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  1. Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    I didn't bother going so would be hypocritical to say it's a bad crowd. Were not good enough to stand a chance of winning the cup but we're not crap enough for a cup run or a 'glamorous' draw to be exciting. So bollocks to it.
  2. Albert Adomah

    Why are we even talking about getting rid of our best winger? If he sells this fella I'll force feed Bruce my season ticket next week.
  3. Ratings & Reactions: Bristol v Villa

    Jesus christ MotM for Chester for being **** about playing in three positions and coping with it. I thought Johnstone looked alright. Much better than last season. Samba did fine. Not his fault he was subbed. Terry... read some things really well. Then a daft free kick and could've given a penalty. Taylor... usual solid performance. Sod it, generally I thought most players were alright. I didn't see as much in Onomah as other people did. Same all season. Probably judging him more harshly as he's not ours which I think is fair enough. Not that he did bad, he's a good player but as soon as it's clear we're not going up I want to see our own promising midfielder's, not Spurs' Davis held the ball up. I said to the missus that if he took Davis off for Hogan I was gonna go apoplectic. I did and now she's gone up to bed to get away from me. Play Hogan with him, not instead of him. FFS. Bruce. We could have nicked a couple of goals and won 3-1 and he'd have lost me. Kudos in a way for changing a formation that wasn't working but what the **** was he playing at?! He's scared to lose. This job's too big for him and he's shit scared of it. He'd have taken that 1-1 any day. He changed formation after twenty minutes but didn't have the balls to make he substitution that necessitated till half time, and even then it looked forced from injury what worries me most is it seems he knew when picking the squad on Monday for the cup match this is how he was setting out. So you'd think we'd been training this week based on this lineup. So even when we change to the right way of playing after twenty minutes, it's a bodge job. A year in the job and he doesn't know what he's doing. The basics aren't there. I keep thinking give him time, it'll come good but why will it? What am I basing that on? I just don't know. I don't want to dislike him as he seems a nice bloke, but he's holding this squad back. You can smell the fear.
  4. Match Thread: Bristol v Villa

    Get **** Hogan on now you bottling word removed.
  5. Match Thread: Bristol v Villa

    Ot does feel wrong taking Samba off given he's been solid. But it's the right choice and should come with an 'it's not your fault. It's mine' apology from Bruce
  6. Match Thread: Bristol v Villa

    Right. That was a **** starting with three at the back. We survived. Sort it out. Samba off for Bree. Samba's done alright but Terry and Chester are better centre halves. Elmo's not done too terrible but get Adomah on for him. Green on the left. Dont see what Onomah's been doing really. Get him off for Hogan up front with Davis. Sod it. Change it up. I'd like to see at least two of those.
  7. Match Thread: Bristol v Villa

    I'm done. He hasn't got a **** clue. Win his or not it doesn't matter. And it's not eh first few games as the commentators here are on about. A year in and he doesn't know what to do. I want to like him as he seems a decent bloke, but... not this.
  8. Match Thread: Bristol v Villa

    CHester at **** right back. I give up.
  9. Pre-Match Thread

    That's exactly why I'm throwing my toys out of the pram! Prove us wrong Bruce.
  10. Pre-Match Thread

    Because he's probably partnering Davis up front.
  11. Pre-Match Thread

    I've swore more in the last five minutes than I have the rest of the bloody week. I hope he proves me wrong, but I just don't think he knows what he's doing.
  12. Pre-Match Thread

    If O'Hare isn't dying of an injury then him not even making he bench is farcical. And just as Hogan starts scoring, we drop him. For Green? What the actual **** Bruce?
  13. Pre-Match Thread

    What the **** is this? Where is green playing? How can he not have any semblance of a strongest team or formation after nearly a **** year?!
  14. Pre-Match Thread

    Why can they not just post the **** team. In plain text if necessary.