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  1. A sharpshooter walks into the Sunglass Hut : "Any Oakley?"
  2. On a related note. It never ceases to amaze me how many teams in Italy start off each season with negative points. Over here it's headline news and a real embarrassment. Over there it seems to be almost par for the course. *Deep breath* Serie A this season has Chievo Verona -1 Serie B Foggia -6 Serie C-A has Arzachena -1 and Lucchese -16 (yes sixteen) Serie C-B has Triestina -1 Serie C-C has Stabia, Trapani, Rende & Siracusa -1 and Monopoli, Rieti -2 It was at this point I started regretting this post ... Serie D-E has Prato -1 Serie D-F has Campobasso -2 & Avezzano -3 D-G Lupa Roma -2 D-H Taranto -1 D-I Turris -2
  3. BOF

    Formula One - 2019

    They've released photos of the damaged floor. They really are making sure Bottas gets as little credit as possible for his victory.
  4. BOF

    Formula One - 2019

    There's actually quite an interesting field in this season's Super Formula series in Japan (formerly known as Formula Nippon) (wikilinky) The main headliner for British interest is inevitable Red Bull F1 racer Dan Ticktum who has (re-)joined Team Mugen Honda. Joining him in the series is Russia's Artem Markelov who came 5th in F2 last year (winning more races than Lando Norris in the process). Then there's former F1 racer Kamui Kobayashi. Last year's champion, Naoki Yamamoto, defends his 2018 title, and there's the guy I'm intrigued by, Sho Tsuboi, who absolutely annihilated last year's Japanese F3 field winning 19 races and coming 2nd in the other 2. You know him as the guy who was almost decapitated by Sophia Floersch's near earth orbit in this year's Macau GP. The other British interest is Adrian Newey's son, Harrison Newey who in fairness to him has a few lesser titles under his belt and is debuting in the series this year. Unfortunately it seems the only way to actually watch the races live from Europe is to subscribe to motorsport.tv. It's only a 7-race season starting in April with 1 race a month ending in ... you do the maths
  5. I honestly don't care. We can get those points off everyone else. I'd rather not play them. Maybe I'd feel different if I was a local, but I just find the derby thoroughly unpleasant, and the most recent one sums it all up for me. I'd rather them words removed were not on our schedule full stop.
  6. I just want them in a lower league than us. They can do what they want then.
  7. Yep, as a capitals freak I knew that. There are quite a few capitals around the world that translate to capital.
  8. Kazakhstan just changed the name of its capital from Astana to Nursultan. One for the quizzers there.
  9. During working hours. Thankfully "alarm clock" cleaned up the results
  10. It's an old Bush (fnarr fnarr), red digits, 12 hour (with a red dot on the left that can be either top or bottom) So yes while I reckon I've seen every minute, have I seen every minute with the dot at the top AND at the bottom? It annoys me that I can't know the answer, or which minute I might be missing. I found it ! BTFW I strongly resent the fact that "old" in a google search didn't find it, but "vintage" did
  11. Not often, but I did wonder last night. I have owned my bedside alarm clock since I was about 8. I wonder if I've seen every minute of the day displayed on that clock at least once over that time, or is there still a minute that I've yet to witness.
  12. BOF

    General Chat

    I'm no legalologist, but I'd be pretty confident that yes, that's not really a safe working environment.
  13. Well they do say 'The Meek will inherit the ... academy goalkeeping substitutes jersey'. Or words to that effect. From last October... This man is temporarily helping Dean Smith as Aston Villa seek backroom appointment
  14. Just a question, @Unused Sub, I notice 'Meek' on the bench. Is that Sam Meek ? As in our goalkeeping coach Sam Meek?
  15. You are officially better than the OS @Unused Sub
  16. Half time and we're 1 up. Pressley header from a Brad Burton cross after ten minutes.

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