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  1. Wesley worries the shit out of me. I'm already fearful we'll be looking back in May thinking it was him trying to find his feet which ultimately relegated us. He needs to improve immediately or we are in trouble.
  2. Odds are basically level-pegging.
  3. Also true of leprechauns. Only captive ones are left.
  4. You'd have to break the rules. I hope you don't work in Germany, or that room would become completely useless.
  5. And again there's the 'size' discussion. He's long, but not heavy in this particular discussion.
  6. A vase shaped like a thingy. What a coincidence! I've a thingy shaped like a vase.
  7. 'Size' is ambiguous, as it can mean whatever you want it to mean within your own context.
  8. Kwee-Veen. The 2 letters 'i' are actually í (i fada pronounced ee).
  9. It's still very brave to post, even if it's in the joke thread. Well done to you colhint
  10. "No-one saw it coming. He seemed so happy. We're devastated. He must've just snapped and jumped out the window."
  11. Note to self, and I mean it this time. Do NOT tell this joke when pissed some night. Do NOT tell this joke when pissed some night.
  12. Where do you start? Sounds like they start at the back and work their way up.
  13. On that very subject, there has been recent evidence that a species of ichthyosaur may have been as big or bigger than the blue whale. The individual found was almost as big, suggesting other specimens could have matched or exceeded big blue. And I'd also always say with facts of this nature that they should always start the sentence with 'To the best of our knowledge ..."
  14. I've replaced the Birmingham Senior Cup with the EFL Trophy in the front page stats. As our group originally contained Bury and they're no longer in the league, we're down to potentially just 2 group games and an immediate elimination. We've already lost 2-0 to Salford, and the next tie in the group is Villa away to Tranmere. Two go through from the three, but our fate is not in our hands. You would think we'll need to win in Prenton Park because Tranmere are the strongest side in the group and you'd fance them against Salford.
  15. Oh completely. There's absolutely no guarantee that players will make the next step, or it could take them years if they do. Look at Callum Robinson for example. The Premier League is so hard to become established in, and most of those players are based in England, so at some point they may have to take one step backwards (Championship) to make two steps forwards.
  16. And as you can see in the posts above, our U19s are in amongst the elite too. The future is green baby
  17. This is the thing. We have a very talented U21 side at the moment. Particularly the forwards. Some think they'd beat the senior side. We're all waiting expectantly for them to make the breakthrough into the senior side. The management are doing things properly. They're not breaking up the U21 side. A bit like Iceland did with their current crop. They let them all come through together as a group. We also have a plan in place so that the current U21 manager becomes the senior manager in a few year's time so he'll come through with them in theory. So don't be too downbeat We're genuinely excited by the next generation. In fact some of our U21s are still eligible to play younger. Parrott for one is still 17.

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