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  1. I think he will stay. That is just my personal take. I think the only thing that is certain is that a hell of a lot of people in the media have gone out on limbs at various times claiming one thing or another but have been made to look stupid. I’m taking no notice of any of it.
  2. See they are for heating your house not telling the time...
  3. Maybe, if so we will be short especially at CB and not in the Tommy Elphick way.
  4. There are some people far more clued up on this who I won’t name but who were privy at the time to just how desperate things were. We were in very serious trouble. Future income had been used, there was no money left, we had a playing squad full of loans and out of contract players and a bill from HMRC we couldn’t pay. The club was on its knees not too dissimilar to Derby right now. We were £&):ed and clubs in that state often fall into the jaws of sharks, we somehow landed in the laps of angels. Wyness and Xia can squabble all they want but they were both responsible and their spat was the equivalent of the captain and first mate of the Titanic bickering about what song the band were playing.
  5. Still plenty of time to bring players in and not in the slightest bit concerned given how the club has been run these last 3 years. For me we need the following, Back up keeper RCB DCM - (please be Bissouma!) Winger Striker Anything on top would be a bonus but I think these positions are vital personally.
  6. Trust me, whispers is a fake account, absolutely not ITK.
  7. At home to Bolton under McLeish. I was in the Trinity Upper, I completely and utterly lost it. I mean totally lost it. I was screaming abuse at McLeish the likes of which haven’t been heard ever before or since In that stand. I’m so not like it normally at games, I’ve never done it before or since but I totally lost the plot.
  8. They got done for tapping up two players, from Leeds if I recall correctly. As for Birchall, this is a coup and a great piece of business.
  9. Thank *&^% for that.... locked for the 12th and last time.
  10. I'm blocked for challenging him so can't screen shot but in short, that there is a widespread rampant racism within the Villa fan base and that the club refuses to do anything about it.
  11. He played 26 times last season for the ItIan champions, while your point is valid he is an upgrade on Taylor and Elmo.
  12. It makes sense but given everything we’ve seen and heard from the club over the last two years I think its justified people being surprised. I’m shocked.
  13. Can cover Targett, Jack and even Cash. It potentially replaces Taylor and Elmo in one go and gives cover for Jack and better set pieces.
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