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  1. Just came in to gleefully post about the sweet ending to the day. The filth getting turned over in injury time. S'ok. PNE are still below us, have no games in hand and we are a juggernaut at the moment.
  2. privateer

    Tom Carroll

    The Whelanator. A miraculous hybrid of real, organic skin over an alloy endoskeleton with a CPU capable of a billion calculations per second, calculating angles, probabilities and planning and implementing the correct course of action by correlating the input against the limitless data banks of games, passes and player skill profiles.
  3. "I got punched by an inbred whose only source of protein is its dad's and brother-uncle's semen, occasionally supplemented by discarded burger and kebab meat from bins. Whose whose only source of carbs is Tennants Extra and the pitta and buns from the kebabs and burgers and whose only source of vitamins is its sister-mom's vaginal discharge. It was so weak a "punch" it just dealt with the itch my beard was giving me. Then I scored and got a mong steward arrested. It was the best day of my life!"
  4. One thing I learned today is that when your knuckles drag on the floor all your life, they turn to mush. That retarded, inbred filth hits with little girl power. Even a running haymaker laid on with that meringue fist was like a fly landing on Jack. It was the fat, sweaty body clattering into him that decked him. That and Jack's splendid ability to go to ground when he feels contact from behind. And in all seriousness, I hope the filth's grovelling attempts to lessen the sanctions through apology and condemnation count for nothing and they get hammered. We'll also see someone going to jail, I think, if there is any justice.
  5. You've just described the process for every other player sale the world over except for a fixed-fee, loan-to-buy option which the loaning club can exclusively exercise should the player agree to the move. Which this apparently isn't so if he is for sale we can be one of the bidders, nothing more, nothing less. We get no preferred status, we are just another interested party. Everything else is extraneous, meaningless and valueless. Essentially, if he is for sale we can be one of the bidders, nothing more, nothing less. We get no preferred status, we are just another interested party in the mix.
  6. Don't think so, unfortunately. From what I've seen, it's about six weeks to recommence activity and twice that length of time to fully recover. So I think he's done for the season and maybe done here for good with his contract expiring in the summer. That said, we don't know how things will pan out with our defensive loans and possible summer replacements so we could see him next year, which I'm sort of ambivalent about.
  7. I think this can be the only situation where this "clause" would have any value but it still sounds fanciful and unlikely. Realistically, I don't think there are many secrets in football when it comes to transfers and I think it it's inconceivable that if Mings - or any other player - was interested in coming here permanently and we we interested in signing him there wouldn't be a nod and a wink between player, agent and Villa.
  8. No, I think it's some absolute plank coming close to stopping a wondergoal by heading it over the bar due to inexplicably trying to get a piece of it. Can't actually see who it is but he can thank whatever god he prays to that he got nothing on it.
  9. Three pages of R&R after 24hrs? Damn that's a level of apathy I don't remember even during the worst days of any time in my time here.
  10. Not exactly, AFAIK. The "medical ITK" wasn't actually a club employee and therefore couldn't be and wasn't directly bound by any AVFC staff policies. He/she is/was an employee of a third party organisation connected with conducting player medicals and had direct info on what was happening on that front. I wouldn't be surprised if they had access to a further bit of inside info from whatever professional contacts they had with AVFC. People form relationships as part of business and people like to talk and gossip, it's all grist to the mill and lubrication to getting things done. However, it may well be that AVFC told the mole's employer that the leaks had to stop or they would go elsewhere, or worse. They may even have been able to tell said employer who the narc actually was.
  11. The horrible aspect about how the second half of the season is playing out is that the filth look like they could even make the playoffs. It's a bit of a long shot still but they have a chance and we will be much closer to the relegation zone than the top 6 if this carries on.
  12. Bearing in mind there's only 13 games left, it doesn't bode well for him to be featuring in many. If I was a typically morose Brummie, I'd pick 1 appearance in the "How many more" sweepstake. It'll be the last 5 minutes of the last game. And he'll be clapping and waving a lot at all four sides of the ground.
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