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  1. 6pm kick off tonight instead of 7. Make sure it doesn't catch anyone out.
  2. If you think there are better options why would you cling on to what is effectively 0.2 ?
  3. BOF

    Formula One - 2021

    It just has to be watched on YouTube. Click the link in the error.
  4. Gray has 3 goals from 4 shots on target this season. You would hope that's unsustainable.
  5. It'll be interesting. I agree with you in that our best performances are likely to come from choosing 3 from 4 or 2 from 4. I just wonder whether Smith will be able to resist the temptation to go that route often enough. The performance against Chelsea with a back 5 'horses for courses' approach will have been an eye opener. It certainly was for me. If anything it may have increased his headache. I'm looking forward to what we eventually settle down into. I hope he settles on something, because I also wouldn't like a season where we are in constant flux with an ever-changing front 6 just to keep people happy. It's very possible that's what happens. And we haven't even thought about El Goatse and Bertie in all of that.
  6. The elephant in the room is the front 4 of Bailey, Buendia, Watkins & Ings. Smith has a problem
  7. I've cleaned up the 2019/20 | 2018/19 | 2017/18 | 2016/17 reserve thread links so that the broken image URLs within them are now working and no longer an eyesore so the tables are easy to read.
  8. I'm the same. I thought his performances up to now had been largely anonymous, which is fine to an extent for a youngster maturing in full view, and that he was getting an easy ride because he was one of our own; again that's fair enough to a point. But he actually contributed properly as a fully-signed up part of the senior team on Saturday which was really good to see on so many levels. If that's his new level from this point on then brilliant. He has served his time acclimatising. If he can maintain that then he'll become a fan favourite.
  9. BOF

    Formula One - 2021

    I just had a thunk. We know the 2 sprint races this season have had chaotic Sundays at the front of the grid. I wonder if there's a good reason for that. It's like the Saturday sprint race gives Max & Lewis a sneak preview of how the grand prix is going to go the next day, and the driver who doesn't like this glimpse into the future (Lewis at Silverstone and Max at Monza) then takes the opportunity to "racing incident" the other driver off the road. It is one thing the sprint race does that qualifying doesn't. It gives a representative body of evidence of how the cars will match up in anger. Interlagos should be interesting.
  10. BOF

    Formula One - 2021

    He did make sure he was ok. External Reddit link with no reproducable text.
  11. Everton's position flatters them. I think this is an evenly matched game, and with important players returning from injury we have looked much better. Potentially add in Buendia and Martinez and we should have plenty in the tank to win this one. If we play the way we played against Chelsea (with a better backpass from Mings) then we win.
  12. If I have a lucid dream I certainly don't wake myself up from it. That's when you get open sandbox freedom
  13. She starts off quite gently and finishes sternly.
  14. I'd take a hit rather than wildcard. Unless your plan was to week 7 wildcard anyway, in which case yeah just bring it forward a bit. I'm coming off Antonio this week because West Ham have a load of non Premier League games coming up and I think there's a few other similarly priced strikers looking more appealing.
  15. BOF

    Formula One - 2021

    A fair and balanced post. I would say for Lewis to leave Max enough (or at least more than zero) room wouldn't have meant turning right on a left, it would have meant not going as far left as he did, and not taking the racing line knowing someone was alongside him and he did know someone was alongside him. But we know Max knew this too, and could have backed out of the move. I think Max knew there would be an accident, not because it was unavoidable, but because he also knew Lewis wasn't going to adjust his angle for the corner enough to avoid it. I agree that I also fear when both are on the same piece of track these days, and that's likely to be quite often.
  16. BOF

    Formula One - 2021

    Man this thread has got ugly. Lambasting an overtake attempt that happened at about 40 mph on a corner where overtakes are regularly attempted, while a few weeks back defending an overtake attempt at 150mph on a corner where overtakes are extremely rare for good reason. I guess it really is about perspective. Anyway, on to the actual incident. First of all, where Max's wheels ended up after the attempt doesn't make the attempt itself a dangerous one. It's a corner where cars regularly clash. You're in the lap of the Gods at that point. The attempt was never going to work because of the two individuals involved, and because of what was at stake. If Max had tried that manouver against anyone else then I'm sure he'd have bailed halfway through and straight-lined the corner, but because it was his main rival he was determined to ask the question. On the other hand Lewis gave him zero track to be able to complete the move, even though he gave him plenty to begin it. The problem Lewis had in that situation was he knowingly gave Max the invitation for an accident and Max had no reason to decline it. The accident was inevitable at that point. Max had given Lewis zero room earlier in the race, so I guess it was probably Lewis giving Max a taste of his own medicine and paying the price. There's a pair of them in it but I agree with Max getting a bit more of the blame because even though Lewis closed the door, Max had the option to bail out and didn't take it. Not the most egregious decision, and the way the cars ended up afterwards was extremely unfortunate and Lewis can count himself lucky. But it's pretty much a racing incident with a tiny slap on the wrist. It's gone full Prost-Senna now I think, which is brilliant for us. Enjoy it. We'll be talking about this for years. These 2 know where they stand with each other now
  17. Sitting at 2,914 overall with no-one left to play. That'll plummet today but I'm uncomfortable being that high
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