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  1. Well, I did sort of cover that with the "savvy club or business" caveat.
  2. AFAIC, Spuds can sign Benteke now with my blessing. As Poch's replacement.
  3. The replacement negotiations were finally concluded, maybe? They wouldn't have sacked him without having someone lined up. All the bollocks about "the search starts now" that clubs come out with after a manager is sacked is just that, complete bollocks. Any savvy club, or any business for that matter, doesn't leap into the dark like that.
  4. That's true. Three times the karm charm, eh? The universe isn't done with you yet, blue nose, you utter word removed. Not by a long way.
  5. Just shows how many chances we are creating if he's scored as many and as frequently as that whilst being simultaneously disappointing. Imagine how many he'd have if he could keep his feet or head a ball.
  6. Exactly. When I was playing I used to kick myself in the back of my own head during the warm up to psyche out the opponents.
  7. It's a very common for actors to do that "scouse brummie" accent, I've been hearing it since the days of "Crossroads". Years ago a mate of mine went off to uni and pointed out the only good aspect about the shite brummie accent was no bugger could actually take the piss out of it properly because nobody could actually do it. The best they could do is what actors who manage to avoid scouse brummie - or scummy, if you prefer - do and that's the yam yam midlands accent. Despite it being an utterly bone accent and sounding simple to reproduce, it's actually hellishly difficult for a non-native to replicate with any consistent authenticity. As you've mentioned, sometimes a few people will pull off a sentence or two but the longer they're expected to speak, the harder it is to not slide around the region before finally ending up in Birkenhead.
  8. So what you're saying is, It's Our Round?
  9. I'm hoping for Norwich, Newcastle and WH (in perpetuity). I doubt the latter will go but I'll happily take two out of three.
  10. Which is just not true. He gets stick for his application, attitude and, to a slightly lesser extent, his actual ability.
  11. TBH, I'm amazed Smith keeps picking him. Surely he sees every day Wesley getting out muscled, dispossessed and nutmeged by the more mobile training cones?
  12. But apart from that, he's **** deadly.
  13. Not a bad set of PL results for us. Of all the teams around us who played - which was all of them - none of them got much closer or pulled away. In light of today's predictable loss it's the best we could hope for from everywhere else. It was looking even better until BHA snuck a late winner against Everton.
  14. If I were JT I'd be bombarding his old mate Didier to name his price for a couple of weeks 1-1 coaching for Wesley.
  15. Said this in the match thread: And by that I mean he should be not a guaranteed starter if fit, as he seems to be at the moment, and unless he's absolutely tearing it up he should be getting far fewer minutes than he does. Smith is giving him both too much responsibility, which he just isn't up to bearing yet, and too much time to mope around the pitch when he isn't on it.
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