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  1. It was the most pointless piece of virtue signaling I think I've ever seen
  2. So what happened at 10? Other than COVID coming out to get anyone still in a pub. There is nothing to take as gospel, he isn't volunteering anything.
  3. Seriously, take zero notice.... so many times this guys been shown up
  4. He isn't even the best manager in the North West.
  5. No idea to be honest, just the impression I get given his prolonged absence and the lack of any real definitive reason.
  6. Not sure we will see much of anything of him again.
  7. Selling future income like this really is desperate, it’s just about the last throw of the dice when you’ve nothing else left but it’s just kicking the can down the road. There can only really be three explanations for them doing this. 1) Due to the lack of hate money they need the operating capital - which is petty serious 2) They are using the money to fund backing Karanka in yet another gamble 3) They need to bring forward the cash ahead of their next financial results for FFP purposes Each of these things will play out differently but ultimately they are running ou
  8. I do think we will get a couple more but seriously don’t take any notice of that guy on Twitter
  9. The Premier League aren’t going to keep clubs like Small Heath afloat which is why they are selling future income. They are in big trouble.
  10. Sorry to quote myself but...... A new document has just been released on companies house which seems to indicate that Small Heath have just taken a loan from Macquirie Bank Limited against a future payment from Southampton as part of the Che Adams sale.
  11. So you agree that any footballer that does something unprofessional no matter what that is and irrespective of how they perform in their actual job is the same then?
  12. Sigh. Nobody has said it’s good behaviour have they. They just don’t agree with you that the examples of Drinkwater and Barkley are the same, probably for similar reasons to I’ve just pointed out. So please don’t put words in people’s mouths that they aren’t saying.
  13. No, not really. Barkley had a disagreement with a taxi driver and was pictured on a night out in Dubai, that to my knowledge is the extent of any issues involving him. That isn't on a par with drink driving, getting battered in a nightclub fight when drunk and then headbutting a team mate. Barkley's two incidents if they can call that are tiny and not remotely close to those of Drinkwater who appears to have been on a downward spiral for some time. Then there is the two as footballers, Barkley made 30 odd appearances for Chelsea last season while Drinkwater couldn't get a game at Bur
  14. Having watched the goal again a couple of times I think he meant it.
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