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  1. Feel sorry for the poor bugger that paid £42 for my ticket for that!
  2. blunther


    Not sold out yet then.... My season ticket is on resale and still hasn't gone yet!
  3. I've changed my mind on this, get him in the team straight away! Liuz needs a break to work on his sloppiness. There's a player in there, but he needs time. Hopefully he's another Nyland.
  4. blunther

    Ørjan Nyland

    This guy's earned a chance. I turned the match off against Wolves when he came on as he was just hopeless last year, but he's proved that he's got what it takes. Good for.him, he's obviously worked hard instead of sulking and it's paying off. Let him at it for the rest of the season.
  5. Looked really promising to begin with but too many mistakes in him. Sloppy free kicks in dangerous positions, sloppy passes, sloppy in possession in dangerous places. He's too much of a liability at the moment unfortunately.
  6. blunther

    Ørjan Nyland

    Problem with that is he's currently third choice. Presumably if we got yet another keeper in who got injured, you wouldn't want Nyland playing then either, in which case there's no point having him in the squad.
  7. Prize where it lies is such bullshit. Two tickets to a future match. What a crap prize. The way he hit that he should get a **** contract.
  8. We're a striker away from being sixth the way it is this season.
  9. If we won by three we'd go above them. Our GD is pretty good.
  10. Free hit. Let's smash the bastards! Win by three and go above them.
  11. blunther

    Tom Heaton

    What a difference this guy makes. Five or six times tonight he held on to shots and crosses that the previous 58 keepers would have flapped at.
  12. Big win that. Could've had more. Could've conceded. But a big win. Not sure on Smith's game management at the end. I thought Trez and Nakamba could have helped after 60 mins but we won 2-0 so I guess he was right! That's why we were right to get rid of Bruce. Absolute anti-football until they were were already two down. Mings not great today I didn't think. Konsa very good apart from that mad slice. McGinn also off the pace but we'll forgive those two a dodgy game or two, especially when we still take the points.
  13. Right. I'm gonna turn off and take the nipper to the park.
  14. Pride Rewards - I've not spent any in three years so have a few thousand, and there's absolutely nothing there for me. Transport - Not much the club can do about this maybe, but I live about six miles away and now need to leave at half twelve to get a parking spot, and I'm lucky if I make it home by half six. That's getting ridiculous. I live on the train line and would like to get the train, but the waiting time to get on is also ridiculous. I'd walk but it's taking your life into your hands now it's dark at night. Help us out lads. Some more car parks a bit further out going straight onto main roads, or bribe WM Railway to chuck an extra six-coacher or two on half hour after the final whistle.
  15. Good God this. Can we stop with the walk out music as well? Stop drowning out the crowd.
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