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  1. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    So just seen some guy come of his pushbike, no helmet and he has gone head first over the handle bars and landed about 5ft away. As you can imagine he was in a bad way, blood coming from his head and started fitting. Really not good. Did what I could and ran and flagged down a police car while others tried to help him. Meanwhile some of the youth of today stood around having a look, taking photos and one girl felt the need to ring a mate and with excitement in her voice say "oh sick there is a man dying here" which he very possibly was, he was certainly in a bad way. What is wrong with people? I mean seriously, what I wrong with them. When did that sort of thing become the way you react in a situation like that? I despair of some people in our society I really do they are utter scum.
  2. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    How the victims are remembered is an entirely different point. Yes Lee Rigby's name is in the national consciousness, no question. But 'one of the greatest hero's of this generation' sorry but that is a little bit ridiculous. His name is well known because of the horrific nature of the event, a little like James Bulger's. Countless children have been killed since but some events are so shocking, so horrible that they simply have more lasting effect on memory.
  3. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    But they are different. The threat (exaggerated or otherwise) of those directed by or inspired by ISIS and the mantra of extremist Islamic docterine didn't end with the murder of Lee Rigby. However the threat posed by Dale Cregan ended with his incarceration. I think the two are entirely different.
  4. Leandro Bacuna

    I just think he is a fairly nothing player who offers and has offered next to nothing in his time here. As for the hate, he publicaly was pitching for a move when we were heading towards relegation. It hardly made him look committed to the cause, an accusation levelled at him a few times by Collymore. Hate? No. But I'd love to see the back of him and the other players that contribute next to nothing to the team. Yes Micah I'm looking at you.
  5. Everton

    Getting £75m sponsorship for their training ground from one of his companies helps.
  6. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    I'm just not interested in stats I'm afraid, they are so frequently misleading. When Ive watched City I've just not really been impressed with Sterling, he has very little impact on games and produces next to no end product. A star like the above suggests he is in some way comparable for De Bruyne but watching the two play you would never think it. For me Sterling has forged a reputation purely on the season when he was playing alongside Suarez. It's a little like Ireland gained a reputation while playing alongside Robinho, he couldn't live up to it and neither can sterling in my view.
  7. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    Has he?
  8. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    Don't forget the Welsh. Bloody Welsh.
  9. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    The point on MP's was in reference the the recent so called snoopers charter which gave new far reaching powers of surveillance to the security services. The only amendment made to it as it passed into laws was to exempt politicians.
  10. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    No it was no go zones for the Police that were full of Muslim terrorists I believ3e.
  11. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    Some reports this morning that there was a coded message in reference to the attack some 24 hours before hand on 4chan.
  12. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    Surprising if he wasn't, I thought they were the norm for inner London.
  13. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    I don't mean to sound flippant (so apologies If I do) but I'm about as leathal as Rudy Gestede but it would take me about two seconds to see if an officer was wearing a vest and then go for non protected areas. Those vests are great but only to a point. (Er if you pardon the phrase)
  14. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    No but then we don't use capital punishment and remove people's heads in public as a display of control. Although Katie Hopkins makes it tempting at times.... We are fortunate to live in a free, democratic and liberal society. We have to embrace that and be grateful for it. We also need to protect it in the face of creeping state surveillance of everyone (except MP's) although I differ from some on where I draw that particular boundary. Yes we need to tackle extremism and those who preach hate (irrespective of their colour or religion) and take advantage of the freedoms most of us take for granted. Your post implies that it is the Saudi's that have things right not us and that very clearly isn't the case. Perhaps you didn't mean that and you were just pointing out the imbalance of tolerance between the two countries, in which case I agree only I think that's a positive about Britain not a negative.
  15. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    The country is safe. Let's just set that straight from the off, our Police and security services do a remarkable job in keeping the general public safe. If you look back through this thread you will see that I've consistently posted to that effect. I've posted statistics about the number of terrorism related arrests on a few occasions when this has been questioned. However, there will be times when attacks take place. Some will try and claim they are due to Police or security service failings, as Channel 4 news was starting to do last night, but some will be unavoidable. Sadly we as a nation have to accept that, just as we did in the 80's with Irish terrorism. I'm completely against the cuts in Policing, just as I'm against cuts in schools, the NHS, the ambulance service and the Fire Brigade. But I see that as an entirely separate issue to the one of self starter, domestic terrorism assuming that is what last night was. I just don't see the logic in saying more Police on the streets would deter attacks where someone uses a car and a knife out of their kitchen to attack people. You can't protect everyone, everywhere at all times on every street from a nut job in a car mounting a pavement and driving into people. As for what do I suggest we do. Well if I had the answer to international and domestic terrorism I would be providing it to people other than the good folk of VT off topic! However it's fairly clear that there is no answer or solution but many different things that need to be done, probably over many years. We need to look at our foreign policy, we need to look at how we engage with and in the Middle East. We need invest (as we are doing) in our security services, we need to make those services more diverse and reflective of the society they protect and like wise the Police, we need to work on better social integration of communities. We need to ask serious questions about how people are being converted and radicalised. We need to find ways of encouraging greater cooperation with the communities these terrorists reside/hide within. We need to stop demonising Islam based on the actions of a tiny fraction of their faith. We need the Islamic faith to accept and engage with the issue within their faith and communities in a far greater way. We need to look very closely at our prisons and the radicalisation happening within them. We need to stop cutting prison staff. The list goes on and on I'm afraid Dem and the truth is it's going to take decades. Just as it took decades to bring an end to IRA attacks in England. I've said several times in this thread that the sad reality was likely to be more of these attacks on our soil rather than less as ISIS is degraded in the ME. I'm afraid flooding the streets with Police won't stop that. It might give people a sense of security and peace of mind, it certainly will today in London where there will be a huge Police presence, but you can't stop what happened yesterday with Police on the streets.