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  1. Four at the back. Bailey to start please thanks.
  2. Not very good at all. Let's see Bailey start next game and get back to four at the back. Great goal from Ramsey and end of the 3-5-2 experiment are my positives. It has its uses but it shouldn't be the go-to every game, nor do I think it will be with Bert and Bailey available.
  3. Now we deserve to be two down. But the ref blew for half time. VAR gave the pen. Surely the pen is it and the whistle goes once the pen is saved. Where did the extra few seconds come from?
  4. Not in the game at all. Needs a change. I don't know what but can't leave this til 60 minutes, game will be long gone.
  5. Seems there's only one team playing judging by the Sky coverage so you have to think Arsenal have a chance against themselves.
  6. Indeed, if we're playing this formation I'd rather play Hause, our own player who's not let us down when he's come in. Harsh to leave him out.
  7. Don't like it. Hope I'm proved wrong.
  8. Probably have taken three points from those two away matches. Tough run of fixtures that. Just looked at the fixture list and it doesn't get that much easier though. Tough league.
  9. Imagine going back a few years and thinking we'd have a proper villa lad as manager and we'd be going out to smash teams like Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea; wouldn't win them all but we'll give as good as we got and be a proper team to fear in the premier League again. I love this man. He's my hero.
  10. Yeah this. I wasn't that bothered about England the last decade anyway, but they can get in the sea now.
  11. Who'd have thought that people would be partisan when it came to...[checks notes] football?
  12. Well, you can't knock that. Never heard of him before tonight. What a finisher.
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