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    Formula One - 2019

    If I could work it into a bigger trip then maybe. I was in Budapest once and I could hear them off in the distance.
  2. BOF

    Formula One - 2019

    I've always got the impression that it's not worth the effort or expense, and as someone who is extremely lazy and likes the telly, that's all the reason I need to be an armchair fan.
  3. We haven't released them. He was asking what their contract situation is. At the moment we don't know. That doesn't mean they don't have one. And some of them are plenty young enough to still be here after Villa's re-prioritising the younger players for the U23s.
  4. BOF

    General Chat

    I have a theory about people who watch soaps and people who like drama. Well I say theory. It's more a venn diagram.
  5. BOF

    General Chat

    Shit. That's a fair bit of drama. I actually heard the Eastenders drums in my head after reading that.
  6. What warnings??? What are they? I'm asking for a friend obviously.
  7. Just came in to post a related point to the above. People talking about us having an advantage because of our experience of last year's final. There are only 2 guaranteed starters this season from last season's team. Elmohamady & Grealish. With 2 possible starters in Hourihane and Adomah. We don't know if Whelan & Green will get in ahead of those. And of course a new manager. This is also a younger team in terms of overall footballing experience than the last one which had the likes of Snodgrass, Terry, Chester & Jedinak on the field. So no, last year won't count. I still think we match up well against Derby, but I think the game against Fulham will amount to absolutely zero advantage on the day.
  8. In fairness, we're not East Midlands rivals with them like 'Visiting Ram' is
  9. BOF

    Formula One - 2019

    Yeah RIP Niki. That's a big one. He's been having a rough time of it lately, in and out of hospitals, and tbh all the signs were there. When people are getting pneumonia for no good reason then that's never a good sign. A true legend who will no doubt be massively missed around the paddock too. Quite the character in his own dry Austrian way
  10. You wash everything. It's literally the reason you're in the shower.
  11. Sooooooo ... my plans have changed. Guess I'll see you at Wembley
  12. Ooh, sauce if you can possibly remember. I wouldn't mind Lording that over people in an annoying manner if I knew I was on firm footing
  13. And he hasn't refereed us this season or last season. He reffed us twice in 16/17. A 0-0 away at Derby, funnily enough, and a 2-1 defeat at Forest. The Derby match had 3 yellows (Cissokho, Bacuna, McCormack). Jesus even typing those names gave me the shivers. The Forest game had a yellow for Hogan and a double yellow for one Jack Grealish...
  14. AFAIK it's still regarded as a Championship game so I'd say no. But I stand to be corrected.
  15. Officials have been confirmed for the final. Referee: Paul Tierney Assistants: Ian Hussin and Adrian Holmes Fourth official: Chris Kavanagh
  16. It would be a hell of a co-incidence if it didn't end up being exactly that. Selling to themselves to tip-toe around FFP.
  17. Probably voluntary. Clearly not having fun.
  18. I'd be more worried had Leeds been outplayed by them, and I know Derby's play contributed towards what Leeds did BUT ... it was individual errors that cost Leeds. Fair play to Derby and all, but Leeds shot themselves in both feet. As stated elsewhere, if we can avoid the silly mistakes (no more Gerrard-esque slips Mr. Whelan) then Derby will have a much tougher time without being handed gifts. Having said all of that, I completely agree that we need to assume the worst and be ready for the absolute best Derby can throw at us. At least then we won't get a surprise on the day. Mount versus Abraham. Chelsea versus Chelsea for the prize of going up to play ... Chelsea.
  19. One for the many many poo fans in here.
  20. So the odds for promotion are generally Aston Villa 8/13 (1.61) & Derby County 5/4 (2.25)

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