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  1. TrentVilla

    The Apprentice 2018

    Wk12 and nobody cares any more
  2. TrentVilla

    Steve Bruce

    Ah fair enough, I’ve obviously mellowed and/or become forgetful since then. Guilty.
  3. TrentVilla

    Steve Bruce

    I can’t be bothered debating it there is no point.
  4. TrentVilla

    Steve Bruce

    No. I didn’t hate him, I didn’t like him and I really didn’t like the job he was doing but I didn’t hate him. And yes I took a break from here for 9 months, that was because I grew tired of the inability of some to see what was so bloody obvious about his shortcomings as a manager and the circular endless debate that went with it.
  5. TrentVilla

    Steve Bruce

    So much of this is just completely inaccurate.
  6. TrentVilla

    The Manager thread

    He might be but for me that should be said in private. It’s a dressing room conversation if in the heat of the moment or the training ground when you’ve calmed down, if that doesn’t work you drop people and make examples of them. You don’t slaughter them in the full gaze of the media. Can you imagine Fergie ever doing that? Not a chance. But you know I’m private he ripped them new ones and made examples of countless players. I can’t think of a time a manager has slaughtered players in the media and it’s worked for him, normally it’s the start of the end. You say yourself players performances have dropped away, well maybe they aren’t playing for their manager because of things like this.
  7. TrentVilla

    Steve Bruce

    I take zero pleasure from having been so mate neither do I blame people who thought as you did. The way I look at it if everyone had thought like me when the owners arrived we would have got Henry and I honestly think that would have been a disaster.
  8. TrentVilla

    January (we need a keeper) transfer window 2019

    No, he opted to leave after Newcastle hit a clause figure in his deal.
  9. TrentVilla

    January (we need a keeper) transfer window 2019

    Yeah an error prone defender who isn't going to improve and who couldn't wait to get out of here when we got relegated. No thanks.
  10. TrentVilla

    January (we need a keeper) transfer window 2019

    Not sure what happened with him, looked quality not long ago.
  11. TrentVilla

    André Moreira

    I’m fairly sure we will be doing our all to sign a new number 1 in January, Nyland will become number two and if we have the option this hmguys loan will be ended.
  12. TrentVilla


    It will be on bricks by Tuesday.
  13. TrentVilla

    Dean Smith

    Pretty unlikely.
  14. TrentVilla

    Dean Smith

    He should have been appointed 12 months ago.