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  1. blunther

    Alan Hutton

    This news has made my day. Dunno why the doom and gloom about this considering all else. Nice one Alan.
  2. blunther

    Pierluigi Gollini

    I quite liked him. Some bad luck on that run under RDM but I thought he had the attributes to be a good keeper. Ah well. We do need a keeper though from somewhere unless Sarkic is ready for potential first team action.
  3. blunther

    Going Under ?

    Could get a nice big ‘for Sale’ board there visible from the M6
  4. blunther

    Going Under ?

    So can we take that **** Chinese flag down from the roof of Villa Park now?
  5. blunther

    Going Under ?

    That’s all well and good but we have Samba and Jedinak as our only centre halves. Not the most mobile duo...
  6. blunther

    Going Under ?

    Yeah I’m not talking this year though, but if we have the fire sale and end up with not much more than a ground and a few kids in the conference. If we keep the ground of course!
  7. blunther

    Going Under ?

    If it happens, it happens. I quite like the idea of being a fan-owned club. How far we’d have to drop for that to happen I don’t know, but 10,000 people chucking in a grand is £10m - might be able to pick us up for that in a couple of years. We’ll never win the league again being fan-owned I’m sure, but it’s be an experience.
  8. blunther

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Like many I hope we’ll get a manager in to rebuild a younger side with a coherent style. As such I don’t think we’ll be pushing for promotion next year with the financial squeeze. We need a longer 2-3 year vision with an exciting manager and a new team, incorporating some of the youth. My understanding of FFP is it’s a three-year average, so I hope I’m right in thinking that if Tony’s still up for it, we can spend again after next season. If that’s the case, try and build the base of the squad next year, then go out and add a few gems where needed next summer and go out and win the league with style. If that works it puts us in better shape when we go up to PL too. If we’d gone up yesterday, we’d have had to have a massive rebuild. We know how that goes from our last season up there. We’d have been straight back down again, though admittedly we’d be £170m better off...
  9. blunther

    Ross McCormack

    Might as well try and use him if he’s up for it. And if he’s not, fine him two weeks wages every week like the old style championship manager.
  10. blunther

    Callum O'Hare

    Kids like him are the reason I’m not too crushed by the defeat today. Would never have featured in the Premier League. As least now we get to see what some of the youth team are made of.
  11. blunther

    Steve Bruce

    I’ve long been a critic of Bruce but we need to remember the state we were in when he came. He got rid of the Loser mentality and turned things around pretty well. His style hasn’t been pretty often but it’s been effective more often than not. He had his way and unfortunately we just fell short. I mean no disrespect to the man as he seems a good bloke, but I think as we’ll need a rebuild with younger players he isn’t the man to do that. I think he’ll leave, and if so he leaves with my thanks and best wishes. I suspect he might just retire, and I couldn’t blame him. If so, have a great retirement Brucey
  12. blunther

    Match Thread: Play Off Final v Fulham

    The blatant attempt to snap Grealish’s knee is quite a big moment in the game. I didn’t say he’s responsible for our performance, but every time he refs us his performance is so bad that it can only be fraudulent. The man is a crook.
  13. blunther

    Match Thread: Play Off Final v Fulham

    Kevin Friend isn’t a poor official. He’s a **** crook. I’ve said it for years and I stand by it. Bent word removed.
  14. blunther

    Pre-match chat

    Alan Hutton
  15. blunther

    Pre-match chat

    Had to give up my ticket as my firstborn is gonna be born today hopefully. Plus this. I’m a **** wreck!! If she comes out as the winning penalty goes in I think I might just die.