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  1. I applaud it. It's the kind of ruthless, born-winner mentality we've been missing.
  2. Me too, I've no interest in seeing Villa players called up to play in games I'll never watch and which they may get injured in. I'm happy with them playing so well for us that they, as the press hacks would say, "are knocking on the door of an international call up" and "making themselves hard to ignore" and then "just missing out on a callup" or "unlucky to not get minutes".
  3. 99% sure I heard the whistle before Lansbury put it in.
  4. No it isn't. It's a lazy cliche that ignores a thousand variables.
  5. That's a sick burn post quote. The depressing thing about it is less just how wildly inaccurate it was and much more that it was THREE **** YEARS AGO. And we've only just got rid of the ****. £5m, three years of wages, 10 appearances then farmed out wherever we could. Sad symbol of many parts of our recent journey. The good news is we can be much more confident there will be no replication of this kind of shite, we are now recruiting much more cannily.
  6. Well, if someone did that it would just be weird, wouldn't it?
  7. Bruce in the dressing room at HT: "Don't say it." "Well, lads..." "Don't say it" "...that's shut a few people up"
  8. Rightly dropped and the right response from him. And I agree he's earned a start next game. It's Crewe. Next league game, though, he's back on the bench.
  9. I'm of that opinion. I absolutely wouldn't start him next game and he didn't deserve a start in this one. It may be resentful and off the bench is how he should be engaged. And I have to say, I gave him shit for the first two games because he was poor. He came on with a point to prove today and when he wakes up in the morning with that chippy head on, I'd start him every time.
  10. I think so, too. Much as I and we justifiably revere Mellberg and Laursen, Mingels is shaping up as a class above. I mean, really, have you ever seen two CB slot in so easily as they have and perform at the level they have? Mings from January and Bjorn since, well, it looks like he's been here since before then. We all knew how good Tyrone was but Jesus H. Tittyfucking Christ we really had absolutely no **** idea just how good Engels is. The bonkers thing is he looks like a high jumper rather than a football CH. Massively athletic and, at least as far as the opponents are concerned, sickeningly strong. I actually think he's a bit of a freak in football terms. Genius football IQ like McGrath, disproportionately strong despite his large size and a passing ability most pundits would, because they're stupid words removed, preface with the facile, "For a big man he...".
  11. Loved it. Wesley came of age as a Premier League player. The Scouse commentator used the phrase "he's ragdolled the centre halves" and it's been a very, very long time since we had a CF who genuinely did that. And better than that, we've got CHs who ragdoll CF. Haven't seen that since for a while, either. Our season starts here, I think.
  12. privateer


    Quite so. When I read he had the LMA in his corner but still got the boot I figured he had a mountain of evidence against him and little in the way of defence.
  13. I'd have moved into the flightpath to take it right in the scrotum to psych them out then flicked it over my head as it dropped and scorpion-kicked it to Wesley on the half way line, doing 10 one-arm press-ups whilst it was in flight then moonwalked back to Heaton to take my high-five.

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