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  1. Sorry to labour a point but you this very discussion started because you absolved Bruce from responsibility for us having 2 CB's and 1 LB, I think I've demonstrated why that is in my view wrong. You seem to think that you have to like someone in order to be able to have a balanced view on their performance, I don't think that is the case. You seem to think you are the only one who can be objective on the topic of our managers. Happy to move on, time for another break from VT I think.
  2. Best of it is there has been a parody account of Alan Hardy for a while called BigAlanHardy, today they changed it to LittleAlanHardy.
  3. Meanwhile... on Twitter... Alan Hardy the Notts County owner has come under pressure from fans and the media for his social media postings in recent weeks. Today he managed to post a picture of his cock on Twitter in error. You couldn’t make it up, rumour has it he has blaimed Lescott’s pocket.
  4. He will be beasting them on the training ground from next week. I’ve heard they’ve got double training sessions planned. Mornings - They’ll be rolling sleeves up and down Afternoons - Practising pitting their boots on
  5. For a young player he does demonstrate a remarkable level of consistency.... 3 games and 0 goals for Cambridge.
  6. I think two players before Thursday would make a huge difference to the side and the rest of our season. A LB and a defensive midfielder with mobility. I think we will be trying for at least these two between now and Thursday, let’s hope they manage it.
  7. You right, he should pick Jack and Axel.
  8. There are no guarantees but they are making a lot of changes on that side of the club and have made some good appointments.
  9. I know for a fact we were paying the lot and it was closer to £80k. I agree with you entirely and it’s why I was so out spoken about the way Bruce managed the club.
  10. Dem... we are losing a vast sum of money every week, probably in the region of £500k. Why do you think the owners keep pumping money into the club in return for shares. We’ve spent a fortune since relegation, an absolute fortune but a lot of it has been in wages rather than fees. This is why I used to get so angry with Bruce and his poverty routine. What we have been doing and to an extent we are still doing just isn’t sustainable. Thankfully Smith and the owners appear to recognise the issue and appear to be trying to do something about it. I just hope our supporters recognise the issues and understand what needs to be done now, in the summer and over the next couple of years. It’s why we needed a manager like Smith but I’m not sure a lot of our fans get that yet.
  11. While that is terrible, I’d have slightly more sympathy if he wasn’t clearly a hooligan there for a fight himself.
  12. Yes we were but you seem to now be wanting to credit Bruce for three players one of which he didn’t sign and one of which is a loan. I think McGinn is about his only good buy in 4 windows, that’s nothing to praise credit him for. I’m not really sure what your point is any more.
  13. Well that was pretty pointless then in a thread about Smith.
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