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  1. They knew about the issues in December, to not have it sorted for the new season will be an utter shambles and can only but due to a lack of money.
  2. If you are disappointed on that then I think you are utterly unrealistic.
  3. Sorry but this is just inaccurate in my view. Jota wasn’t a bit part player for them, he made 34 appearances for them in the PL his last season, more than the previous season. He scored 7 goals. He also played 14 and scored 9 in the Europa League that season. Absolutely not a bit part player or a player that was regressing. As for Semedo he has had a poor season, I don’t see how its been a good replacement.
  4. What do you mean future? That has been done a number of times already, it is exactly what Norwich have done.
  5. Using them as test cases innit, expendable.
  6. Yet they sold Doherty to Spurs and the lad to Liverpool. I don’t think Fosun’s wealth is directly relevant to Wolves position.
  7. Absolutely worth it in my view, on another level to Traore entirely.
  8. We do need to find players at source but if we want to climb the food tree then we have to also evolve and start trying to pick up players like him. His next move may well be to a higher club but as I said we should still be truing to sign players like that. If we want to keep our best players, raise the profile of the club and the standard of players we can attract that is what we have to do even if we are unsuccessful. In terms of someone higher than us, Liverpool perhaps but they may have other priorities. I don’t see Chelsea or the Manchester clubs going for him. Spurs I don’t th
  9. I’m sure they are but if we are at all serious about trying to really challenge that is the sort of player we need to at least be trying to sign.
  10. I'd break the bank to sign Neto this summer, he would be top target pay whatever it takes. Nothing to do with damaging them, I think he is going to be a star and him and Jack on either flank would be amazing.
  11. Looks like they are under a new transfer embargo along with another 9 Championship clubs...
  12. Don’t agree, Wed have a new manager that has seemingly breathed life into them and they just hammered high flying Cardiff, Rotherham just got spanked at home bt Wycombe!
  13. Probably but they’ve a better chance than Rotherham even with their games in hand.
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