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  1. On Dark Side of the Ring? It's Chris Kanyon on the next episode, which should, by all accounts, severely tarnish the reputation of Taker. Unless you mean stuff just coming out in general from other sources? Two of the other upcoming episodes are Onita & FMW, and Rob Black & XPW - 'funny' then, that FMW recently relaunched, and XPW is due to as well.
  2. When I unpacked after moving and set up a little FF shelf, I was quite surprised by some repeats on various systems I have - FFX PAL PS2, X-2 NTSC PS2, X-2 PAL PS2, X / X-2 HD PS3, and X / X-2 HD PS4...I don't even like X and X-2 that much.
  3. What sort of things make up the bulk of that estimate @Ingram85? Actual physical games, or associated merch?
  4. It's been a good while since I've bought a Gran Turismo game, but that trailer looked like exactly what I'd want from a GT game on PS5
  5. Regardless of who wins the title match, I'd be surprised if it isn't Gage v Suzuki the night after.
  6. The culling of Kaze Ni Nare was almost unforgiveable on Dynamite this week, but I think I could allow it if it leads to more Suzuki-gun members appearing, although at the moment I'm pretty sure they're all in Japan except the above. Despi, Nobu and Douki won't be on the G1 tour, so there's a possibility...? Unrelated, but GCW are putting on a match featuring actor Ron Funches and Tony Deppen. Ron was on the Late Late Show doing some promo, which is kind of a big deal for GCW. Anyway, if Deppen's stock continues to rise, AEW would be crazy not to get him in, even if only for a short programme with someone. He's absolutely fantastic. GCW are alao running a show soon featuring Suzuki v Gresham, and Deppen v Ishimori, as well as the upcoming Moxley v Gage match of course. What a time to be a wrestling fan. I only hope both companies can come over here in the not too distant future.
  7. He's been getting a decent push in NJPW, has had singles matches against Ibushi and Okada this calendar year which shows how hot they are on him, and he went over the latter recently. He's part of Ospreay's new faction, but without Ospreay the faction itself isn't really going places. Cobb is though, and unlike the guys I mentioned above, he is in the G1, so won't be appearing in AEW any time soon. For what it's worth, seeing as he and Okada are 1-1 now, I can see the rubber match being the block B decider, and don't count Cobb out of winning the block, and who knows, maybe the whole thing...
  8. What's even crazier at the moment is that AEW have a unique opportunity to exploit the large number of NJPW stars who aren't going to be in Japan for the G1 this year, and are instead involved with NJPW Strong (their North American brand). Guys like Jay White, Juice Robinson, and Will Ospreay - plus, although they wouldn't be involved with the G1 (but probably would have made up the numbers on the tour in general, rather than the tournament itself), Juniors like ELP and Ishimori. Not only that, but Super Dragon returned (again again) in the last PWG show, and for anyone unfamiliar with that promotion, it's where The Elite were born, basically. Super Dragon is one of the few people I'd like to see arrive in AEW at this point, but, I don't know if it'd ever happen, as he makes so few appearances anywhere now. I'm not sure how much of a 'pop' it'd be for him to turn up, but his history with the Bucks and Excalibur goes back a long way. There's almost an embarrassment of riches available to them at the moment. They probably need a Trios title, and maybe even another second tier title? Exciting times to be viewing, whatever it is they decide to do.
  9. Jean Paul Belmondo, of French New Wave fame, specifically A bout de soufflé / Breathless fame, at 88. My favourite is Pierrot le Fou. He is the ultimate French 'cool' character in that. Might give it a watch tonight.
  10. Really good show, my favourite moment was probably but it was one of a number which would otherwise be major talking points, here though there were 4 or 5. It wasn't perfect, the MJF / Jericho match wasn't great, and the battle royale was pretty bad, but otherwise, great stuff.
  11. It is, I've owned it for quite some time, but hadn't touched it until now. Can see me sicking a lot of hours in, although, I hear it gets genuinely tough later on, so I need to really get those perfect blocks and dodges down, as well as switching skills for the relevant combat situation. At the moment I'm mostly brute forcing the boss fights, but clearly there's a finnese to combat, and as I've already found, there are skill check bosses which I can't beat, so...clearly I've got to git good. I actually bought it in the first place cos I love the idea of a 'pretend' MMO, mostly cos I adored the dothack games, and don't mind the grindy nature of the games. I've tried SAO but didn't love it, might move on to Death end re;Quest at some point too.
  12. I needed a change of pace after the PPP, so I'm currently playing CrossCode. It's 2d sprite based action RPG, heavily inspired graphics wise by SNES era games of a similar ilk - think Secret of Mana, Arc the Lad, and early Ys games. However, it's set in an MMORPG on a moon, with a lot of Sci fi, rather than fantasy, art direction. Plot wise there's a bit of mystery as to what exactly is going on, and exactly your character is, but it does at least avoid the 'fake MMORPG' trope of the lead character being unable to log out. Being based on an MMORPG does mean it has large, bustling hub cities, with other 'players' running about, fetch quests, a trade system for equipment, different factions, a massive skill tree, and even a PVP system. All of that is fairly interesting - the 90s 16 bit feel is further evoked by the decent soundtrack which keeps in line with that style too - but it's the combat and puzzles that really make it stand out. I'm only about 5 hours in, and there already quests which I'm having to stop trying to complete because I just haven't quite got good enough at the combat yet. It's really fast paced, uses elements of bullet hell games, and although there are actual puzzles which genuinely leave you scratching your head for a few minutes (the closest comparison being Portal, but without portals, I guess), and then boss fights which incorporate puzzles elements in to them as well. Really good fun, take a look if that sounds appealing to you - it just had some DLC released, and had a PS5 release, although it's on pretty much every platform at this point I believe.
