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    Results against the top ten this season Results against the bottom ten this season
  2. BOF

    Ask BOF anything

    Oh definitely the Newcastle game
  3. BOF

    Ask BOF anything

    They're still available.
  4. BOF

    Ask BOF anything

    Your anthrax is in the post.
  5. Reminds me of this old classic, which sadly doesn't seem to appear any more in a search, so has to be this pic.
  6. That's more pollution than evolution though. They're affected in other ways too. I am the future! It's totally fair.
  7. BOF

    Ask BOF anything

    You utter bastard.
  8. Eh, you can't cure the next stage of human evolution. Rgds, A fairly baldy bastard.
  9. That's one for @Unused Sub. You'd like to think a limited number could get in, although it depends if they have security working so I've no idea.
  10. From the front page PL CUP FIXTURES/RESULTS 29/11/2019 Bodymoor Heath @ 19:00 Aston Villa Portsmouth
  11. Now I KNOW you don't read the front page
  12. Stats updated for the almost mythical (based on internet content) Premier League Cup fixture against Doncaster. Thanks a mil for the team lineups @Unused Sub. Couldn't find them in any of the usual places.
  13. Brilliant. "The older gentlemen with their nieces on the other tables"
  14. BOF

    Wesley Moraes

    Football aside (as counter-intuitive as that sounds) I'm made up for the bloke. The journey he's been on. And now he's in the full Brazil squad. It's absolutely bonkers. His family must be off the chart proud of him. I just hope from our perspective that it's a fillip for his Villa career. The goals are there, ironically. We just need the other stuff now. Keep up the good work Wes.
  15. No I didn't know that, cheers
  16. I don't knowwww much, but I know I love youuuuu.
  17. Great. Now I have that song in my head. Thanks @Seat68. Here, you can have it too.
  18. So, he was quite a big deal with local minors miners?
  19. VT must be a blessing for you. A way to communicate with outsiders.
  20. You must be picking a lot of underdogs. Not that favourites are always the way to go. Actually I wonder what the score would be if you only ever picked the favourite.
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