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  1. We are nothing like Wolves in how we play and I just don’t think we have the tools to play the way they do.
  2. Don’t see it happening in January personally.
  3. I think it’s fairly obvious we aren’t going to replace Targett in January.
  4. But.... but Sky keep telling me they are classic games?
  5. Yes and I’m not but it was not the same as Blues yesterday.
  6. Did they? Our fans invaded the pitch then assaulted a number of stewards who then required hospital treatment and 11 of our fans were arrested due to incidents inside and outside the ground. Are you sure about that?
  7. Given that he is 10 games into his career in English football I think he is doing very well. Like most of our players he will improve through exposure in games and coaching at BMH, remarkable that the later actually happens these days I know.
  8. Can’t say I’ve seen much of Shankland but I think Edouard is a talent.
  9. I would much prefer the lad from Celtic, Morelos is okay but a complete head case.
  10. Absolutely no chance we are getting Foden. I think January will be fairly quiet, 1 in and 2-3 out would be my take.
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