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  1. Villa and FFP

    I don’t think we need to be concerned with qualifying for European competition for a while yet though.
  2. Villa and FFP

    WTF’s it got to do with UEFA?
  3. Villa and FFP

    Right, if we don’t go up, how bad actually is this? We’ll be shifting Gabby and Hutton’s wages, which sounds like £5m straight off. We’ve got a couple of possible transfer fees coming in in Amavi and Gil. It’s not a terrible start. Our losses this season are way down, thoigh the detail of that has gone over my head. And more importantly, what’s the consequence of breaking the rules if Dr Tone is as rich as we all think he is, why can’t we just spunk another £50m and see them in court? Surely the most likely outcome is a fine it’s about time someone challenged this nonsense of a rule
  4. Aston Villa Home Support

    Hasn’t helped us that much either unfortunately with how much has been wasted. Just saying that we won’t be able to outspend everyone in the future.
  5. Ross McCormack

    We’re gonna regret some of this wasted money in a couple of years if we can’t get out of this league.
  6. Aston Villa Home Support

    Not when relegated teams come down with massive parachute payments. Teams like Bournemouth with their capacity of 53 will be able to massively outspend us. Premier League isn’t happy with just making itself a shit league. Wants to ruin the lower leagues too.
  7. Mitchell Clark

    I really liked him against... Wigan was it? Might get his chance next season if we have to let Hutton and Terry go.
  8. Jonathan Kodjia

    Spend the last few games of the season getting this fella fit and firing for the playoffs.
  9. Ratings & Reactions: Bolton v Villa

    We always seem to be on a run under Bruce. Let’s get the shit run out of the way now, and hit the playoffs on one of the good ones.
  10. Ratings & Reactions: Bolton v Villa

    Crap weather. Horrible club. Assume the Bolton manager’s done well by buying refs at that rate. Crooked performance. Hope Bruce calls it out. Wouldnt take much in this league. Here’s ten grand ref. We’re gonna kick **** out of these. Keep your cards in your pocket eh?
  11. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    Up there with Kevin Friend against QPR a couple of years ago. Can’t accept that some of these referees aren’t getting a brown envelope. Could buy a ref for a fraction of some players’ weekly wage.
  12. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    We’ve had the chances. And should have had a pen. Maybe two. And be playing with the extra man. Well done referee, everyone’s talking about you, you bent little rocket polisher.
  13. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    EXACTLY THE SAME HANDBALL. this ref is a crooked prick. Kevin Friend part II. word removed.
  14. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    Half hour in and this ref should already be reported for being on the take after the game.