  13. The PPP is done. My Royal save clocked in at 119 hours, 28 minutes in the end. Got the final true ending, of course, level 99 for my 4 main characters, maxed all confidents, including level 11 for all party members, all will seeds in all palaces, every stamp collected in Mementos, Jose special battle cleared, Reaper defeated, all the room decorations and special scenes along with them...great, great game. Goodness me though, it really feels long, there must be about 6 or 7 'fake out' endings. I didn't 99% the persona compendium, and I ended up in about 60% completion of the Thieves Den, which can't be completed in a single run. There are rumours that as part of the 25th anniversary there will be PS4 releases for P4G, and maybe even P3FES...if so, I'll have to restart the PPP!
  14. How long ago was that? The online Atlus store closed some time ago, and there still isn't one at time of writing. For their upcoming releases (like SMT V) they just direct to the usual suspects like amazon. At least, they do do the US, for Europe and elsewhere, their online (and offline!) presence is still lacking. It's part of the reason a game like P3FES tracks at ~£20 for the NTSC release, and ~£120 for the PAL.
  15. I failed. Went for £272 in the end.
  16. I have a few ebay alerts set up for various rarities I'd like for my collection. The other day a few pinged, and it's the online store for a hospice up in York. Somehow, they've got their hands on Xenosaga 3, Wild Arms 4, Persona 3, Persona 3 FES, Persona 4, SMT Digital Devil Saga, SMT Lucifer's Call, Rogue Galaxy, BoF Dragon Quarter and a handful of other PS2 JRPGs. Crazy, probably talking £2k for the lot, I'm kind of desperate for Xenosaga 3...wish me luck...
  17. Minoru Suzuki is doing 4 GCW shows between late September and October, appearances on AEW during this time would be huge.
  18. Ally Cissoko Played over 50 times for us! Now playing in Thailand
  19. Yeah, the Juvi match was a bit wobbly. Both dudes getting on who can't quite do what they did 20 years ago, and the match looked the sum of it's parts. When Jericho is in the ring with a top, younger, worker though, his matches can still be great. His brief run in NJPW recently was indicative of this, his matches against Naito in particular were fantastic.
  20. My daughter is now 8 months old, and while I can say it gets better, I can also say there were times when I really struggled - feelings of failure and disappointment in myself for not managing to do x for her when she was very small were frequent. It wasn't helped that at the time we were in lockdown and so didn't have the daily help from family. Now though, my girlfriend has built up a network of new mum friends through baby groups, and in turn I've met the dads - we all went through fairly similar things. We laugh together now of our 1 hour a day on the PS4, if we're lucky! As far as the music goes, you'll be pleasently surprised (or perhaps not) to learn that babies really like noise - a white noise machine would be a good investment, same goes for any adults who struggle to sleep, actually...
  21. There's some really good stuff in the 'New French Extreme Cinema' bracket including this - my faves were Haute Tension / Switchblade Romance, L'Interiuer and Irreversible. The latter isn't really horror, but it is horrible. Could include Catherine Breillat's work too...
  22. Dreamcatcher - shit weasels! On a more serious note, King movie adaptations which are worth a look are Apt Pupil, Cujo and Doctor Sleep. Stay far away from The Lawnmower Man, The Dark Tower, and Cell. I have a bit of a soft spot for The Langoliers and Desperation too, although I'd stop well short of suggesting them for a horror movie collection...unless you're a Constant Reader and avid collector, like me...
  23. Bit harsh, Acorns is a good cause tbf.
  24. I am so looking forward to Tyrone grabbing him by the scruff of the neck to haul him back to his feet after he goes to ground in that no nonsense way he does - and inevitably will have to! Curious to see how Jack performs against us too, it can do curious things to players playing against their first / own team. Could be untouchable, could utterly crumble. Someone else defied anyone to watch him in the big UCL matches for Man City, and well, I will do, but I won't watch it for Jack, I'll watch it cos it's a big UCL match. As discussed elsewhere, this is a step towards him being JG10, an icon transcending football, the model, the professional, all that other fluff which has little to do with football, but would be impossible for him without it. I must admit I find it hard to accept that it's possible for a brummy to be such a thing! One could draw comparisons to CR7 and his career moves to build what his dynasty is...not sure Jack will ever be that good, but as I said before, he's a step closer now simply by virtue of being a Manchester City player rather than an Aston Villa player. I liked the focus on the FA Cup semi v Liverpool in that little Villa retrospective clip, what a day, and what a match that was. It wasn't all about Jack that day, it was all about Villa, and I can't begrudge the memory I have of that day, or countless others, just cos they involved Grealish (or Delph!). We'll all enjoy more days like that in the future without him, probably with players who in turn will be labelled snakes, or two faced, or what have you (maybe not greasy though!), and it's for that reason that I can't say I'm sad he's gone.
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