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  1. This lad has huge, huge potential. Very young especially for a CB, needs consisten first team football at a lower level in my view but certainly one of the best young players we have.
  2. I literally said it applied to other positions in the post you quoted. I’m not in any way unrealistic, far from it. I don’t for one minute think we can compete for CL football for a start and it certainly isn’t my expectation. What I do expect is a CB to be able to concentrate for 90 mins, something that is beyond Mings far too often. Anyway I’m going to bow out of this thread and go back to VT hibernation.
  3. I don’t agree and we won’t agree so will leave it there.
  4. Which is absolutely fine, the game is about opinions but my expectations aren’t unrealistic. Neither do I think we can have CB’s who do not make mistakes, I just think if we are to have any chance of realising the ambitions we say we have then we need better than Mings. The same is true a number of positions also. Lets not pretend that Mings got done by brilliant forward play yesterday it was just rank bad defending.
  5. If they made as many errors as Mings I’d be in those threads commenting in exactly the same way.
  6. Yep made a couple yesterday, they are rare though unlike Mings.
  7. He definitely tried to pass him on. There is an angle that shows it he wasn’t even watching Lukaku, it was one of the most embarrassing pieces of defending from a CB you would ever see absolutely awful from him. He only tried to use his body like that because he wasn’t watching the man and was reacting too late.
  8. I don’t think the roles of full back have anything to do with the mistakes Mings makes.
  9. I don’t think they do, I don’t think you’d need a world class CB to improve on Mings. If our ambitions are genuinely to achieve European football we have to improve on him.
  10. I don’t care about their errors, I care about the errors made by the players for Aston Villa and he makes way too many.
  11. My opinion of Mings after that game is no different to before the game or what it has been for about two years now. He is a good but not great CB, massively over rated by many due to his performances in the Championship and the fact he is clearly a very decent bloke. Had we signed him since promotion I genuinely think attitudes towards him would be very different. On good day he can be a colossus but truth be told those days have been somewhat limited for a couple of seasons now. All too frequently they are punctuated by games where he makes frankly really poor and often costly errors. Yes Lukaku’s movement was decent but lets not kid ourselves he did anything more than very basic one run for the defender one run for the ball movement. Truth is Mings did what you should never ever do with a player in the box, he passed him on or tried to. He tried to pass him and he took his eyes off the main goal threat in the Chelsea team. Then when he did see the danger he didn’t even jump it really was a pretty terrible piece of defending. One of the issues I’ve often said with Mings is that he hasn’t played a lot of games, far from it in fact and at times it shows. He also simply can’t resist getting drawn into a physical confrontation with an opponent and he did that today and lost as he has done on numerous other occasions. Mings has many positive attributes as a player and a bloke, he is the sort of person you want at your club. He is though error prone and some of them like today are just inexcusable. It is a shame because there is so much to like but he just isn’t good enough or rather good enough consistently for me.
  12. LB, DCM, CB will be priorities zero chance we are going for a striker in my view.
  13. Sigh. Yeah, that is exactly what I’m saying, no other CB’s ever make errors.
  14. I agree but that is what we need to continue to improve.
  15. Yes I know who we had injuries too, I didn't say we didn't have injuries I said they were used and excuse, because they were used as an excuse. Today showed that it is possible to perform far far better than we did in the early part of the season with players absent.
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