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  1. WTF. So it's the normal Auto Windscreens things, but with 16 Academy teams, and we're one of them? Cool.
  2. Since Heaton was simultaneously at the Belfry and in Portugal I'm not trusting enough to believe he's on the plane just yet!
  3. We're all talking as if it's a done deal... is there any confirmation yet? I don't trust paper bollocks.
  4. Konsa for £12m and Tuanzebe on loan for a year would be great business. Gives Konsa the year to settle, play cup games, come off the bench and generally cover Tuanzebe and Mings, then when we send Tuanzebe back next year he'll hopefully be ready to make the step up. If he's not, we'll know from how he does this season so can look elsewhere if required.
  5. Only as location... doesn't mention LUFC on his bio.
  6. Didn't 11m people watch the semi-final the other day?
  7. Fair enough, if they're doing clickbait like that then that's annoying, but that's the club being a bunch of twerps rather than women's football more generally.
  8. I think it's good. For not much money (in the grand scheme of things) we could really make something of the women's team. I'm not happy that the shit play in the league above us for one thing... let's sort that out at least. As for it being 'forced' on you... come off it, if you don't like it then don't read or look at it. Having to skip past a tweet as it's about the women is not being 'forced' anything.
  9. Yeah, that's crazy. I'm hoping it goes on length of service rather than number of aways....
  10. Ha, that's true! I hope you're right - what you said about a goal is exactly that. Nothing compares to being in the ground when we score, it's transcendental. You just don't get that watching on a TV. If they take that magic away, that's a big part of the reason for attending taken away.
  11. I've been dreading VAR being at matches I attend. If next season I'm left wondering WTF is happening for two minutes or celebrate a goal wildly only for it to be ruled out a minute or two afterwards, I'm just going to stop going as it's a load of bullshit for TV audiences. Within five years they'll have ad breaks while a committee views video replays and it'll be like American Football. It's a bag of shite.
  12. blunther

    Kortney Hause

    Sali, Salifouuuuuu
  13. Seems a great bloke. We're letting some good characters go. I know they haven't got a place in the Premier League now at their age but it's still a little sad. End of an era I guess.

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