2. I reminded him they weren't 'forced' on you, they were options. I think he just generally doesn't feel comfortable talking to gay persons.
  8. I asked a guy at work this question and his immediate, without pausing response was 'forced homosexuality' ¬_¬
  9. I'm part way through ME3 at the moment. Forgot how good the gameplay was in it. Male (mostly paragon) Biotic Shep. Singularity -> Warp/Throw/Carnage/Flare is amazing
  10. I can't take another week like that. After the Lions and then this, my heart man.
  11. Not so much this week. He’s out with an MCL sprain FFS
  12. Dunno who'd buy him who hasn't already got a solid #1 GK. Juventus maybe, Valencia, Inter (Handanovic nearing 38), Dortmund? Can't see any English clubs coming in for him, and the likes of Barca/Madrid/Paris etc.. are all sorted.
  13. Reminds me of when we got Marcus Peters for a 5th and a back-up LB.
  14. Also, 'Quon Air this week has scored ridiculously well. Even more impressive is that his bench scored 4.5 points.
  15. 10 points from Tucker needed. Glad it wasn't Crosby I was relying on XD
  16. Games that can only be played on Wifi is a ridiculous concept.
  17. Picked up 2k21 from PSPlus yesterday. Not played a golf game in ages so looking forward to some chilled gaming.
  18. For the money they've got I'd demand to live somewhere else and get Choppered to and from the training ground every day.
  19. After hearing Amanda Staveley talk it makes me ever more appreciative of Purslow.
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