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  1. You've answered your own question with one word of it. "Develop". By definition that takes time and doubtless is our longer term strategy but we need to buy that time away right now. It's the difference between growing on your own seedlings or buying more mature, fruit-bearing plants from the nursery.
  2. I don't think he has returned yet. AFAIK one of the Brentford lads posting here confirmed he'd had surgery and, I think, said he'd miss the start of the new season. But I'm ready to be corrected on that. As far as Butland is concerned, I don't believe for a minute we are the ones who have moved on the fee. I think we may have only had one, "**** it, let's pay it to get it done. This is the one we have to do" moment in this window and that was Mings. And even that's only a maybe. For everyone else it's hardball on what we value the player at and move on if agreement can't be met. Good times, we are getting a very tasty looking outfit together and if they gel and work out we are going to be a team nobody will enjoy playing against and will spring some surprises.
  3. Not really. He wasn't on our radar then and look how much money it's saved us.
  4. Think Tyrone could do this? This guys an animal, he's going to terrify our opponents. Here endeth our interest in Kalvin "Who?" Phillips.
  5. It's OK, there's a way round this and Neymar has been there already. We get them to buy out their own contracts which renders them free agents and we can troll the world by actually signing them after deadline day.
  6. Isn't that loans? If so that's going to **** our strategy of buying half of Barca, Real and PSG next season.
  7. Total Football is coming to Villa Park and grounds around the country. I'm thinking Deano is less Great Barrdiola and more Dean van Smith.
  8. Who knows at this stage whether we are actually in for him, it's not coming from any source with a precedent of ITK, has it? However, he's another big **** so would fit right in with Deano's apparent mission to field a Brobdingnagian XI whenever possible. "So, Harry Kane, it was a record setting heavy loss but just how was it playing against that newly promoted Villa team?" "It was like they've taken the eleven greatest All Blacks' second row players from the 1970s and have Brazil and Holland from that era teach them to play football.".
  9. Years ago we used to have to listen to some retarded yokel-sounding spanner behind us in the Lower Holte call Paul Merson shit during every home game. And not just once, the knob-gobbler would yell it several times over the 90. Every. ****. Home. Game. They really do come in every slice of stupid. He's not played more than half a match per match? I'm doubting his commitment already, sounds a lazy word removed to me.
  10. That's what I inferred from the information I came across. The transfer "package" was seemingly somewhere around £4m but that included Gardner, who surprisingly actually had a monetary value in the deal that was knocked off what we paid for Jota. It's already looking like deal of the season after only 45 mins and this time next year, when the filth have dropped another division, we'll view it as deal of the decade.
  11. I was thinking that myself along with if that guy actually does work for who he claims, he's on his last day there.
  12. I thought he did very well last night. He kept things ticking over very nicely, played a few very nice passes and thumped in a cracking goal. There is a caveat, of course. And that is who he was facing and how much time and space they gave him and other players. Can he play like that when he has much less time and space to move the ball to a player who will have less time and space to receive the ball? Maybe we should just play him against Wolves because they seem scared of him. They all just parted like the Red Sea when he waltzed through them.

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