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  1. I was going to write just this. It's unbelievable how little professional pundits understand about the game. They're just lazy chancers.
  2. I was convinced he'd be a £100m footballer, and I told any of my friends who would listen just how good he was. I wonder if he regrets leaving us when he did, or if he's one of those just happy to sit and count his money.
  3. The difference with rugby is rugby doesn't really matter, while football does.
  4. Last time I watched a little river was about ten years ago. A crappy unreliable feed on my laptop with loads of popups. Since then I've just stumped up the £80+ for Sky and BT each month. This PPV thing tipped me over the edge though so I did a bit of playing around and managed to watch a HD stream on my TV through a foreign channel. It was a couple of minutes behind but I think it was worth it. Now I'm wondering whether I bother carrying on shelling out £80+ a month. If my little river solution continues to work, then I might well cut the cord. Won't feel too much guilt not giving Murdoc
  5. More like Katie Hopkins! He was an excellent player, but he was a complete arsehole. And he still is, except now he has to play a character to keep being on the telly and maintain his fame. He's a muppet.
  6. Daft **** word removed. **** off.
  7. Absolute bullshit merchant and a terrible boring cowardly manager. Wasted two evenings watching this dross.
  8. I just don't understand what this fool is doing. Absolutely clueless. What a waste of a championship having this bloke in charge. Just so depressingly unambitious and dull. A waste of a really good generation of players.
  9. Asked another direct question about Grealish which he ducked and dived around to talk about anything but Grealish. Boring dork.
  10. They're sick in the head. Just psychopaths.Unfortunately our society rewards psychopathy.
  11. What a complete spanner Southgate is. Makes McLeish look adventurous.
  12. The daftest thing about this is... I'm the only villa fan in the house. £15 is a lot for just me to watch 90mins of football. But if I have my mates round, and we take it in turns to get the matches in, it slashes the cost and makes it a bit more fun. Sounds great, except for this business about a little bug going round! No household mixing + £15 a game = people sticking two fingers up to local lockdown. It's just encouraging bad behaviour. I won't do that though. I've never really got into streaming. Did it about ten years ago and it was rubbish. I hear it might have moved on a but thou
  13. It's all a show. He's just waiting to meet me. Marry me Jack!
  14. It's probably better for us it's taken so long for Grealish to get into the England set up. If he'd got in years ago he'd have been snapped up when we had our financial troubles, if not earlier, or he'd definitely have gone this summer. Now he's got a shiny new contract and we look decent, he'll hopefully stay. It says it all that people were surprised how good he was last night, when we all know that was a pretty mediocre performance in an unfamilair team for our Jack. People obviously just haven't been watching little unfashionable Aston Villa. I get that of opposition fans, in the same way
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