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  1. Came out last week for the holding company, not the club. Headlines as follows: * Group made £7m profit for first 6 months of the year * Group revenue down 45% and Blues revenue down 53% * Out goings only dropped by 20% so the only reason for a profit was the same of Bellingham. No wonder they retired the number, his decisions plugged a huge hole in their finances. Its the only thing that dug them out of a massive hole as they’ve borrowed around £17m against future payments from Dortmund Debt appears to have been reduced significantly but it is really really really hard to
  2. It is both. I think he will get them organised and motivated so in the short term good, I’m not so sure medium to long term though.
  3. Sheff Wed appoint Villa fan Darren Moore as manager.... come on agent Moore we are depending on you!
  4. As long as he doesn’t show you the stairs to the bedroom then you are quite safe.
  5. Bruce is such a lucky bugger, Fulham will fall short v Palace
  6. Confidence is part of it, so is the fact he isn’t exposed as much as he was last season, part of it is Emi behind him, part of of it is the solid defence. Part of it is Shakespear and Terry’s coaching but ultimately mostly it is down to bloody hard work and character from Targett himself.
  7. Perhaps or perhaps not. I think we will find it a hell of a lot easier this summer to attract players than in the past. I also think we will have a lot more money to spend than most. It will be a buyers market this summer.
  8. At least they don't try and tell us Hernandez is better than Jack these days
  9. The same way they've been losing games all season.
  10. Brad isn't even in the conversation for me, I still think Bozzie edges it but it is getting very very close.
  11. Sounds like last summer, did it then will do it again this summer. I don't think investment will be an issue.
  12. Not sure about that, he didn't have a particularly good game v Leicester.
  13. He has never let us down, credit where it is due to him and to Bruce an absolute bargain for £1m and hope he stays at the club beyond this season.
  14. Called it back in the summer but boy has he exceeded even my hopes for him. I can't recall the last time I watched him and thought he was anything other than excellent. He won't win it with Emi and Jack about but he should absolutely be part of the conversation for player of the season.
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