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  1. It was less a criticism and more a so that he is still very raw in PL terms despite the goals he has scored. He will hopefully learn from it.
  2. You want detail? Will a three word slogan do? Obviously no details seem to be forthcoming but my assumption is that they won't be looking to give it to the whole population. For a start it won't be mandated and I'd also be surprised if they give them to children given that they seemingly aren't impacted by the virus. So I'd assume the actual number will be a lot lower than 66 million, if you take the under 18's out for instance it reduces it by 14-15m.
  3. It wasn't a million a day it was a million a week that was being talked about but even that is wildly optimistic
  4. Nobody expects us to win every game. I hate still false arguments like this made to make other people’s valid criticism seem unreasonable. We could and probably should have won but that we would have needed to score three to do so was in part down to our defence and their ridiculous positioning. That was either down to coaching or the players ignoring Smith and doing their own thing.
  5. Obviously I disagree with almost all of this but that’s football.
  6. Yeah I think its harsh being critical of him on that one. The only thing I think he can be criticised on today was the one where the defender gets across him from the cross. The top forwards in the league wouldn't have waited for the ball, they'd have anticipated the challenge and stepped in front of the defender and likely got a pen.
  7. No, Nonsa is trying to win the ball Mings is ball watching and lets a man run off him.
  8. This. Exactly this it s glaringly obvious issue with our team/squad, we just haven't got one.
  9. I go back to mid to late 80's, I don't think he would be in my top 10.
  10. Smith has rightly got a lot of praise this season for our away form and the Liverpool thumping but today I think warrants criticism. We can talk about the penalty, the missed chances or whatever else but the reality was, for me at least, we were poor today and not for the first time. That is three home defeats to Leeds, Southampton and Brighton and 9 goals conceded in those 3 games that is woeful and lessons don't appear to be being learned. At times our defensive positioning and line are suicidal, just look at the position of Mings and Luiz for Welbeck's goal today but we saw the same in
  11. Really? I think he gets away very lightly a lot of the time personally and has done for the last 12 months because we all love him from the promotion and because he is clearly a really good guy. In fact I think he gets away with a huge amount compared to almost anyone else in team. As for the nature of the criticism, granted a lot of it isn't quantified when people say he has played poorly but it isn't nonsense. But I'll happily quantify some areas I think are valid. He goes wondering and gets caught out of position. He doesn't dominate the back four and boss it as he should as the s
  12. Shocking miss from him today and had two other decent chances.
  13. I hate that he chews gum, detest seeing players do that I wouldn’t allow it.
  14. I think he has been average at best this season and quite frequently below that, so many needless errors in his game. I feel he is very over rated at times.
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