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  1. Right. I'm gonna turn off and take the nipper to the park.
  2. Pride Rewards - I've not spent any in three years so have a few thousand, and there's absolutely nothing there for me. Transport - Not much the club can do about this maybe, but I live about six miles away and now need to leave at half twelve to get a parking spot, and I'm lucky if I make it home by half six. That's getting ridiculous. I live on the train line and would like to get the train, but the waiting time to get on is also ridiculous. I'd walk but it's taking your life into your hands now it's dark at night. Help us out lads. Some more car parks a bit further out going straight onto main roads, or bribe WM Railway to chuck an extra six-coacher or two on half hour after the final whistle.
  3. Good God this. Can we stop with the walk out music as well? Stop drowning out the crowd.
  4. I don't think anyone really moans about linesmen getting an offside call wrong if there's a gnat's pube in it. It's the clear daylight ones people moan about. That could be checked, very quickly, by somebody watching from a decent angle, once, in slow motion. If there's an obvious mistake then overrule the linesman. If it comes to the point you have to start drawing lines and it takes three minutes just go with the on field decision. Three minutes again yesterday for the goal to be given. I celebrated Trez's goal a bit, but it was half arsed because you just don't know if it's a goal. It's shit. And I'll be singing **** VAR even if and when an opposition goal is finally ruled out by VAR. I think that's important that we get the message across that we hate the system, not just hate it when it goes against us.
  5. I think by the end of the season after everybody's been hurt five to ten times, goals will be celebrated like the awarding of a penalty. Still a cheer, but not going mad as there's only an 80-90% chance of a goal being awarded. Then a secondary cheer at kick off, not dissimilar from a converted penalty. Gone are the times of hugging random strangers and ending up five rows down with bruises all over your legs.
  6. There doesn't seem to be any accountability. Why do the VAR officials not have to justify their decisions in this sort of instance? We know who the ref was yesterday but genuine question, do we know who the VAR official was? Are we given that information. I can't find it but it might be published somewhere. Is it an actual referee? If it's not a referee, how are they the ultimate arbitrator of decisions above the referee on the pitch? If it was a referee, which one? Kevin Friend in a box somewhere **** us over? Also, if it's judges to be a 'clear and obvious' error then the referee on the pitch has failed to do his job and there should be repurcussions for that too. Such a crap implementation that half of.me hopes we go down so I can enjoy championship football without this shit. Really struggling to find the motivation to get a season ticket if we stay up, as without being able to fully let go and go mental when we score, what's the point? £500 and a lot of hassle getting to and from matches to just be disappointed and angry every time. I can't be the only one.
  7. **** VAR. Totally killed the atmosphere, even though it had about the minimum impact due to scoring straight after. I went to walk out but got talked round thankfully. But I didn't celebrate goal two at all. Obviously went mad for the last second goal but still with the 'oh no this won't count' going through my mind. Complete ruiner. Also, if we're being picky, their goal.. why did that stand? It was not a free kick. The goal came from that phase. Surely the resulting free kick is a phase of the goal. Anyway, complete farce as usual. Nice for us to get a win we didn't really deserve though. They looked like they had the extra man at 11v11, and it only looked even when they went a man down. They still went through our lines far too easily and always looked dangerous on the break while we were too predictable with our passing. Only Grealish was making passes which weren't completely telegraphed. But we have a manager that will see that too. It's good to have a game we can learn from whole also getting three points.
  8. Barely celebrated the first. Didn't celebrate the second at all. My final season after 30 years if we're still in the premier League with VAR next year. So sad they've ruined football for **** all.
  9. Me too. Wonder if it's worth considering chucking this team out there and telling Nakamba to stay on Pukki all match. Neutralise Pukki and you neutralise a lot of their threat.
  10. Yeah. I think Grealish left the winger too open initially but **** me, Taylor what are you doing mate?!
  11. That VAR call killed me off. And other people I think judging by the flat atmosphere 1-0 up in the second half. I can't abide it. I didn't celebrate the second/first. If we go down I'm quite happy to be done with that shit.
  12. If Friend wasn't a bent word removed we'd be sitting pretty in 13th at the moment. Let's keep calm, it's early days and most of us were expecting a slow start with all the changes we've had. Plenty of time to pull it round. If we go down we go down. The championship is more fun than this bollocks league anyway.
  13. Yeah people keep talking about the Chelsea one which was bad, but it's the QPR one I remember. As you say, absolutely blatant match fixing. No question about it.
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