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  1. London attack March 2017

    George Osbourne having the knives out for May was more literal than I thought....
  2. General Chat

    Ha pretty sure that wasn't the threat being made
  3. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    I saw it and frankly it was an absolute disgrace (not the report but what was reported), it was self regulation and self governance of the industry by the industry disregarding the actual regulations. Its becoming clear that there has been systematic failings in both the regulations and the implementation of the regulations, not helped by building inspections being carried out by non Local Authority individuals and companies. I said from the start nobody is going to jail over this and I stand by that, not least because they wouldn't really know who to jail first.
  4. General Chat

    Right.... So I'm clearly old as I saw a brawl on a football pitch this evening and didn't even understand the threats being made. What the cuff does "wrapped up" mean?
  5. General Election 2017

    No they won't though.
  6. General Election 2017

    I'm not surprised to see this linebeing trotted out but it's a pretty weak attempt at defending the actions of May. Corbyn put a policy in a manifesto which everyone of age had an opportunity to vote on. Now I personally have a view on that particular policy as do you and I suspect everyone else reading this, in fact mine probably is at odds with most of my fellow Labour voters but I still voted knowing that pledge was there. That is entirely different to what May has done with this DUP which nobody voted for, which wasn't in the manifesto and which I suspect rather a lot of Tory voters are just as unhappy about as Labour. May banged on and on about there not being a money tree so in an age of continued austerity I for one would like to know where this money has come from and what will be cut/increased to fund it. Handy now I guess that the Tories provided absolutely no costings in their manifesto. But this isn't really about party politics, it's not about bashing the Tories. It's about a woeful PM screwing up her majority through a needless election and inept campaign and then using our money to bail herself out. In doing so putting at jeopardy a crucial agreement in the relative modern day peace in Ireland. To say that there is no comparison to a pre election policy pledge is the biggest under understatement since... oh I don't know something about Dianne Abbott.
  7. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    You're welcome just don't let us down or we'll get angry and you wouldn't like us when we are angry...
  8. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Whatever you do keep your word mate, that will be a big step and big brownie points. Really not the one to slip up on. Routing for you.
  9. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Well done fella. Good start, now keep going. You don't need it, you need your kids you don't need toot or booze.
  10. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    So... since posting what had happened have had a drink or taken anything?
  11. General Election 2017

    All that talk of no such thing as a money tree and it turns out it was the Tory logo all along. Silly Theresa
  12. General Election 2017

    North of Oxford?
  13. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    I see VT as a family, you've got the close ones and then the ones you have to put up with, you've got the ones you only see a couple of times a year and there a few Uncle Nobby's. But families are imperfect as are we all. Ive lost friends who saw no way out from their issues other than taking their own lives. They for whatever reason couldn't talk to people, perhaps if they had been part of a forum like this they could have raised their issues. Sometimes not knowing people makes it easier. Not that I'm saying you are at that point, far from it but I'm just explaining why people you've never met are there for you on the web. Now, you been for that run yet?
  14. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Ruge, Right fella. Chin up, chest out and fight for what you want and what you need in your life. Anything else let it go. Only you can decide what fall into what category but right now you sound like a man that needs to focus on what really makes you happy. I don't know you, but reading your posts your wife and kids fall into the first category, even if it doesn't feel that way right now about the wife. The drink and the drugs, they sound like they fall into the later. It sounds to me like you are using them as a crutch, you lean on them when you are struggling. It sounds very much like you need to find a way to reconnect with your Mrs and start leaning on her rather than the booze and binges. It also sounds like you could be an alcoholic. I think you should give your dependency on alcohol some really serious thought. You need to work out the scale of your issue and deal with it accordingly and accept that may well be a very uncomfortable self realisation. The other piece of advice I'd give you is get out running, hit the gym, the pool. Whatever works for you. I can't emphasise how much physical activity changes your mental perspective, it can be life changing and it sounds like you need a new addiction, make it one that can help turn things around. None of it is too late yet. It is still all in your grasp, grab it and don't let go. For your sake and for your kids. Marriages fail, if yours fails then at least make sure you did everything and do mean everything in your power to try and make it work. You owe it to yourself, your Mrs and your kids. But one thing is a must, sort out your addictions or they'll break you. Do it for your kids, do it for yourself. One day at a time Ruge, start tomorrow but start and make sure you hit that road rather than a bottle.
  15. The Thread of Dreams

    Yeah definite sense of relief having read the rest of that post...