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  1. Ahhh, that explains why my source within the club said we had conditionally offered him and a few others contracts with us for next season. Wow. Spying, schmying. We really do black ops on another level now we have multi-billionaire owners.
  2. I don't wish him well but then again, I'm a bit of a word removed where karma is concerned. In fact I'm a bit of a word removed all round, really. However, I hope he doesn't die. I'd like him to be able to contribute to medical knowledge. He can be part of a diagnosable syndrome. Schumacher-Perkins Syndrome. And I hope he was pissed and there is no 3rd party liability so he gets looked after by minimum wage Kill Bill carers.
  3. I'm feeling confident because we are the better team of the two, in my estimation. All things being equal, we'll prevail assuming we play the match and not the occasion. The fact is we're not so much better than Derby that the team who does the former will certainly beat whichever team succumbs to the latter. I think we've got the team to beat them and the experience and coolness to cope with the occasion, so I'm confident. But...it could all go Pete.
  4. OK, so please put out your best side and totally outplay us.
  5. Can't disagree with most of that except there was only one lucky team. We've earned our place in the final through skill, grit and determination which resulted in storming form on the run in. Then we trolled the Dingles into a penalty shoot-out, in which we handed out a lesson and a final Adomah troll, to break our local rivals for now and hobble their mental strength for next season. I did think you were going to cruise that tie out and we'd be playing you until that massive balls up in defence. Wasn't there a close shave a bit earlier in a similar fashion that you got away with or did it come after? Either way, you were looking dodgy with a goalie who seemed to be having rushes of blood to the head and defenders who were having concomitant white-outs when he did it. And to give Derby credit, they exploited what was going on there, pressured and pulled it off. The warning to all teams is there to see. Games can change in an instant, a mistake can act as a pivot to lever momentum in a different direction and if you haven't the coolness and mental strength to overcome that, you're screwed. And that's one thing we have that we had little or none of in years past under different managers with different players. We didn't do comebacks from setbacks the way we do now. Anything can happen but ultimately, as you say, they were the weakest team in the playoffs and they are coming up against who have demonstrably proved to be the strongest and who should have too much for them. Hopefully.
  6. I fear there are too many crying grubs on there ATM.
  7. This thread is going to make me run out of likes. But I won't ever run out of **** off Leeds, you filthy words removed.
  8. Fabulous. Just fabulous. Seeing those broken filth in their incongruous white shirts is glorious.
  9. **** off Leeds, you filthy words removed
  10. Yep, surely no chance of Dirty Leeds finishing with 11 on the pitch. Hopefully Derby dish out some injuries to add to their woes.
  11. A Steer with cojones like bowling balls vs Baggy Udders.

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