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  1. You literally just suggested I wasn’t aware of the stats for the game.
  2. Yes, it is a false narrative when you counter points people aren’t making. I don’t need to check the stats for the game I’m already fully aware of them. You seem to be labouring under the misconception you have a level of knowledge that is superior to those who don’t agree with you. Nobody is saying people can’t have concerns or be critical. What people are saying is that people need to keep a little perspective when doing so.
  3. So it’s irrelevant mentioning where we were 12 months ago but relevant to mention the window before last that pre dates our current manager..... And no, I don’t think anyone prefers defending for 73% of the time. That’s just another of your false narratives.
  4. And you obviously have difficult remembering the name of the league Villa play in. It’s not been called that for more than 10 years.
  5. Then wtf has it got to do with Smith?
  6. You see that thing over there, no, look a bit further.... further.... further... yeah that tiny thing miles away... yeah it’s the point you missed it by a miles.
  7. You didn’t, that was entirely the point but clearly you missed that.... can’t say I’m surprised.
  8. So you think the North Stand is made of Lego? See we can both throw out utterly farcical false narratives. It’s easy. Both are about as factually accurate as each other.
  9. Or.... perhaps they think you are just talking a load of bollocks? One or the other.
  10. Proud of the team. In full support of our manager. Despair at some of our fans. Nothing else to add, see you in 2020.
  11. I wrote a fairly long post earlier in this thread giving my thoughts on Lansbury, having watching him a lot at Forest as well as during his time here. Yes it was a great pass, doesn’t alter my view on him.
  12. But the crucial part of fitness. I don’t know but my assumption is that it’s given them the chance to cancel Keogh’s contract because he is unavailable due to non football behaviour thus in breach of contract. The other two will have broken behaviour rules but are still available, therefore haven’t broken their contract. Had they been jailed then they would have been sacked. That’s my reading of it anyway.
  13. Unquestionably poor last night. He gave the ball away a number of times through his inability to weight a pass correctly, got caught in possession frequently because hi feet aren’t quick enough and wasted a couple of chances. Tried hard, no question but lacking both confidence and quality in my view.
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