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  1. Sitting where I sit I’m one of the last out the ground if I wait till the final whistle. If im on the train leaving at 85 mins means I get home an hour earlier. That’s either bathtime and bedtime for the kid if I leave at 85 or I don’t see them if I leave at full time. Not much of an incentive to stay when you’re 2-0 down and half the crowd are busy arguing and fighting with each other. Quite why me leaving five minutes early affects your experience I don’t know. If public transport or traffic was any better then I’d be tempted to stay anyway, but that’s another discussion.
  2. blunther

    Kortney Hause

    Ten times the player today than midweek.
  3. Absolutely vile today Forget turning on the players, that’s long gone. We’ve turned on ourself now. I think everyone at the back/centre of the lower holte hates everyone else. Could get scrappy very easily.
  4. I think I just did a sick in my mouth. Refs are terrible though. I thought premier league refs were bad, but Jesus! I dread to think what happens in league two. Just drag some pissed up bloke out the boozer?
  5. I think he’ll be here next season. I don’t see anyone topping £25m unless he has an unbelievable end to the season and I don’t see why we’d let him leave for less now he’s contracted for another four years.
  6. What kind of supporter doesn’t go to the game /s
  7. I like him a lot, but I can’t have him as MotM tonight after watching that second goal back. Just standing watching the two rebounds on the edge of the six yard box. He’d given up ages before it hit the net.
  8. I left early mostly because of the toxic atmosphere tonight and look where that got me. In fairness it got me home and drying and warm with a cat on my lap an hour earlier so not all bad. The constant shouts of ‘forward’ and the glee that seems to be taken in jeering our own players is something else. We’ve had new players, managers, owners, coaches, scouts, probably new tea ladies and everything else too. The only things we haven’t changed are the fans and the mascot. I suggest we kill off Hercules in a half time gladiatoral contest next week. If it’s still the same then we should buy new fans.
  9. I’m glad the trains were £80 by the time I was looking to get a ticket. I’ve had a far better day than I would otherwise have had. Sheesh.
  10. If we talk about Grealish for £25m then I don’t think it’s unreasonal to ask the same for McGinn. I think he’d be a highly effective premier league player. In fairness we can put whatever price tag we want on him while he’s under contract. Hopefully our owners won’t piss around
  11. Once again, does something good then **** it up by being a greedy bollocks. Not squaring it to one of the three players waiting and instead booting it out for a throw in is unforgiveable. And it keeps happening. Not happy.
  12. I hope not, but if he does it should be for a massive massive profit. I assume he’s got a few years left so we shouldn’t be letting him go unless it’s for daft money, tens and tens of millions.
  13. That’s how I read it. It certainly wasn’t a denial that he’d been identified as a target, but Deano batted off the question as he doesn’t actually do the negotiating, as you’d expect. Sounded like there’s legs in this one to me.
  14. He’s been poor this last few weeks. And awful today.
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